293-Chivalry love

 Right after Sylvia bounced off, Ray was kicking the ground.

''I'm sorry if it seems like a surprise, but it's one in a hundred thousand.

 Misa draws a magic circle and points her fingertips at Nate.
 A bolt of jet black lightning gathers on her right arm.

'I'm going to end this while we're two against one.

 Ray approaches Nate in the blink of an eye while holding the Evanescence Mana.
 From behind him, the origin magic was released.


 Behind Nate, a huge magic circle was drawn behind him.
 It transformed into a dragon figure reminiscent of a spiritual peak and flickered like a shimmering flame.

 He took that dragon that felt tremendous power into his body as if it were his own.

 Suddenly, particles of magic power rise from the body of the dragon knight as if they were overflowing.
 The light left the face of the dragon and turned into an indefinite armament clad in Nate's body.

 The jet-black lightning that was released straight away, he grabbed the jet-black lightning with his right hand of the < dragon fighting scale (Gaddez).


 Raising a spirited voice, Nate slammed the to the ground.
 The impact caused the ground to crack.

 It's exactly the kind of power worthy of being called a baby dragon.

''It's brilliant. But my target is not you.

 When it seemed that a thunderclap rang out, the rose up on all sides of Nate.
 A direct strike was a decoy, that jet black lightning surrounded Nate like a cage.

 Missa stretched out her pale left hand and pulled it back.

 <The Golden Barrel by Nate's side, due to Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) and flew to Ray.

"Stay put for a while.

 As a no-go, Misa applied the Four Realms Wall (Benno Even) to the Demon Black Thunder Emperor's cage and trapped Nate in it.


 With a light flash of the Spirit God Human Sword, Lei slashed through the lid of the barrel.
 Lightly lifting the barrel with one hand, he paused to gulp down the reverse scale wine.

 The golden liquid passed down his throat, and it was right after that.


 With a thump, Ray's body relaxes.
 I fell to one knee, but barely managed to endure with Evans Mana as support.


........In one sip, I got four roots drunk........ Apparently, this is the effect of the limited world. It's like the worst possible future for my intoxication....


 <It is a very good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 Nate grabbed the black lightning clad wall and opened his hands as if to tear it off.


 Ray looks at the dragon knight.
 On his knees, the sword is used as a support.

 Still, he grabs the root of the Spirit Godman Sword as if the fastest sword can be released.

''The Spirit Godman Sword, the secret depth is one--''

 Immediately after Nate exited the magic cage, countless sword flashes ran from Evans Mana as if they were aimed there.


 In a single breath, 30 consecutive blows, the blade released at the same time, however, Nate received every single one of them, using the Dragon Combat Scales as a shield.

 It's a good idea to have a good time.



 The dragon's claws and the holy sword meet violently.

 With his fearsome physical strength, Nate played up Evans Mana, but he killed it completely and Ray swung his blade down.

 Ray's second blow, which grew with each sword exchange, but Nate completely saw through it and ducked.

''Oh? That dismissal of yours, apparently, you can see the future. Is this another power of the limited world?

 In an attempt to cover Ray, Misa draws a magic circle of the .

'That's right.'

 A figure running like a gale was barely visible in Misa's vision.
 It's Sylvia.

 It's the "Dragon Combat Scales" that she wears. The particles of magic power, in the shape of a four-winged dragon, have been transformed into an indeterminate armament that raises Sylvia's speed.

''Then you should have looked to the future from the beginning.

 The swelling jet black lightning shot at Sylvia.
 The thunderbolt that ran counted to one hundred, and no matter how much of the future was in sight, there was nowhere for her to escape.

''Dragon technique--''

 Taking the sword in hand, Sylvia pulled it out.

 It's a good idea to have a good time with the people you're looking for.

 The swordsmanship of the gale like the flapping of the dragon's wings cut through the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) that was approaching her and cleaved Misa's body as it was.

 Smiling while splattering fresh blood, Misa approached Sylvia.


 The jet-black fingertips closed in on Sylvia.
 As if she knew beforehand where that special strike was aimed, she ducked and at the same time aimed at Misa's neck with her sword.

 It is a very good idea to have a good idea of what to expect when you are in the marketplace.

"Dragon technique--

 <The dragon dragon dragon scale is clad in a sword, and the wind blade rages and rages.

The wind dragon vacuum slayer, Dust Delte.

