157-2,000 years old research

 I gingerly push the door that could be mistaken for a giant's and quietly open it.
 What I see in front of me is a large room with an altar in an underground dungeon.

''Hmm. Looks like everyone is out.

 On the way here, they didn't run into any of the demons on guard.

 They must all be looking for the upper floors. As long as they know I'm after Avos Dilhevia, there's no reason to head downstairs below the floor where I appeared.

 I opened the door to the side of the altar room and went inside.
 It was a treasure room.

'You said you were going to use great magic, what are you going to do?'

 Sasha asked curiously.

'What, there's something I need to look into.

You said that before you came, but what do you need to know here?

One is the Great Spirit Reno. How did she die?

 Lyna, who was looking around the empty treasure room, looked at me.

'Another one is the Spirit King. Probably Shin, but what happened to that man?

 As if in response to her words, Lyna clenched her fists tightly.

'And the last one, Misa. How she was born.'

 Eleonor looks up to look thoughtfully.

'Hmm, to put it in a bit more detail, what do you mean?'

'Perhaps it all happened two thousand years ago. When a half-spirit, half-demon is born, the newborn rumor and lore is half of its root. The rumors and lore of a tyrannical demon king arose two thousand years ago. After I was reincarnated, the heroic canon began to spread it.

 Ray peeked at the heavy expression on his face.

'Then Mass should have been born two thousand years ago. As the biological son of the Great Spirit Reno.'

 Spirits are created through rumor and lore. However, since half-spirits and half-demons have the roots and bodies of the demon race, they cannot be born through rumor and lore alone.

 Besides, the spirits said that the masses were Reno's real children. All spirits are Reno's children. If they went out of their way to call him their own son, he must have been born differently than the other spirits. In other words, they took Mass into their bodies and gave birth to him.

 If that's the case, Misa has a father. A father of the demon race.

''She should have been born two thousand years ago, but she only has fifteen years' worth of memories...''

 Ray says.

'And I don't know anything about the Mythic Age. I believe I was born and raised in this magical age.

 I nod at his words.

'There's got to be a reason for it. It's the same with Singh. That man was assigned to guard the Great Spirit Reno. After my reincarnation, something happened and he became the Spirit King. I need to know why you're so hostile to me.

 Misha turns over slightly and lets the words slip out.

'Did you try to protect Mass?'

'It's possible. Once the rumors and lore of Avos Dyrhevian disappear, the masses will develop a spirit disease and eventually disappear.

 Maybe the Spirit King wanted to stop it.

'So, at the time of the Demon Sword Tournament, I threatened him so that he wouldn't know that Ray was canon and that he was the fake Demon King Avos Dilhevia. I acted as if Avos Dilhevia was real.

 During the war with Azation, Avos Dilhevia's true identity was known, but the rumors and lore of her identity became widely known to the humans.
 This provided sufficient conditions for the Great Spirit Avos Dilhevia to awaken.

 Probably as the Spirit King's and Nausgaria's intentions.

'But though Misa was the child of the Great Spirit Reno, she wasn't the child of Sin, was she? Would a man who was so loyal to you be more willing to protect the Mass than you are?

 Ray says.
 If it's Shin's child, then it makes sense that he was trying to protect it as a parent.

 However, based on the results of his battle of wits with Zeke, Misa is not Shin's child.

Maybe he wasn't trying to protect her, but I don't know. Something must have happened. There's no reason why that man had to do all this two thousand years ago and now.

 He had no ambition.
 I don't think he would fall for the wiles of the god race.

 As far as I'm concerned, there is no way that Shin would have attempted such a thing.
 The event that changed him must have been two thousand years ago.

'The Great Spirit Reno is deeply involved in Shin's affairs, as well as those of Misa. Perhaps her death is what started it all.

 I don't know what happened, but it's never a good thing.

 Perhaps a tragedy has occurred. A tragedy too great for those two people, the great spirit Reno and Shin, who was even called my right hand man, to resist.
 In that era, this was not an uncommon occurrence.

 And that tragedy is still going on today.

 I must know.

Hmmm, that's very clear. But how do we find out? The Great Spirit Reno, the Spirit King, and Misa-chan all happened two thousand years ago, right?

 Eleonor voices his doubts.

'We can go back in time to two thousand years ago with the magic of