After the birth of the Great Tree of Enyeunyen, Reno showed me through it.
 It already had most of the things that were there during the magical era, such as the classrooms, the staircase of Gnile, and the Cloud Corridor.

 The small castle at the top of the great tree seemed to be used as Reno's residence. Two thousand years later, the Spirit King was there, but it might be the castle where this Ahartheln ruler lived.

 After returning to the stump-lined classroom, she said.

''For now, have we seen the whole thing? It's a big place, so there are many other rooms, but you'll have to ask Enyeunien for the rest. In the meantime, Enyuwen is keeping a magical eye on the inside of this large tree to prevent violence, so you won't have to worry about the divine beasts attacking you.

 So the Great Tree of Enyeunyen was a spirit that was born in preparation for an attack from the divine race?

''So the Great Spirit Reno can give birth to spirits at will?

 As he uttered this, Reno scooted down to make eye contact with me.

'It's not like I'm free. As you saw earlier, though, my tears turn rumors and lore into spirits. I can't be born unless it's a spirit that I sincerely wanted to be born. Sometimes a different spirit is born than I expected, and sometimes it's born unconsciously.

'Hmm? If you're going to give birth to the spirits you sincerely wish for, you're free to give birth to them, right?

 Eleonor said curiously.

'Uh, yeah. 'Yes, but it's not. My wish is made up of everyone's rumours and lore. As the Great Spirit of the Mother, I'm going to give birth to the children I deserve.

 Even my own desires are influenced by rumors and lore, right?
 It's not easy to be a genie, isn't it?

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I'm sure Lyna will be the same.

 Indeed, if she was only born through the tears of the Great Spirit Reno, how could Reno have been born? It's not like she's the oldest spirit, either.

 Is it reasonable to assume that Fran, the love fairy, was born naturally after Reno's death?
 I'd like to ask you about the details, but there's also Lyna here right now. She said she would disappear if she realized she was the love fairy.

 You will have to take another chance.

Will Anosu and his friends be staying in Ahartheln for a while?

I'd get in trouble if I could.

'Yeah, that's fine. I talked with Shin earlier, but it doesn't seem to be a particularly suspicious demon race. Traveling entertainers don't come around very often, so everyone will be happy. You can use whatever you want in here.

I'm in your debt.

 Reno mouthed that and walked off.

'Sin, come with me.'

 Singh followed Reno silently.


 I get up from the stump.

'Ray, Misha. Keep an eye on both of them.


 Misha nodded.

'What are you going to do?'

I just wanted to check in with you for a few things. The rest of you can do what you want for a while.

 I opened the classroom door and walked out.
 Then I heard footsteps from behind me.

 'It's Zesia.

'Are you coming with me?'


 Zecia comes to stand next to me in a protective manner.
 What's this? Were you influenced by Singh?

'Now that you're smaller, Anosh, you seem to think you're the bigger sister.

 Eleonor came over and pronounced such a thing.

'Hmm. I'm certainly smaller, but not enough to be protected by Zesia.

"....Zecia........your sister.......

 I feel like Zesia's expression is shining like never before.

''Giggle, it looks like you're sticking it out because you usually only have people bigger than you.

'.........Anosh.......Zesia is here......and I'm safe........

 Zecia pats me on the head.
 Good grief, I can't help it.

 I've never been more assertive than I am. I'm not going to let him get away with it.

"I'm counting on you.

I'll take care of it... please!

 Eleanor and Zethia and I made our way through the great trees of Enyuwen. We walked along the pathway Lyna had taught us two thousand years later, and we passed the same spot several times.

 As he turned right at the trident, he saw a stone statue in the passage.
 It was a humanoid frog in armor. In modern times it would have held a shield cut in half, but now it wasn't holding anything in its hand.

 Without paying any attention to it, I went ahead and entered a certain door.
 A small room. Nothing. I turn around and immediately open the door.

 There was a vast forest.
 It was the Forest of the Book, where Leelan the Book Fairy is located.

 I looked briefly at Midori's book, which was in a tree.

''Hmm. About one hundred books?''

Do you want to ... do you want to ... do you want to ... do you want to find something?

I thought so, but probably not.


 Zecia's eyes fell down as if she was depressed.

'Well, I'll look for it, just in case. Can you find Midori's book with Fran the Love Fairy in it?

