167-Passing By Entertainer

 As I stood there to protect Igareth, Devidra gave me a stern look.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this.

You are going to be able to find out what is going on.

...this magical power is a demon race...

"...whose child is this...?

 The demon soldiers who were surrounding the area say.
 While they are upset, they put a 'healing' on Igareth and heal his wounds.

"Be quiet, Igales. It won't take long.

What about you?

I'm just a traveling entertainer.

 Zazu Devidra paced and said sharply.

''Kid. If you're also a demon race, why would you help a human? The human is the seventh heir to the throne of Azation. He is related to the brave Jelga the Brave, king of the humans who killed our people without mercy.

Devidra. If you say this man killed your child, I will allow you to have your revenge.

 He reacts quizzically to the call of his name.

'But Igareth is a child without power. We have not only killed our own people, we have not hurt them at all. Did Demon King Anos give you permission to kill an innocent man?

 Devidra frowned at those words.

'You are not ignorant of what Jelga has done, even if you are a little boy. He used the babies of the demon tribe who have no way of fighting as hostages and brutally executed them. He deliberately made their screams audible and lured the demon soldiers into his cruel trap. You and your friend could have been killed.

My friends are dead. I've lost count.

 If I stared at them, the killing spirit would frighten Devidra and the surrounding demons.
 They were becoming aware of the unfathomable magical power lurking in my abyss.

'But if you let your hatred of Azation and your pride corrupt the earth, you are no different than the people you hate.

 At the same time as the words, the man behind Davidora jumped at me.

'Kid, I don't know where you got that from, but don't talk to me like you know what you're talking about! Don't you see that you are here because we are the shield of this nation!

 The man unleashes a vigorous kick as if to slam into my torso.
 If it hits properly, it would be enough to shatter the wall.

 But I received it with one fingertip.


'No matter how much you resent, hate, and kill humans, your hearts will only be consumed by darkness.

 You grab the guy's legs. And then I lift him up by his bootstraps.

"Ugh, oh...

 Immediately, the demon tribe increases its own weight with the magic of .
 In the blink of an eye, the weight exceeds 500 kilos and continues to increase, but I swing him around loosely, not caring about it.

''Oh, oh........what is this little boy.......he should have exceeded several tons by now.......!

 Hmm. It's a bit heavy for a six-year-old's body.
 But it's nothing compared to the moon.

 I spun my body as it was and turned the man even more vigorously.

There you go. Just take it.

 As if to unleash the momentum of his swing, he threw the man, who had turned into a multi-ton mass, as hard as he could at a group of soldiers around him.


 Doggone it, the floor popped. It was faster than I imagined, or the soldiers who tried to avoid it with didn't get there in time, and a few of them were blown up along with the man who was thrown at them.

''You little boy!''

 The remaining soldiers draw a magic circle in front of them. The center changes like a cannonball, and from there, a jet-black sun swiftly appears. <That's the Gio-Glaze. It looks like I've finally found my strength.

"Move away from there. I don't want to kill you, but the Jelga bloodline is a dead giveaway to those who have been enrolled in it.

 Devidora says.
 I meet his hateful gaze head on and I open my mouth.

'It must have been a great pity for those who were scattered across the land. Many of them hated and hated humans and died. But don't blame your hatred for the dead.

d*mn you, you little brat! What do you know about it?

 More than a dozen soldiers unleashed the Gio Glaze to consume Igareth with us. The jet-black sun shot out with a fierce sound, landing on my body one after another, scorching my skin and burning my flesh.

 However, the black flames did not reach Igales behind him.


I can't believe that he's still standing with more than a dozen rounds of the Gio-Glaze on his body. .....

 Astonished cries of astonishment escape from the soldiers.
 The more they look into the abyss, the more their faces change to one of disbelief, although they try to see through my power with their magical eyes without caution.

''........Why don't you use anti-magic.......?''

 Devidora asked sharply.

''........Even though you are a small child, your magic power, it is not ordinary. It shouldn't have been contrived to prevent it with anti-magic.......

