155-Between the royal family and the mixed race


 Mom hugs me vigorously.

'Thank God, Anos! You're okay........ After that magic broadcast, I was worried about your mother........maybe Anos.......

 With tears welling up in her eyes, my mother hugs me tightly.

'........Hey. Anosu-chan. Do you know why the demon king wants to kill Anosu-chan?

 Mom asked with a serious look on her face.

'It's just a misunderstanding, but when it comes to explaining it in detail it's hard to do...'

 Honestly, it would be extremely difficult to get Mom to understand in this situation right now.
 When I wondered what was going on, Mom smiled and nodded.

'Yes, you're right,' she said, nodding with a smile. Yes, mom, I knew it. It must have been a mistake to think that the king of demons would try to kill Anos. If you say you're wrong, I'll believe everything you say, Mom.

 The magic broadcast would have shown my magical body, too. My interactions with Avos Dilhevia would have been something that my mother didn't understand.

 As long as the Seven Demon Emperors are on the other side, they shouldn't be surprised that I've started a rebellion........Believe me.

 Normally, you are always misunderstood, but at times like this, you believe me.

"Don't worry, Mom. The misunderstanding will be cleared up soon. That's what I'm trying to do.

Okay. Yeah. Good.

 She wouldn't back away from me.

I trusted you, Anos. I knew you'd come back for us, no matter what. But you know what?

 Dad chuckled and said with a huff.

'I think you've grown up again, somewhere, after going to the expeditionary test, haven't you?

 It's in your head, Father.

"Dad, I know. I know you want to look good, but you don't want to crawl on the ground and say it.

Ha. A badge of honor, you know. To protect your mother.

 Dad stood up quickly as he said it.

'Huh? You're surprisingly okay with it.

Before I left, I put an alto on you. It will hurt, but it won't kill you.

 <Alto is a magic that protects the life of the target.
 The method itself is autonomous, and performs counter-magic, magical barriers, physical enhancements and healing. While convenient, the magic formula is extremely complex.
 In addition, because it uses the target's magical power to maintain the "alto," if the person cast the spell tries to manipulate it by himself, the spell will be destroyed and the spell will lose its effectiveness.

 In the age of mythology, even if they were weak, there was rarely anyone who couldn't control their magic power. This is the magic my mom developed after Emilia attacked her.

'I see. I'm sure you were actually quite strong, Dad.

 I've made it so that I can feel the pain normally, so that my dad doesn't get carried away like this.

'Oh, yes,'

 Mom suddenly realized and ran over to Emilia.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's not safe to go outside, so come on home.

'....No it's okay....

No. Besides, you hurt your back with magic. I'll take care of it.

 Mom didn't realize that she was Emilia, who was my homeroom teacher.
 It's not unreasonable, since they are different in appearance and age.


 Emilia gives me a look, as if threatened.

'You should take your time. In a few days the chaos in the city will calm down.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

 Mom pulls Emilia's hand and forces her to take him away.

'Speaking of which, what's your name?'

''It's Emilia.........''

You must be Emilia. I'm Isabella. Nice to meet you.

 Mom and Dad walked into the house.

'Looks like you made it in time.'

 Ray, who had caught up with me, said.

''Well, I've put a on them. I don't think there was anything we could have done about that level of people.

'But you didn't know that the magic was happening. I didn't think you'd be out of the house under these circumstances.

 Sasha and Misha flew over in their flight.

"That's your mother.


 Misha mutters.

'Ah I'm finally catching up.'

Gentlemen, you are fast...

 Eleonor and Zesia arrive.

'Where are Lyna and those girls?'

 Sasha looks back.
 <Although the has an influence, the magic lines are connected, so the view of those under their command can be shared. The Fan Union girl and Lyna are running frantically, but they still seem to be quite far away.


 He beckons with his index finger.
 After a moment, "Kyahhhh! The Fan Union girls and Lyna flew through the air, echoing a joyful scream, ''I'm sorry!

''Su, excuse me!

I ran so hard, sir.

Thank you for your time!

 The girls bow their heads with a smile.

'No problem.'

 Lyna stared at the blacksmith and appraiser, The Wind of the Sun.

'You should come in.'

 I open the door of the house and hear a clanging bell.

 My mothers are gone.
 They're probably in the back room healing Emilia.

 If I used my magic, it would be sooner, but Mom didn't ask for it because it's an excuse to hide Emilia in the house. And even with her weakened magical powers, she should be able to manage a wound like that on her own.

 It will take some time, though.

"This house is a ward I built myself. Even Avos Dilhevia's evil eye can't reach it.

 Although, I'm sure they already know I'm around here, though.
 You can expect my house to be warded, too.

The question is, how do we get into the delzogade?

 As he says it, Sasha thinks about it.

''If you try to enter through the gate, I'm pretty sure Anos's men and the royal family from two thousand years ago will be waiting for you.

 Eleonor said in a serious tone.

'I'm sure Avos Dilhevia knows we're going to have to go easy on her. Perhaps the aim is to drain as much of Anos' magic as possible.'

 When Ray said that, Misha nodded her head slightly.

''If it's the same tyrannical demon king, the one with more magic power left is more advantageous?''

At least that's what they think.

And you're buying us time to get the Ridiculous Sword.

 Eleonor holds up his index finger.

