408-When life is born

 I draw a magic line on the spot.

 In accordance with the pact, if I call on that humanoid magic I possess, the magic line between me and Eleonor will glow with a darker color.
 As my magic power flowed to Eleonor, she screamed in surprise.

''Hey, hey! What are you going to do all of a sudden? I still don't know what I'm talking about, okay?

The proof is in the pudding. Surrender.

 She utters that in a small voice, and I surrender to the magic formula I draw.

 The magic letters drift around the girl, and holy water floods out of it.
 Her body is covered in a ball of holy water, and she floats softly. <The magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) has been activated.

 A corner of the graveyard is illuminated, and a faint light appears there.

''Hmm? If you're going to make a fake coffin, wouldn't it be better to go with Ibis? <The magic of the Eleonor isn't going to turn you into a glass coffin.

 Eleonor said curiously.

''The glass coffin is merely a form given by this Mei-Gong divine City, Forceronal Reef. The essence of that thing is this.''

 A ball of pale light - a pseudo-root source - is completed in the cemetery.
 Then the ground glows yellow and illuminates the holy water sphere.

 Flames shining yellow emerged from the ground and entered the ball of light.

''.........It's a spirit spirit spirit without a body.......''

 Ennesone said, pointing to the yellow flames.
 The wings on his head were flapping as if he was excited.

''The pseudo-root source that we created in the root source mother's womb (Eleonor) was recognized as a vessel without magic power.


 Eleonor twisted his head as if he didn't understand the meaning.

''.........er, what does that mean.......?

''To get the mindless doll out of the mansion, you need a disembodied spirit spirit. To move the disembodied spirit spirit out of the graveyard, you need a vessel without magic power. And to buy a magicless vessel in a store, you need a mindless doll.

 Eleonor nodded persistently.

'I know that much. It's like the key to open the box is in the box, isn't it?

'Yes. As you said, we can't just use what's here. The reason Ennezone cannot be born is because of the order set forth in the Mei Palace's divine city of Forthronar Reef.

 I nod.

'The three things needed to give birth to her properly are the pseudo-roots that can be brought forth in the Root Mother's Womb (Eleonor). A person's source is, in the first place, a skeleton, a mind and magic.

Oh, I see. When I use the magic of the Sanctuary, I'm creating a pseudo-root that can only give birth to the mind.

'In this Force Ronal Reef, that is to say, it hits that yellow flame, that disembodied soul spirit spirit.

 As if in understanding, Eleonor nodded, 'Mm-hm,' and raised his index finger with a bleep.

''Then the pseudo-root source that I used as a material for supporting the celestial pillar bracelets in the depths of the earth, the one with only a skeleton, is a vessel with no magic power. So the pseudo-root source with only magic power is a mindless doll?

 A mindless doll, a vessel without magic power, and a disembodied spirit spirit.
 Each of these three names probably referred to a half-root, or pseudo-root source.

'According to the memories Sasha recalls, you, like Ennesone, were created and recreated by the hands of Militia. The dreams Ennesone shows you, and the dreams that reach only you and Zesia, must be a message from Militia.

Is it because I need it to give birth to Enne-chan...?

 I nod.

 Without Eleonor, there would be no way to give birth to Ennesone.
 Hence, it makes sense that she was made to come here.

And the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) itself is the hint to give birth to Ennesone.

Well, I mean...

 Eleonor looks down and thinks about it.

'.........I mean? What does that mean...?

 She seemed to have no idea, and she pondered further.

'Why is it that you usually only replicate pseudo-roots that have only one or two of these, magic power, mind, or forms?'

...because if you create a triple duplicate source, you'll have a life of consciousness...

 Eleonor looked up as if he had just realized it.

''So if you put together three things: a mindless doll, a vessel without magic power, and a disembodied soul spirit spirit, it would be one root...!

'Combining pseudo-roots, life is born. Although this is impossible on earth, this Mei-Gu divine City is a place where Ennesone's order is embodied. A divine realm where Ennesone, who has not yet been born, can exist. Then the mindless doll, the vessel without magic power, and the disembodied spirit spirit spirit, strictly speaking, have not yet been born. By combining them into one, we can think of them as giving birth to a root.

 Zesia's eyes sparkled and she raised her hand with a bleep.

