294-Two people's world

 Holding Missa gently in her arms, Ray stands heroically on his two legs.

 <The reverse scale liquor under the influence of danced around in a mist, emitting a faint glow, and was quickly absorbed by Ray's body.

 It was like a champagne shower that blessed them.


 Silvia muttered, exuding anger.
 The next moment, she glared at Ray with a snap.

'What, you're drunk with love? You've got to be kidding me! It is true that the magic of that love makes you barely endure the intoxication caused by reverse scale alcohol. But although you're strong, the alcohol is steadily eating away at your body!

 Sylvia pointed the tip of her sword at Ray.

'The proof of this is the slow pace at which you drink. Because if you drink it all at once, you'll get drunk.'

You don't understand.

 Misa smiled in a huff.
 Sylvia was wary of that spare look.

'What? What don't you understand?

It would be a shame for us to be discouraged from celebrating our love life together. We're not exactly a dog in a pile.


 Sylvia looked shocked for a moment, but converted it to hatred and stared at Mass with indignant eyes.

'Dragon Knight Sylvia. You have given everything to chivalry, your sword is beautiful and tremendously fast. But if you're that good of a wielder, you know what I mean, don't you? A swift sword doesn't always cut through the enemy. Sometimes slowness is also a weapon. The sword of love is the ultimate. When it comes to the act of confirming our love for each other, the slower the better.

 Frowning as if filled with bitterness, Sylvia said.

''He's ... a man with a good mouth. I'll admit it. Only that spirit-slashing technique of yours! But no matter how much you slay your heart, you won't be able to slay this knight's body as well!

 She exclaims as if to rouse herself.

''I can't hold a sword with my hands full. You can tell just by looking at the stance that the woman is an amateur with a sword. Moreover, being held in a hug, she would not be able to hold her ground and her movements would be limited. There's no way I can fight properly!

 Bending her knees slightly and pulling her sword back, Sylvia readied herself.
 She was just about to jump in now.

'Jump in and it'll be over in a second. Don't think you'll wait until you've had all that drink.'

So why don't you jump in?

 Sylvia was at a loss for a reply to Ray's point.

'If it's over in a second, me and Misa should have been cut down long ago and the rest of the reverse scale wine taken away.

 With a grim expression on her face, Sylvia still didn't jump in.

''Even Commander Nate has long since drunk a barrel of reverse scale wine, but he's just waiting to see what's going on.

 Ray turns his gaze towards Nate.
 He just pours his magical eye on the two of them and doesn't move.

'In this limited world, you have the benefit of Nafta, a pseudo-god's eye that sees the future. Because it's not perfect, it leaves out the future, which is less likely to win for us. But I don't think our odds are very slim right now.

 Even for Lei, who had seven roots, it was nearly impossible for him to drink down the reverse scale wine in this limited world.

 But now Rey continued to drink the reverse scale wine. And the rest of the liquor that Sylvia and the others had to drink was in Misa's hands.

'Which means that this situation is another future that your divine eyes did not see.

 With a grim expression on her face, Sylvia put magic power into her divine eye.

''The more you punish the divine eye, the less you can see.

 Smiling softly, Misa said.


Because isn't it? For our love is so dazzling that the divine eye of Nafta, which is not perfect, has been dazzled.

"This is the future of one in a hundred thousand of us. The blind spot in your God's eye. And a wedge of love that overturns the real prophecy!

 A moment later, Sylvia moved.

'Nonsense! Love is weakness! You can't win us by standing on your head, you just can't see it! I don't see how such a ridiculous story can be accepted!

 <The four wings of the  In a moment, Sylvia's stepping in exceeded the realm of a human being and blew like a divine wind.

"Dragon technique--

 Sylvia muttered.
 Faster and faster than words, a kamikaze blade was wielded.

 The blade whirled like a tornado, swallowing Misa and Rei, their bodies.

 A storm of sharpened sword flashes with an extreme emphasis on speed.
 In the face of the unavoidable and deadly dragon technique, the enemy will scatter without a word.


It's late.


 Ray and the others were there.
 <They saw off the and ducked that storm of swords with the least amount of movement.


 Inexplicably, Sylvia turned her magic eye on them.
 However, she didn't understand why.

''........How can you drink that much reverse scale wine, hold a single person, and move faster than the ? In no future that I've seen, have you ever moved as fast as you have!

Oh, you didn't know that?

 Mass smiles wryly, indicating the answer.

'Spending time with the ones you love--'

It's going so fast, you wouldn't believe it.

We know...!

 Along with her anger, Sylvia's magic power jumped up.
 With that as a springboard, she unleashed her dragon technique again.

 The sword flashes of the divine wind blew like a storm.
 The wind's sword blasts blew wildly with no place to escape, attacking Ray and Misa from front, back, and left and right.

 Instantly, Sylvia opened her demon eyes (eyes).

 It's a good idea to have an extremely fast sword, but as expected, Ray slowly walked and ducked.

 Like two lovers walking without caring how much of a storm is blowing, they walk through the like lovers walking without a care in the world, keeping a smile on their faces.

''Slow.... no, but fast...! What's this? What's going on?

 Sylvia's expression twisted in confusion, as if she didn't know what the hell her magic eye was reflecting.

''Don't let a knight get flustered.

 Sylvia winced at Nate's stern words.

'It's time. Time is moving at a frightening pace for the two of them. That's why their own movements are slow, but they seem fast to us. The contradiction of being slow but fast is established.

In the limited world of Nafta, which controls the future, it is not possible for us to reach the future on our own... Even the guardian god of time, Ego La Lavias, should not be able to manipulate time here. .........?

 Hmm. Looks like she's sunk another notch into the abyss of love.

What is that...? It's a magical reaction I've never seen before...

 Sasha says.

