159-Targeted Ahartheln

'Good, good, Zecia. Well said. Great job.

 Eleonor squeezed Zesia and stroked her head.
 She beamed happily.

''I did my best.........''

'Yes, yes, it's a treat for a good boy.

 Eleonor handed her a piece of Seimei candy.
 Zecia took a piece of the stick and cracked it open.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. The two men who just now are very strong, even though they are totally suppressing their magic power.


 Zesia said, licking the candy.

'It's Reno and Singh. Even though it was two thousand years ago, not many people would stand in line.'

 He approaches Eleanor and calls out to her.

'Wow it was Singh and Reno...........or did I say stupid Singh or something? It's a surprise...

 Surprised, Eleonor stared in the direction they had left.
 Even though the masks were in a different shape, I'm sure I'd notice them.

'You're probably on your way back to Ahartheln. "We must be heading back to Ahrtheln. But don't get too close. Sin will cut off your head.

 I say as we walk towards the gates.

'Are all of your men, ah?'

 Sasha asks.

'What do you mean "Oh"?'

He's strong, but he doesn't seem to be able to communicate well...

Singh is a strange man. He's not a bad guy. He's just a little hard to deal with.

A little bit...

 Sasha was looking at me as if I didn't feel very comfortable.


 I call out to the girl who has been walking around without saying a word from earlier.

The man in the mask from earlier is Shin. You are supposed to be the spirit king you wanted to meet, do you remember anything?

I'm still not sure...

 Lyna looks down.

'But I have a feeling that something is about to happen.

 She closed her mouth for a moment, then looked up.

'Something not good.'

 It's as if she's prophesying the future.
 Does her lost memory contain what will happen in the future?

'I see,'

 I also cast a  As it was, we passed through the gates of Gailladite's castle and came out to the Holy Lake.

 As I walked to a deserted area, I heard a faint voice saying, "I'm back, Titi.

I'm home, Titi. I bought you a souvenir.

 I could see Reno and Singh in the distance.
 A mist drifted around the area, from which the little fairies emerged.

 But things were different than usual.
 Titi and the others looked intensely confused and were flying around aimlessly.

''Reno, Reno's back!

It's a big deal.

Ahartheln is in trouble!

They got Rinyon!

 Reno's expression turns grim.
 The eight-necked water dragon Linyon is also the guardian god of Ahartheln. If it is done, then someone must have attacked the spirits' forest.

''Who did this?''

 Titi and the others answered Reno's question.

'The silver beast!'

God's Hound.


He's gonna get eaten.

He's gonna eat you all.

 Reno held out his hand towards the fog and the Great Spirit Forest Ahartheln appeared.
 Black aurora borealis surrounded that place like a wall.

 <It's the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen).
 The wall that separates the spirit world is functioning. Nonetheless, a divine beast has entered the forest.

 She and Shin wear anti-magic. Shin pulls out his magic sword and slashes through the wall as he strikes with all his magic power.
 For just a second, a narrow path was created, and in that moment, the two of them crossed over the .

 Immediately, the wall returns to its original state.
 It seems like they are doing it without any difficulty, but even for those two, they are consuming a lot of magic power.
 Can the divine beasts really cross it?

What do you want to do?

 Misha asks.

Misha asks, "We must go in. We have to get in there to find out what's going on.

...Uh, are we going to go beyond this?

 Sasha turns her gaze to the black Aurora in front of her, stunned.

'Don't worry so much. It's my magic.'

 <We send magical energy to the wall of the Four Realms Gates, to control it. We created a seemingly unrecognizable loophole in the pitch-black aurora and passed through it.

 In front of our eyes was a scene that had changed.
 The lush vegetation of Ahartheln was dying.

 The screams of the fleeing spirits could be heard.

 Running through Ahartheln was a beast with silver body hair and huge, sharp fangs. And it wasn't just one or two of them. They set up their fangs on the trees of Ahartoherrn and ate them. Then, in the blink of an eye, that greenery withered away.

 They are eating the spirits.

"Watch out!

Rumor and lore are about to get eaten.

You're gonna die.

Even a genie would die.

 Titi and the others flew around Reno.
 She glared at the divine beasts with a snap.

'Come on, Gigadeas, Gennuru!

 Nuttily, a huge hidden wolf, Jennuru, appeared at Reno's side.
 At his back stood Gigadeas, a dwarf fairy with a gavel.

''I'll help you all!

 Reno draws a magic circle on his palm.

''Spirit magic--''

 As Gigadeath swung his gavel down, lightning fell towards the divine beast Nguyen.
 Gennuru's figure disappeared and then transformed into countless thunder wolves.


 The lightning dropped by Gigadeas strengthened the countless lightning arrows fired by Reno, and together with the thunder wolves, they attacked the divine beast Nguyen.
 One after another, the lightning arrows hit the silver beasts.

 However, those guys were not frightened at all.
 On the contrary, with each lightning arrow, the divine beast increased its volume and became huge.

 The divine beast Nguyen pounced on the thunderwolves and set his fangs on them.
 Each time the thunderwolf was eaten, the divine beast still grew huge.


We're going to get eaten!

I'm scared.


 Titi and the others were being chased by the divine beast Gwen.
 Quickly, Reno tried to release his spirit magic, but he was discouraged on the verge.

 The spirit magic would only strengthen the divine beasts.

''........What should I do.......?''

 Reno turns his attention to the masked demon tribe standing beside him.

''I'm sorry. Sorry to keep you waiting.''

 As he said this, Shin put his hand into the center of the magic circle he had drawn himself.

 It was overflowing with mischievous magical power.
 Gulpily he pulled his hand out, and what appeared there was a rusty magic sword.

