168-Message from 2000 years ago

 Devidra and the rest of my men are shaking and just sobbing on the spot.

 Perhaps the best way to accomplish their original purpose is to rob their memories of what happened here and plant the lie that they killed Igareth.

 But their repentance, it's not so light as to be able to pretend it never happened.

 You've noticed.
 Even in the original history, after killing Igareth, to their own mistakes. They must have realized that hatred had scorched their hearts and consumed them in darkness.

 Then they would reincarnate to avoid making the same mistake again.
 Perhaps they would do so this time as well. Then the result of reincarnation would be the same.

 There may be some changes in their minds, but the result will not change much.
 It may be a convenient idea, but there is hope.

 I have just witnessed it a short while ago.


 I reach out to the boy and help him up.

''Oh, thank you ... thank you ...''

Let's go.

 With Igareth, he jumped up in  I landed beside Misha.

'Welcome back.'

 She smiled thinly and greeted me.

'I thought I'd help.'

 I never thought I'd say that.
 Before I came to this place, I never imagined that I would be able to help Igareth.
 I couldn't leave him, so I just did what I had to do on the spur of the moment.

 Do you think you knew that?
 You think you knew what was in my heart better than I did?

Anosh is kind.

I see.

It won't be in vain.

 As expected of Misha.
 It tickles me.

I know.

 I looked up from the bleachers to a building high up in the air.
 It was a tower adjacent to the arena.

'Maybe it really wasn't a waste of time. Sometimes things that shouldn't have made sense can make sense.

 Misha nodded her head.

'Let's go check it out. Igales, stay with me.


Don't worry. I'm a demon, but I'm on your side.

 Puzzled, Igales nodded.
 <He disappeared with the magic of Illusion Mimicry (Reinel) and Secret Magic Power (Nazira) and we headed to the tower adjacent to the arena.

 The door is tightly shut. <It's probably due to the magic of the Locking Wards (Digit). When I stepped forward to unlock it, a magic circle floated on the door in front of me.

 With a pop, the door flashed, and then it opened by itself.
 As if I was welcome.

What's in it?

It's just a book. That was before my reincarnation.

 The door opened as if it had noticed us hiding both our magic and our appearance.
 And that black grain of light from earlier. We can't afford not to check it out.

 We entered the tower.
 The shelves are lined with shelves, and they are filled with books.

 There are a few that describe the study of magic in ancient times, but the books here are of little value. Mostly they are fairy tales and fables with fictional stories and other stories.

 With my demon eyes carefully scanning the room, I walk up the stairs.
 Some black light particles descended and stroked my cheek.

''Magic particles...?''


 Grains of light poured down, from the top floor.
 As I walked up the stairs, the particles of magic power increased in number.

 Further on, they reached the sixth floor, the top floor. 
 I'm not sure I'll ever be able to find out what they are.

 To be precise, it was not the wall surface, but rather the shadow of the sword reflected there.
 However, although there was a shadow, the sword was nowhere to be seen to project it.

 It is a terribly familiar sight.


 Misha asked in a muttered voice.

'Yeah, I'm sure there's no one else available but me.

 I have already been reincarnated in this era.
 Avos Dilhevia has not yet been born.

 Then why does the Ridiculous Sword emit its power?
 I don't know, but there's one thing I can think of.

 But one thing I can think of is that someone from this time period has sided with me.
 They predicted that I would come from two thousand years later.

"Maybe I can help.

 I hold my hand over the shadows on the wall.
 The shadow sword floats into the air as if drawn to me.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to do with it. As expected, doing something that big would attract the attention of not only the Guardian God of Time, but all kinds of time gods. The magic effect of the Revalon will end before you draw your Ridiculous Sword, and it will bring us back to the present day. But,

 With a hand on its hilt, the dark-colored long sword, Venuzdnoa, reveals its true form.

''If the Ridiculous Sword had already appeared in this past, there would be no contradiction in the order of time. If you pull out the Ridiculous Sword, the Watchtower of Time will notice, but if Venuzdnoa is in this hand, it's the last thing you need.

 Now that Venuzdnoa has reached his true value, I am halfway out of the framework of time. I will be able to defy the order of time and change the past.


 I looked at the boy and he jerked back, shivering in a threatening manner.

'Don't be frightened. I won't hurt you, I'll take you to safety. I won't hurt you, I will take you to safety. I've told you that before.

 <Using the magic of the Crusto, he raises his physical age to about 20 years old.
 <I prepared the clothes that I wore during the mythical age at Ibis.

