160-Spirit Forest Traveler

 Reno turns his amber eyes to me.
 The reason why he has a strange expression on his face is probably because I'm a small child.

 <Although it is possible to rejuvenate yourself with the magic of , as expected of a demon tribe that wants to become a six year old with an undeveloped body, there aren't many demons who want to become a six year old.
 In the age of mythology, where conflicts are constant, it could be fatal.

''........Anosh is a demon race, right?''


 Reno looks at me intently with wary eyes.

''Is he under the control of Demon King Anos?''

'No, I'm not in any camp. I've been traveling a bit. A troupe of traveling entertainers.

Traveling artist...?

 Muttering, Reno turned his attention to Misha and the others.
 Zesia was giving a small wave.

 Smiling back, Reno laughed back and turned to me again.


Yeah, show him, Sasha.

What did you say?

 Surprised, Sasha raised her voice.
 Reno exuded even more caution.

'You certainly have a lot to offer. Is it any wonder you want to ask me what?'

 While falsely stating that, he gives Sasha time to think.
 In this day and age, there is a special trick that only Sasha can do.

That one. You know the one that caused a stir last month at Dillhade?

 She would realize that I'm not being reckless, but she would know what I'm trying to do.

'Oh, that. Wow, okay.

 Hmm. Sasha looks like she clearly doesn't get it.

"Let me show you!

 In desperation, Sasha shouted and raised her hands high in the sky.
 She is stalling for time. 

 Slowly, she brought her hands down, directing the beginning of her tricks.
 Then, with a huff, she turned her gaze to Reno.

''Tyrannical Demon King's Demon Eye imitation!


 Reno chuckles at the "Magic Eye of Ruin" that Sasha showed him.

 <The doomsday magic eye is not originally a magic eye possessed by the demon race. It's because I have a unique constitution that allows me to use it for the first time, so in the age of mythology where there are no descendants of that bloodline, even if you call it imitation, it's not something that can be done.

 Nevertheless, the that Sasha just showed was imperfect, so it would never have looked like the real thing. As an imitation, it's not too much, yet it's similar, and it's an exquisite workmanship that is difficult for others to achieve.

''Ugh, I love it....

 Sasha secretly clenched her fists.
 Reno said with a laugh.

''Shit. It's just like the Demon King Anos. It's so weak, but the fact that he's capable of destroying everything around him is a waste of quality. If you do it in Dillhade, won't you be scolded for being too inappropriate?

'Demon King Anos is surprisingly good at jokes. He understands a good laugh.

'Oh well I thought I heard a rumor about that, but I thought it was just a rumor.

 Reno shifted his gaze to me as he said.

''I've been thinking about it since a while ago, but I think Anosh has the face of Demon King Anos...?''

Good to know.

 I fold my arms in a grandiose manner and take the demon king's standing posture as if this were the case.

'This is the childhood form of the tyrannical demon king, Anos Porticollo!


You thought just because you're a kid doesn't mean you're not a demon king.

"Hahaha...! It's just like that, he said it. When the Demon King Anos becomes a child, he's really going to say that...

 Reno holds his mouth and laughs.


 Hmm. Well done.
 If you try to hide it, the opposite is true.

 Then you can make them think that's not true by saying the truth yourself.

'But how did you get in here? An ordinary demon race shouldn't be able to get past the entrance wall, right?

'It takes a certain amount of strength to live through these times as a travelling entertainer. She helped me break through the wall.

 I look at Misha.


 She thought and then said.

 Reno twisted his head quizzically.

 Living in this era as a traveling entertainer is not something that can be done by half-hearted efforts. Shin would answer that.

'But Anosh's troupe, that's an unusual combination. A demon race, a human and a spirit together. Is it because you're a traveler?''

 Her guard was down, and she said in a loose tone of voice.

'There are no borders to laughter, you know. The differences between races are trivial.'

 Then Reno smiled serenely.

'I see.... It's kind of nice. It would be even better if the world became the norm........

 Reno spilled the word and asked me.

'You said you were interested in spirits, right?'

Yeah, Lyna.

 I called out, and Lyna walked up next to me.

'I'm a member of the troupe, but I'm trying to find her memory. Apparently, she has an unusual amnesia. I hear that the Great Spirit Reno is the mother of all spirits. What do you know about that?

 Reno stared at Lyna.

'I've never seen her before. Do you have no memory of her?'

 Curtly, Lyna nodded.

'Hmm, I don't know.'

 Reno twisted his head.

'Even you?'

'The mother of all spirits doesn't mean she knows everything about all spirits. There are things I don't understand.

 Well, that's just as well.

Lyna said she had seen something in Ahartheln. If you don't mind, I'd like to stay here for a while.

That's all well and good, but come on, Anosh.

 Reno pulls my hand and moves a little further away.

'What's up?'

That girl who was just here, Lyna, she's Fran the Love Fairy.

 I'm pretty sure it was in Midori's book.
 The pages were torn out and I couldn't find any details.

"A spirit that gives shape to and binds unrequited love?

...yes. You're a demon race and you know...?

 Reno says curiously.
 The demon race in this era has little to do with spirits.

''What, I studied with a spirit before.

 Two thousand years later.

But why did you pretend not to know that earlier?

'Fran, the love fairy, is wandering around in search of memories. You must never tell her because if she realizes she's a love fairy, she'll disappear.

 So you lied to me.

'I have to remind you of your love first.

 Reminds me of love.
 But I'm not sure.

