158-Mother's Great Spirit and the Devil's Right Arm

 It was the center of a vast lake.
 The surface of the water that reflected the vague moonlight acted as a natural magic circle, creating a ward to repel the demons.

 It was the Holy Lake. At the center of this crystal-clear lake was the fortress city of the humans, the royal capital Gailladite.
 It's a bit different from that city of the magical age. The solid walls that encircle the city are in tatters and have many holes in them.

 The house you can see beyond the gate is also dirty, and the outer walls and roof are damaged. <There were several traces of emergency repairs made with white stones made by the Creative Architecture (Ibis).

''Wow! It's Gaillardite!

...different... from the usual...

 Eleanor and Zesia gaze across the gate, watching with some amusement.

'Hmm. Looks like you made it here in one piece.''