166-Demon kingdom without a demon king

 Through the gates, we entered Midhayes.

 All of the buildings lined up were decorated with magical script designs, each one of which made up a huge magic circle.
 It looks just like the underground city I added to Mid-Haze two thousand years later.

 Misha looked curious, scurrying around and looking at the streets as she walked through the traffic.
 As if she suddenly realized, she turned to me.

''Is the Cutthroat King here?''

''I doubt it. The Cutthroat King's territory in Dirheid was dropped by the humans because it was close to the border with Azation. After that, although he and his subordinates often stayed in Dirzogade, they traveled from place to place depending on the state of the war.

Do you like to fight?

"The Cutthroat King says he wants to see how far I can go, but I don't know how far he thinks I can go. His actions can only lead to his own destruction. I'm not sure what the hell is so fun about going to such lengths to find the demon king's enemies.

 Misha pauses to think.

'I don't like the emotions of the Cutthroat King.'

Well, you don't have to be on the same wavelength as that guy.

But I do know a little bit about it.

 Wow. That's Misha for you.

What do you think you're doing?

A twisted longing.

 Misha says nonchalantly.

'I want the Demon King of Tyranny to be as far away as he can be. That's the first thing on his mind, and he's willing to perish for it.'

I'm not sure I understand. If you admire me, you're in my employ. I don't need enemies. If that's what you're looking for, I'll help you ascend to greater heights by myself.

 After turning over to think, Misha opened her mouth again.

''Perhaps what the Cutthroat King sees is an idol. He sees the longing in his own head through the Demon King. He just wants to impose his ideals.''

 Hmm. So, a twisted admiration, eh?

I just happened to be the one he saw, and he didn't need me to see it.

 Misha nods her head slightly, as if she's lost.

''What if ... as strong as they are?''

There's no one like that, though.

 She blinked her eyes and nodded her head in agreement.

'It was.'

I suppose I'll have to do it myself after all, won't I?

 It would be troublesome, however, I couldn't bear to sacrifice someone else to the Cutthroat King.

 As I thought about that, I saw the Delzogade Demon King's Castle in my vision.
 It was damaged in places in the aftermath of the magic power from when I built the wall. It will still take some time for it to be completely repaired.

''There's someone over there who knows this world well. "There's someone over there who knows this world better than I do, and he'll know where the Cutthroat King is. If he's still around.


Militia, the God of Creation.

 She is the orderly who created the world and the goddess of peace who swore an oath of allegiance with me 2,000 years ago. Even after we created the Wall, she would remain in Delzogade, watching the world go by for a while.

"Are there good gods out there?

 Misha asks curiously.

'God is order. Sure, I'm a bit of an orderly, but there are some gods that work well with me, though only a few of them. Militia seeks peace. If the world is in shambles, what we've created will be destroyed. Above all, she loves the world.

Wouldn't Anosu notice?

She sees the world. "She sees the world, and she understands the Revalon, though she can't fool it. If she meets me, she won't try to change the past. And you have the power to make that happen.

 2,000 years ago, Militia was one of the few allies you could count on to help you find the Cutthroat King.
 She can help us find the Cutthroat King.

 Then Misha stopped dead in her tracks.


 She points to it. There was a kid about ten years old in that direction.
 He's running towards Delzogade.

"Human boy.

 Misha said as she stared into the evil eye.
 It seems that they are hiding their magic so as not to be discovered, but they are definitely human.

 I'm sure that in this age of mythology, it's unthinkable that an ordinary human child would be in Mid-Haze.

"Hmm. I've seen this one before.

 As I follow the boy, I look back at my memories.

"The seventh heir to the throne of Azation. His name was Igaleth, wasn't it? We heard that he was taken prisoner because the Azation army we attacked was in convoy. My boys didn't do anything about it. We had no choice but to bring him to Derzogade. Before we built the wall, we returned them to the army that had invaded Dirhade and defeated the Geiradeite demon king.

 The Geiradeete Demon King's Defeat Army is an elite group. Even though the troops are different, the canons are also affiliated with them, so they should be able to get over the wall somehow.

 Did the confusion during the battle cause them to leave the troops of the defeating army? Or did the troops get wiped out and let the heir to the throne, Igareth, alone escape?
 Even though it was a ceasefire shortly, it wasn't so easy to avoid a fight when demons and humans met.

 The boy ran desperately and came to the main gate of Delzogade.

'Wait, kid. Where do you think you're going?

 Igales, who was about to pass through the main gate at once, was grabbed by the neck by the demon soldiers who were guarding the gate.

I need to see him.........!

 Igareth said in a firm, childlike tone.
 But the soldier grabbed him and wouldn't let go.

''The Demon King Anos-sama is dismissed. I cannot see you.''


 Igareth looks desperate.

 He thought that if he met me, he could somehow get me back to my homeland. There aren't many people in Dirhade right now who are willing to help him.

'Go home. ''Go home, Anos-sama can't sleep with all that noise.''


 The other soldier said.

'This one looks familiar. Isn't he from the royal house of Azation?


 They turned their evil eyes on the boy and carefully looked into the abyss.

'I see. I see. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that this is a little human boy, not much older than you are, is able to master this much magic. It must be the bloodline of the brave Jelga.

 The demon clan snatched Igales' body from the other soldier.