"Can I ask you a few more questions about Fran?

 As soon as I said that, the ground shook with a thud.
 With the earth shaking, the one that appeared was a huge divine beast, no bigger than a small castle, Gwen.

''........Where was that thing hiding.......?''

It doesn't matter how big they are, it doesn't matter how big they are. Singh would have cut them down immediately.

 At that moment, Gwen opens her mouth wide and takes something from the ground into her mouth.
 <The magic of the illusion mimicry (Linel) is released and the figure is revealed.

 It was Ray.
 He stomped with both hands and feet, holding the mouth of the divine beast Gwen and holding on to it to prevent it from being swallowed. If he had a sword, he'd be able to get out of there in a heartbeat, but right now, he's unarmed.

''He's one of you, too?''

'Yeah. Well, never mind...

 Regardless of being swallowed up, Rey will probably survive, but, however, there's a chance she'll realize there are seven roots.

 Well, Shin would cut him down as fast as he could.
 Looking at him, he was holding the Zanjinken Gneodoros.

''No, Shin. That person who looks like he could be eaten is a demon. He's one of you, right?''

 Reno jumped on Shin's arm, who was about to cut him down without questioning Ray.

''Your escort is my top priority. If you're going to die from being caught up in this, you must be that powerful. It's his misfortune to be here, and I thought it would be providential for the weak to die.

I hate that kind of providence. Do something about it.

 Singh's eyebrows move slightly.
 He must be in trouble. His sword is not suited to save anyone.

Sin. Pull out your uni sword.

 At my words, Shin turned around for a moment.
 As if to ignore him, he turns his gaze to the divine beast Gwen again and then looks at me again as if he had just realized.

 As still as it is, he is staring at me in silence.

''No way........you are.......?''

'My name is Anosh Porticolo. I'm just a traveling performer.

 Shin shushed him.

 It wasn't so difficult to keep him from realizing his identity.

 For a moment, Singh might have thought that Anosh was the Demon King Anos.

 But since he called himself Anosh Porticolo, this man would not pursue it further. If I'm Demon King Anos, that's an order not to notice me.

 And if I'm not Demon King Anos, then there's no need to worry about it in the first place.

 In any case, he's going to treat me as Anos Porticolo. No matter what the possibility of Demon King Anos is, he will stubbornly defend it.

He's my guest. I'd rather do something about him.

 After telling Singh, Reno looks back at me.

'Anosh. Can you manage with a single sword?

Oh, if only Rey had a sword, the fangs of the gods and beasts would be more numerous.

 Then Reno holds out his hand to Singh.

'Put it out. One-word sword, Sig something, was it?

Sigschesta, sir.

 As he said it, Shin drew a magic circle and took out his Sig Shester.

''I've never seen anyone else who can handle it other than me and you, but...?''

Then that's the third one.

 I took the Sig Shasta and threw it as hard as I could at Ray.

"There goes the sword, Ray. Get the hell out of there.

Thank you.

 Ray reached out to the flying Sig Shester. 
 However, as if to avoid the thrown magic sword, the divine beast Nguyen made an earth-shaking sound and flew away from the spot.

 The demonic sword flies in the direction of the day after tomorrow.


 Reno raises his voice.

''........No, apparently it's true that you can handle a unique sword.

 Shin muttered by the side.

''........here, Sig Shester......!

 At the call of Ray's voice, Sig Shester's trajectory bent. As if drawn into his hand, the magic sword drew a large arc and settled into his hand.

 Instantly, a flash of light shimmers.


 The four fangs were severed and the divine beast Nguyen grunted.
 At the same time, Lei flew out of Gwen's mouth.

''You're surprised.''

 Slightly, the corners of Shin's mouth rose.
 His hand seemed to blur, and in the next moment, the divine beast in front of him, Guen, was sliced in half.

 The giant body collapsed, and the ground rumbled with a zinging sound.

''Dillhade is huge. I didn't think there was a demon race in the field that could use Sig Shasta.''

 Before he knew it, Shin was standing right in front of Ray.

''With all that skill, why didn't you enter the Great War? You might even be able to slay the four evil royal families.

 As expected of Shin to see through Rei's abilities just by looking at a single sword.

'I like swords, but I hate war.

It's a funny thing to say.

Singh, these people are a troupe of traveling entertainers.

 Reno called out to him from Shin's back.

 Ray held out his Sig Shester to give it back. But instead of taking it, Singh says

'My name is Shin Reglia. Could you please tell me your name?

 Ray said, after a moment's hesitation.


From the looks of it, you don't have a magic sword?

 Ray smiles briskly.

'Unfortunately, I left it a long way away.

 Then Shin spun around and turned on his heel.

''I'll lend you that magic sword while I'm here. The price is to give me a graze or two.

 For a moment, Ray was puzzled.

 Hmm. Shin's guy, finding a demon tribe with enough sword skills to close in on him, looks like he's quite excited.
 Thinking back, did he seem to be having a lot of fun when he witnessed it with Kanon?
 If they were the same demon race, there would have been a different future.

''By witnessing with you, does that mean I owe you a debt of gratitude?''

 Singh doesn't answer.
 I guess I don't need to answer, I don't need to answer.

''I don't think I, a mere demon race, can compete with the right hand of a demon king, though?

'Now, maybe. With that forceful sword.

 Shin stowed the Zanjinken Gneodoros into the magic circle.

''Come back to me anytime.''

 With that uttered, he came back to Reno.