165-Secret of the sword

 It's been a while since then.

 As I was walking up the stairs of Gniere, I saw Reno ahead of me.
 She walked up the stairs as if skipping up, holding an iron basin in both hands.


 When I called out to her, she spun around.

'Hello. Are you going to the flower garden too, Anosh?


 I line up next to Reno and walk up the stairs.

 Hmm. It's rare that Shin isn't around.
 Let's take this opportunity to ask him.

''One question, can a spirit once born become a different spirit with the same name?''

'What...? Hmmm, I don't know. If rumors and lore change, the spirits change accordingly. But it's most heavily influenced by the rumors and lore from when you were first born.

 Reno explains, twisting his head around.

'For example, I'm the Mother Great Spirit, right? It's my core belief that I am the mother of all spirits. So if rumors and lore spread in the distant future that Mother Great Spirit Reno is not the mother of spirits, it would mean the same thing as me being destroyed.

''Are you saying that rumors and lore that contradict the underlying rumors and lore of the spirits will only shorten their lives?''

''Yeah, right. Spirits, unlike demons and humans, do not reincarnate. They don't reincarnate or become a completely different spirit. Instead, as long as there are rumors and lore, they don't go down easily, though.

 I thought that Avos Dilhevia could be dealt with according to rumor and lore, but at his core, he is a demon king of tyranny. So there's nothing I can do to change that.

''If the rumors and lore are worthy of the Mother Great Spirit Reno, even those created afterwards can be influenced by them. For example, the Teardrop Flower. The legend that my tears can give birth to a spirit child did not exist in the past. But now that it has been established, and it does not contradict the rumors of the Mother Great Spirit, the power of the same is now in me.

 I see.
 Well, even if you come up with a good idea, there's nothing you can do about it without spreading rumors and lore.

'What does this have to do with Lyna?'

Well. I don't know if he's involved, but he might be. We're looking into it.

Okay. Let me know what you find.

 Just as they reached an invisible door, Reno opened it.
 In the field of teardrop flowers were Misha, Lyna, Ray, and then Shin.

 Seeing their backs, Reno said with a smile.

''Shinn, let's water the flowers.''

 Singh turned his head to the front and only slightly looked at Reno.

'Please wait a moment. I'll deal with him first.

 Confronting him is Ray with his unique sword at the ready. As promised, he's trying to strike a blow to Singh and return Sig Shester, but he seems to be struggling. As far as I know, this is the seventh time he's tried today.

''Eh, it's not fair that I'm always dealing with Ray.

Watering is not for me. You'll just kill the flowers anyway.

 Hearing those words, Reno was miffed.

Why do you say that? It's a promise. It's going to be fine! Idiot!

 Shin takes a glance at Reno's swollen expression.

''I'm in trouble,''

 Looking at them, Ray whispered.

'Shall I tell you something good?'

 With a twitch, Singh raises his eyebrows.

Excuse me?

I'll put her in a better mood if you tell her you'll get rid of me early for her.

 If it wasn't for Ray, Reno and Singh wouldn't be having this argument. He suggested that, as much as possible, so that the past would remain the same.

'Wouldn't the result be the same?'

'It's like a sword. Even if it doesn't cut, you don't need to think about which slash causes the blade to spill or which one doesn't, do you?

 For a moment, Singh shushed him.

'You have a point,'

 The moment Shin thought about it, Ray stepped in and swung his unique sword.

''--There's a gap........haha!

 A clang, and the sound of sword and sword colliding could be heard.
 Singh had one thousand swords, one bladeless sword (Mujinken) Cadena Reios, striking down Ray's Sig Shester.


 Reno responded to Singh's words with a bit of a swagger.


I'll have this done as soon as possible.

 Then Reno's expression relaxed.
 Nicotically, she smiled.

'Yeah, I'm waiting for you.'

 The two swords ravaged each other with gah, gagan, geez.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

''You are surprised.

'That's just the way it is. We just need to change the way we think a little bit.

 The moment the unique sword and the unbladed sword collided, the two blades overlapped tightly, as if they were absorbed. The ray has made the Uniqueness Sword become magnetized and attracts the unbladed sword.

''No. What surprises me is how quickly you've grown.''

 Gulpily, Ray stepped in and pushed Shin into the ground, sword by sword.

'Every time you fight, you absorb my sword skills. Compared to when we met, that sword looks different.

 Shin's nickname for his thousand swords is that he has a thousand magical swords, but it can also refer to his versatile sword skills.
 Ray is learning those thousand techniques at a frightening speed.

''I thought it was about time I returned this sword to you.

