292-Prophecy hearing

 The next morning--

 Me and the entire Demon King Academy were walking on the first floor of the Sword Emperor's Royal Palace as Diedrich led us around.

''It looks like you had a good night's rest last night. You have a much more elite look.

 With a toothy grin, Diedrich said.

'What? It was a nice room.

That one is superimposed. However, it does not extend to the services of your men.

 Hmm. That's the Prophet for you, isn't it?

...What do you mean by the service of your men? What happened yesterday?

 Behind me, Sasha is coyly whispering in Misha's ear.


 She let out a laugh.
 Sasha gave her a slightly strange look.

'Well what happened?'

 Misha nodded her head, as if thinking.
 Then she smiled.

'The secret.'

 Sasha rolled her eyes, wondering if the answer was surprising.

'We've arrived.'

 Diedrich stopped and held his hand over the gate in front of him.
 The magic circle floated and the gate slowly opened.

 The room was tremendously large, with subterranean light pouring down from the vaulted ceiling.
 What is illuminated is a sword stuck in the center.

 It is an enormous sword, so large that it looks as if it might overhang the castle, and it is decorated with a dragon design.

 On the other side of the great sword, at the back of the room, shining with fierce eyes, was a pure white dragon with an enormous body.

''This is the pillar room, which only a limited number of people in the Agaha are allowed to enter. This is the place where the Heavenly Pillar Sticker Velevim and the King Dragon sit.

 A quick glance around and I could see the Dragon Knights and Nafta in the room.
 They must have been waiting for us to come. They put on their armor and arranged themselves in line.

''Is that what you mean by the Heavenly Pillar Bracelets?''

 I look at the big sword in the center.

'Oh. You know the pillars of order.

 Nodding, Diedrich continued.

''This pillar of order, Verevim, is the pillar. The pillars of order support the subterranean canopy, and the pillars of order are supported by this Verevim. We, the knights of the Agaha, worship this subterranean bounty brought to us by the gods since time immemorial.

 I see. Because the sword is the pillar of the earth's foundation, the people of Agaha who worship it will be knights, and their king will call himself the Sword Emperor.

Hmm. "Hmm. This is the pillar of order that holds it together?

It's just not that powerful. There are many pillars of order in the earth. This is one of them.

 Diedrich stepped straight in front of the celestial pillar bracelets.
 Turning back, he said.

'This is about the future of the Agaha. This sacred place is fitting.

 He wore a solemn expression and turned his gaze to both the Dragon Knights, the Demon King Academy, and both sides.

''Listen, all of you. From now on, the Demon King of the earth will challenge the prophecy of Prophet Diedrich. He will use his power to destroy the unchangeable tragedy, the irreversible fate. The Sword Emperor of Agaha praises their courage and honors their faith.

 The dragon knights all arranged their movements with a snap and drew their swords.
 Diedrich said boldly.

''To the challenge of the great demons.

 The knights brought their swords, held up straight, to their chests and saluted.

''Bless our swords!''

 Nafta walked out and lined up beside Diedrich.
 She put her magic power into the Kandakuizolte and opened both of her eyes.

''Nafta, the Future God, hereby communicates to you. O Earthly Demon King and his followers. You are challenging the future of one part in ten thousand. You will be judged in a limited world.

 Like a stern judge, Naftah said.

'I sentence you to a trial of prophecy.'

 The candaquizolte shattered with a clinking sound.
 The shimmering crystal fragments flew through the air, increasing in number countless times.

 They turned into a shining sandstorm that engulfed the place, and in the next moment, the landscape changed.

 A city of crystal, with a huge clock tower in view.
 We were caught up in the limited world of Nafta.

'This world sides with the knights of Agaha and opposes the demon race. Within the localized reason, localized rules, the future of the demon race's victory is equal to one in a hundred thousand.

 Nate, the dragon knight leader, and Sylvia, the deputy leader, stepped forward roughly.
 Nate drew a magic circle and took out two golden barrels from it and placed them on the floor.

''Since this is a prophetic tribunal, we can't fight until the other side is destroyed. The trial will be conducted in the form of a drinking dragon battle. The winner is the first one to drink the brew from the other's reverse scale wine as they cross swords.

 Do you want to protect the Gyakuseki sake from your enemies while you take their Gyakuseki sake and drink it down?

 It doesn't end with just stealing it. The Gyakusensho is poisonous.
 If you have to drink it all away, it's no small feat.

''The drinking battles are two against two. The dragon knights will choose me and the deputy commander of Sylvia. You may choose the two of you as well. The hearing has already begun with that choice.

 Surely, there will be two people who don't stand a chance at winning at all. 

''Nafta will be limited. O demon king of the earth. You will not be allowed to challenge this tribunal.

 Hmm. Well, I've seen it coming.
 I guess that's all I could ask for, since I'll be limited to one part in 10,000.

"There's no way I can be the judge.

"Even in this world, you cannot limit the future of your victory to one in a hundred thousand. Hence, you cannot challenge the tribunal.

 So to speak, this is a mock-up of a real prophecy.

 If we could experience how much it is, if we could experience it beforehand, we could plan a countermeasure.
 You can't blame me for this.

 You can't limit the future to me, you need to bring up the real world as it is.

