213-Summon the saint

 Gazelle stared at me as she cast a recovery spell on herself.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one. Repent, you ignorant ones who live on earth. Today you will know the power of the great God and realize your sins.

 He thrust out the Meiju ring in his right hand.
 Seeing the magic power flooding Gazelle's body, a student from the school office muttered.

''That's Saint Gazelle-sama over there...''

So.... is it possible that this is a referee...?

 Despite the fact that the fight was about to begin, the students did not run away from the scene, but instead got down on their knees on the floor and folded their hands in prayer.

''God. <Almighty Splendor, Eques. We thank you for the opportunity to witness this sacred occasion.

Please lead us to the righteousness of the world.

"Give us salvation and judgment on the wicked.

 The voice of prayer comes from everywhere.
 Gazelle softly closes her eyes and begins chanting.

''In accordance with the pact, I have come to this place--but phew...!

 The chanting stopped midway through.
 When he closed his eyes, I loosely approached him and pierced his throat with my fingertips.

 Unable to chant, Gazelle's mouth snapped up.

'It just occurred to me after the fight with Ahide. If that chanting is mandatory, you can't use your summoning magic in front of me.

My.... my... my...

 I pulled my fingers out and he fell down to lean against the stone monument again.

 How far are you going to insult God...?

I told you. I didn't mean for it to be that way.

 I'm going to take a step forward.

Fool! I want to be with the Holy Knight, a priest who relies on the power of the gods.

 As soon as I jump up, Gazelle pulls out the sword at her waist.
 It vigorously tried to cut my neck and snapped backwards with a snap.


'Hmm. What kind of thing is it, are these knights of the underground world small fry? I have someone under my command who is a thousand times faster than your swordsmanship.

 He held up his palm in front of Gazelle's eyes.

"The Gio-Glaze.

 The jet black sun envelops the holy knight's body.

 When the black flames were extinguished, all that was left was the ring of the Meishu.

''Ho! I'm sure you'll be able to find it. It's not an ordinary magic tool.

 Then a fire lit inside the Alliance Pearl, in its center, and a magic circle was drawn on the black stone.
 The layered three-dimensional magic circle began to release orders of magnitude more magic power from the ring, and pale white particles rose up around it.

 When you think it was a human figure, a young girl with unusually long hair, holding two wands, appears.
 She was a stark figure, her hair barely hiding her naked body.

 As the little girl raises her two wands, the body of a dead gazelle is regenerated next to her.

'Be astonished, fear and reverence, heretics! The great and sublime power that raises even the dead, this is the miracle that God has given us!

You're just trying to be cool, man. If that were a miracle, this whole place would be crawling with them.


 As expected, it seems that there was no need for chanting, especially to summon a god.
 On the contrary, as long as I have that pact pearl, I can summon gods even after I die, according to the pact.

 That's quite handy.

''I've seen that god before. "I have seen this god, Nutella de Jiana, the god of regeneration.

 Then Gazelle laughs, as if she has a point.

I see. You may be a heretic, but you know that much. But how much do you understand? Nutella de Hiana, the watchdog god of regeneration, is, as her name implies, the order of regeneration. In the presence of a God who can never be destroyed, you will know the meaning of the word helpless.

'Apparently, unlike Ahide, you didn't make a pact with a bad god.

 He pointed his two fingertips at Gazelle and released the .
 The swollen jet black lightning bolt flew in a straight line.

 Nutella de Hiana stands in front of Gazelle and blocks the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) with her two staffs.
 The black lightning travels through the staff and scorches its guardian god, but its body regenerates in the blink of an eye.

Before the order of regeneration, all attacks come to nothing. Fear God and accept your salvation.

 The moment Gazelle said it victoriously, Nutella de Hiana's right hand turned into a particle of light and disappeared.

 God's scream rang out.

'What...? What's the matter with you, my God Nutella de Heanor! Why aren't the wounds healed?

"Let it go. Your gods are busy right now. Anything else you do, you're dead.

 Completely ignoring my advice, the gazelle shouts.

'Regenerate, Nutella de Heanach! Show me that miracle!

 At that moment, Nutella de Hiana, the watchdog god of rebirth, was surrounded by a dazzling light.
 Then, as if swept away by the wind, he became a grain of light and disappeared.

''........What.......what......what in the world.......'' ...? God..........

 In disbelief, Gazelle stared at the place where the Watchtower of Rebirth had disappeared.

''I drew a magic circle inside Nutella de Hiana's body with the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd). <It's the magic of Activation Amplification (Gagaria). It strengthens and amplifies the body's regenerative powers. However, past regeneration turns to poison. Nutella de Hiana, with its powerful regenerative powers, uses gagaria to poison its own body.

 However, the Gagaria was originally just a stepping stone to defeat Nutella de Hiana.

The Watcher God of Regeneration noticed the Gagaria and suppressed his own regenerative power to the limit. Without knowing it, you gave him an unnecessary order, which is why he disappeared.

 Most of the gods are non-talking individuals.
 No wonder they can't communicate with each other.

But how could a man who is a follower of God not know his own weaknesses? You haven't learned enough, have you?

