412-Back and back sister gods


 Wesnella ran to the magic cage and reached out to her as she sat down.

 When Wenzel grabbed it, he had tears in his eyes.

'.....I'm sorry........mom.......don't be mad at me.......!

 Then Wenzel smiled serenely.

'I'm not mad at you,'

 She said softly.

"...but I couldn't keep what my mum told me to do even though it was a secret. She told me that it was a secret between me and my mom, and I didn't...!

 Wenzel gently stroked Wesnella's head through the bars as she broke down crying on the spot.

'It's all right, Wesnella. You don't always do what I tell you to do, but you are a very kind girl. So I know that you have fought well.

 Scratching his belly button, the bondage god Wesnera cowered in place.
 Her figure seemed to be a mere infant, let alone a divine race.

''Hmm. A god of two gods? Well, technically, their bodies are separate, I suppose.''

 He walked to the magic cage and stopped in front of Wenzel.

"When the birth god Wenzel is manifest, the abortion god Wendelk cannot exist. Likewise, if the abortion god Wenzel is in manifestation, then the birth god Wenzel cannot exist?

 Wenzel nodded in affirmation.

'We are gods of special reason, even in the azure of the gods. A diametrically opposed order, never facing each other, we are sister gods of the back and front (yes, hailing).''

 It's like two sides of a coin.
 You can never have both at the same time.

If nature were to take its course, you'd have to go through a series of births and abortions, one after the other. So it was time for Anderk, the god of abortion, to take his place.

 Like a coin flipping over, Wenzel disappeared as soon as the Anderk appeared.
 Neither Misha nor Sasha would have expected the attack to come from inside the cage that Wenzel was in.

 It was just a single move that was able to neutralize Misha and Sasha and drive Wenzel out of the Mei-Gu Divine City, such was the nature of the carriage.

'Wesnera was not a pawn of the Anderks, but bound to keep you from turning over to the Abortion God. True to her word, she was protecting you so that your mother could stay close to you.

 Wenzel looks down at the bondage god beside him.

'It's what I asked for,'

It is a fool's errand to ask why I have not spoken. If the two orders are one inextricably linked, if Anderk perishes, you will also perish. And you will have one day to do so.

 If the abortion god Anderk was destroyed, then Wenzel had told me to give birth to Ennesone before a day had passed.

 I guess he wanted me to give birth to Ennesone while the Abortion God was destroyed and the order of the Birth God was still in place.

'As Militia said, you are a wise man, aren't you? You are right. Birth and abortion are two sides of the same coin, and one cannot live long on its own.

 She has a gentle, enveloping and calm expression on her face.

'....It was ideal for me, too, that Ennesone would give birth to this body before it was concealed and the Anderks manifested. And I knew it wasn't impossible.

Hmm. Did something unscheduled happen?

'You came here too soon. Ennesone's call for you has strengthened the order of the abortion god Anderk.

 I am what the gods call a non-conformist, and I am an abortionist to the abortion gods.
 No wonder my approach to the azure skies of the gods has made me so powerful.

''Didn't I tell Ennesone that the Abortion God and you are sister gods of the Abortion God, backwards and forwards?''

 Quietly, Wenzel nodded.

'As long as things go as ideally as they should, that will be fine. But when the time comes, there will be a situation where the abortion gods will have to be destroyed and Ennesone will have to be born. It would be too much to tell her that.

 At all costs, Wenzel must intend to give birth to Ennesone.

 But if her own birth had cost her mother her life, Ennesone would carry a heavy cross for the rest of her life.

 As a mother, she couldn't let her mother down.

'But it's ironic, isn't it? It seems to have backfired on her.

 Ennesone, who thought that Wenzel was trapped in the abortion god Anderk, invited me to this place through Zesia's dream.

 As a result, the abortion god's order began to strengthen, and even the chains of Wesnera could not keep the natal god bound here.

'I was going to confide in Misha and Sasha while Ennesone was gone, but at that point I no longer had as much grace as I thought I would have.

 Surely, Wenzel was trying to tell me something.
 Sasha's remembrance of Militia's memories caused me to miss the opportunity.

 Or maybe the order of the Abortion God was strengthened by the fact that I gave birth to that stork in Meinomiya Shinto.

If existence is here, the order will be inclined to abortion to slaughter you. That is the providence. Even the chains of the bondage gods cannot keep the births bound....