Who is the right person for this?

 While saying this, Sasha hmmm, Sasha thinks about it.

I think I prefer Shin-sensei. He's a strong sword and a strong drinker.

 Eleonor holds up his index finger and suggests.

'Then what about the other one?'

I knew you'd want someone who was good with Dr. Shin, right?

 Eleonor said, and Sasha looked thoughtful again.

'I wish Dr. Eldmead had been here...'

 The Cutthroat King is still in Geordal.
 He is in the process of indoctrinating the Order on the measures to be taken regarding the Shaking Rain.

''Rei is also........strong in alcohol.......and in sword.......''

 Zethia said, and Eleonor and Sasha looked at each other.

'Ray and...'

Dr. Shin....

 They have a bitter expression on their faces.

''........Probably the worst match.......''

I can't imagine them cooperating at all...

 I've fought against them, but I've never fought with them properly.
 It's an anomalous fight where you have to defend your drink and drink, if only to defeat the enemy.

 Someone who's used to fighting together would do well.
 Besides, we need to make sure.

Ray, Mhysa. You two are in charge.

 Ray smiled briskly as I mentioned it.

'It would have been nice if we'd just fought.

That would not be a fair hearing.

 If we are to have a future where our victory is only one in a hundred thousand, even in a limited world, there will have to be limits.

 The fact that the opponent we are fighting is not Nafta is one of them. If they couldn't attack the Future God, it would be difficult to disturb the reasoning of this limited world.

 The secret depths of the Spirit God Human Sword would be able to break Nafta's fate and interfere strongly with the limited world, but it was blocked.

 However, the goal is not only to win, though.
 The future as seen by the gods of the future, how will they be able to trace one possibility in 100,000?

 Or it could be a hint that the prophecy is about to be reversed.

But will I be able to do it...?

 Mass says anxiously.

'If it's a co-op with Ray, you're the one I'm most familiar with.

I'm sure that's true.

'You trained in love magic in Geordal, didn't you?

 With a chuckle, Misa nodded.

''But I'd say it hasn't reached the level that Anos-sama expects yet...''

"'Tis a battle that waits for no man. Just so. Go with the Tribunal.

 Mass gave a dry smile.

'Just because I lost this trial doesn't mean that anything will happen to me. The next thing that lies ahead is not a limited time world, but a future that is truly one in a hundred thousand. We must seize it.

 And then there is a prophecy that awaits us that is not even a one in a hundred thousand victory.

"You cannot stumble into this place. Let us cross over.

I'll do my best...

 With a hungry look on her face, Misa nodded.
 She and Ray lined up and walked in front of the two dragon knights.

'Let me introduce myself again. I'm Ray Grundley. She is Misa Reglia. I will take the stage in this battle to challenge and surpass the prophecy of your king.

 Ray holds up his hand, and with the light, the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana appears.

'O warrior of the earth. I salute you for your courage.

 Nate lifted the gold liquor barrel and threw it away.
 Ray catches the cask lightly, "We will win if we drink out of your cask of wine.

We win if we drink all of your brewed casks of wine and you drink all of my brewed scales. In this limited world, no liquor will be spilled even if you destroy the barrel. Nor will I be able to drink the wine that my enemies drink.

 Ray nodded and put the liquor barrel behind him.

'Do you have any questions?'

No, no. Yeah, just one.

 Ray looked at Sylvia as if the thought had occurred to him.

'Is your hangover okay?'

We're in the middle of a trial. Forget about the debauchery.

 Sylvia says in a sharp tone.

'I've forgotten it. I'll never remember it again.'

 He looked like he didn't even want to remember.

'Naftah declares. We will now begin the trial of the prophecy.

 When the Future God gave the signal to start the war, Rei extended her hand lightly to Misa.

'I'll take the reverse scale drink. Will you keep it?''

 Misa gently places her own hand on Ray's hand.


 That's when it happened.

We're already in the middle of a battle. What are you juggling?

 Suddenly, Sylvia appeared in front of Misa's eyes.
 As expected of a child dragon, or perhaps it should be called a child dragon, her speed was unstoppable to the eye.


 Magic power swirled around, and Sylvia's fist pierced into Misa's abdomen.
 A moment later, she was flung off with great force and smashed through the wall of the house behind her.

'I don't need to draw my sword. A warrior doesn't need love or love. You are weak because you carry those things with you for the rest of your life.

'What? You are a child, a warrior who has never known love.


 Her eyes widened and Sylvia turned around.
 The mass that she should have blown up for sure, suddenly appeared behind her.

 Moreover, she looks like a different person than she did just now.

 Long, long, deep sea-like hair.
 She was wearing a betel nut black dress, and six spirit wings were on her back.

 Most importantly, her magic power was far greater than the rest.

''I don't need to use love magic to do this.

 The protruding fingertips dug into Sylvia's torso.
 Silvia's face was twisted in pain as if a dull impact was transmitted to the skin of the stubborn little dragon.

''.........What is this......this figure......this woman, her magic power suddenly became.......!

 When Misa swept her fingertips through the air, Sylvia's body was blown away.
 With a thumping sound, this time she smashed through the wall of the store.

 Misa huffed and smiled.

''If you say your logic is correct, aren't you too pathetic to be weak and without love?