154-Mid-haze infiltration

"Hmm. I guess we can transfer a little further away from Mid-Hays. From there, it would be quickest to enter the city on foot.

 Looking around the perimeter of Midhayes with his demon eyes, he searched for an easy route to get inside without the dark wards reaching out,
 Ray said.

'Maybe most of the demons can't disobey Avos Dilhevia's orders. I'm sure they'll be waiting for you to arrive.

I know.

'There's no point in defeating them. It's best to avoid combat as much as possible.

 A plausible opinion.

 It would be a waste of time to deal with anyone other than Avos Dilhevia, Nausgaria, and the Spirit King. It's not like I'm going to kill them.

 If it was just the royals, it would be like twisting baby's hands, but my men from 2,000 years ago are there too.

I'm sure they've seen that I'm trying to avoid a fight. I don't want to give them too much time. We'll have to meet them head-on, if circumstances permit.


 Lyna calls out to me.

'Can you take me with you?'

 She had a wistful expression on her face.

 If the Spirit King was Shin, then who was this amnesiac girl who was trying to meet him?
  Spirits will rise again even if their roots have perished, unless the rumors and lore have been destroyed. But I don't recall ever hearing of amnesia. I doubt that they can't see their faces.

 Besides, Titi had said that she wouldn't be able to see Reno again. Doesn't that mean that Reno has been completely crushed as a spirit?

 Although the identity of Avos Dilhevia has been revealed, there are still some mysteries to be solved.
 Two thousand years ago, something happened around the birth of Avos Dilhevia. It would be too much of a coincidence to think that this girl was unrelated. Or perhaps the Spirit King or Nursgaria had locked her out of her memory.

Come on, let's go together. You're just like the rest of us.


It's time to settle a score that was left unfinished 2,000 years ago.

 Lyna blinked and then nodded her head in a persistent way.

''I have a feeling........''

 Lyna holds onto the hand I held out.
 Ray, Misha, Eleonor, and the others under my command joined hands, and all of us used .

 My vision turned white, and as I quickly regained my color, I saw the road in front of us.
 It was a road leading to Midhayes. We could get a little closer, but if they knew our transition position, they would be able to fortify their defense. This area would be appropriate.

 We continue on the road and take some time to get closer to our destination.
 Eventually, the city walls came into view. The depths of it are filled with darkness and have become a ward.

 If you go through the gate, you can enter Midhays, but it is closed off.

'How do we get in?'

 Ray asks.

'Wouldn't it be quicker to force our way through before anyone else is around?

 Sasha said, and Misha shook her head next to her.

'Someone's coming.'

 Misha pointed her magic eye at the gate.

 Because of the dark ward, it's impossible to see what's behind it, but if you're this close, you can catch the flow of magic power, albeit dimly.
 It is true that there are quite a few demons coming towards this place.

Let's hide.

 <Using the magic of Illusion Mimicry (Lynell) and Secret Magic (Nazira), we assimilated into the scene.

 After a while, the castle gates opened.
 Demons armed with armor and magic swords came out.

 That's a familiar face.
 Is it the Mid-Haze Army that served as the advance team during the war against Azation?

 One of them stepped forward and shouted loudly.
 It was Demon Emperor Elio.

''The non-conformists and their men who are bowing to Lord Avos Dilhevia are heading towards this Mid-Haze. Because of the magic of Lady Avos Dilhevia's Demerara, Gatom cannot penetrate the entire Midheids region. They'll appear at one of the gates!

 Elio gives his men an order.

''While searching the outer perimeter, the first and fourth squads to the west gate, the second and third squads to the east gate, and the fifth squad to the north gate! Never let a single antling into Mid-Hays!

Yes, sir!

 Elio's unit split into three and moved along the city walls.
 The only people left here are Elio and the two demons, who are probably in his entourage.

 Elio didn't try to close the gate, but stood still on the spot.
 It's a strange move.

''Misha, can you see anything?''

A strong heart.

 Misha murmurs in my ear.

'I can see the conviction,'


Let's go check it out. You're not supposed to be here.

 I undo the magic of I put on myself.
 And then I walked straight to Erio.

"Eh, Elio-sama........

 One of the entourage speaks up.
 Immediately, Elio flicked his gaze in my direction.

