156-The devil that he believed in

 The ceiling of the underground city was high, and a large magic crystal was attached to it.
 The sunlight taken in from the ground gathered and illuminated the basement like a pseudo-sun.

 Various shops lined the streets.
 The shopkeepers were all owls, the errand boys.

 In the bakery, an owl grabbed a small monumental stone and threw it into the magic oven, where a magic circle was drawn on it. Then a magic circle was drawn and after a while, a fragrant smell began to waft through the air.
 The magic oven was opened and there was freshly baked bread in it. The owl carried it and placed it in the shop.

 Zecia, who is about fifteen years old, came trudging over and bowed to the owl. She grabs the monument that the owl offered her and infuses it with magic.
 Returning it back to the owl, Zesia stuffs her favorite items from the freshly baked bread into a bag and leaves happily.

''Well there really is a city in the making...''

 Sasha, who had been watching the underground town, let out a word, half in dismay and half in surprise.

''I'm glad to see that everyone seems to be having a good time.

 Eleonor smiling softly.
 Misha looked curiously at the cityscape.

'Is that the building Anos thought of?'

Two thousand years ago.

 Misha nodded his head as he said this.

'It's because we've recreated the streets of Dillhade two thousand years ago.

 The roofs, walls and windows are decorated with magical symbols and the buildings form a vast circle.
 If you can see this underground city from above, you can see that the buildings and trees form a huge magic circle.
 I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are interested in this.

Two thousand years ago....

 Muttering, Misha turns to stare at the cityscape.


This city?

 Misha shook her head shakily.

'I feel like I've seen you somewhere.'

 Hmm. It's certainly a strange story.

"Somewhere in this time period there's a remnant of the city I built.

 Misha stared in thought, then tilted her head again.

'I can't remember.'

 This is unusual for Misha, who has a good memory.

Let me know when you remember.


 I stopped in front of a tower in the middle of the city.
 It was high enough to look up and lead up to the ceiling. It was the only entrance to the underground dungeon that originally existed in Delzogade.


 As the words are spoken, the door to the tower opens.
 Inside we see a spiral staircase. We go up it.
 We heard the door close.

 Soon, the spiral staircase finishes climbing.
 There was only a fixed magic circle in that room.

 I stood in the center of the magic circle, while Ray, Misha and the others got on top of the magic circle.

''This magic circle's transition point leads to the underground dungeon of the Demon King's Castle where it was originally located. In other words, we are in the bosom of Avos Dilhevia. He will be prepared for the possibility of us coming from here.

 You don't know where he'll appear in the dungeon, but he'll know where you are the moment you enter.
 I'm sure the demons will be attacking us all.

"We'll wait here for a while.

But if you don't hurry, they'll take the Ridiculous Sword away from you.

 Eleonor said.

'He hasn't even touched the Rational Sword yet.

How do you know?

 Ray asks.

'Having the Ridiculous Sword under your control is no mean feat. It's not something that I can do with just one hand. It's not easy to do this with your eyes focused on the entire castle.

 It's the same for Avos Dilhevia, born of my gossip and lore.

"If he wants to take the sword, his evil eye must focus on looking into the depths of the Demon King's Castle Delzogade. In the meantime, his eyes will loosen up on us. All you have to do is wait for that moment and sneak in.

 Right now, Avos Dyrhevian is keeping a close watch on the entire Dyrheid region. He's probably watching to see if we're coming from underground or above ground.

'If possible, they'll want to see how we're coming out, but if too much time passes, my magic power, which was depleted in Ahartheln, will be restored. The other side will be the first to make a sound.

 I sat there and stilled my demon eyes to the inside of the underground dungeon.
 I waited for the time to pass slowly.

 Then, about ten hours passed.

Hmm. We're finally moving.

 The demon eyes of Avos Dilhevia's watchful eyes, which had been watching the entire Dilheid area, disappeared. It is likely that she realized that waiting would not get her anywhere and tried to snatch the Ridiculous Sword.

I'm not going to be able to get away with it. Let's go!

