164-Just like a single sword

 Kaka, and the sound of laughter echoes through the forest of spirits.

 A childlike, innocent, yet creepy voice of amusement and merriment, wood-spirited over and over again.

 Eldmead, who should have been doomed, however, got up with a whimper.
 Seeing that the magic circle didn't appear, he didn't even use .

''It's nice. Strong, as expected of the Demon King's right hand.......just as this Cutthroat King expected. It would be a lie if it wasn't.

 A golden light drifted around Eldmead.
 Strong magical power was erupting as it rose from its roots.

 With a start, Reno's body trembled. She turned her magic eye (eye) towards the abyss of Erdomade.

''The power of the god race...?

 She mutters.

'Exactly. You know Nowus Gallia was severely beaten by the Demon King Anos. I lent my body as a host so that she could regain her strength as soon as possible. But he has never responded to my attempts to talk to him. Then I thought that if the host died, he would have no choice but to come out.

 'Cuckoo,' he laughs again, amused.

'Just as you glared at me.

 As if to say that it worked, Erdmeade tells us that it worked.
 His life remains stolen by the plundering sword. With the help of another power lurking in his body, the Cutthroat King speaks.

''So it's all calculated one way or the other?

 At Shin's question, the Cutthroat King broke his face.

''If the Great Spirit Reno dies, Nausgaria will appear. If he dies without appearing, the Son of God will be found to be insignificant. And if you prevent that, Sin, and you try to kill me, then Nuthgaria will appear. So much for him being the god of my downfall. I don't care what happens to you, the Cutthroat King will have his way.

'It seems you would have perished if it was the last option?

"You'll never be able to make an enemy of the Demon King if you're afraid of death. You're putting the whole thing to bed by forgetting the ambition you had for your life.

 Eldmead clenched his fists as if he were grasping the sky.

''Life that doesn't follow your dreams is already as good as dead, I can't stand this cutthroat king.

 With a twinkle in his stagnant eyes, he said, boyishly

''Now, don't waste your time and come out quickly, Nowusgaria. If you are worthy of being the Demon King's enemy, then show me your power! Otherwise, this Cutthroat King will take his divine power in its entirety!

 As the Cutthroat King raised his voice, the hole in his left chest was quickly closed up.
 The curse of the plundering sword Girionojes was forcibly broken and his life was taken back.

''Prostrate yourself, you foolish demon.

 Sternly, he said.
 His appearance remains the same as the Cutthroat King.

 However, the order of magnitude of his magic power was clearly different from the one he had just seen.

''The word of God is absolute.

 The personalities are replaced, and Nowusgaria takes control of Erdmaed's body.

 What was uttered was a miraculous speech that was filled with divine magic.
 The sound of it, which even makes the impossible possible, was drowned out a moment later with a bashful sound.

 The plundering sword Gyrionoges gleamed faster than the sound and slashed its voice.

''I am afraid, my lord, there is only one opponent I will prostrate myself to. I have no reason to bow to a mere god.

 At the same time as the words were spoken, Shin stepped into Nowusgaria's pause in an instant and plunged the cutting edge of his plundering sword into its throat.

''I thought I was collaborating with the Cutthroat King, but did I miss my ate?''


 Nausgaria laughed lightly.

'Thank you, God-killing sword. I will give you a divine miracle. We, the rulers of order, can give you the love you have been seeking for all eternity and will never have.

 Nausgaria headed straight for Singh.
 He was walking on the water, as was Reno.

 Solemnly, magically, Nausgaria said.

'I give you my love. Raise a child of God, born with the great spirit Reno as your mother. Destroy the demon king, the order of the world.

 Shin cut off his words with the plundering sword Gyrionoges and pulled the Zanjinken Gneodoros from the magic circle.


 A flash of light shimmered.
 Before he could blink, Nowusgaria's head flew up.

''That's what you said. After all, a demonic sword is a demonic sword. I have no need for love. My body is just like a sword, and I will serve you forever and ever. I will serve you forever and ever, just like a sword in my own body.

 Nausgaria's head fell to the ground and bounced twice.
 It rolled over and turned to face us, its eyes glaring at us both.

'The Word of God is absolute. You will never escape the order--

 Before the words could be uttered, the slashing divine sword Gneodoros pierced its neck.
 As if the particles of magic power were dissipating, Nausgaria's neck disappeared.

''........Did you escape?

 Shin's gaze turned grim.
 The figures of the divine beasts that had surrounded him had somehow disappeared.

''I'm sorry. The divine race won't perish so much, but they won't be able to make much of a move for a while. Only that divine beast is left. Until Nowusgaria regains its power, there will be no further increase in their numbers. Soon, this place will return to its original state of Ahartheln.


 Reno nodded with a nonchalant expression.

'How can I help you?'

Ummm. Let's go home.

I'll lead the way.

 Sin walked ahead and headed toward the great tree of Enyeunyen.
 Behind him, Reno was sprawled out on his back.

 She raised her gaze up, tilted her head, and turned over again, as if she was thinking about something. Then, as if on a spur of the moment, she looked up when the great tree of Enyeunyen was in sight.


 Reno stopped.
 Singh noticed and looked back at her.

'Thank you, for protecting me again.'

This is your life, my lord.

 Slowly Reno shook his head.

'I'm sorry,'

 For a moment, Singh was stuck for a reply.

'What are you talking about?'

'A field of tearful flowers. I'm sorry for saying I was more serious.

 A teardrop flower is a flower that grows on love.
 But Singh lacks that love.

'Don't worry. You won't be hurt, either.''

But Singh said it was a void.

 Leno looked down and said sadly.

'It's not a big deal--'

'I told you it was empty! I think it's a big deal!

 Reno stepped over to Singh and took his hand.

'I'll teach Singh to love you.

I'm not sure what you mean by that, sir?

'Because if you hadn't protected me, Singh would have gotten the love of his life.

 Silently, Singh spoke the words.

'It is your life, my dear. You do not have to worry about it. Besides, as that God said, love is absent from my roots. No matter what I do--

That's not true. I think Shin has a good heart. It's just that it's a little hard to see that.

 As if to remind him, Reno spoke and smiled.

'I'll do my best, just come along. Just until we find the rest of the divine beasts and Shin is reincarnated.

...Is that an order to the guards?

It's not an order, but I'll call it an order if Singh listens to me.

 For a moment, Singh thought, then said.

'I understand.'

Come on, then. Let's go play in the garden with the others again.

 They stood side by side and went back to the great tree of Enyeunyen.