I immediately moved my vision to Misha's magic eye through the magic line of the Demon King's Army (Guys).

 However, it's completely dark.
 I switched to Sasha's magic eye, but the field of vision was still surrounded by darkness.

 It's not a peaceful thing.

"Eleonor, Zecia. "Eleonor, Xecia, you are in charge of Ennezione. Let's go ahead.

I get it!

 I gingerly stepped on my feet and struck the magic with all my might.
 The moment the floor crashed with a thud, I jumped out and turned into an arrow of light.

 In a straight line, I aim at the palace of the Force Ronal Reef, breaking through the tattered and crumbling outer walls to reach the place where Wenzel was trapped.

 The upper floors have crumbled cleanly, revealing a sea of sky.
 The surrounding murals and pillars have been almost entirely destroyed, leaving a pile of rubble.

 The magic cage had a hole big enough for one person to pass through.
 The birth god Wenzel, who should have been inside, has been taken away or disappeared.

 Sasha is in front of the cage and Misha is lying on the other side.
 He hasn't moved a muscle, but it seems the root cause is safe.

 Did you prioritize taking Wenzel?


 He draws a magic circle on Sasha and Misha.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of it.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.
 He is probably conscious, but he can't move because he is focused on breaking the seal.

 <I tried to break the seal with Laeluente, but due to the strong order, I couldn't recover it immediately.

 I'm not going to be the only one who's been in the market for a while.

 As I do so, I look around.

 In the corner of the broken pillar is Wesnera, the god of bondage.
 She seems to be left coiled in the chains of order.

 Wesnera must have been the handmaiden of the abortion god--
 Since he was incapacitated, he was forced to break the cage, or something like that.

''It's inexplicable that you've neutralized the three people who were here in an instant, and you're going without saving the bondage gods who were supposed to be your allies.

 I muttered and turned my face to the wall behind me.

'Was it prematurely spent? Or--

 Pointing his fingertips at the mural, he unleashed the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).
 With a violent thunderclap, a jet-black bolt of lightning shatters the wall, and a figure is behind it.

''-- Was it all you could do to hide there?

 The woman took a few steps towards us.

 A god dressed in blood-red fabric.
 Red-black hair tied up with a string, lips that looked like they were painted red.

 Then, terribly inorganic eyes.

 Although it was hidden, an uncommon amount of magical power peeked into its depths.

''Let me ask you one thing, are you the Anderk?''

 According to Wenzel, the abortion god Anderk was not supposed to come back today.
 Why had she misread it?

 Or is this guy not an abortion god, another god race?

"Do not talk rudely, child.

 In an emotionless voice, but condescendingly, the woman said

'You have a high head. Keep your head down.'

Where did you take Wenzel?

 The woman just smiled coldly.

The mistress did not have any obligation to answer that question. Where is Ennesone?

Do you want to know?

 The woman's emotionless eyes light up.

'Speak up.'

If you tell me where Wenzel is, I can tell you.

 Me and the woman's gazes meet, and they spark violently.
 The god doesn't lose the slightest bit of his blank face, nor does he try to open his mouth.

'What do we do?'

"There's no need for me to accept the Demon Tribe's terms of exchange. Wenzel, the god of birth, has already left the capital of Meinong. The Force Ronarleaf is now leaning towards the order of abortion. Do you understand? I don't have to look for it to be so hard to find.

 Lifting both lips, the woman peeked out an inorganic smile.

As you said, she is an abortion goddess, Anderk. As you said, she is an abortionist, Anderk, because of the worldly order of aborting unwanted lives. Sooner or later, Ennesone will be stillborn.

 Andelk opens his hands and produces red threads from his fingertips.

 When I thought they drew a magic circle, countless red threads appeared from the center, and they quickly extended and stuck to the ground like a scar.

 Gee, gee, gee, gee, those red scars opened up and "Geeyahhhh! And a cry echoed.
 One after another, the monstrous bird that soared into the sky was the Veneze Lavelle, the Watch God of Abortion.

 Countless watchdogs began to circle in the sky above the Force Ronal Reef, scattering their black wings.

''Hmm. The point is, if we destroy you or drive you out of this divine city, Ennesone will be safe.''

 As I said it, I wrapped my origin magic, the Demon Black Thunder Emperor, in a tornado.

 The jet-black lightning bolts spread out in the sky, shooting out all the flying birds with a thunderous roar.

 With a cry of death, the black birds fluttered down.

''Child. Do you know your place?

 Again, in an arrogant manner, the woman said.

'Well, what are you talking about?'

You understand, don't you? You are a nonconformist. An unworthy life out of order. A life that has fallen from the order of the god of abortion because it is foreign to the world that should not exist.

 The abortion god snapped her feet, and the red thread that stuck to the ground wriggled and drew a magic circle in front of her.

''Hee hee hee!''

 Anderk laughs in a high voice.
 Even his voice was somewhat devoid of emotion.

