410-The Fallen God and the Undesired Fetus

Do not look down, you ill-mannered child. You are an unborn child to be aborted by a mistress. You may have been unlucky enough to fall out of the abortion order, but your essence is the same.

 As he crawls away, the abortion god Anderk smiles with a grin.

'You're as good as a baby in front of your mistress.

"Ho. Didn't expect to hear such big words from a crawler on the ground.

 Anderk's arrogant stare pierced me.

''If I can beat you to death, then I will beat you to death. The mistress is essentially an orderly who sits in the depths of the God Realm. She is a god that you are not even afraid to see.

 Anderk gripped the snake abortion forceps gingerly. I stepped on that right hand as hard as I could as it was about to turn into a counterattack.

Clench your teeth. Don't be careless with it.

 The particles of magic power gathered in my fist.
 There was no magic formula or anything else, I just struck the abortion god's jaw from below with force.

 The taut magical barrier and anti-magic shattered like glass, and Anderk's body flew in the air.

 Even though he was bleeding, he said.

''.........Sora Mii, you can't kill me.......''

That's good to hear.

 He clenches both fists and slams a dozen fists into the floating Anderk.
 His body contorted and flew into the walls of the palace with a burst of momentum.

 Even though his body was blown away, he spilled out his words.

Let me fix you.

 Hearing my voice, Anderucu glanced back at me in a flash.
 I was standing in the direction of his flight, having turned around in an instant.

 I slam my fist filled with magic into his body again and send him flying in the opposite direction.

You thought it was over?

 Faster than before, I turned around in the direction of the bullet, I immediately slammed in a series of blows, distorting Anderk's body into a battered and bruised magical barrier and blasting it away with vigor.

Of course, this is where it all begins.

 I spun back around again and struck the Anderk again and again in the space of a breath, gaining momentum.

 Since magic is aborted, my attacks are simple and straightforward, and I only repeat them foolishly.
 I waited for the bouncing Anderk and punched him with force. I blow up and move, move and strike, strike and go around.

 With each repetition, the interval between the blows gets smaller and smaller. His feet have not even touched the ground once since the first time he was punched away.

 And after a few seconds, his body was glued to the air and he was being hit by me from the front and back.
 He kept spinning around so fast that from the edge, I would have been perceived as if I had been altered into two people.


 While putting up anti-magic and magical barriers with all his strength, Anderk is barely able to withstand the fists from back and forth.

 This is not.........I am God. She is the order of the world. Even to the god's eye, they move so fast that only the two of you can see them.

 Immediately after she peeked out in dismay, she turned around and twisted her expression into a high-handed one.

''Did you think I'd say such a thing? Hee-hee. Hee-hee! You fool! It's a fool's errand. This is not true. They move with unbelievable speed, fists in the guise of fists, and then they're magically split in two...! Did you say beat her to death to conspire against your mistress?

 Anderk, who has been beaten from front to back and nailed in the air, says triumphantly.
 'I'm going to tell you that you've seen through my plan.

'Plotting? What are you talking about, Anderk?

Are you going to say more? Did you think you could fool the gods eye? Think about it. Could a mother lose track of her baby in her womb? In the same way, there is no such thing as speed to create an illusion. There is no such thing in the world as being fast enough to create an illusion in a mistress.

Well, what do you think?

 'Hee hee hee,' Anderk laughed at my words.

There is one more thing. "Another thing," he said, "you use hidden magic. Did you think you could not get an abortion if the mistress didn't know about it?

 The god's eyes flashed and she said with a murderous look in her eyes.

"Step aside, child. At this point, your fate is sealed.

 I beat the hell out of Anderkes without a care in the world.
 And right afterwards, he moves.

"There is no such thing as unwanted magic or abortion. Get out of my--

 The abortion god Anderk demonstrates his abortion authority.

 That moment--.

It stands to reason that if you abort the magic, the rest will be neglected.

 The amount of magical power I turned to abortion rights crushed the paltry anti-magic and magical barriers until they were completely shattered, and I was slamming my fist directly into his body.

 I was still the two of us in Anderk's divine eye. From the front and back, I released my fists at high speed, distorting his divine body into a gritty mess.

I'm going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. ...you're not...? Why didn't you get an abortion? You've put out the order of a mistress, nonconformist!

Haha. 'Order? What are you talking about? <The Nazira is a decoy. It's a decoy to make them think they've been bewitched into two separate entities.

"Wha... well... then... and... and... ...!

'Did you accidentally mistake the baby in your belly for a twin because it was moving so well? Hey, abortion god?

 With an astonished expression, Anderk let out a scream-like voice.

''........Arinsen! A baby that a mistress's divine eye can't catch...!

 Once again he tries with all his might to put the magic barrier back up, but it's too late.

'Finish it up.'

 As expected, it would be a painful task to pry open the magic barrier of the god race with only magic power and bare hands.
 That's why I invited this. 

 I slam my fist into the empty body.
 With such force that its divine body is torn to shreds, I strike, strike, strike, strike, and beat it to shreds until it is completely torn to pieces, and finally, I slam him to the ground.

 Doggone it, he slumped to the floor and Anderk spat out blood.

 As if deflated, he slumped in place and repeated his ragged breathing.
 Standing on top of Anderk's head, I looked down at his face.

...is that all you can do.......boy? You can't.........beat her to death........

How can you say that when you're so close to death?

 Twisting her blood-painted lips, Anderk smiles with a grin.

'.........She is an abortion god. But killing the mother's womb is also a type of abortion.......do you understand?

 With a chuckle, the abortion god's magical power jumped up a lot.

"Behold. The snake is biting.

 The Anderk's return blood, which was on my navel area, was constructed by a magic circle.
 There was a lone red-black snake with its fangs sticking out.