 While taking a break, Rei and the others, who were eating the bread they had gotten in the underground mall, stand up quickly.

 They cast a .

 I put the magic power into the fixed magic circle.
 Then the landscape around me suddenly changed.

 The ceiling rose and the greenery of the trees reflected in my eyes. There was a waterway, and the water's surface reflected a shimmering light. It's the room of the natural magic circle.


 Misha pointed.
 In that direction, there was a wall and then a passage.

'This is where the hidden passage used to be, right? Anos destroyed it with his body.

I guess they left it open for everyone to pass.

 Since they can't see the inside of the castle anymore, they will have the demons under their command on guard.
 Even if we let them search us, it's hard to find them with the walls blocked off.

''Anyway, we just need to get to where Avos Dilhevia is, right? I don't know how you're going to get it back to Mass--

 When Sasha is in the middle of speaking, she covers her mouth with her hand.
 Immediately, a flies in.

''.........Ah.......Ah, Anos......? Well.........what is it.......?''

"Relax. There's somebody out there.

 The sound of footsteps echoed from the passage Misha had pointed to earlier.
 Demons armed with swords and armor entered this room.

 In total, there are ten of them.
 They are patrolling, or perhaps they are scurrying around.

 One of the demons drew a magic circle.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

 The magic that was invoked was the wind wave (shua). A wave of wind, controlled to the level of a gentle breeze, blows throughout the room. Roushé carefully turned her magical eye.

 <Even if you use Illusion Mimicry and Secret Magic Power (Najira), it doesn't change the fact that there are people there. I guess they intend to apply the wind and see through it.

''........Is it okay.......?''

 Sasha asks.

'Don't worry. <We'll use our wind wave and liner mimicry to recreate the flow of wind without us.

 <If you use the Secret Magic Power (Nazira), you won't be noticed.
 Roushé sees no problem and walks away.

 Because if I can change my perception of Avos Dilhevia as the Demon King of Tyranny, then my power is unknown to him.
 Even if I knew, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

 The other demon clans also followed Roushé away from this place.
 There was a familiar face among them.

 It was Menou and Liebest.
 Liebest was wearing his usual uniform underneath his armor, but the school emblem was peeking out slightly.
 It was the branding of the cross.

 Hmm. It may be a trap, though.

'It's okay.'

 Misha mutters in .

''I'm angry.''

 To Avos Dilhevia, I suppose.
 I lightly touched my fingertips to Liebest's shoulder.

 He paused and looked back at me curiously.
 He stared, staring at me.

'What's wrong?'

 Rushe asks.
 Liebest replies.

'We'll search this place some more,'

I checked. There are no bandits here.

If they've already been in, they may not be visible, but they may have left a trail. It's also possible that they could leave tracks here.

 Rushe thought about it often and said.

'All right, then. Let me know if you need anything.

Can you help me with this, doctor?

 So Liebest complains with his eyes.
 Menou nods with a mysterious look on his face, as if he has noticed something.

"The rest of us will search down here. Let's go.'

 Rushe left, taking the other demons with him.


 Liebest says.
 He rolls his eyes slightly, followed by a smile.

''I thought you would notice.''

 Liebest touches his fingertips to the crossed insignia.

"Most of the students have been affected by the Dark Area. Even Lady Melhayes and her friends. The children in white are imprisoned and fed on their magic.

 Menou says with a worried look on his face.
 'I guess that means my life is in danger.

'We have to do something about Avos Dilhevia, soon...'

I know. But there are two things we need to do first.


'The Spirit King, the masked demon tribe and Nausgaria, who has taken over the body of Erdmaed, should also be in this Demon King's castle. We need to know where the three of them are, including Avos Dilhevia. Do you understand?

 Menou nodded.

'I'll look into it right away. We have some freedom of movement in the academy.

What's the other one?

 Liebest asks.

He's going to use the great magic in the treasure room. It's no wonder that even Nazira can't hide its magic. I'd like to keep the demons away from the treasury as long as possible to keep them away from the mind.

 Then Menou made a thoughtful expression.