 Ray put his full strength into the Unique Sword. Just as Shin was about to step forward, Ray turned off the magnetic force of the blade and caught the unbladed sword.
 Just slightly, Shin loses his stance. Without escaping the opportunity, Ray swung down his Sig Shester.

 I caught it perfectly. Convinced of that, Ray couldn't believe his eyes the next moment.
 Completely seeing through the trajectory of the single-strike sword, Shin avoided it with minimal movement. There wasn't even the slightest millimeter of space between its body and the blade.

''Let me show you...''

 At the same time as the words, Rei expresses her astonishment.

 Shin's magic power has disappeared.
 It has completely turned into nothingness without a single ripple.

 Magic power is something that oozes from the root without doing anything. Instead of using magic to hide it, it's no ordinary extreme to completely erase it. The more powerful the magic power, the more difficult it would be to do so.

 In the next moment, the magic power of the unbladed sword had increased to an incomparable extent compared to the past.
 An enormous amount of raging magic power rose from the Cadenaleios as it made a jizzying sound.

 He held the sword in both hands and pointed the cutting edge at Ray.

 In a natural gesture, he rubbed his feet and swung the magic sword down from the top step as hard as he could.
 Still faster than a flash of light, Shin's blade disappears from the world.

 Rey, who managed to react, readied his unique sword.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

''That was a close call, but--''

 The moment Ray uttered that, he fell to his knees gingerly on the spot.


 A sword scar roughly appeared from the shoulder opening to the navel area.
 Rei had been slashed by the sword that should have certainly prevented it.

''Ugh........that was........?

"The secret of the bladeless sword is a moment.

 Ray tried to get up, but he couldn't muster the strength to do so and fell straight into a field of flowers.
 She used her recovery magic to heal her wounds, but it seemed to be difficult to heal.

''........Before you could swing your sword down, I had already been slashed through my body.......''

 Shin nodded quietly.

''The Bladeless Sword Cadena Reios is a demonic sword that boasts an unparalleled weight and strength that is unparalleled instead. However, the true power of this demon sword is only awakened by working on the root of the sword. The blade of the bladeless sword does not exist in the present time, it always slices through the momentary past.

 The moment Shin swung his unbladed sword down, Cadena Reios' blade went back in time and sliced through the ray from a few moments ago.
 Therefore, that blade ran before Shin could actually swing the sword.

''........To release the true power of that demonic sword, you have reduced the magic power to nothing?''

''Yes. This isn't limited to the bladeless sword. Demonic swords and holy swords have a hidden power behind them. It's called the secret depth of the sword. No matter how much you increase the magical power, the true power will never appear in the sword. It is not enough to make the sword and its body one. You have to reach the state of nothingness, grasp the source of the sword with your own source, and make it one with you. Only then can we reach the secret depths of the sword.

 Falling on his back, Rei stared at Shin, stunned.

''........Did that technique work on the brave canon?''

I'm afraid that's what came after I lost.

 Stowing the bladeless sword inside the magic circle, Shin turned on his heel.

''You may one day reach the secret depths of that magic sword you say you left so far behind.

''Well I'm not so sure about that. I wonder if we'll ever reach a state of magical nothingness.

 While saying that, Ray is already practicing to erase the magic.
 Shin showed a slight smile.

''I'm grateful that someone appeared who could show me this before I was reborn. Because if you are reborn, you may never reach this secret depths again.

 Maybe Shin wanted to pass on his own sword skills to someone else and leave behind.
 If he is not good at root magic, if he reincarnates, I don't know if he will be able to reach that level in his next life. Nevertheless, Shin still decided to reincarnate.

 I thought it was to become stronger, though.
 Maybe Knowskalia was right, that man wanted a heart.

 Even if he lost the sword that had been his pride and joy, and even if it made him weaker than he was now, he still wanted love.
 In spite of that, Shin did not reincarnate after all.

'Here you are, Reno.

'Shh! Hey, what's this all about?

 Reno held a stone shield in his hand.
 The bottom half of it was neatly cut off.

 Titi and the others fly in a fluffy flight and float around Singh and Reno.

'Made, shield.'

Titi and her friends made it.

We're going to play with the old man with the sword.

He cut me in a second.

Split in two.

 Titty and the others, looking a little sad, say to each other.

'We were going to make a shield and play with it, so we did.

You can't cut them up. You can't cut it in half. Playing is like playing a game of musical chairs. After all, wouldn't it be sad if you made it, but were seriously cut in half?

'It's certainly sad, considering how quickly it was cut down.

It's not like that.

 'Mmm,' said Reno, puffing up.