'I understand your hatred. The flames of that hatred will have burned themselves far more than the little fire that just burned me.

 I bring my hand loosely in front of me and squeeze it tightly.

"Hate them if you want to. If you want to hate them, hate them, right? But this won't end. If you hate and kill them, your children will be killed again. That hatred of yours will be passed on to your children and grandchildren for all time, and it will continue to scorch this Dillhade with blackness.

 Devidra bites her back teeth and glares in front of her with a giggle.
 The others are the same. Hatred, anger and sadness nestled in their hearts.

''We can't be like the Demon King. We know that we are hapless. I don't care if we fall to the ground. And yet I will.....

 As if spitting blood, he says.
 It's as if the flames of hatred are scorching him.

'I hate humans!

 Devidorah drew a magic circle and sent out magic power to tap into the hatred.
 A jet-black sun, several times larger than the previous one, appeared.
 The other soldiers, as if in response, were also activating the .

 It's true.

 It won't stop. Words are not going to stop it.
 If I can stop them with that, I've never built a wall.

 I'm not going to be the only one who can do that.

"Get away from there, boy! We're running out of steam. Let's burn it all down, humans!

 All at once, the jet-black sun, like a meteor, poured down on Igareth, who was behind me.
 With a magic circle in my eyes, I took one look at them.


 <The Magical Eye of Doom interferes with the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze). The ultimate anti-magic, it easily drowned out the blazing jet black sun.

When did you.... when did you... when did you... ...!

Wait ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... that ... .........?

 The demon tribe's soldiers expressed their unrest.
 <It wasn't about the being obliterated.

 They were now witnessing something that should never be there.

 Devidra backed away as if in awe.
 The demon clans were all staring at me in astonishment.


What are you talking about? I'm Anosh Porticolo. I'm a traveling performer in the streets.

 As if struck down, Devidra fell to her knees.
 He rubbed his forehead against the ground and raised a beastly roar, as if pleading with me.

 The others all crumpled to the ground as if they had lost the will to fight.
 Tears were running down their cheeks.

 They lay flat and let out the pain in their hearts as if they were repenting to the Demon King.

Humans living and laughing and living and living beyond the walls...

How could I overlook the fact that the people who killed our people are living in peace... how could I overlook that... how could I overlook that? Live shamelessly....

I won't live long enough to forget that, to forget this hatred. We are already dead. We perished with the war...

Your Majesty my greatness my greatness I have no choice but to try to save your life. I just couldn't........protect........

 The sobs are strong and pounding in my chest.

 They are all loyal handlers.
 If you say I'm a traveling artist, you're a traveling artist. If you say I'm dead, the Demon King is dead.
 Even that fact can be easily overturned by a single order from the tyrannical Demon King.

 And yet, after I was gone, he was unable to protect his life.

 You tried to protect it. You must have continued to make that effort.
 But only this. Forgetting vengeance and making peace was the only thing that was unsuitable.

 No matter how many walls there were, their hatred was not so light that they could continue to hang on to those words in a country where the Demon King was not present.

 Two thousand years ago, I failed to protect them.
 I left so many people here.

 And then again--

 And then I saw something above me.
 It was a black speck of light. I thought I recognized it.

 A particle fluttered down, and then it landed in my hand.
 Then it landed in my hand and vanished with a whimper.

 As if to tell me something.

 Now, this time is just a dream of bubbles while the Revalon lasts. When the magic is over, this past will return to order and they will kill Igareth.

 But what if--
 Maybe we can change that.

Heads up.

 Devidra and the others looked up.
 'Still, you can't look me straight in the eye.

''I have a message from the Demon King of Tyranny.

 I said to them emphatically.

"See you in 2,000 years.

 I hope it's an insignificant word.
 It only needs to be a small contradiction, so small that it spills out of the order of time.

 You don't have to change their behavior, only their minds--.
 So much so that a bubbly dream turns into reality.

There's a wonderful world waiting for you.

 I wished for that to be a sad past event that had long since passed.