161-War Tree

Come on, Senator.

 When Reno utters his voice, countless flickering green lights rise up.
 The fireflies, also known as the Spirit Doctors, lit up the forest at night in a pale light.

 She thrust her hands forward and drew a magic circle.

 The light emitted by the healing fireflies, Senetello, increases. They flew throughout the forest to heal the injured spirits.
 As the light, like scale powder, was sprinkled on the dead trees and flowers, they quickly regained their original green color.

'Come on, injured child, let me heal you.

 Magic power emanated from the six wings that appeared on his back.
 Then Reno's body floated slightly. She continues to tour the forest.

 Spirits come to her and are healed by the light she emits.
 As she did so, she asked Singh, who was walking beside her.

'How did those divine beasts get in when Anos built the wall?'

'You didn't come in. That wall is a strong curse on the God Race.

 Shin says.

 <It's not just a matter of time before you get to the top of the wall, but also a matter of time before you get to the top of the wall.

 If one considers the "Benno Yevgeny" against humans and demons as a standard, most of the gods are able to surmount it, even if they are of a lower rank.

 In order to prevent the interference of the powerful divine race, the magic power of the heroes, the Demon King, the Creation God, the Great Spirit, and the four people have been combined and a curse has been placed on them to undermine their divinity.

 It makes it impossible for a divine beast or guard god class to overcome it. Even if it was Heavenly Father God Nouskalia, he would have to be prepared to pay a reasonable price to get over that wall.

''Even if the heavens and the earth were turned upside down, there is no way that so many divine beasts have crossed the wall that you have created,''

 Trying his best to be level-headed, Shin analyzes the situation.
 The divine beast Nguyen will not cross the that I built. That's too natural a conclusion for him, knowing the power of Demon King Anos.

''But he actually showed up here, right? Like Titi and the others, you had a magical power and were able to get over the wall even if your magic power was weak...?

No. Even if a divine beast has that kind of power, it's useless in the face of the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), which corrupts the divinity.

 Singh said sharply, while keeping his eyes on his surroundings.

'We should assume that they were infiltrated before the wall was built. It's natural to assume that they entered Ahartheln after we headed to Dirheid and have been lurking there until now.''

Could it be that goddess tribe called Nuthgaria?

 After thinking for a moment, Singh said.

''The divine beasts are God's messengers. They rarely act without the Lord's command. It's not certain if it's Nausgaria or not, but there may still be a god lurking in this great spirit forest. Be on your guard.

 When he uttered that, Reno looked down with an unflattering expression.

''Rest assured. My dear, your life is to deliver Great Spirit Reno safely to Ahartheln. Until I slay that divine race, I will stay by your side.

 Curiously, Reno looked at Singh.
 He kept his expression cold, as usual.

''We're already in Ahartheln.

"My Lord, you would say that Ahartheln is a paradise for the spirits. I have not yet delivered you there.

 Hearing this, Reno smiled smugly.

''Shin may be stubborn, but he also has a gentle side, doesn't he?

'If you think so, then it is at your mercy, my lord. For I am the sword of the demon king and his right hand.

 After struggling for words to reply, Reno says.

'It never occurred to me that the Demon King of Tyranny would be so kind.

 Singh nodded somewhat proudly.
 Reno looked forward again, moving forward through the forest.

'What was Singh going to do when this was over?'

"There is no point in living in a time without a master to serve. I will follow you and reincarnate after 2,000 years.

''I see. I guess it's not all bad that the divine race is hiding in this forest.

 After a moment's pause, Singh said.

'Why is that, sir?'

I'll be able to play with Shin for a while longer.

 With a straight face, Singh looks at Reno's smile.

'I have only fulfilled your life, my dear.

Yeah. But thank you. For driving me here and protecting me to this day.

"You may thank me, please, for dying with honor, my great demon king.

 Huffing, Reno laughed.

'I already did. Then he told me to thank you directly to Shin. He said he doesn't usually escort anyone but Anos? You were really unwilling to listen to these spirits and get turned around, weren't you?

No, My Lord. My dearest wish is for you to die.

You're full of shit. It's written all over your face.

 Shin still has the same cold look on his face as usual.
 To see the subtleties of his emotions is to have been with him for a while.


 A high-pitched voice rang out.
 Titi and her friends emerged from behind the trees and flew around Reno.


Grandma, I'm going to miss you.

Oh, my God.

I'm going to be crushed.

 Contrary to the fussing fairies, Reno nodded dully with an expression as if he was prepared for it. It doesn't seem to be that he was killed by the divine beast, Gwen.

''Let's all see you off.''

 Reno moves deeper into the forest.
 Eventually, on the other side of the path between the trees, an open area comes into view.

 There was a single large old tree growing there.
 The countless branches that grew from its thick trunk were covered with many green, overflowing leaves.

 The Hidden Wolf Gennuru, the Wind and Thunder Spirit Gigadeas, and the Water Great Spirit Linyon were all gathered in that place.

 Reno stepped on the ground and gently touched the great tree.


 As he uttered that, something like a face flashed across the large tree.

'Good to see you back, Reno.

 A hoarse voice echoed around the area.
 Reno nodded with a sad face.

'Apparently, you have some lovely visitors today. What's your name?'

Anoosh Porticolo.

Good name, Anosh. I am Miguelonov. My name is Miguelonov, the Tree of War. I am the genie who gives men the wisdom to survive a war.

 Miguelonov turns his evil eye on me.

"Come here, Anosh. "Come here, Anosh, tell me your names. Touch me.