 As if to tear Missa into eight pieces, a sword strike from the wind was slashing her entire body.

 The magic circle was at Sylvia's feet.
 At the same time she wielded her dragon technique, it was drawn in her blind spot.

 The jet-black sun that was released at close range, but she jumped back and ducked as if she knew that too.

 I was headed to Ray's place where he was engaged with Nate.

The "Wind Dragon Vacuum Slayer (Dust Delte).

 It was just in time for Nate to avoid the claws of the that Nate released, and for Ray to break his regime.

 As if it was aimed clearly, the blade of the gale sliced through his body.


 One root source was completely destroyed, and Ray took a slight distance from it.

 Those two little dragons are strong. Besides, the limited world is the enemy's bosom. It's a bit of a bad idea to have to drink all the Gyakusha wine, even if it's just to fight, no matter how much Ray and Misa have to drink.

 But otherwise, it can't be said to be challenging the future of one in a hundred thousand.
 You can't overturn the prophecy if you don't find a way to get this far.

Now we come to you.

 Offensive and defensive changes. Sylvia was dealing with Ray's opponent for the sake barrel's defense, while Nate had slipped by his side and was running straight to the sake barrel that Misa was protecting.

 Countless polar flame chains attack Nate from all sides in an attempt to bind him up.
 However, he dodges them with minimal movement and dodges them with minimal movement, and he fleshes out Misa.

''Dragon technique--''

 The sword at his waist was drawn out and Nate pointed the cutting edge at Misa.

''The Lingfeng Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeorba).

 <The Dragon Combat Scale (Gaddez) gathered around Nate's sword.
 A single swing of the sword, for a moment, looked as huge as a sacred mountain.

 <The wall of the four walls of the four worlds (Benno Yevhen) and the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) are superimposed on each other to create a defensive wall, and Misa holds up both hands of the Root Source Death Kill (Bevsed).

 It's likely that she intends to endure the blow and pierce the enemy at an unavoidable distance, even if she can see the future.


 Nate thrusts his sword out.
 A moment later, Misa's eyes widen and she jumps back to the right side as quickly as possible.

 A thumping sound resounds. <The thrust of the easily pierced through the , destroying the liquor barrels and chipping away at the city behind it in its entirety.

 The houses, shops, trees and even the mountain behind it were pierced with huge circular holes.

 The contents of the destroyed liquor barrel are floating in the air, fluffy. The order of the localized world has worked to prevent the liquor from spilling under any circumstances.

 And the dragon of magic power that Nate wears plunges into that floating reverse scale liquor and drinks it as if bathed in it.

 Unlike Ray, the more he drinks, the more Nate's magic power increases, and the more the he wears swells up to a huge size.

The more you drink, the more powerful you become. You guys are strong in your own right.

 Sylvia said.

'But you can't defeat us who have given everything to the knight's sword. Love is weakness. Unless you acknowledge it, you will not be able to overcome the prophecy.

 The Gyakusoku sake floating in the air is being swallowed by Nate as fast as he can.
 It's not in a flash, but it won't be long before he's downing it all.

"To put it another way, the softness you're milking each other for is your downfall.

 Ray smiles at Sylvia, who is proud of her victory.

'Do you know what this is?'

 Ray opened his clasped hands to show them. There was a ball of water there.
 Instantly, Sylvia's expression becomes grim.

''.........Reverse scale wine.......no way......when did you.......?''

 It was the reverse scale wine of the one Sylvia and the others drink.

 When the liquor barrel was destroyed, a small amount of splashes were flying to Lei.

''When I unleashed the , I slashed the reverse scale wine in the liquor barrel that you guys drink. In this limited world, the future of that reverse scale liquor being consumed by you is almost a given. I've broken that fate.

 Nevertheless, even with the power of the Spirit God Human Sword, only a small amount of it could prevent Nafta's limit, the amount of flying splashes.

''A divine sword so great that it interferes with the power of the Future God........ You possess a divine order that governs causal destiny........

 Realizing it was a threat, he carefully held his sword and Sylvia glared at the Spirit Godman Sword.

''Nafta would have been able to see that future, though. Apparently, the divine eye that was shared with you guys is a pseudo one. In other words, even in this limited world, you can't see all of the future.

 Ray swings his Evans Mana.

'The Spiritual God and Human Sword--The Secret Depths are One.

It's useless.

 Sylvia gathers the into her sword.
 However, it dissipated in the blink of an eye.

