411-Bondage love

 With a snap, I stopped my fist in front of Anderk's nose.
 Wind pressure and magical particles ruffled his knotted hair.

 The Anderk rattled and trembled, and was simply unable to look away from the blow of destruction that was in front of him.

'You are not so foolish as to not know what would have happened if you had hit him.

 With a release of magic, he floats slightly in the air and looks at the abortion god to threaten him.

'Cease the order to abort Ennesone and tell me where Wenzel is.

 Gently stroking him, he raked his jet-black claws into his belly.
 Red blood oozes out slowly, wetting Anderck's feet as if he were incontinent.

'Do you want your unborn child to devour your belly?

 The abortion god replied with a rattling sound of unmatched teeth.

"....I cannot........I am the god of abortion.......I cannot stop the order.......if you stop the flow of the river, it will no longer be a river.......

 It was the order of the abortion god that drove the birth god Wenzel out of this Mei-Gong divine City of Forthronal Reef and tried to abort Ennesone.

 As a god, he cannot go against it.

 I have awakened his emotions, but he still cannot resist the order with fear.


'What's the matter? It's too early to go crazy.'

 Who is the concubine in front of you?

 Hee-hee, laughing eerily, the abortion god Anderk's eyes were tinted with madness.
 Unlike the make-believe smile he had just given, his white face was indeed etched with dark emotions.

''That's right. Yes, that's right.  The life you want...

 Magic power gathers in his arms.
 The one that appeared was the snake abortion forceps Egriahonne that I just melted down for him.

 The blade opens with a crunch, and particles of reddish-black magic power draw a spiral.

 The moment I prepared myself--


 With a jerk, Egliahonne's scissors closed.
 The one he cut off was his own divine body - the head of the abortion god Anderk's head was flying.

 The head, which was parabolic in the hollow, fell to the ground and rolled around in a tumbling motion.
 No magic power could be felt in it, and obviously the abortion god was doomed.

 The countless red threads that were rising up around the wavering surroundings - the snake abortion baby jar distorted languidly and shattered at once.

 The God's umbilical cord lost its effectiveness, and as the numerous red threads slipped out of my body, I returned to my original sixteen-year-old equivalent.

''Hmm. I see.''

 Clothed with magic, if one looked around, a great deal of red thread appeared in the Mei-Gu divine City of Forthronar Reef.

 As if to put a scar on the various buildings, traffic, the greenery of the trees and the sea-like sky of the divine city, the red thread stuck to the various buildings, traffic, and trees of the divine city.


 A "thought transmission (leaks)" arrives from Eleonor.

"Ever since a lot of red threads appeared, Enne-chan's behavior is strange. "The source of the problem is very weak...

"Enne I'm dying Anos please help me...!

 I can hear Zecia's voice as if she's about to cry.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you have to be in the right place. It's a good idea to have a warding that uses the sanctuary of kindness and love as its source of magic, which is also effective for order. It will prevent some of the effects.

I get it!

 I look down at the body of Anderk's body lying on the floor of the palace.

'Surely, if the mother's womb dies, there will be no baby to be born.

 The head of the abortion god Anderk with the snake abortion forceps Egliahonne is dropped.
 That would be the way to make the abortion order work to its fullest extent.

 If you're a god, you don't even count as a dead one.


 It drops blood at the source of the Anderk's roots and draws a magic circle.
 After the light of resuscitation is emitted, however, it suddenly becomes squishy and distorted.

 <Before the Resuscitation (Ingal) could be fully activated, it was aborted.

''If the mother's womb was in a dead state, the magical abortion would be more advanced, but it's best not to be so stubborn.

 With his demon eyes tinted with annihilation purple, he looked at his root source and loosely held his right hand up.

''It's far easier to destroy the root of your dead root than to revive it.

 One step closer to the root cause.

 If he's going to give up and come back to life, so be it.
 If he chooses to perish, that is also his choice.

 The order of abortion that is triggered by death will disappear when it is destroyed.


 He draws a magic circle halfway through and stops it.

 The Anderk does not completely neutralize the magic.
 It has to wait until the abortion - that is, until it is in a fetal state - before it can exercise its powers.

 Then it's easy to talk. All you have to do is just screw the magic that's about to be activated.
 Before he can abort the Bevsed, I'm going to pierce the root cause with my jet black fingertips.

"It looks like you want to die, Anderk.

 I quickly drew a continuation of the magic circle and was about to put my fingertips through it when I saw a magical cage with a hole in the corner of my eye.


 I put my hand down and erase the magic circle.

''It's odd to think about it,''

 I was monitoring Misha and Sasha's vision while I ran around the Mei-Gu divine City to create order in Ennesone.

 After Sasha recalled her memories, the two of them watched over Wenzel while preparing for the Abortion God's attack.

 But only for a moment.

 Before I knew it, Misha and Sasha were knocked down there, the magical cage had a hole in it, and Wenzel was banished outside the Force Ronal Reef.