'The light that Kanon and Missa are wearing is turning peachy! I've never seen such a sacred place!

 Eleonor sounded surprised.

'Hmm. That's different. That love magic, it already exceeds the dimension of the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask). Behold.

 That love magic light that Misa and Rei wore changed, and a peach-colored autumn cherry tree (kosumosu) floated behind them.

 However, the transition of the magic circle is following a strange transition.
 Yes, it is with an overflowing heart.

It's not going to be like that with a mind-conceived magic formula. I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say. Moreover, this--

 Kukku, and a belly laugh escapes from the bottom of my stomach.

''Kukku, hahahahahaha. No way. No, no, no, not really, I'm surprised. You can't use your head to develop magic, but rather your love. This is a man who doesn't know anything about magic. That's what makes you a hero, Ray.

 He stopped and, holding Mass in his arms, he said.

"Love ask. "This is to create our own little, unimportant, but above all, our own private world.

Have you been able to keep up with the speed of my love?

 Gritty, Sylvia bites her back teeth.
 And far louder than that, I heard the sound of her biting her back teeth from behind me.

''Don't lick it! Do you think you can fight my dragon with such a chaotic flower!

 <The wings of the Dragon Combat Scales (Gaddez) increase from four to eight.
 A tremendous eruption of magical power, so dense that it almost distorts one's vision.

''Dragon Winged Divine Wind Slayer (Demesdoenes)!

 Sylvia became a kamikaze and approached Ray and the others.
 <They were moving in the , but Sylvia followed them around in a snap.


 The stormy series of blows she unleashes, but Misa, held by Ray, dispels them with the Unique Sword Sig Shasta clad in .

 The speed of each other is almost equal, and before the fearsome love magic of Ray and Misa, Sylvia counters it with a dragon fighting scale that is enough to shave off the root cause.

 A discarded attack that shaves off lifespans and converts them into magical power.
 However, even that cannot reach Ray and Misa.


 Sylvia shouted as she unleashed a series of swordships, even as she unleashed a series of fast blows.

''Why? Why? With such a precarious regime, with such a poor stance, how can you compete with my sword?!

I told you. <Love Usk is our world.

"I and Rey are one in the same boat. This sword combines my strength with Ray's skill. It's only natural that the two of you are stronger than the one.

 Their great love distorts reason and even order.
 The swordsmanship, which should be unsteady in the embrace, is fast and above all heavy.

 In that autumn cherry blossom world they wore, love is the order.
 If that is the case, there is no reason for a sword in the princess's arms to be defeated by a single person's sword.

 That is - the Love Ask.
 It's a world for just the two of us.

''Don't be silly! You can't fight this with love! There's no way I'm going to be able to talk about such insects as being stronger if we milk each other!

This is the way people on earth fight. We were inferior in strength, so we had to fight with love. If you want to demean us as milking each other, go ahead. But I'll tell you something. We're in love for real.

 The world of peach-colored autumn cherry blossoms expands further.

"What kind of future can be grasped by someone who laughs at other people's love lives?

Shut up! We couldn't be strong enough to admit that we love each other! It's our world! This flowery world will be cut down by this dragon sword!

 Countless sword shots danced wildly on the spot, and Misa's and Sylvia's swords cut each other off.
 Then, finally, they clashed violently.

 Putting their full strength into each other, the two sides engage in a brinkmanship battle.

 Was that Ray's invitation?
 In terms of speed, Sylvia, who wielded her magic power, was slightly superior.

 However, in a clash of swords and swords, the advantage is in the hands of Ray and the others, who are one and the same, and can use the power of two people.
 Slightly, pushed, Sylvia's knee breaks.


 She gives a wry smile.

'It's over. You've stopped moving.'

Good job, lieutenant commander.

 Nate had jumped in from behind Sylvia.

''Dragon technique--''

 A mountain range-like "Dragon Combat Scale" floats behind Nate.
 It's a tremendously huge spiritual peak dragon. Its magical power concentrated on the tip of his sword.

''Lingfeng Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeolba).

 A thrust that could carve away the city of the limited world.

 It slips past Sylvia's side with great skill and pushes the sword of Misa's , which continues to be in a battle of attrition--

 In a moment, the autumn cherry blossoms are dancing wildly.


 <The more the power of the Spiritual Peak Dragon Crushing Sword (Geddeorba) increases, the more the rebels, and the world of peach-colored autumn cherry blossoms swallows Nate and then Sylvia.

 Swallowed up--Ooohhhhhh!

It's not possible... where could such power be left...

 The two of them, who had been concentrating on the in their attack, were both repelled by the Autumn Cherry Blossoms' crazy .

 Looking at each other and whispering their love to each other, Rei and Misa's voices came together.


 The autumn cherry blossoms completely covered the two knights.
 A moment later, the flower sparked a huge peach-colored explosion and Nate and Sylvia popped off.

 Instantly, the that they wore was scattered in an explosion, and once the two were thrown into the air, they crashed into the clock tower and crashed down without further ado.

 This, too, is probably an attempt to make use of the orderly logic of love.
 In other words--.

"The stronger the obstacle, the more intense the love that burns...

Didn't you know?

 They look at each other and smile happily.
 They are natural, as if they don't care who is watching them.

'Go ahead, Ray. Have a drink, please.

 Ray drank most of the reverse scale wine that floated in the air.
 A few drops of it, Misa wiped it with her fingertips and made her drink it as she stroked Ray's lips.

''Anh........already, what are you doing?

 Misa said as she lightly licked her fingertips and chided him.
 Ray laughed briskly and told her.

'Your fingertips were so wet and beautiful.'

He's a bad person.

 Ton and Misa put their fingertips on Ray's lips.
 That autumn cherry blossom space created by their magic was truly a world for the two of them--