 The bondage god is pouring all his magical power into the .
 But even so, if you look into the depths of Wenzel's abyss, its roots have already begun to be disturbed.

 It seems that birth is about to turn over to abortion.

'Demon King Anos. Please, abortion gods before Ennesone realizes it.

No, Mom!

 The chains of bondage extended from Wesnella's entire body and they wrapped directly around Wenzel.

I'm going to keep you tied up here forever...! My mom's not going anywhere! This time, this time, this time, I'll protect you, I'll protect you...! 

 Wenzel smiles serenely as he binds himself tightly.

'Wesnella. Sweet girl. It's not your fault. You went along with my selfish mother. This is how you love my mother, who has put such a burden on me. She may be a little naughty now, but you will be a gentle orderly, I'm sure. You could use your bondage powers so gently.

 Wenzel said, wishing, as if in parting words.
 But Wesnella shook her head.

''I don't want ... no ... no, Mom, I don't want that ...''

 Wenzel laughs, annoyed.

'........for the last time, show me your strong side. Love this world for me, instead of me...

 Potori, Wesnera spills a teardrop.


 Wiping away the tears of the bondage god with her fingertips, Wenzel stared into his eyes.

 There were not many reprieves left, as Wesnella herself, who had bound her here, would know all too well.

 Rattling and shaking, he nodded nonetheless.
 He tried to reassure his mother, again and again.

''I promise you....''

That's a good boy.

 Wenzel's body shook vaguely, and his roots weakened and swooped away.

''Demon King Anos. I'm sorry. For the rest--

Well, wait.

 As I stepped forward, I was piercing Wenzel's chest with the fingertips of the black through the gap in the iron bars.



 Wesnella raises her voice.

'Don't worry. I was only stalling.'

 <With the Benno Yevhen, the source inside Wenzel was completely covered, creating a cage to contain the magic of the gods.
 It is impossible to maintain it, but it can still be made to last for some time.

"You did not mean to tell me you were going to convince the Anderks.

 With a serious expression, Wenzel responded.

''........Yes. However, I am unable to meet with her. Even when I talk to her, she has never responded........I can't reach her.......

His emotions have already been awakened. Fearful and disturbed, his order might at least be heard. If your appeal, my sister, is true, if it strikes the heart of Anderk, or if it awakens you to love. 

 Hearing this, Wenzel saw a faint light in his eyes.

'If only the abortion gods had love, that is. He didn't seem like such an auspicious god to me.

 Wenzel looked serious and said clearly.

''If there's still a small chance of reaching the ideal, I'll bet on it.

 Let's do it, I urge with my gaze.
 Wenzel let out a huffing, pained breath and turned his gaze to the cage.


 She calls straight to her sister, who is not there.

My dearest sister, whom I cannot see. I have always, always worried about the tragedy of your being sentenced to an abortion.

 The words were full of affection and tenderness spilled out of his voice.
 As if defying the order, Wenzel said to Anderk with all his heart.

'Since the day we were born, we have been one and two, one and two. I have always felt your presence at my back. I know your form, your voice, your order, and yet you are so close to me, and yet we have never spoken.

 With tears in her eyes, she continues.

'Hey, Anderk. I need to hear your voice. I want you to tell me about your pain. We have always bickered, with life between us. It's been a long, long day of fighting. You trying to kill me and me trying to keep you alive, but is this really what we want?

 Strongly, strongly, she appeals to her own precious sister.

'Hey. Let's get it over with. What would be the fun of such a boring fight between sisters? Anderk, please, please - this is my heartfelt request...

 She, being a god, still releases the words with a strong feeling, as if she were praying to something.

I want you to answer me. I want you to tell me how you really feel. I want you to tell me what you really feel, and not just as the order of the world, but as your heart!

 Wenzel's body began to gradually disappear.
 Is it the limit? Any more strength in the wall of Benno Yevhen and he will perish.

"I would have loved to have met you if I could. I would have loved to see you, to talk to you, Anderk I beg you to answer me...!

 With a huff, Wenzel's roots disappear in my palm.
 At the same time, her body also disappeared.

 As if the order is reversed, a pale light begins to gather in that spot she was looking at.

 A woman wearing a red textile was revealed.
 The reddish-black hair tied up in a knot swayed softly, and the inorganic eyes shot sharply through the place where Wenzel was just now.

 Then, the abortion god Anderk moves her crimson lips.

''You are a good-natured sister,''