My Lord..........

 Instantly, tears spill from his eyes.
 It's understandable. There was no one to rely on, but he must have been tense the whole time.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

The third squad of the defeating army is in full swing. The third squad of the defeating force, while retreating to Azation, met an attack by a giant monster and was wiped out in order to escape me.......! I've come this far on my own....

I'm glad we made it.

 I pat Igales' back lightly.
 He holds on stoutly, with tears in his eyes, but without raising his voice.

 He's a big deal, even for a child.

''Is this giant monster a demon race?''

 With a somber look on his face, Igaleth says

''I don't know. It had four legs like a large beast, sharp horns and claws, hard scales and flying wings, and it was spitting fire from its mouth....... It seemed that it was not only attacking the human troops, but also the demon troops. After devouring a number of humans and demons, that thing dove into the ground and disappeared.......

 Eating humans and demons.

A dragon.

'A dragon? Is it called a dragon, or is it...

Perhaps. A rare species that rarely shows up. I thought they'd be long gone by the time they found food.

 I didn't know there was a dragon still alive.
 However, it's no use thinking about it now.

"Igales. I have come here from 2,000 years later. I have crossed time.

"...time...? Is that possible...?

''Didn't the demons just now say that I died and reincarnated? That's a fact. I reincarnated two thousand years later, and I have traveled through time to get here.

 Igareth gives a pouting look.

'Can't you believe it?'

I'm not sure of the details. But I believe it. Because the words of a man who saved my life....

 You spoke of something similar when you rescued Igales from captivity and rough treatment two thousand years ago.

 He was an upright human child with no hatred for the demon race.
 He was a symbol of hope. He said that the demon race and humans could indeed go hand in hand.

'Good answer. It's a bit tricky. In your own time, you'd be dead. I couldn't help you, you know.

 He bites his lip tightly.

'Since the concept of time is difficult to explain, I'll just conclude. You are not yet completely spared. In order to save you, I need to kill you once with this Rational Destruction Sword and reincarnate you.

 Essentially, a new life that was not born in the past is assumed to have been born by the power of the Rational Destruction Sword. In doing so, Igales becomes a singular being to the order of time from these two thousand years ago to the present day.

 Simply put, no god who controls time can recognize the past that Igares has changed, and the past alteration is established as it is.

 It means he can live.

'Have you no fear?'

 He looked straight into my eyes and nodded his head.

Is there anything I can do to help?

What is what?

'I just want to thank you. Because I was taught that repaying a benefactor is the proper thing to do as a brave man.

 He must have been a very fine man to have raised him.
 I've missed you.

Now, when you are reborn, I want you to spread a rumor. A rumor of a tyrannical demon lord, Avos Dilhevia, that will last for 2,000 years.

 He touches his fingertips to Igareth's head.

"It's a little complicated. It's a little complicated. I'll mark it in my memory with a lexicon so it won't be forgotten.

 He drew a magic circle and told Igareth what the rumors were about.
 The rumor he spread, which was turned into a singular entity by the Ridiculous Sword, will never be reversed and will be passed on to the present day.

 However, whether it will work or not is up to Igareth.

''I will definitely make good on my promise...''

'Igareth. Proud, little brave man.

 Holding up the Ridiculous Sword, I say.

''Two thousand years from now, it will be a peaceful time, but it will never be without tragedy. If you want to repay the debt of gratitude you owe to the tyrannical Demon King for saving me, save another Demon King with a sad fate.

"...with courage and faith, I, Igareth, will surely live up to the Demon King's expectations...!

 He gives me a ready look.

'I'll see you around.'

 With a swing of the Ridiculous Sword, the boy turned into a grain of light and disappeared as if blown by the wind.
 At the same time, the dark-colored long sword I held in my hand returns to its original shadow.

''Hm. Apparently there's no more magic power left in Delzogade.''

 I just used the three-dimensional magic circle to create a wall that divides the world into four parts. If possible, I would have liked to continue using the Rational Destruction Sword, but it looks like I'm at my limit once.

 Venuzdnoa's shadow faded and eventually disappeared in a huff.


 Misha calls out to me.

 She was staring at the wall of the tower.
 It was the place where the shadow of the Ridiculous Sword had been floating just now.


 The glow of the dark grains of light disappeared, and the walls were clearly visible.
 There were words inscribed on it.

 To my Demon King.

 See you two thousand years later.
 This time, the three of us.
 Perhaps, surely, surely.

 I will fall in love again.