 Even for the most powerful gods, defeating Misha and Sasha now would be no easy task.
 Even more so when it is done at the same time and in an instant.

 It would take even more time to expel Wenzel, the god of birth, from the divine city.
 He would have to go through either the door that led to Delzogade or the door to the divine world.

 Even if I'm caught by surprise, one of the three of us will notice the attack of the Abortion God.

 As for what happened in the split second I was focused on solving the riddle of Megumi Shinto, if I didn't do everything at the same time with at least one move, I would have at least seen the guy who attacked me.

 But in reality, the next thing you know, it's in this state.
 If you've managed to get away with that much, it's also poorly done that you couldn't walk away from here.


 As I recall, Wenzel had said?

 If you have to destroy an abortion god, then give birth to Ennesone as soon as possible, before a day has passed after you've destroyed him.

 Abortion and birth are a back and front order. If the order of abortion disappears, the alignment breaks down and the world tilts toward nativity. If the order of nativity becomes too strong, the ennestrone may be born in an unwanted way.

 That may be true, in a sense.
 But there may have been other intentions involved.

 And Militia had told Ennesone that the abortion god must not be destroyed.

 Considering them all together--.

I see.

 I walked towards the pillar, looking down at the source of the abortion god, looking down at the source of the abortion god.
 As I do so, I unchain Wesnera, the bondage god lying in its shadow, and I unchain him.

 My five senses return, and as soon as he sees me, he lays bare his hostility.

''Whoa, you...!

Wenzel is gone and Anderk is using suicide abortion.

 Wesnella gulped at my words.

'You seem to understand the situation. We must destroy the Anderks, or Ennesone will be aborted, but that's not going to happen.

 Unlike when he fought here, the Bondage God looked serious.

'Lend me your strength, God of Bondage. The Anderks abort magic, but as a god, they cannot interfere so much with other orders. Your chains should be incapable of abortion.

 Wesnera turns away and clenches her fists gingerly.

''Mm, I can't. I am bondage and stagnation and the order that governs, and I cannot bind Anderk's abortion just as Anderk cannot interfere with my chains.......

It wouldn't be the first time we've bound the order.

 The god of bondage turns to me, as if surprised.

'You were protecting Wenzel, you were protecting your mother, weren't you?

 Wesnella doesn't deny those words, she just stares at me.

'My mother begged me to keep her in a cage for her.

 Curtly, Wesnella nodded.

 Gritting his back teeth gingerly, the bondage god expressed his regret.

'.........I couldn't.......continue to be tied up........'

I'm sorry for my childish love. You're a filial son.

 At those words, the god of bondage bled tears.

''If only ... you ... if only you hadn't come, Mom ...''

Could you bind them permanently?

 Wesnella shushed.
 The look on her face confirms the correctness of the question I had.

'Don't worry. She will not be destroyed.


 I nodded and said.

'Take heart, and bind the order of the abortion gods. You, with your love for your mother, can do that.

 For a moment, Wesnera hesitated.
 But he quickly shook his head and slapped his own face with his hands.

 Then he stood up quickly with a determined look on his face.
 The bondage god Wesnera looked at the abortion god's body, straight at the source of the abortion god's body.

''.........Mom.......I knew it, I knew it......''

 With a strong will, he said.

'I don't want to say goodbye...!

 A magical cage with holes in the vicinity. Its iron bars are dismantled and one by one, they fly away.
 Clank, clank, clank and overlap, the iron bars form a cage to confine the source of the abortion god.

 Wesnera's face is tinged with pain.
 It was probably because binding other orders was against his own order.

 Nevertheless, he wielded all his magical power and slammed the order of his own bondage god into it.
 With love and gentleness, twisting the order--.

"The bondage cage and chain-linked prison (Egerz Engdmera)!

 A magic circle of chains floated on all sides of the cage, and a crimson chain appeared from the center of the cage.
 It headed straight to the source of the Abortion God's root and wrapped itself around it in a circle.

 With each roll of the chain covering the root source, the red thread that was attached to the Force Ronal Reef disappeared.
 The abortion god's order is bound.

 Clenching her teeth and clenching her fists gingerly, Wesnera exercises her own authority of bondage.
 As she did so, she tied up the Anderk's roots in a cancerous bondage as if she had made a cocoon out of chains and hung them in their cage.

 The red thread that had been spreading like a wound in the Mei-Gong divine City faded and eventually disappeared completely.
 The order of the Abortion God was tied up and completely sealed off.

 Then gradually, the abortion god's roots themselves began to weaken.
 Bound by the chains of order and unable to even move, the root source faded and then disappeared.

 Along with her unbounded head.

'The God of Birth and the God of Abortion, quite the nasty order, it seems.

 A faint light gathered in the cage.

 It took the form of a human figure, and a strange woman appeared there, a woman of strange age.
 She is dressed with a long cloth loosely wrapped around her body. Long, straight hair and a light green divine eye.

 It was Wenzel, the birth god Wenzel, who should have been banished from the Force Ronal Reef.