''I won't let you.

 <With the Devil's Eye of Doom, Misa stared at the sword and destroyed the gathered magic power.
 However, Sylvia was not frightened.

''I'm sorry, but I can see that future.

Is that really the right future?

 As he swung down, Ray threw the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana at Sylvia.



 <While receiving interference from the , Sylvia desperately gathers up her magic power and strikes away the flying Evanescence Mana with all her might.

 Countless blades of wind focused on the thrown Evans Mana and bounced it off.
 By that time, Ray had drawn his unique sword and Misa grabbed the opposite hand.

 The unique sword swung down explodes a barrel of liquor for Ray and the others to drink.
 The overflowing reverse scale liquor floats in the air and turns into a single water ball.

'I think you're right about the future as you see it.

 Ray smiles briskly.

''But after what happened earlier, you thought it wouldn't happen. I thought that the Spirit God Human Sword would break some kind of fate again.''

...you were hit as you were, I suppose.

 With a bitter expression, Sylvia glared at Ray.
 He sipped on the reverse scale wine that was floating in the air.

 Instantly his body wobbles and Ray is supported by Misa.

'You certainly did well. But it looks like that's as far as it goes.'

 Sylvia didn't try to jump on Ray right away.

 In any case, he would not be able to drink the reverse scale wine out of it.
 If that was the case, he decided it would be better to wait for Nate to drink the reverse scale wine before fighting two against two.

''Do you think so?''

The same trick won't work. The future is already in sight. Now your source has been sobered up one more time. How do you plan to drink down the remaining source of your brew? You can't even stand still for the last time.

 Ray smiles briskly.

'Misa. Do you trust me?

 He held out the Unique Sword Sig Shasta to Misa.
 Misa took it and nodded her head in agreement.

''Of course.''

 Ray slips his hands quickly into Missa's shoulders and behind her knees and lifts her up, as gently as this.

 It's a mundane, yet in a way, bizarre stance.


 In this arena of inquiry, on the battlefield where the swords crossed, Sylvia's emptiness was struck, it was called the princess's coat.

'Didn't you see this future?'

'Well apparently, one thing has come to your attention. Surely, as you thought, we can't all see the future. Especially the actions that we don't need to see are ruled out!

 Trying her best to be calm, Sylvia analyzed Ray's actions.

''But the Spirit God Human Sword was only able to break its fate once earlier. That's not too much of a bluff!''

 Ray dared to play the princess to fight in a future that Sylvia couldn't see, she decided.

 Chuckling, Ray chuckled.

'Do you think so? Your pseudo-god's eye can't even see the future of one in a hundred thousand, or our victory, can it?

I don't know. What do you call it, then?

 Sylvia glares at Ray, who smiles, with an unguarded stare.

''This could be the future that leads to our victory.

It's not possible. Can such a foolish move lead to victory? I don't need to see the future! The spirit of the prophecy hearings and your sword, I was just about to review it, but you're such an a**h*le! What the hell are you going to do with your hands full?

Of course, this is what you have to do.

 Mass draws a magic circle on Ray.
 Then, instantly, the reverse scale liquor was absorbed into his body.

 Like Nate, he's drinking the alcohol as if he's bathed in it.

''........What.......? What is this thing doing?

That's Delor's magic. I took a page out of your book and created a full-body drinking spell.

Did you make it? The magic ... just now?

 Sylvia gives them a dubious look and turns a steely gaze on them.
 She seems to be looking at a scene that is incomprehensible to her.

''No ... even if you drink with your body, the drunkenness of the reverse scale liquor will turn. If you use antidote magic to change the nature of the reverse scale liquor, it can't stop you from getting drunk in this limited world............My God's Eye can already see the future of your intoxication! .........!

 Rei stands unperturbed while continuing to drink more than four drunken amounts of reverse scale liquor with her body than the root source was crushed.

''Why can't you still wobble your feet after carrying a single woman...! I should have been drunk by now!

No matter how much you drink, booze doesn't kill you.

 Holding Mass gently in his arms, Ray says.

'I'm already drunk with love now. It's that love that's making me stand up.'

That's wonderful, Ray.

 The light overflows.
 A new spark of love magic was about to gently sprout between the two of them.

It's not that I'm still holding her and not wobbling on my feet, it's that I'm holding love and I can't fall down. It's because I'm holding my love in my arms that I can't fall over.