You tell me you're ready for this?

 Sheila nodded in response to my question.

'Then there's one magic I'd like to try.

 I draw a magic circle on the spot.

''........magic you want to try?''

''The magic power of a spirit is derived from rumor and lore. To be precise, rumor and lore would form the root of the spirit. Therefore, even if you give them magic power directly to them, their condition will not change.

 I poured some magic power into it to try it out, but Sheila's magic power showed no signs of recovering.
 Well, it's not going to work even if I turn back time, right?

 If the root source is like this, even if I use the magic of
''But if we're spirits, we might be able to reconcile our magic power with each other.

Are you going to share my magic with your mother, Mr. Ray?

 Misa asked.

'Yeah. But you can't do that with normal magic. Even if you're a half-spirit, half-demon, if you just melted your magic, it's not much different than what I just did.

So what do I do?

'Rumour and lore are shaping your roots. The rumors and lore have some power within you, and they have turned into the source. Then if you connect those roots to the source and channel the power you had before it turned into the source to Sheila, you may be able to restore her to some extent.

 It's the same half-spirit, half-demon. There would be no possibility of that.

''........There was such a magic like that for half spirit half demons......?''

 There is no power in the demon race before it turned into a root. It must be a wonder that the magic I just mentioned exists.

There wasn't. There wasn't, until just now.

 Misa gave him a strange look.

'I just made it.'

'....Well, did you make magic...? Now?

 Mass says with a look tinged with astonishment.


 When I affirmed the matter, Misa said in a tone of disbelief.

Anos-sama really does a lot of amazing things........

It's not a big deal. The problem is that this will be the first time I've tried this magic. If a different rumor or lore of power flows through it, it could be detrimental to Sheila in reverse.

 At worst, you'll die.
 But if you say you're ready, it's worth a try.

''Misa, you will be in danger, too. When you use spirit magic, perhaps the spirits will be drained of their roots as well as their magic power.

 I saw Misa use a few times, but this should be a no-brainer.
 It would be appropriate, given that there are no half-spirits and half-demons who are pinned down by spirit magic.

'The root of the spirit's depletion is rumor and lore restoring it. In other words, Mass, I'll use spirit magic and dare to deplete your root source so that the resilience caused by rumor and lore is generated by rumor and lore. So we will channel it to Sheila.

 If that happens, of course, the mass cannot recover its depleted roots.
 In some cases, she would get a spirit disease just like Sheila. If it's not good, she will die.

''.......I can't let that happen......''

 Sheila says.
 But Mass looked determined.

'I'll do it,'


''I need to let me do it.... Lei-san isn't really the kind of person who would be involved in a conflict between the Imperialists and the Unificationists. Besides, I want to give those imperialists who planned this kind of thing a run for their money.

 Smiling, Missa laughs.

'It's okay. I'm sure Anos-sama wouldn't go to the worst of it, by any means.'

That's not to say that your first failure won't be this moment. Keep up the good work.

 I'm going to pump in some magic and I'm going to activate my magic circle.

"For now, I'm going to name this magic 'Root Transmutation' (Lilia). Are you ready for this?

'Yes. Do it.

 I use the magic of  Missa's root source and Sheila's root source were connected by a magical line.

"Use spirit magic.

I understand.

 Misa shoots the  Outside, it would be pouring down with a thud.

 Gradually, the root of the mass begins to wear out.
 If you elaborate your evil eye, you will have the power to try to recover it.
 That power flows out from Misa to Sheila through the magic line.

 Sheila lets out a painful breath.

'Hmm. Looks like we're not on the same wavelength with another kind of rumor and power through lore.'

 Different forces are mixing with the root cause and Sheila's condition is getting worse.

''........What should I do.......?''

Don't be in a hurry. Concentrate on the spirit magic. You can't save what you want to save.

 As I watch Sheila's symptoms, I gradually recombine the magical formula of .
 I'm transforming the power generated by rumor and lore to match the wavelength to Sheila's roots.

 Since I have no knowledge of spirits, I have no choice but to go all out.
 I elaborated my demon eyes and looked into the abyss so as not to miss even the slightest change.

 A minute passes.
 Sheila's body has become even thinner and more transparent than at the beginning.
 She doesn't even seem to be able to speak anymore.

 Another three minutes pass.
 Sheila is about to disappear at any moment.


 Mass folded her hands as if she were praying.

'If you want to pray, pray to me. They've never done any of the miracles we want.

 At that moment, Sheila's body, which had been getting worse and worse, stopped becoming transparent.

''Hmm. It's around here. I finally found you.

 I set my sights on the wavelength of a hit and fine-tune the magic of even more finely.


 Misa let her voice trail off.
 Although it was slight, Sheila's body darkened in color.

''.........As expected....... I didn't even know what the cure was when I came........''

 The words spilled out of her mouth as if she couldn't believe it even though she had seen it before her eyes.

'Don't relax. If you're not careful, it will all be over in an instant.

 I carefully reconfigure the magic technique.
 Gradually, although it's a tiny amount, but Sheila's body is definitely recovering.

 On the contrary, Misa had a pained expression on her face.
 Her roots continue to be consumed by the continuous barrage of spirit magic.

''Are you okay?''

".........Yes. Don't worry about me........I'll still be good.......

 Mass smiles.
 It's clear that she's overwhelmed, but she can't guarantee Sheila's safety if she interrupts now.

'Just a few more minutes. We'll take it to the point where her condition calms down.

 It's a bit of a tightrope to walk, but if we've come this far, it's only a matter of time before we're done.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

 It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time.
 I'm not going to be able to get the best out of it.

''.........What's going on?''

My mother was followed.


 The location is from Delzogade, or on the way back to the house.
 It's still reasonably popular, but there aren't many people on the road ahead.

I hope they're just following me, but it's not like they're doing that.

 The magic power of the demon tribe that's following Mom is strangely high.
 Nine times out of ten, he's going to do it.

 What do you want? A sword? Or is it your mother herself?
 The hostility is too obvious for you to intend to take your mother hostage.

Let's go help.

Of course I will, but just wait a few minutes. If I let go of my magic eye now, Sheila will not survive.

 There are Fan Union guys near my mom, but the magic power of the demon tribe that is following her is far stronger.
 Even though they have a large number of people, they will be no match for them.

 Also, the wavelength of this magic power.
 The wavelength of this magic, it's upsetting and disturbing, but I've seen it before.

 As I recall, it's the same--

You must be Emilia.


 Oh dear, what in the world are you going to do? 
 Using my far-seeing eye, I looked at the place where my mother was.