'As punishment, do something about this shield.

What do you mean by that?

Do you think you could fix it or find another use for it?

What can you do with a shield that was split in half?

 Reno nodded widely.

'You cut yourself, you have to think about that much.

 Singh thinks hard.

''Could you give me a moment of your time?''

Yeah, that's fine. So, I'll give you a glass of water first.

 Reno handed Singh the water basin and filled it up with magic.
 Titi and the others jumped around, shouting happily, "Water," "Water -" "We'll die again" and "We'll run out of flowers" and so on.

'I'm sure Titi and the others are right, the teardrop flowers will wither away.

 Saying this, Shin watered the flower garden with a watering can.
 The flowers wither away in a flash.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

'Why don't you scold them?

'What? Because I said let's do it.

'You must have been angry when you first let the teardrop flower die.

 Nicky Leno laughs.

'That was my fault. I didn't know anything about Sin. But that's not the case now. He's doing his best to water the flowers. I think he's giving them love. I think I have to accept that.

 Singh says, staring at the dying flowers with cold eyes.

'Without love, it would wither, wouldn't it?'

'But you see, these are the flowers born from my tears. If I accept Shin's love, I'm sure it will bloom properly.

...Is that the kind of lore you have?

Hmm. I just thought it would be nice.

 Shin silently watered the flowers.
 He tilted the watering can only slightly, as if he was afraid it would wither away.

'I see.

 Singh suddenly closed his eyes as he continued to water the watering process. Then he ran his hand in front of his eyes and moved it to stroke it. It must be the hidden wolf Jennuru. From Shin's reaction, he could tell that Jennuru was playing with him as if he were a dog.

 I moved over to Misha, who was watching the scene in a daze.

'Did you notice anything unusual?'

The usual.

 Lyna's figure was at a slight distance.
 She sits down and watches Singh and Reno as she watches them.

 Suddenly a small shadow crosses her eyes.
 The fairies had flown over here.

'It's Anosh - yay!'

"Child of the Traveler.


The Demon King Impersonator.

 Then Misha, who was next to me, looked at me and nodded her head.
 What do we do? You're asking.

'I'll show you.'

 As I said this, Misha created a throne with the magic of .
 I sat on it and said ostentatiously.

You should have mushroom gratin for dinner. What is it? Failed to show me? So how can it be demon food? Human? You can't eat a man, you fool!

 'Kyakki,' said Titty and the others, laughing happily.

'I devoured it? The mushrooms in the dillweed? Well, if the war continues as long as it does, the amount of mushrooms harvested will also decrease. It can't be helped.

 I stood up and said in a firm tone.

I realize now," he said. I realize now," he said, "that a fight will not produce anything. On the contrary, I'm taking the mushroom gratin. Peace in the world. For that, Demon King Anos will give his life!

 Titi and her friends jumped around at a tremendous pace, squealing and squealing.
 Misha turned her emotionless eyes to me.

''........true story?''

Of course it was invented. Of course I couldn't risk my life for a mushroom gratin.

 Misha blinks her eyes.

'I believe you.'

 Then Titty and the others flew over to me and stopped at my shoulder and head.

'You know what?'

I'll tell you.

Funny thing.

The Tale of the Headless Demon.

 The girls say in their mouths.

I saw him the other day.

I was walking through Ahartheln.

He has no head.


 The girls buzzed and shivered.

'Headless demons?'

 Sasha nodded her head.

'Hmm. Wasn't that the body of the Cutthroat King?'

 I ask, and Titty and the others cross their arms and ponder.

'The Cutthroat King?'

Is that the guy who came in the other night?

The one who was cut down by the old man with the sword?

How is it?


 As usual, you're still talking out of turn.

''So, where did the headless demon tribe go?

 With a whimper, Titty and the others jump from my body and land on the flowers.

'The other side of the wall...'

He left Ahartheln.

Maybe he's gone?


 Hmm. Well, I'll be d*mned.

 Nowusgaria is probably half-dead and half-dead after being hit by Sin.
 But considering what happened in the present day, he should survive somehow down the road.

 Eldmead is still alive somewhere, too.

 He was in league with Nausgaria.
 He may know something.

 I don't know if the headless demon is in Eldmead or in Nuthgaria.

Let's go.

Where are you going?

 Misha asks.

'It's Dillhade. It's Dirhade, if you leave Rey and Sasha and the others behind, we'll share your vision. In any case, we can't touch them no matter what happens, so it won't be a problem.

 Erasing the created throne, Misha points to herself.

'Can I go?'


 Leaving the field of teardrop flowers, Misha and I decided to head to Dillhade.