163-Proposal of the Death King

 When Shin and Reno walked out of the Great Tree of Enyeunyen, the Cutthroat King Erdmead was waiting for them.

 He is a tall, graceful man with purple hair and eyes.
 He wore a long trench coat and silk hat and held a staff in his hand.

'Hi, the right hand of the Demon King. And the Mother Great Spirit. I'm sorry to bother you at a time like this.

 Eldmead says in a lighter tone.
 I watched the three of them from inside the great trees of Enyeunyen.

'What can I do for you?'

 Singh asked monotonously.
 Without caution, he looked at the Cutthroat King.

 The battle between the humans and the demon race was over. The pact of alliance made between the Four Evil Royal Clans and the Demon King had already disappeared.

''Hey, hey, don't look so scared. I've got some good news for you guys!''

What is it?

''This Cutthroat King knows the whereabouts of the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria, the divine race hiding in the Great Spirit Forest.

 Singh's gaze turns grim.

''The Heavenly Father God's target is the Great Spirit Reno. That divine tribe is trying to give birth to a divine child, using the Mother Great Spirit as a mother womb to destroy the Demon King Anos, who will be reincarnated two thousand years later.

 The blade was thrust at the tip of Eldmead's nose as he spoke eloquently.
 With unstoppable speed, Singh had pulled out his plundering sword Guilionoges.

''Even Reno, who has the Great Spirit Forest as his ally, was unable to grasp the location of Nausgaria. I don't think you could see that through, Fierce Death King.

 It's more likely that Eldmead knows where Nausgaria is and what he's up to because he's one of them.

'You're moving fast. Yes, Nowusgalians have contacted me. She asked me if I was interested in becoming the son of the gods to defeat the Demon King Anos. I said yes, of course I am interested--

 As soon as Eldmead said that, fresh blood was scattered.
 Shin slashed through his extremities.

 The staff in the Cutthroat King's hand fell to the ground.

 If he slashed through his arm, it would take away his power to hold the weapon, and if he slashed through his leg, it would take away his power to move. Eldmead couldn't even move, he was completely naked.

 Despite this, he laughed with amusement.

'Kakkka, isn't it wonderful, wonderful! As expected of the Demon King's right hand. You didn't even give him a chance to counterattack and take away this Cutthroat King's limbs. This is the first time I've received your sword, but no, no, no, no, you have that much power, but you have no ambition, you are just under my command.

 With a boyish glint in his eyes, the Cutthroat King shouted loudly, "Anos, the Demon King, is not only a man of strength, but also a man of great popularity!

''Demon King Anos is not only a man of strength, but also a man of great popularity!

 It's been a while since I've seen him, but he looks like he's having fun.
 The man's emotions are a bit far from comprehensible, as he's turning into an enemy when he thinks he's admiring me.

''But the Demon King has a fatal flaw. You'll understand that.

I don't see any defect in you.

 Satisfied, the Cutthroat King nodded.

''Yes, that's exactly what a flaw is. The Demon King of Tyranny has no flaws. For lack of flaws, Demon King Anos has no enemies. He needs enemies. To make him stronger than he is now, and to make him a true Demon King!

 Hearing Eldmead's speech, Sasha gives him a dubious look next to him.

'Hey, Anos. What was that?

'He's a kid, you know. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one. I'm sure he's always laughing at the fact that he's messing around with you for no reason.

''I don't understand this at all, Misha, but I know...''

 Misha turns his evil eye on Eldmead.
 How will Misha, who is an expert at reading the subtleties of emotions, be able to determine what is in his heart?

'....I feel sick....

''You're right........''

 So that's your reputation for Misha.
 I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

I'm an enemy of the Demon King at all times and for all the time, but I'm not on the side of the gods! But I'm never on the side of God!

 Erdmead is making a powerful statement.
 That's the most important thing in the world, he says.

''I'm interested in the son of a god who will defeat the Demon King Anos, but I have my doubts about whether it really has the power to rival the Demon King. That's why I'm telling you guys what Nowusgaria is up to. If the Demon King's right hand man, and the Great Spirit Reno, is a Son loved by fate to the point that he cannot be prevented from being born, then he will be qualified to fight the Demon King Anos!

 That's a very young thing to say.
 To the Cutthroat King, everything seems to be a toy and everything is a game.

''As usual, your thoughts are difficult to understand, but the point is that if you are a child of God to the extent of being defeated by us, that's it, right?

Exactly. You know what I'm talking about, Demon King's right hand man.

 In a feverish tone, Erdmeade says

'Take Demon King Anos to greater heights! That's what I want to see. That's why I have to prepare an enemy, an enemy worthy of Demon King Anos. I will use all the gods and spirits and sacrifice them to the Demon King!

 Singh gives a small sigh.

'My lord, I do not wish for such a thing.

It doesn't matter if you want it or not. This is the fate of a demon king born to be a champion. This is the destiny of a demon king born as a champion. Therefore, he will fulfill his destiny.