It's just our luck that we've come to this divine realm, the Forthronar Reef. Weeping or frothing, there is only one destination from here on out, and that's abortion. Abortion.

 There's a metallic sound.

'Dada-taikanshi, egliahonne.

 A giant pair of scissors with the design of a two-headed snake appeared out of the magic circle of red thread.
 The head was associated with a pair of finger-hole, long-handled, thread-cutting scissors.

 The abortion god Anderk grabbed each of its two large fingerholes with both hands.
 The sharp edge of the snake abortion forceps is pointed at me.

"Hmm. You're talking fast. Then just answer one more question while you can.

 Anderuc is silent, but he's watching for an opening.

"Have you talked to Wenzel?

Nonsense. I have no need to speak to your sister.

You sisters should get along.

That is the order.

 Good grief.
 Just like Wenzel said, it seems like this guy is a typical god race.

 It's a very inorganic and godlike response that doesn't seem to have any feelings.

You can't get away with it. You didn't want to fight, sister to sister.


 Anderck laughs.
 He is smiling broadly, but his heart does not seem to be in the right place.

God is just order. God is just order. He has no will and no heart. She is only responsible for birth and abortion.

'I suppose you do. But at least Wenzel had a mind as well as an order.

 Anderk responded with a noh mask.

"It was only a slight disorder, that's all. We will soon be back to normal.

'Haha. 'Disturbance? You think the desire to bring Ennesone to life to make this world a kinder place, and the struggle to save you, my sister, is just a disruption of order? It's also a lot bigger, just a little bit.

 Anderk said sharply.

'God doesn't have a heart. Wenzel, the god of birth, only reacted as if he had a heart. He, not God, only thought it had a heart.

Oh, so it's an illusion. That's a very interesting thing to say. It's true that no one can tell what's going on in your heart.

"Humans, demons and dragons alike, are mistaken about men.

 Red magic particles gather on the snake abortion forceps Egliahonne.
 Anderck said, as he checked me as if he was about to pierce me.

The illusion of an impossible mind, the illusion of an impossible hope, and, to top it all off, the dream of an impossible order. But God does not have a mind, and the order of the world always revolves correctly. But there is no such thing as a gentle order in this world.

 Anderucu's magic eye glows.

"Ennesaone will never be born. The outcome is already known.

 With a thud, the blades of the snake abortion forceps crossed.


Hmm. Very well.

 I start walking straight to the Anderk who is holding a pair of snake abortion forceps.

"Then I'll tell you. God has a mind, and order is in error.

 He drew a magic circle of 50 guns and unleashed the Gio-Glaze.

"May Ennesone be born again.

 The jet-black sun turns a tail of light and lands on the abortion god one after another.
 But they are blocked by a powerful anti-magic that cannot hurt him.

"The unwanted babies, the snake's fangs bite and fall--

 Anderk says, as if to curse.


 Pointing the cutting edge of the snake abortion forceps at me, he plunges straight at me.
 I kicked the ground and greeted that giant pair of divine scissors head on.

''Jiao Death Burning Brilliant Fire Burning Flame (Aviastan Ziara).''

 At the moment when the tip of Egliahonne's cut and my palm collide, the jet-black sun that bounced around the area is used as a magic circle, and my right hand turns into a shining black flame...

 --No. Just before it turned into glowing black flames, the magic circle vanished and the Aviastan Ziara stopped.

"No more unwanted magic or abortion directed at the mistress.

 <He used the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), but the aurora of darkness only flickered for a moment, and then it was gone.
 Before the magic was fully activated, it was aborted.

 The snake abortion forceps pierced my palm and blood poured out.

 I grabbed the tips of the scissors and tried to hold him down, but as if he sensed that I was about to do so, the forceps were pulled back and he disappeared in front of me.

"Wanted child, eat with the fangs of the snake--

 The Anderk appeared behind me in an instant, running through the red thread that stretched across the ground, and the divine shears were open.

 Both blades, which glittered, were on either side of my neck.

'Abortion is--Egryahonne...!

 With a jerk, the blades of the scissors close.
 But I lowered myself to avoid it and clenched both fists as hard as I could.


 As soon as they reversed, the two fists were dyed jet black.
 However, before the magic could completely cover the hands, both were aborted.

"Unwanted magic, not abortion...................... ...............!

 Blood was spat out of the abortion god's mouth.
 My fist, which was just filled with magic, was dug into the abdomen of the Anderk.

"You have great power. Abort as many times as you wish.

 Putting all my magic power into it, I hit the Anderkes in the face.
 Even though a solid magical barrier is deployed, from the top of it without a care in the world, I slammed my fist into it and blew the abortion god far backwards.

 Gaggaaangh, the guy hit the mural.
 Falling forward, the abortion god wet the floor with blood.


 He looked up to get up and saw me standing in front of him.


 He looks down at him, opening his fists and snapping his fingers with a crisp snap.

'You don't think he won't beat you to death just because you're a god, do you?