''In my current position, I can't give orders........ Avos Dilhevia has given authority to a demon race from two thousand years ago...''

No, I know a way.

 Liebest said.
 He has a determined look on his face.

'From the look on your face, it doesn't sound like it's going to be that easy, does it?

 He nodded persistently.

''........Use attack magic on me.......'' As flashy as possible, something so flashy that even recovery magic can't heal you........

 Hmm. I get it.

"There's more pain than I ever felt in my life.

 Kokoro Liebest nodded.

 You mean you're ready for it.
 I look at Menou.

"I will do well. I will not let my student's determination go to waste.

Well said.

 At the same time as the words, he placed his fingertips on Liebest's left chest and put his magic power into it.

''.........Ah, gah.......''

"Devil's curse is broken and gone.

 Drawing a magic circle inside his body, a thorny black snake bruise floats on Liebest's neck. It began to fiercely flail about as if trying to devour him.

I'll add or subtract. It won't kill you.

 He further draws a magic circle and sends out magic power.
 The jet-black sun that emerged burned Liebest's body black, burning it to a crisp.


 He crumpled to the spot.

 He was burned with a flourish of appearance, but he was still barely alive.
 Essentially, there was not a bone left in his body, because he was a charcoal extinguisher.

 The sound of clattering footsteps could be heard.
 <I use my Illusionary Mimicry (Linel) to hide our appearance again.

 Liebest and Menoh are the only ones left.

What's going on?

 Rushe said when he returned.
 Menou said while casting a recovery spell on Liebest.

'.........Intruder, Anos Voldigord.......! I'm going upstairs with my men.

 Roushé rushed over and pointed her magic eye at Liebest.

You're not going to be able to get rid of it..............

 She sent out a thought transmission to her men.

"Attention all units. "Attention, all units, the misfit Anos Voldigod has infiltrated the dungeons beneath the city. He's after Master Avos Dilhevia, and he's probably headed upstairs. Search them all!

 Rushe started running immediately.

"You come with me. You come with me, you can revive him later!


 Following behind Roueche and the others, Menou will leave the place.
 As it is, he's going to go and see where Avos Dyrhevia and the others are.

'I can't let you heal your wounds for a while.

 <Disengage the illusionary mimicry (linel) and tell Liebest.
 If he is cured, he will look suspicious in case Roushé returns here.

 Barely able to speak, Liebest said.

''You're a member of the royalist family, but you weren't influenced by the Demerara.

 Liebest must not yet know that I am a real demon king of tyranny.
 Despite this, he refused to give his allegiance to Avos Dilhevia.

'Didn't you have faith in the Demon King of Tyranny?

 I asked, kneeling down beside him.

''That's why ... that's why ... Avos Dilhevia is brainwashing or feeding on the magic of my squad members and my classmates ...'' ...

 With certainty of belief, Liebest opens his mouth.

''The tyrannical demon king I believed in was one who took power in his hands to protect the weak... who shared his power with the weak because he was a half-breed. A man who feeds on his own people, such a man has no right to call himself the Demon King........He was above all noble and always on the side of the weak.......

 He stares at me with his empty eyes, ticking off a rough breath.

''........Avos Dilhevia.......how could someone who would do such an outrageous thing be a real demon king.......'' .........!

 Liebest appeals to the ragged body to spit out blood.


 I meet Liebest's questioning gaze squarely on me.

'I suppose so. Avos Dilhevia is not even close to being a non-conformist, and I will prove to you that he is a fake. I will prove to you that he is a fake.

 Just slightly, Liebest smiled.
 Then, as if he had lost consciousness, he closed his eyes.

 Immediately, anguish escapes his mouth.
 A strong curse. If he faints, he will continue to be tormented by the nightmare.

 But I can't help him now.
 I get up and head for the treasure room.

"....Your Majesty the Devil King...

 As if delirious, a voice escapes from Liebest's mouth.
 Is it a word to the tyrannical demon king he believes in, or--

"....take down ... the fake ... my squad ... my classmates... .........please help me.......

 Over my back, I responded.

'Leave it to me. I'll grant you your wish.