''Hmm. Is it some kind of curse?

You'll never get away with it, my dear.

 I get to my feet and stomp on his face.
 But just before I was about to do so, Anderk disappeared, swallowed up by the red thread that was sticking to the ground.

 Then, following the thread, she appears at a distance.
 She picked up the snake abortion forceps Egliahonne, which had fallen to the floor.

 When she looked, the design snake was gone.

'I see. So this is the snake on those scissors?

Ho ho ho. Does he look like a snake?

 The abortion god laughed while his ragged body was still alive with only magical power.

''It's the umbilical cord,''

 At the same time as the words, the other side of the snake that bit me - the other head of the two-headed snake - extends and bites the lower abdomen area of the abortion god Anderk's abortion god and burrows into his body.

 Probably into its placenta.

"There you go! Life is not to be desired, nor will it return.

 A wavering red thread rose up around me and Anderk and surrounded me.
 And so we created a spherical room in this place.

A Dharma Abortion Urn.

What's wrong with this?

 I grabbed the snake that connected me and Anderk and pulled it gingerly.
 Unable to resist, I slam my right fist into the abortion god that flew over here.

 The moment Anderk screams - my roots are fiercely wounded and the power of destruction seeps out of me as I rage.


 I focus my attention inward and suppress the force that's trying to run amok.

 He didn't even launch an attack.
 Nonetheless, my root cause took a big hit directly.

 In other words--.

This umbilical cord is what makes you a mother and me a baby.

 'Hee hee hee,' laughed Anderk.

'In the fetus,'

 The snake in the umbilical cord emits a red-black glow.
 An immense amount of magical power flows through the snake and into me from Anderk.

 It works its anti-magic, but the magic passes through and enters me.

You can't deny it. "You cannot refuse it, it will only receive what its mother's womb gives it.

 Every time the magic power is poured on me, my body shrinks.
 No, I'm getting younger.

 The body that was equivalent to 16 years old is quickly turning back the years to 15 and then 14. In the blink of an eye, I was 10 years old, and now my body was already 6 years old.

 <I'm sure you can counter that by using Kurst, but the magic is aborted in front of Anderck.

''I see. I see... I see... So the power that neutralized Misha and Sasha is similar to this one?

"Those two did not use the umbilical cord of the snake abortion forceps. Only bodily functions are returned to the fetus. But they could still resist.

 He snickers and smiles.
 I'm going to tell him that's not going to happen.

"Well, it's over. Back to being a helpless fetus in my mother's womb.

 A reddish-black light enveloped my entire body, and as it did, my clothes fell into place.
 My body has completely transformed into a fetus.

"Unwanted embryos, God's scissors are thinning out and falling...

 The snake abortion forceps are opened and their blades are placed against the God's umbilical cord.

'Abortion. Egliahonne.

 With a jacking sound, the umbilical cord in the shape of a snake was severed.

''Hiya...! Hee haw...! That's why I said it. No life is worth a d*mn if it returns to the womb. It is the end of my luck that I came here. Oh, poor boy.

 Unlike his previous made-up smiles, Anderk was smiling high, as if he was amused.

''Ho. You look like you're having a lot of fun.


 He stops speaking at the resounding "thought communication" (leaks).
 I think he didn't abort the magic because he wanted to know what happened.

"You've shown a bit of emotion, Anderk.

 The abortion god gazed at my clothes with a jittery expression.

 There, an ominous, jet-black magical power rises up.
 An enormous amount of magical power emanated from my fetal body, and I took on the form of a black demon with claws and fangs.

...What is this.........then........this is......

 Expressing his astonishment, Anderk said.


 When I took a step forward, Anderk's body shook with a jolt.

'Did you think that just because you are a fetus, you would perish if you cut the umbilical cord?

 As I take another step forward, Anderck backs away.

"Unfortunately, this body is different from that of a normal fetus. It's not like a normal fetus.

Well, don't get lost! Kudos to you!

 I grabbed the snake abortion forceps and Anderk thrust them straight out.
 But as soon as the tip of the forceps touched my body, it melted thoroughly.


"After my incarnation, I slept in my mother's womb. I slept in my mother's womb, just like any other fetus. Do you know why?

Hey, f*ck off!

 I opened the snake abortion forceps and Anderck pinned my neck.
 There was a cracking sound, and the two blades melted with a sizzle.

 No, they were destroyed.

You will find it difficult to control the magic power in the body of an unborn child. It's not just a matter of time before you find yourself in a situation where you can't afford to be a part of it.


 As if frightened, Anderk backed away.
 As if to say that it was the first time he had seen an unborn child that was about to attack him, he could not hide his fear.

''.........Arinsen......this is not........................''

 There was a rattling and a clatter of unmatched teeth.
 As I stepped out further, the abortion god fell on his buttocks in place.

 I'm sure I could see the evil, jet-black fetus approaching in my field of vision.

''Well. Any life is helpless if it returns to the fetus?

 I raise my jet black fist.
 It exudes the magical power of annihilation, tyrannical and pure power in my grip.

 The annihilation that leaks out of my fist rots the red threads around me and tries to wound the world.
 I don't have much time.

'I'm telling you, my fist is not the fault of the previous one. I'm usually careful not to hurt the world, but as expected of an unborn child, I can't control it.

Get away from me, you slime bucket, you unwanted babies, you aborted babies!

 Anderk poured all of his magic power into it, restoring the snake abortion forceps and turning them into spears.
 My palm of annihilation grabbed the red-black cutting edge thrust out furiously and melted it down like butter.


"Unfortunately, my mother and father were hoping for my birth.

 He swung his jet-black fist at Anderk--