'A mindless doll, a vessel without magic power, a spirit without a body. Wenzel had said that there were countless of them in this divine city, but that they were all indistinguishable, but that was nothing. All of them must be the real thing. If we can unite all of these into one and turn them into a complete root, Ennesone should be born.

 Zecia quickly looked back at Ennesone and hugged her tightly.

''.........I did........! Enne, it's almost..........!

 Puzzled, Ennesone flapped the wings of her head.
 However, she immediately smiled. 

''.........I can't wait to meet........the Zesia sisters......soon.......''

You are in charge...........

 Zesia grabbed both of Ennesone's hands and turned an enthusiastic face.

'Oh, but still, are you sure about that anymore? Can't you think of any other possibilities?

 Eleonor asks me.

'Of course, we'll have to agree on an answer. Let's go. Take your spirit.

I got it.

 Eleonor emerged from the holy water sphere in a flash. I dressed her body in her usual clothing from Ibis.

 When she reaches out, a ball of light with yellow flames in it fluffily flies towards her.
 Eleonor held the pseudo-root source carefully to her chest.


 Zesia looks up at me.

'We're heading to the roofless mansion.


 She joins hands with Ennesone and runs off to hurry ahead.
 Me and Eleonor follow soon after.

 And so we are back in the roofless mansion again.

 I stand in front of a door with a notice on it and open it.
 There was no guardian god inside, and just like before, there was a doll sitting on a chair in the center.


'Well, let's get it out of the pseudo-root...'

 Eleonor packs magic into the ball of light.
 As part of the pseudo-root source is missing, like a door opening, yellow flames swoosh out from within.

 The disembodied spirit spirit spirit entered the room with a fluffy smile and drifted through the air, slowly flying to the doll sitting in the chair.

Hmm. I guess I was right. The doll and the spirit of the deceased seem to be safe.

 The mindless doll that instantly melted away as soon as we stepped inside the room had no effect on the spirit spirit spirit's invasion.
 The yellow flames that couldn't leave the graveyard didn't seem to disappear in this room.

 Eventually, the disembodied spirit spirit spirit reached the doll and was swiftly sucked into its chest.


 A yellow light dwelt in the doll's eyes, which held its soul.
 With a gee, gee sound, it rose awkwardly from its chair.

 Step by step, the doll walked over here and out of the room.


 One word and inorganic words came out of the doll's mouth.

Ennezione, I will help you with that.

 Zecia holds the doll by both shoulders and Ennesone holds both feet.
 As it is, the two of them carry the doll out while uttering a voice with a light footstep and saying 'nxo' and 'nxo' with a twitchy gait.

''Well........how is that carrying method.......?''

 Anxiously, Eleonor watches over the two children.

'Well, if you can carry them, it shouldn't be a problem.

 We leave the roofless mansion.
 The next thing we come to is a shop with no doors.


 As the doll with its spirit in it uttered that, Xecia and Ennesone lowered it to the ground with a resounding "Good,

 The doll stepped out awkwardly and touched a hand to the outer wall of the mansion.
 Then the wall opens automatically, like a door. The doll moves straight to the glass coffin in the center.

 Then it settled into it, cowering in a kneeling position.

 Instantly, the glass coffin is enveloped in a dazzling light.

"Wow. That's pretty amazing.

 The glass coffin turns into light and envelops the doll's body as it covers it.
 The outline of the doll's body distorts and changes its shape.

 Round and round--.
 It morphed into a glowing little egg.

'It's an egg?'

Are you... born...?

 Eleonor and Zesia were both questioning the question together.
 Ennesone stared at it with a serious expression on his face.

 Then there was a knocking sound.
 The egg began to crack.

 In the next moment, when the egg cracked, there was a small bird chick there.


 Zesia and Ennesone run over and crouch down in front of the bird chicks.

''........What bird.......?''

"Hmm. It's like a stork. If I give all the rest of my dolls and spirits to this bird, it will bring the baby of order, Ennesone?

 From my back, Eleonor peeks out.

"Hmm, but there are going to be a lot of mansions without roofs, shops without doors, and cemeteries without grave markers, and it's going to take a lot of time--


 Eleonor turned around in surprise.

 The huge building located at the back of the divine city - the palace where Wenzel, the God of Birth, was located, had collapsed without a trace to be seen.