 I walked up to the great tree of Miguelonov and touched my fingertips.
 Ray, Misha, and the others say their names and do the same to the tree.

 Migeronov's magic clings to our bodies.
 The big tree spoke to Misha and Sasha first.

Misha, Sasha," he said. Misha, Sasha," he said, "you have only half of your original power in your bodies. Return to the One. Then you will awaken to your true magic.

 Then he said to Eleonor.

"Eleonor," he said, "you must learn a new spell. You need to learn some new magic. Maybe you are better at supporting others than you are at fighting. Think carefully about what you are good at.

 Next, she turns her evil eye on Zecia.

"Zessia. You have the makings of a wonderful person. I'm sure you'll be able to find it. And you're really good at mirror magic.

 Miguelonov said to Ray as well.

"Ray. Your role model is Singh over there," said Miguelonov. His sword will guide you and one day you'll end up somewhere else.

 She says to Lyna.

Lyna. "Lyna, you're not a fighter. Find out what you have to do. Follow your heart.

 Finally, Miguelonov focused his magic on me.
 But unlike the others, she did not speak immediately.

 Eventually, she says.

'Oh no, I don't. Anosh, I have no wisdom to impart to you. Sometimes," she said, "I don't have any wisdom to give you, and I don't see anything either. I'm just saying, you have great powers. A great one. Or maybe you don't need my wisdom.

 Miguelonov said, a little sadly.

'I hear it's going down?'

Yeah, you're right. I'm going down. I don't think I'll ever come back.

Does this mean that rumor and lore will cease to exist?

 Hmph, a gentle laugh echoed through the forest.

'Apparently, if it wasn't for fighting, I had something to teach you.

 Miguelonov said happily.

'When rumour and lore cease to exist, the spirits will be crushed. But there is another time when a spirit can be crushed, when it disobeys its own rumors and lore. But there is another time for the spirit to be destroyed, and that is when it disobeys its own rumors and lore.

 Spirits are creatures born from rumor and lore and follow it.

 They act according to their rumors and lore, just as Gennuru, the Hidden Wolf, is a spirit of God's concealment, and Enyeunyen is a great tree of education.

'Miguelonov, the Tree of War, is a spirit that gives humans the wisdom to survive the Great War. "Miguelonov is a genie who gives humans the wisdom to survive the war, so they can defeat the demons. But then I joined forces with the demons, with the tyrannical demon king. I used all my wits to help humans live together without defeating the demons.

 So Miguelonov, who was born to defeat the demon race, has disobeyed the lore by helping the demon race.

'Anosh, it's okay, you don't have to look at me like that. You may be a demon, but you're not a bad person. And I've lived long enough. I don't want to live anymore. I don't want you to give me the wisdom to kill somebody.

 The leaves of the trees scattered, shimmering, shimmering, falling.

"I'm grateful to the Demon King. I'm grateful for the fact that I was able to gather my wits for the sake of peace... I couldn't be happier with my end...


 Squeezing, Reno clings to Miguelonov's trunk.

'I'm sorry I was so selfish.

It's not your fault, Reno. Besides, all those trees from the war will be forgotten when the fighting is over. I was bound to die sooner or later.

 A branch of Miguelonov gently touched her as he stroked Reno's head.

'There will come a time when you will have to make a choice. This is the fate of spirits, you know. As a spirit, you can either follow the rumors and lore, or you can disobey the rumors and lore and protect what's important to you.

What do you think I should do?

'When in doubt, Reno, you should listen to your heart. Spirits are born out of rumor and lore and spend half their lives being swept up in it. They don't even realize that they have been swept up in it. But the heart is always yours. You're a wise girl. I'm sure you'll figure it out soon.

 The large Migeronov tree begins to emit a faint light.
 The figure gradually became more and more transparent, as if its presence was fading away.

'You protect what you want to protect, Reno. I'm happy. I know that peace is coming soon.

 The place was lit up with an intensity all its own.

 As the light slowly faded away, the tree in front of him had cleanly disappeared.
 The spirit that had been called the Tree of Great War had indeed been crushed just now.

 Reno stood dumbfounded, staring at the spot where Miguelonov had been.
 For how long she had been doing so, eventually, Singh walked up to her side.

'I'm troubled,'

 With those words, Reno turned to him.

'I tried to stop your tears, but I don't know the words.

 Then Reno smiled, looking like he was about to cry.

''Hey. Shin, did the Demon King tell you to comfort me?

 Shin was at a loss for a reply to the question.
 Nicotically, Reno laughed.

'Thanks. It's nice to see you.'

 Reno stared at Singh.

'It's okay. I don't cry when I'm sad. My tears will be the genie in the bottle.

 A teardrop of tears spills out of her eyes as she smiles happily.
 It is quickly absorbed into the ground.

 It glistens and shines, and a small bud grows out of the earth.

'It's a pity that a child is born like that. When a child is born, happy tears are good, after all.

 The buds grew out of the earth and grew fast, until they became a trunk. The tree grew branches and leaves.
 Even though it was larger than the great tree of Miguelonov, it did not stop growing, and it grew with cloud-piercing speed everywhere.

'I've found a nice rumour. A schoolhouse in a peaceful time for all kinds of people to study in various ways. A slightly stubborn, unpainted grandfather is the teacher, and he teaches us a lot.

 A large, familiar tree loomed in front of me.

'I'd like to introduce you, guys. New, our friends. This is Eniyunyen, the great tree of education.