214-Engraved oracle

 One of the students who had been watching the battle muttered in dismay.

''Saint Gazelle-sama ... the hero of the Divine Dragon Country of Geordal who lost the Holy War ...''

 One by one, the students uttered their words as if they were speaking out.


But how can you believe that? You didn't summon a god, you overcame a saint, etc....

'Yes. To surpass the power of the Great Order of Light, the Bright Light God, Geosseria, in flesh and blood is impossible, no, it should not be....

But I don't think the saint would lie!

".........Then what does that person mean.......? No godless heretic should ever bring God down!

And he hasn't summoned any gods, not even a dragon?

'Nonsense.... Then how on earth do you think they were fighting?

Calm down. This must be the test God gave you!

 Apparently summoning magic is the norm in the subterranean world.
 They seem quite confused as to why I'm so incomprehensible for defeating a gazelle without summoning a god, and they're making a lot of noise about how it's not like that.


 An awe-inspiring voice rang out.

''Well that must be a demon in human form...''

 Such a conclusion rang in my ears.

 Speaking of Gazelle, he put his hands on the floor, rattling and trembling, and said, "O God, answer me. My Selected God, Bright Light God Diosseria," he repeated over and over again as if he were rambling.

 If I look at the ring of the Alliance Pearl, I see three small blue fires lit inside the black stone.
 For every god destroyed, the number of those blue fires increased.

 Is this what you mean when you say that a god will not be destroyed by the pact?
 This is how the defeated gods are sealed in the pact and maintain order.

''Well. Now that things have quieted down, it's time to decipher the monument. Now that things have quieted down, let's get on with the deciphering.

 I return to Sasha and Misha and look down at the stone monument.

''Don't destroy the gods in such a manner that you chased away a stray cat like that. They're looking at you with an incredibly white eye.

 Sasha said, glancing at the students.

'What, it seems to be a pious country. 'It must be rare to find someone with more power than God. 'They don't care.'

Misha, say something to her.

 Misha blinked with a snap, then turned her gaze to me.


I think you've got the wrong idea.

 Sasha blurts out like that.
 Misha says with a nod of her head.


'I don't want you to take down God so easily and be humble or anything because I'm afraid...'

 Sasha lines up next to me and looks down at the stone monument.

'Mostly, you say you're going to decipher it, but how do you decipher a stone monument written in a script you don't know at all?'

 I called out to the students who were looking at us.

I would like to read the monument, but is there anyone who can help me?

 Then the students looked away from me.
 One of the girls said, as if she had made up her mind.

'Unfortunately, there is no unbelieving congregation here that would lend a hand to a heretic.

Then good. I'll read it for myself.

 The students look uncomfortable as they say this.

''........This stone monument is something we have been deciphering for hundreds of years. God will not allow you, a heretic, to read and decipher it.

Well, you see where it goes. I'll let you guys know when I can read.

 I shift my eyes to the stone monument again.

'So how do you decipher it?'

 Sasha says, and Misha points to another stone monument.

'Half of it is ancient magic writing.'

 You're right, Misha, you've been paying attention.

'From the placement of these letters, they must have been translated. If we can decipher the ancient magical script, we can also decipher these unknown characters.

Can you decode it that quickly?

 I said, turning my evil eye on all the stone monuments in this room.

'Hmm. I heard that this unknown character is called the prayer script.


"It is said that the subterranean world was born about 2,000 years ago. The inhabitants of this subterranean world are known as "Dragon Children" or "Dragon People.

Wait a minute. Have you cracked it yet?

 Sasha asks, surprised.

'I'm still halfway through deciphering it. 'Well, I can at least get a rough idea of what it means.'

 With a keen eye, he deciphered the history of the underground world from numerous stone monuments.

Son of the dragon...?

 Misha nodded her head curiously.


They say their ancestors were born of dragons.

"...dragons give birth to people?

That's new to me, too.

 Nevertheless, there are many mysteries in the biology of dragons, and they possess immense magical power.
 It is no wonder that they gave birth to it.

 I continue to read the monument to see if there's anything about it somewhere.

Hmmm. It was written. It was written that dragons eat the source of people and demons. It seems that they reincarnate their roots into new life in the womb. It seems that the dragon man is a generic term for all those who live in this underground world, but those who are born directly from the dragon are called especially the baby dragon.

 Does this mean that the dragon's womb is an organ of reincarnation with a magical effect similar to ?