 In a mysterious voice and with a serious expression on his face, Erdmeade speaks.

''In the war against Azation, this cutthroat king first sifted through the strong humans to fight Anos. But they are only human. The sieve's eyes were too fine, so only the brave canon didn't even pass through it. It's a good thing that the canon is not as good as the demon king, so we have no choice but to ask for divine help.

 As if that were a given, he was proudly claiming his crazy ideas.

I'll do everything in my power to prevent the birth of God's child. Until God's intentions outweigh ours, I'm on your side.

 Singh glared at Eldmead, who said with enthusiasm.
 However, he is smiling with a face that says he has not the slightest trace of guilt.

''.........Shin. This guy is absolutely crazy...?

 Reno whispers to Singh.

'Don't worry about it. It's always the same. However, compared to those who lie, the thoughts of the Cutthroat King are still easy to read. If you prevent the birth of that god's son, he'll easily lose interest in such things.''

'Kakkakka, you know exactly what I mean, Demon King's right hand man. That's right. Isn't there only one answer, then?

 Sin returns his gaze to the Cutthroat King.

'Lead me to Nausgaria. I will cut you down before you are born, son of a god.

 With the plundering sword Gilionoges, Shin slashed both of Eldmead's legs.
 As soon as the power he had taken was restored, he walked away.

'Follow me. This way.

 Shin and Reno followed after Eldmead.
 <With the magic of
 Eventually, we arrived at a spring in the forest.

''This is where Nausgaria is?''

 Singh asked, and Eldmead nodded.

'I can't even sense any sign of it, sir.

''The gods act according to order. There are conditions that must be met before the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria, who lurks in this forest, can appear. Come, Mother Great Spirit, come to the center of the fountain.

 Reno looked at Singh and then nodded his head. Then he stepped out to the fountain.
 Perhaps it was the power of the Great Mother Spirit, but she walked across the water without sinking.

 Then she stood in the middle of it.

'Is this right?'

No problem.

 Eldmead stands squarely in front of Reno at the fountain.

'Heavenly Father God Nowusgaria is a god-born order. His philosophy of action will be equivalent to that. In other words, the conditions under which he appears are these.

 Eldmead removed the silk hat he wore and placed his hand in it.
 When he pulled it out, he found an hourglass in his hand.

 When he thought he emitted a mischievous magical power for a moment, the red sand in the hourglass began to fall vigorously.


 Reno held his left chest with his hand and made an expression of anguish.
 <I'm not sure if he was hiding it with a lainel, but there are 43 hourglasses filled with red sand arranged around the fountain.

 The Cutthroat King holds the "Cutthroat Glass of Death".
 When all the sand has fallen, the person cursed by the hourglass will lose his or her life.

 But that's odd. His arm is still cursed from the cut by the plundering sword.
 An ordinary Cutthroat King would not be able to use the .

"What do you think you're doing?

 Singh makes a quick run with the plundering sword Gilionoges.
 The forty-three hourglasses popped at once, depriving it of its curse.

 The next moment, there was a bashful sound, and the hourglass in the Cutthroat King's hand was also destroyed.
 However, with a nonchalant look on his face, he said.

''Great Spirit Reno is the mother's womb of the Son of God. If she is destroyed, the Son of God cannot be born. In other words, if you try to destroy her, the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria will appear to you!

I don't think he's going to show up in a racket.

 Calmly, Singh returned the words.

'Of course, you will do it with the intention of destroying them. If you really are destroyed, then that's it. As the Demon King's confidant, there is no loss, is there?

'If you have destroyed the Mother Great Spirit, you can prevent the birth of the Son of God. If the Heavenly Father God appears, we can cut it down. Either way, are you suggesting that we can remove the threat to you, My Lord?

''Omae was ordered to guard the Great Spirit Reno, but that was only on the premise that she escaped from the mother's womb of the Son of God. Isn't there any need to take the risk of protecting an existence that threatens the Demon King Anos?

 With a pained expression, Reno looked at Shin.
 He was still paying attention to the Cutthroat Death King with a cold expression.

 In the next moment, Erdmead threw his silk hat and from there, one after another, the fell out. In the blink of an eye, the number of them exceeded one hundred, and in the next moment, the number reached three hundred.

 The curse bared its fangs and tightened its grip on Reno's chest.

''It's the logic of the weak, isn't it?''

 The moment Singh clocked his steps, the hourglass that surrounded him was severed in unison.
 The silk hat that was flying in the air was shredded, and then the plundering sword Girionoges pierced the Cutthroat King's left chest.

 The plundering sword is a curse that has different effects depending on the part of the sword you cut.
 If you slice through the heart, the magic sword will take your life.

My lord, you asked me to protect the Great Spirit Reno to Ahartheln. That life is valued above all else. Besides--

 Shin pulls the plundering sword from the Cutthroat King's left chest.
 Stepping on the tatara, Erdmaed retreated and collapsed like a threadbare doll.

''Since the Tyrannical Demon King is not so weak that she must risk her life to try to defend herself,''