''You are too careless to search for bandits with the gate open, Elio.

 I say a few words.
 Then he straightens his posture and kneels in place so that he can hang his head on me.
 Two of his entourage soon followed.

'How can we block the gate to your return, my lord?

'Hmm. I take it you are not under the control of Avos Dilhevia?

''Ha. However, all of our troops, with the exception of two people here, have also convinced themselves that he is a real tyrannical demon king. Apparently, the weaker the loyalty to Anos-sama, the more susceptible they are to his influence.

 As for the rulers of two thousand years ago, rumors and lore are still rife that they were under the tyrannical Demon King.
 Especially the famous Seven Demon Emperors, even today, will not be able to escape from Avos Dilhevia's rule. From his point of view, the anti-magic of Melheis and the others is not at a great level.

 But there are no rumors and lore that I had control over the demons of this era. That's probably why the enforcement of my rule over them is weak.
 Does this mean that if you have a strong heart, like Ray and Misha and others do, you can get rid of it?

'What's the state of the city?'

"The dark ward, the Demerara's magic is blanketing Midheys. Apparently, this is the magic that imbues the demon race with the will of Avos Dilhevia. It's the same as the former Sanctuary (Ask). It seems to have a strong influence on those who believe the tyrannical demon king is Avos Dilhevia.

 <Just like the Sanctuary Usk.
 You've brought out some troublesome magic again.

 If it's magic that I don't know about, then I must have made it on the spot.
 Well, it's certainly not something that can't be done.

''When I came here, I took a look at the city, and I saw that some of the imperialists were already behaving like they own the place, including violence against the mixed-race demons. If this continues, it could lead to a riot, but with Avos Dilhevia's orders, we can't move our forces...

 He was going to create a nation of imperial supremacy, as the imperialists believed the rumors and lore.

 Most of those who opposed the imperialists now believed Anos Voldigod to be the demon king of tyranny, not Avos Dilhevia.

 Hence, there wasn't much in the way of rumor and lore to counter the imperial supremacy.

'What, if we defeat Avos Dilhevia, that's all that matters.

 As soon as Misha and the others broke the spell of their , they rushed towards us.

Close the gates after we're through. Pretend you're looking for non-conformists.

Yes, sir.

 Although, once they entered the city, Avos Dilhevia would indeed notice them, as expected.
 But at least that would keep us from fighting Elio's army.

Let's go.

 I'll walk with Ray and the others through the gates.

I wish you good luck.

 Elio called out at my back.

'Um, where is this going?'

 Eleonor says, even as he follows behind me.

'We'll head to my house first.'

........I see. If the demons are under orders to kill Anos-kun, then your parents are in danger too...

As long as you don't leave the house, you should be fine.


'It's going to be a long trip. I made sure that the house will be welded as soon as the door is locked. No ordinary demon race can get through. If Mom and the others were watching the magic broadcast, they would have closed up shop and locked themselves in.

 As he says it, we run and approach his home.
 If we get this far, we should be able to use my house's wards and see what's going on in the vicinity.

 I focus on my demon eyes.

 Then I see the inside of my home--

 Mom was there. She had a worried look on her face, her lips pursed tightly together.
 Dad was standing beside her, holding her shoulder.

"It's all right. I don't know what happened, but this has to be a mistake. We know for sure that Anos didn't do anything wrong. You know that, don't you?

 Dad says softly.


He'll be back safe and sound. I know he will.

 Just then, a dull thud sounded outside the store.
 A woman's scream echoed.


 Mom approached the shop window and gently peered out through a gap in the curtains.

 A girl with brown hair and eyes was lying on the ground.
 Around her, the demon race is surrounding her.

 They are the students of the royalist school wearing the uniform of the Demon King Academy.

''Hey, hey? You're a half-breed, don't you dare look down on us!


 As hard as he could, the man kicked the girl up.
 The girl looked up as she crawled to the ground.

 She looked familiar.

''Don't ... stop ... you ... I'm ... the Emperor ...'' ...the tribe.

 It's Emilia.

'What? The royal family? Hahahahahahaha. Don't be ridiculous. You're a half-breed, no matter how I look at your magic power.

I know you admire the royalty. Unfortunately, you have no dignity. You're a slave in Avos Dilhevia's government.