 Zesia nods happily.

''I'll do my best....

 Zesia ran through the forest and began to catch Midori's books.

''If there are only about a hundred books, does that mean the spirits haven't been born yet?''

 Eleonor asks curiously.

'Probably so. I would have thought the pages wouldn't have been torn up now.'

 As he said this, a hoarse voice echoed throughout the forest of books.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I'm not ready to teach you yet. In a little while, we should have all the book fairies ready to go. And then the lessons will begin.

 It was the voice of Enyeunyen.
 'If we're going to get together later, can we find out about Fran then?

'Zecia, how are you doing?'

I'm not yet.........

 Zecia placed about a dozen books on top of her head and played chase with the book fairy Leelan. She almost dropped the books, but maintained a perfect balance.

What do you need to do to get somewhere else?

 Zecia looked at me and Leelan in turn, as if troubled.
 I have a feeling she still wants to collect the books.

'Then I'll ask you to be in charge of collecting Leelan. It's a top secret mission. Not a word to anyone.


 Who's imitating who, Zesia kneels adorably.
 It looks like she's ready to get on board.

 Then I guess I'll leave it to Zecia to do the work here.

I'll see to it, and you can relax.

 Eleonor held up his index finger and said.

'Let me know if anything happens.'


 Leaving the forest of books, I sent Misha a thought transmission (leaks).

"Are Shin and the others with you?

'There. I've come across the invisible stairs at the end of Gnières' stairs, behind an invisible door.'

 There. I walk through the great tree again.
 After climbing the stairs of Gniere, which in two thousand years was used for the trials of spirits, I proceeded up the invisible stairs and opened the invisible door.

 What jumped out at me was a wilderness.
 Two thousand years later, there had been flowers all over it, but now there was no grass.

'Yes, Sin. What is this?

 When Reno held out her hand, there were five flowers floating in the air. They were as bright blue as her hair and as bright as a lake.

'I don't know,'

It's a flower that sucks my tears. See, just now, there was a flower that gave birth to a large Enyeunian tree. This is the flower that was born from the rest of the tears.

You mean under the spirits?

'Maybe it's the source, maybe it's not. If the teardrop flower does not wither and bear fruit, it will spiritualize the rumors and lore. If it withers, my tears will also disappear.

 In the center of the field of flowers, Reno gently lowered the teardrop flower with his magic power.
 Immediately, the five flowers took root in the earth.

You have to put a lot of love into your teardrop flower so that it doesn't die. This is how you do it.

 A thin ball of water appears in the palm of Reno's hand.
 Like watering a flower, she sends a light rain down from the water ball.

 Then the teardrop flower grows quickly and bears large petals.
 Before long, new buds sprouted from the ground, increasing the number of tearful flowers.

 In the blink of an eye, half of the wasteland had been turned into a flower garden.

That's about the limit. You should try it, too.

 Reno said with a smirk.
 Singh looked back at her with a Buddha's face.


Yeah. Yeah.

 He drew a magic circle and Reno put his hand in it.
 The thing he took out was an iron funnel.

'Yes. 'I bought it when I left.'

Why me?

I think it would be good for Shin to get in touch with living things and life a little more. That would be fun.

 Shin gently pulls out the iron sword he carries at his waist and says as he stares down the barrel of the sword.

'I've lost count of the number of times I've touched life with a living creature.

It's not like that!

 Reno raised his voice, but Singh was serious.

'I don't understand what you mean, sir,'

 Singh sheathes the iron sword.

'You'll know it when you try it. Let's try it!''

 Reno gingerly pushed the water basin at Singh.
 She uses her magic and fills the water basin with water.

 Reno laughs, smiling.

'It can't be helped,'

 Overwhelmed by the mother great spirit's smile, Shin used a watering can to water the flowers around him.
 Then the flowers began to wither at a tremendous rate.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. You need love, love, love to grow tearful flowers. If you water them with such a bleak heart, they will wither and die in the blink of an eye.

What can I do?

Smile. Smile first. It's all about love.

 Singh gives a smile that could be described as expressionless.

''Like this?''

 The rate at which the flowers were dying was even faster than before.

I love you, I love you, I love you. I can't help it.

I don't know anything about love.

'Ah, that kind of stubbornness isn't good. Because, Shin, you like Demon King Anos, right?