 The gazelle sneered when I said this to her.

"You are the one who lacks faith, you infidel!

 The magical circle was again laminated onto the pact pearl that fell to the floor.
 The moment my magic eye caught an order of magnitude of magical power, the ring of the Lordship Pearl disappeared.

 No, it wasn't just the ring.
 Gazelle's figure had disappeared from before her eyes.

'Where are you looking, heretic?

 He turned around and saw a gazelle there, wearing a ring.
 A light was emanating from his entire body.


 He held up his hand and released the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).
 But a jet-black bolt of lightning slipped through his body.

 Even faster than that, the gazelle had gone behind me.

"You've gotten so fast it's almost unrecognizable. What's that?

'It is a possession summons. I have brought God down in my body and made his order my own. This is the work of God.

 Is this one of the methods of summoning that Ahide was talking about?

 Nutella de Hiana was destroyed.
 It seems that there is not necessarily one god that can be summoned.

 I suppose there are other gods of selection that can make pacts.

'Have you gained that speed, that order of light?

 The gazelle gives a wry smile.

'Scrape and look up. My chosen god is the ruler of the order of light. His true name is Diosseria, the God of Light. He is the great light that shines upon the world!

 Gazelle raised the broken sword above her head.
 Then a magic circle was drawn on it.

 Magic power gathered and the broken sword changed shape and turned into a spear.

 It was reminiscent of a sharp, pointed dragon's fangs.

''And this is the summoning of a divine tool. By descending a god into the weapon, the blade gains divine magic power. This is the divine tool of the Holy Knight Gazelle Apto Agueira. It is the divine spear Behethenos, which houses the piercing order and the piercing god Beheus!

 The gazelle's body shines with his spear at the ready.
 A moment later, his figure disappeared and turned into light.

'Let me tell you, heretics who don't know God, the foolish demons on earth. This is the battle of the underground world. The foolish one who does not know God cannot even catch the figure of this saint. My image of Diosseria, the god of light, is light.

 I hear his voice, but I don't see him.
 He is literally a light, circling around me.

"You have no godd*mn chance! Now, salvation to thee!

 Light blinked in unison from all directions of me.

 The divine spear Behetenos, thrust out at the speed of light, closed in on my face.
 If I lightly twisted my neck, the tip of the spear passed by my cheek.

''Wha...! I ducked...?

'How long do you think you can underestimate me? Get your shit together and get serious. Or is that the best you can do?

It's a coincidence...! We didn't duck the Spear of God!

 The spears of light blinked.
 In a single breath, more than a thousand thrusts were unleashed, but I wore the Four Realms Wall of Gables all over my body and flicked them back.

It can't be...? That's impossible!

 The gazelle stops in her tracks in surprise.

'This time we'll go this way,'

 I close in front of him and stick out my right hand.


 At that moment, he turned into light again and avoided my hand.

''Preventing the eagle's spear, it seems that you've only become a selector. But I will not stop now.

 The gazelle that became light circled around me with more brilliance than before.

''This is the miracle of Diosseria, the God of Radiant Light! No one will ever be able to catch up with you, God gallop!

Hmm. There you are.

 I grabbed the light with my

There you go. I got you.

 He lifted the gazelle's body as hard as he could and knocked it down to the floor with all his might.
 With a thud, the floor was destroyed and he spat out blood.

''.........gahhh.......! Ba...............?

 With an expression of disbelief, Gazelle spills the words.

'Did you think that if you ran at the speed of light you could escape me?

 Let go, the divine spear Behetenos rolled on the floor.
 Gazelle grabbed my hand and tried to unhook it, but couldn't move it even slightly.

But the horse, the deer, the godless one why is this eagle, a saint, in the form of a saint, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer, a deer.

''If the God of Radiant Light has the speed of light, then it's only a matter of chasing it with greater speed.

 <He superimposed the Root Source Death Killing (Bevsed) on Morura Manchuria (Lee Guneas) and pierced the guy's chest directly and gouged out the root source.

Let's see if destroying this Bright Light God really has any effect on order.

"Godless fools! Destroy it? You can't blaspheme that much, you can't! He's not the same as the other gods. There's no way I could destroy my chosen god, Dioscelia, the symbol of the saints, without the power of a god in the body of a human being.......!

 With a demonic eye tinted with annihilation purple, he looks at the god lurking within him.
 When you tighten your grip on the source of the root, the enormous magic power that the gazelle was wearing disappears.

.........? God's power ... gone ...? My ... god ... will disappear ... no ... no ... no ... no!

 With a crunch, he crushed the source of the god.
 That magic power disappeared in a huff.

...my God the testimony of a saint..................... ...........

 I grab the divine spear Behetenos lying on the floor and crush it, destroying the piercing god Beheus.

"....disappeared ...God ...is my ... .....

"Holy knight that crawls beneath the earth. Now I'm going to teach you a lesson.

 I look down at Gazelle, whose eyes have lost all light, and say, "This is the battle of the demon king on earth, who does not depend on God.

"This is the battle of the Demon Lord of the earth, who does not rely on gods.