 Shin holds one of the thousand swords, the Zanjinken Gneodoros.
 It's a demonic sword that slays only gods, a god killer.

 The divine beasts are God's messengers, with power close to God. They can't be destroyed by half-hearted efforts.
 Hence, he had the most effective weapon against the gods within his own magical sword.

''Well then,''

 That was the moment Singh uttered that.
 A hundred or so divine beasts, about a hundred of them, had been cut in half.

 It was such a quick action that it could only be considered a flash of light.

''Thank God!''


Thank you, old man with the sword!

He's strong, old man with a sword.

 He took off his mask and Singh stepped forward.

'Do you see what you have done, sir?

 Facing the divine beast Nguyen, Singh unleashed his words as if to say a word.
 He took a step forward, and the body of the divine beast Nguyen rolled over as he stepped forward.

''My lord, you have been asked to make peace.

 His cold voice was filled with murderous intent.

''Your great ambition is tantamount to an act of spitting on the heavens, as an animalistic sentiment slathers on the mud.

 The divine beast that was biting the thunder wolf and the silver beast that was hitting the fallen eight-necked water dragon, Linyon, were all cut down in an instant.

''It is worthy of all death.''

 Shin walks loosely through the forest of spirits.
 With every step he took, a hundred bodies of the divine beast Gwen would roll down.

 One after another, Singh saved the fleeing spirits.
 Even so, the number of divine beasts was still high. It would take some time to slay them all.


 Misha mutters.

'I'm looking,'

 Misha turned her magical eye on them, and beyond that, there were several divine beasts, Gwen.
 They were flailing their ferocious muscles and were now looking at us as if they were about to pounce on us.

''........Why is this all of a sudden? I was aiming at the spirits just now...?

"Hmm. God's hound, indeed. You've got a nose. You better watch out. It seems to have recognized us as enemies.

 The moment he spoke, the divine beasts jumped at him.

''........What should we do.......?''

It doesn't matter if you kill one or two of them. It's just a small fish that will be cut down and discarded by Shin. But don't use any fancy magic. Do not use fancy magic.

'Sneakily destroy it... how can I defeat it without using fancy magic in the first place...?

 I stabbed the divine beast Nguyen who jumped at me with my
''It's like this.''

'I can't........'

 I blurted out and shook Sasha's hand.

''.........? Uh, um...?

 Her cheeks flushed and Sasha looked at me with her evil eye.

I'll teach your body. I'm sure that even two thousand years ago, I was the only one who could use
 I'm going to match Sasha's magic power with your wavelength and build the magical formula of as you teach her.

"Breathe in sync with me. "Breathe in sync with my breath, and look deeper into the abyss.

 Sasha draws the same magic circle with her own magic power, as if she were tracing the magic circle I drew.

''Hmm. I'm sure you'll be able to find it. You must try it.

 Sasha gently dipped her fingertips into the magic circle that floated in front of her.
 It wasn't quite her entire hand, but her index finger was dyed black.

Let's try it.

 The divine beast Gwen, who jumped at me, flew in Sasha's direction.


 Despite the cute call, the fingertips of the successfully pierced the root source of the divine beast Nguyen, causing it to die.

 With her cheeks breaking out, Sasha gutted the body of the divine beast with and made it disappear.


 She looked at her black fingertips with delight.

'Are they matching?'

 Misha popped up and looked into Sasha's eyes.

''Oh, it's the same magic, so it's not surprising...''

 She pouted and turned away to escape from Misha's eyes.

''My.......sword.......is gone.......''

 Zesia says.

'Come to think of it, you can't even take out the Spirit Godman Sword and the Unique Sword.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I forgot to mention that you can't bring any kind of magic tool into the past. Well, even if you can't defeat them, if you're on the run, Shin will take care of them.

 Sasha stared at the divine beast with the .
 Although it frightened her slightly, the divine wielder would not be destroyed to that extent.

 Ray and the others scatter and flee from the divine beast.

''Hm. So this is the last time.''

 I had destroyed all the several divine beasts that had attacked me with a crunch.
 I looked around, but they didn't seem to be nearby anymore.

 Eleonor said.
 'Misha, Sasha, Zesia and Lyna are by my side.

'They're unarmed. They must be having a hard time sowing the divine beast.'

 Well, Ray would have no problem with that.
 If he wanted to, he could handle it with his bare hands.

Who's there?

 A voice came flying in sharply.

''This is the Great Spirit Forest. My eyes can't be fooled.''

 Hmm. I guess I was making a little too much noise, as expected.
 But Reno shouldn't have known for sure either.

 As she held her breath for a moment, her expression turned grim.

 Half the time, she must be half-campaigning.
 But even if I just hunkered down and kept an eye on those two, how could I be there for them when it mattered?

 If they think we're the pawns of the god race, they'll be wary of us.
 If that's the case--

"Hmm. I got an idea.

 That's what we call leaks.

"What's the good news?

 Sasha said.

I'm sure you'll be suspicious if you hide yourself. I'm sure you'll find it difficult to approach Singh and Reno and not be caught off guard. It's easier to get close to them if you show up and talk to them openly.

'Ha, you're gonna talk to me... what are you gonna do...? If you go, they'll know you're a total tyrannical demon king.''

The source of the problem is hidden by Ray's magic. It's not a problem as long as you change your appearance. You can't change your past as much as you'd like, if you're just a passerby.

 Reno's words come flying in again.

Otherwise, I'll assume you're hostile....

No hard feelings. Let's go now.

 I deactivated everyone's and stepped up in front of Reno.


 Reno looked surprised and turned her gaze downward.
 The current me was far shorter than her.

 <Using the magic of , I shrunk my body to the equivalent of six years old.

My name is Anosh. My name is Anosh Porticolo. I'm here because I'm interested in spirits.