 Shin rolls his eyes slightly, as if surprised.

'It's love, love. So you can water the Demon King with all the love you want.'

 Reno crowded in with an innocent look on his face.

'I am in awe of you, my lord, to even curry favor with you. I served you not out of love, but out of gratitude. That demon king is the only one who saved me from being nothing more than a sword.

What does that mean?

Please don't worry about it. It's not a funny story.

 Reno stared at Singh in disapproval.
 Then he heard a chuckle.

'Good friends.'

"The Little Red Riding Hood.

With Leno.

The old man with the sword.

 It was the fairy titties who showed up.


I envy you.

I want to play.

Titi wants to play.

 The fairies hopped around Singh, mouthing off.

'Play and play,'

Come on, play.

The old man with the sword.

Let's go play.

 Singh looked at the girls, a little confused.
 Reno laughed haha.

'I helped him out earlier, so he missed you. Why don't you play with him?'

I don't know anything about games.

 With that, Shin turned on his heel.

'Then we'll play tag!'

Let's play tag.

"Playing tag.

That old man with the sword is the devil.

 Titty and the others jumped around, chirping and screaming.

'Come on guys!'




 The spirits are gathering in the flower garden.
 They're all staring at him and looking like they want to play, as if they're trying to repay Shin for saving them.

'Will Anosh and the others do it too?'

 Reno asks.

'No, no thanks. I'm tired from my long journey.

I see. Okay, all the spirits can play tag together. Everyone, if we can just get away from Sin for a minute, Sin will do whatever we say.

 As soon as Reno said that, the spirits all ran away at once.

''I'll refrain from doing so as well.''

 Singh turned away and left.
 Then Reno gave him a mischievous look.

''Heh. Demon King Anos's right arm doesn't even have the confidence to catch us. I see.''

 Quickly, Singh stops in his tracks.

'I don't want to hear it,'

 Singh says, turning around.
 His eyes were set.

'Then let's do it. Are you ready?

 Singh nods.
 The killing spirit drifted from his entire body.

 It was even suspicious that he really knew it was a game of tag.

'You've got one minute. Let's go. Everyone, run!

I'm sorry.

 As soon as Singh uttered that, he disappeared.


 Titty trembled as if she had been hit by something. 
 One after another, the other fairies have the same reaction.

'He touched me!

You're early.

Come on, old man with the sword.

 Kera Kera and Titty and the others laugh, enjoying themselves.
 Both Gigadeath and Senetero are quickly caught by Singh, who is running around at a blindingly fast pace.

'If it's not at least ten seconds, it won't even be a game of tag.

 Singh stops and closes his eyes.
 It's probably to catch Gennuru. An unseen spirit of the invisible gods of hiding runs through the flower field. But he caught it easily with only a hint.

''You're quite fast, aren't you?''

 Shin puts his hand on Jennuru's head.
 Jennul wagged his tail happily, as if he were a dog to be adored by his master.

'But if it were you, my lord, you would have caught them all in less than half this time.

Keep on petting him.

 Reno says.
 Shin turns to face her with his eyes closed.

'It's not every day that someone can run around with Gennuru,'

 I'm sure there aren't many people who can run around with Gennuru who can't exist without closing their eyes.

'Is that all right?'

 Singh stroked Jennuru's head.
 The giant wolf sat down in its place and became as docile as a cat.

'Singh is like a genie, isn't he?'

What do you mean by that?

"Love forgot, swordsman spirit. Thought you might be.

 Singh was uninterested and silent.

'Hey, Shin. Have you ever lost a game of tag?

I haven't done much, but I've never missed a bandit.

So that's your first loss of the day, huh?

 Shin gives her a questioning look.

'All the spirits are playing tag together. I'm a genie too, you know.

 A minute has already passed.
 You could say that Leno won the game of tag.

''I cheated a bit, but a win is a win. Oh, of course, I found out that the Demon King's right hand is amazing.

 Leno says, as if he knows how to handle Singh by heart.

'I will make no excuses,'

So, what should we get Singh to do?

 And then a hoarse voice sounded in this place.

'--Reno, we have a visitor in sight. It seems that you and Shin have something to do--

 Reno's expression was instantly serious.
 If you're a guest, you're probably not a genie.


He calls himself Erdmaed, the Cutthroat King. I have something to tell you about the gods.