''You're the Demon King of Tyranny, why can't you take the Ridiculous Sword right away?''

 Sasha says curiously.

'There's no rumor and lore about the Ridiculous Sword, you know.

 On the demon sword, which is rarely pulled out, all who saw it perished.

'Nevertheless, there is a tradition that Delzogade is the castle of a tyrannical demon king. I suppose he plans to use its power and his own magic to obtain Venuzdnoa.

 Or, if Nausgaria is biting one, it might be aimed at freeing Averniu, the god of destruction, from the spell of the Rational Destruction Sword and restoring order to the world.

''I could smash him in front of you with impunity, but there are some things I'd like to investigate. Shall we enter through another location?''

How do we get in the other place?

"There may be an addition to Delzogade that is not part of Avos Dilhevia's rumor and lore. That's where his evil eye cannot reach.

 I draw a large magic circle at my feet.
 Then I could see through the floor of the store and see the stairs leading to its basement.

'Oh. That's right. It's the underground mall where Zecia and the others live!

 Eleonor speaks up.
 He built an underground city underneath this mid-haze as a place for ten thousand Zetia and others to live. It is not in the rumors and lore of the Demon King of Tyranny, as it was created after his reincarnation.

 And it is the lowest level of the underground dungeon in Delzogade.

''But since Melhayes is here, I'm sure he knows about it.

 Sasha says with concern.

'I didn't tell you the structure of the underground city. If they send the demons to the lowest level, this is good for you. It's our yard.

Yeah, yeah, even Zecia and her friends are going to help distract you.

 It's an underground city on the same scale as Midgaze.
 <If you send your men to a place that's beyond the influence of the Demerara, you'll get what you want.

 Well, I'm not stupid enough to go through the trouble of picking through the bushes and sending out snakes.

Do we all want to go?

 Misha stares up at me.


 As he said it, he turned his attention to the girls in the Fun Union.

'You guys stay here. Take care of your father and mother.

 The girls nodded in agreement.

'I understand!'

I'll protect you.

I'll give your parents a heads up!

 Immediately, the girls left for the back room.

The rest of you, we're all going to Delzogade. Are you ready for this?

 Ray and the others nodded unequivocally.
 They didn't even bother to ask, or they all looked like they had made up their minds.

'Let's go.'

 I was just about to go downstairs when I heard the door open.
 It's Emilia.

 She turns her head and glances at me.
 Hm. You have a puzzled look on your face.

"Go on down. Eleonor, you're in charge.

I got it.

 Ray and the others descended the stairs with Eleonor in the lead.
 I turned my attention to Emilia, but she remained downcast and closed her mouth.

 A minute or so passed, but there was nothing to say.

'We don't have time. If you have something to say, why don't you say it?

 When I said that, Emilia looked at me.

 Her voice trembled and she was unable to speak.
 She spoke again, with a threatened expression, but with a gulp of determination.

Break the curse of reincarnation and kill me.......please........

 How long had it been since Emilia had become a half-breed? It's easy to imagine that she must have been very bitter from that offer.
 At the earliest, even her hatred for me had withered away, or maybe it wasn't even hostile in her eyes, and she even had the appearance of pleading from the heart.

''Hm. Aren't you going to ask me to return to the royal family?''

 Hesitating for a moment, Emilia says emphatically.

''........Can you put it back......?''

You can't go back in time, though, can you?

 She frowns, as if she doesn't know.

'Avos Dilhevia has appeared. This Midhayes is going to be the ideal city for the royal family you once hoped for.

 Emilia listens to my words with an unflattering expression.

'Do you think it's beautiful?'

"...what is...?

'As long as you're on the ruling side, as long as you're a member of the royal family, can you live with that city as beautiful as it is? After all the days you spent as a half-breed, can you still believe that you are noble if only you return to the royal family?

 She doesn't reply, and she stares into my eyes.

'If it still truly seems that way to you, then I will restore you to your original form. Go to Avos Dilhevia.

 Emilia opened her mouth, but didn't speak, biting her lip tightly.
 She turned over and stared at the floor.

 Tears appeared in her eyes, painting the floor.
 No matter how long she waited, she didn't say anything.

 She couldn't say it. There would be no answer.
 The days she spent as a half-blood were etched in her memory.

 If she went back to the royal family and mistreated the half-breeds, she would remember it, whether she wanted to or not.
 That I was oppressed.

 That I didn't have the courage to live as a half-breed.

 So she begged me to kill her.
 She was proud only of being a member of the royal family, but living as a half-blood has shattered her values and she has lost herself completely.

 It's not unreasonable.
 Essentially, being a member of the royal family is of no use to her.
 She finally began to realize that.

 It was all a fiction, she thought.

 You must be aware of yourself as an Emilia, not just because you're a royal or mixed race, or you won't be able to move forward.

 It's not that I'm kind enough to save you, either.
 The only way to get answers to your problems and pains is to get them yourself. 


 She looks up just a little bit at my words.

'You defended your mother,'

 Emilia turned away, as if to say she was ashamed.

'Thank you,'

 Stepping out loosely, I walk down the stairs.
 After a while, I hear a murmur of hesitation shaking from behind me, as if she thought I was gone.

''What do you want me to do........?''

 Soon, a faint sob echoed there.