 Laughing, the students kicked Emilia in the leg.
 Then a strange thing happened.

 Darkness clings to Emilia and her students.
 And her magical power was being absorbed by the students.

 Is that also the effect of the ? By hurting the mixed-bloods, she can absorb their magical power. Just as Avos Dilhevia had said, the mixed blood would be the sustenance of the royal family.

''Don't stop!''

 The students turned around in the direction of the voice.
 Mom was coming out of the store.

'Ah? What, you're a half-breed too?

Hey, wait, is this guy... for Anos?

 Grinning, one of the students gives a disgusting smile.

'Yeah, it's true,'

 With a lowly expression, the man looked at Mom as he licked her around.

'Haha! What is it? Looks like your luck is about to change. I can see that misfit's barking face right now. Hey, hey! Isn't it the best!

 The man ignores Emilia and moves closer to Mom.
 Mom inches away and backs away. Then the man jumped at her.

''Hahahaha, don't run away!


 From the side, he was dragged to his feet and the imperialist student fell flat on his face.
 ''It's my dad.


Isabella, do it now!

 Mom rushes over to Emilia.

'Can you stand? It's not safe to go inside.

 Taking Emilia's hand, Mom turns to go back into the house.


 Emilia stopped and shook off her mother's hand.

Why are you helping me?


 Mom nodded her head as if she didn't understand.

''I'm no longer........a member of the royal family........''

 Mom smiles at Emilia, who looks down and smiles at her.

It's okay. I'm on your side. I'm not going to be able to say that the fact that you are a half-breed is not a reason to kick people. It's not natural.

 Once again, Mom holds out her hand to Emilia.

'Come on, let's go into the house. Let me help you.

 Emilia was not afraid to try to take her mother's hand.
 In the next moment, she rolled her eyes in surprise and put up an anti-magic.

''Please avoid...!

 A black ball of fire flew at my mom. <That's Gresde.
 As if acting on the spur of the moment, Emilia flicks away with both hands as if to protect her mother.

 Her back flared up in black flames.

 Emilia drops to her knees.

'Oops, you missed. But that's not going to happen if you try to escape.

 One of the students who had summoned the black flame in his hand said.
 He stomped on his father, who was battered and fell to the ground.

Shut up!

 Gunnily, the student kicked his dad in the face.

'Now, let's get you to be quiet. You know what can happen to you if you behave badly.

Hmm. What happens now?

"Ha-ha-ha, of course! I'm going to turn that mangled, shredded, shredded, dismembered body over to that misfit. And then I'm going to sneer at him in front of his despair. Avos Dilhevia was here, y'all. Hahaha...............................?

 Stopping his words, the man stiffened.
 He turned around awkwardly, giggling like a rusty iron doll, and turned around.


 He had a picture-perfect expression of despair on his face.

I see. I'm sure you want to do it. As I recall, it was an execution in which the limbs were tied to a horse or an ox and made to run.

 <He grabbed all the students' bodies with the Moringa (Lee Guneas) and lifted them up to the sky.

'....Hey....what are you...

You're not gonna... you're not gonna... you're not gonna... you're not gonna kill me... are you?

"....you're kidding me... hey... you're kidding me, man... you're really going to get torn to pieces. ...?

 <With the magic of Girel, he attached threads of magic power to their entire bodies. I grabbed all the tips of it with my  I'll cast one more spell on them.

 I'll lift them higher into the sky so that you won't see anything unsightly.

"Don't worry. "Don't worry, I won't cut you to pieces.

 There were eighty-eight threads tied to each of them. At the same time, they were pulled in different directions with the .
 Instantly, everyone's bodies were torn to shreds like a pop.

The eighty-eight splits.

 Their bodies have been reduced to fragments.

"I am dismayed at the weakness of your minds, but Avos Dilhevia is the source of all this. I do not blame you, and I will not kill you.

 Their roots have been put under beforehand. Even if they are damaged to the point of death, they can still die a temporary death.

 Because of the excellent ability to remain conscious and the five senses, it can be connected to the magic of resuscitation from there.
 Well, it hurts a bit, but it would have happened a lot two thousand years ago.

'You may remain shredded for a while, barely alive.