''Hey what are you going to do? That's what the Demon King must have dared to let you escape.

My Lord, you are asleep. He will miss you....

 The demon tribe's eyes were dark and stagnant as he said that.
 As if driven by a desire for revenge.

''Ha, please let go of me! Where are you taking me?

 While grabbing the neck of the fussing Igales, that demon tribe entered the main gate.
 On the way, he sent out a .

I have captured the seventh heir to the throne of Azation, Igareth. The execution will now take place. All those who wish to participate, come to the arena.

 <He hides himself with the magic of and we quickly follow him.
 When we arrived at the arena, the demon soldier threw Igalles there.


 A sword sticks in front of the boy's eyes.
 The soldier threw it at him.

"Use it. "Use it. If you're a brave man, you'll end up fighting to the death.

 Igareth immediately grabs the sword and tries to pull it out. However, the sword stuck in the floor doesn't move easily. The demonic soldier kicked up the boy's stomach with all his might and flung him backwards a few meters.

 The boy screams in agony as his body slams into the ground.

'My name is Devidra. I am the avenger of my child who was killed by the brave Jelga. Redeem it with your own body, kid.

 Devidora clenched his fist and punched the boy in the face as hard as he could. If he wanted to do it, he could have killed it with a single blow, but he was holding back as if to tease it.


 Igareth backed away, crawling on the floor, blood streaming from his face, as if frightened.

'Get up. You know what the brave Jelga has done. My child's pain, it was nothing like this.

No, don't come here...

 Igales emitted a shaky voice. Regardless, Devidra walked straight away.


 Igareth thrust his hand out in front of him. A drop of water seeped from the ring he wore. It's holy water. It's a holy water. Using it as the source of magic, he released the holy flame.


 The holy flames that attacked itself, Devidra easily drowned out the holy flames with anti-magic.

''Apparently, there was no need to go easy on him.

 A sharp-eyed Devidra glared at him.
 With a face tinged with fear, the boy stepped back, staggered to his feet, and fled, not looking aside.

 But he hit something in the face and fell on the spot.
 When he looked up, he saw another demon soldier standing there.

''It's not good. A brave man can't run away!

 The soldier kicks Igareth away as hard as he can.


 Grunting, he rolled across the cobblestone floor.

 While crawling, he desperately searched for a way out.
 But one by one, the demons appeared from the passage and surrounded him.

 Twenty-four in total.
 Even if he used his trump card, holy water, it was very hard to believe that the child could escape.

''You run away unceremoniously. I'll tell that body how you guys hunted the fleeing demon tribe.

 The moment he stood up, Igales was kicked in the pigeon tail.


 And then he rolled on the ground.
 He staggers to his feet, gets kicked again, and rolls on the ground. As he repeats this process, Igaleth's body is stained with bruises and blood.

 The demon clans all looked at him with cold eyes tinged with hatred.


How did the King of Men bury the demon who said that?

 Devidora stomped on the boy's head with a gurgle.

''Help me..........''

"He burned newborn demons at the stake for purifying them. "He burned newborn demons at the stake for purifying them and killed hundreds of demon soldiers as bait. You humans! You killed him! You have the gall to shamelessly declare that you can't help me now!

 With all his might, Devidra stomped on the boy's fingers.
 The sound of bones cracking sounded and Igales let out an unspeakable scream.

''Help....................'' ...It hurts........

 While shedding tears, Igales muttered.
 Even the demons around him couldn't hear him anymore, his voice was so thin.

 In the midst of the war, separated from the troops of the army to defeat the Gailladite Demon King, Igaleth came to Delsogade alone.
 Relying on the tyrannical Demon King, who was probably the only ally in this Dirgheid.

 But by this time, I had been reincarnated.

 There was no way he was going to help me.
 He died here, even as he prayed.

 He was brutally murdered by my men.
 That is a past that has already passed by two thousand years ago.


 Misha looks at the boy, sadly.
 It's not hard to imagine how she must be feeling, having been born in a time of peace.

'It would be a bubble dream if I helped her.

 He is the Seventh Heir to the Seventh Throne of Azation. You can't imagine how much saving him would change the past. How do we know it won't also affect the past of Shin, Reno and Misa, the ones we're trying to see?

 In any case, if the past is altered significantly, the divine order will undo it. Saving him here and now is only a frothy dream, only while the effects of the are still in effect.
 It's just a risk, and there's nothing to gain.

 In the age of mythology, this would be the norm, and his life would have ended here long ago.

"You must know the pain of living and burning.

 A black flame was summoned into his hand by Devidora and then released at the boy.

'.........help me.......please, help me.......!

 With a plea, a prayer, he says
 But no matter how much he prays, no miracle will happen.

 With a thunderous sound, a corner of the arena went up in flames. Devidra's lips twisted in madness.
 But then the next moment. He rolled his eyes and expressed his astonishment.

 <Because the
''I can't help you, though, if I save you.

 He muttered and stared at Devidra and at his subordinates around him.
 It's not hard to understand their feelings.


He died in cold blood once. At least this dream is going to save him, or else it will be a lie.

 I am a fool.

 I may not be able to change anything.
 Maybe I can't do what I'm supposed to do.

 But that doesn't mean I'm going to let you off the hook here.