'The baby dragon has the power of a dragon and also possesses a powerful magical power. This is because all the roots that the dragon has eaten are bound together and born as one life.

What a terrible idea...

 ''With each generation, the dragon-humans weaken their power and magic, right?

''Many of the dragonlings living in the underground world today seem to be of the eighth or ninth generation.

 Perhaps there is a first generation, or even a baby dragon somewhere.
 Could they be reincarnated in some cases?

There are three countries, one holy place, and a canopy in the underground world. The canopy seems to be the umbrella of the earth in the sky, or the earth. Geordal, the land of the Divine Dragon, Agaha, the land of the King Dragon, and Gadeisiola, the land of the High Dragon, these three countries are constantly battling each other. The reason.........hmmm......is it a difference in religious beliefs?

 It doesn't seem to be detailed on the monument, but I guess it's because of different gods to believe in, different interpretations of religion, etc.

 It's not like there aren't conflicts between religions on earth, either.

Why is God so close to us in the subterranean world?

 Misha asks.

'It seems to be due to the first selection judgement that took place on the subterranean world. Through this, the dragons learned of the existence of God. Also, a certain baby dragon was chosen to act as their representative at the Selection Judgment. It is said that he brought to the depths of the earth a bead that could be used to summon a pact with the god.

 The Lordship Pearl is rare, but unlike the Lordship Pearl of Selection, it is also used outside of Selection Judges.

 The Leshu enabled the dragon-people, who were given the gods of summons, to survive in the harsh underground world where food was scarce and sunshine was scarce.
 Since then, people began to worship the gods, and soon three religions were born, which turned into three nations.

 So the conflict began.

'But no.'

 What I most wanted to know was not the bickering between countries, but how this subterranean world came to be.

Someone had to have created this subterranean world.

 A space of this scale, an environment where people can live, even if they are borrowing the power of a summoning god.
 It would be a Herculean task for me to create this subterranean world.

 If the gods, if the order made it, it was none other than Militia's power.
 She might have been the one who showed up in this subterranean world.


 Misha called out to him and he walked briskly to the wall.
 Of course, there is nothing on that wall. I'm sure you'll be able to see nothing even if you look into the abyss with your evil eye.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about this.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

 Then the light flashed, and words appeared on the wall.

I'm not sure if it's true or not, but........it's unbelievable.......

 The students in the academic office rambled and trembled, but they spoke up.

"...how could a heretic on earth do this to a heretic...

 It's not necessarily an exaggeration to say that even God's power can't see through it.
 My demon eyes couldn't see it either.

Misha. How did you figure it out?

 She tilted her head slightly.

'I thought I saw it. Somehow.

 Hmm. I can't see clearly, I see.

 Misha has a good eye for magic, but her powers are becoming more and more refined.

 It's a very frightening experience for someone under my command.

''It's no use, heretic!

 The students of the academy raised their voices as if they couldn't remain silent.

''The secret letters of Aebelast Anzeta are an oracle of God.......!

"Even the preface should never be read by those without faith...!

The text has not been deciphered by anyone for at least a thousand years. The word of God can never be deciphered by a heretic...!

Back off! That's not a place for someone who can't even read!

 I briefly read the words on the wall at an angle.

Hmm. "It began in this castle, from Aebelast Anzeta?

 As I said the words, the words on the wall glowed blue-white as if to say it was a correct answer.

''S.............'' ................. .........?

How do you ... how do you ... speak ... of ... God ... ............!


No, this is the devil's cunning! Our faith is being tested.

 The students kneeled down and prayed to God.

''I mean, how can you read it? Doesn't that look anything like the letters you just wrote?

 Sasha looked at me with a dumbfounded look.

'I asked Militia once. I'm not sure how many characters are used by the gods. This is one of them, the Koshin script.

"Can the gods read?

 Misha asks.

'You can read it, but you won't tell me, will you?

 I point to a symbol on it.

It means that this is a sentence from God to God. The gods never tell people what the sentence means when it has these letters.

 Even if I summoned a god, he would not decipher this unless he was very good at it.
 The ancient divine characters are accompanied by magical powers. No matter how it is explained, these characters can only be read with the eyes of a god.

 That's why they've never been deciphered.

"There is infinite night, eternal nothingness.

 I'll read the sentence.

 --"A castle of God was born in the bowels of the earth.

 -- to gently light the night that has no beginning.

 --The sun will not rise on earth, and destruction will not come.

 -- life is not born and the world stops.

 --It's either order or people.

 --The answer is, you know.

 --You're the only one who knows...