295-Is the future of hope hopeless?

 Ray and Misa were the first to drink down the reverse scale wine.
 When their victory was decided, a groan overflowed from the knights.

''........This limited world is as good as the bosom of our Agaha Dragon Knights.''

I didn't think anyone would be willing to overthrow the Commander and the Vice Commander here.

"In the name of challenging prophecy, they had a chance to win, but...

''No, but even so, one in a hundred thousand. Those two are no ordinary powers to choose a path of hope that is equal to a fraction of a million....

The man who was the key to the magic that dethroned the Commander and his friends was that man, Ray. He was a swordsman, but he had no sword, and his determination to trust his own partner, and his love for his partner was even deeper than that. And what bravery.

"Can we do it? To lay down your sword and trust your friends? It's not as easy as you say it is to say.

"After mastering the sword, he gave up his sword. That man has reached the state of swordlessness...


 As the knights shouted their admiration, the man behind them followed, as if he were one of them.

'If it's called a world of love between the two of you, then I suppose it's going to be after you've been cut to pieces.

 Singh shot him a cold stare, and Ray smiled bitterly as if he sensed the killing intent.

'If you get the chance, give it a try. Those two will still be strong.''

 Glittering, the demon eyes flashed, and Shin said.

'As you wish,'

 Stepping out, I step out in front of Diedrich and Nafta.

'I have no complaints,'

 Then Diedrich gave a bold smile.

You're the hero of Azation, a brave man of the earth. Two thousand years ago, I had a fight with the Demon King. You have to be able to say that the prophecy was challenged in the trial, and the prophecy was successfully defeated. Let's admire them.

 The knights straightened their posture and brought their right hand with their swords to their chest in a salute.

''Just now, as Ray and Misa showed, you can choose the future in a hundred thousand. Then you don't have to give up anything. You must take the path that will save everything.

 Diedrich's smile falters and he returns the words with a straight face.

'This future doesn't come around very often, you know. But I wonder why?

 He says curiously.

'I didn't have a feeling that you would get to this future.

 Diedrich walks loosely up to me.

"If this future were now, I would be willing to take you guys to Gadeshiola. But you have to promise me one thing.


I'm asking you to give up on the demise of the selection process.

 Hmm. Surprising offer.

"Why should I listen? You don't look like you want to be God's messenger.

Surely, that's not my pattern.

 He chuckled to himself.

'But I suppose there are things you have to do just because they're out of character. 'Two reasons. One is power. When you are God's representative, you will have enough power to compete with the order. Or you can gain the power to overthrow the prophecies.

I don't think so.

 Diedrich's words were immediately dismissed by me.

'God is order. The Delegate would be the same. Nafta, the god of the future, sees many futures made up of order. The future that was orderly cannot be overturned by an orderly god, no matter how powerful he is.

 Order works to preserve and establish order.
 If you become an agent, you will not be able to overturn the prophecy on the contrary.

'I know what you're saying. I know what you're saying, and it's right. But it's the best future that will lead to the overthrow of the prophecy.

Hmm. Is that because of another reason?

 Diedrich nodded widely.

'Even the future god Nafta has only one uncertain future.

 The Sword Emperor of Agaha cut him off with a divine look on his face.

''It's not the blind spot you speak of, but the future of darkness. That is the end of the Selective Judgment. From the beginning of the end, a future that is not even in Nafta's divine eye will come.''

Long story short, the prophecy of the future when the selectmen go out of business doesn't work?

If you want to put it simply, that's what you're going to do.

Then the answers are fast. I intend to end the Selection Tribunal. If your prophecy has no future to save, then perhaps there is hope for an unseen end to the Selection Tribunal.

 Diedrich kept a stern look on his face at my words.
 Of course, this is the future he knew all along.

'There is only a future of despair at the end of the Selective Judgment. We, the knights, must defend the judges at the cost of our lives. This is the prophecy of Agaha, handed down through the generations in our country.

Who told you about this prophecy?

'He was the first Sword Emperor. He made a pact with Naphtha and bequeathed his prophecy to the Agaha.

So Nafta once saw the demise of the Selective Judgment with his divine eye. Why can't you see the future once?

 Nafta answers my question.

'Nafta communicates. The Future God Order derives its power from the future. It is something that can be seen because the future continues. It is a complex order, but in layman's terms, we can see the distant future better than the near future. The future of the end of the Selective Judgment has come nearer in the present. There may not be enough power left in that future for Nafta's divine eye to see the darkness of the end.

 Calmly, that God announced.

'In other words, the end of the Selection Judgment is the beginning of the end of this world. Naftah cannot see the future leading to it because the world is gone and there is no more to come.

I see. The world has come to an end and the future is crushed. The closer the darkness gets, the harder it is for the god of the future to see in his god's eyes.

That's right.

 It was roughly two thousand years ago that the first Sword Emperor founded the Agaha.

 If it was then, there was two thousand years of future before the end of the Selection Judgment.
 With that much future, that far in the future, Nafta's divine eye must have worked, even if it was the end of the world.

 Eventually, knowing that Nafta would not be able to see the end of the world, the first Sword Emperor bequeathed the prophecy of Agaha. He said that he would never let the Selection Judgment end.

'You don't remember the future when you told the first Sword Emperor, do you?

'Nafta is the order of the future. The past is invisible and forgotten in the blink of an eye.

 Well, that's to be expected. It's just as I suspected.

"So that's why, Anos. That's why I'm counting on you, Demon King Anos. I beg you, please give up this selective judgement.

"Hmm. Even though the end of the Selective Judgment is the end of the world, it's not wrong to say that the future is invisible to Nafta.

 Diedrich nodded with a bitter expression.

'I know what you're going to say,'

Just because it's the end of the world doesn't mean there's no hope there?

 At my words, Diedrich closes his eyes and shakes his head from side to side.
 He exhales, deep and snarling.

'I'm not sure about that one, huh?'

"There is hope in the unseen future.

That guy could be right. He's not wrong, but he's blind. There is a prophecy of Agaha. The first Sword Emperor did indeed look into that darkness and knew that the world was doomed. He told them that the Selection Judgment must never end.

''Did the first Sword Emperor really see the end of things? You haven't checked.

"Indeed. But because they cannot see the impossible, they see hope. And they do not know that the end of their journey is despair.

"If the future is uncertain, Diedrich, this is not the Prophet's doing. Whatever despair and endless tragedy befalls you, I'll make sure it doesn't cost you anything.

 Looking me straight in the face, Diedrich said the words proudly.

'There must be true hope in the accumulation of the best paths. When the end of the world lies in the future, it would be foolish to push forward with it as hope.

'Well, it's always been that way for me. Are you and Nafta just scared of one unseen anxiety because you and Nafta have a god's eye that can see well?

Oh, yeah. You're scared. I've got a country on my shoulders. The fate of this world rests on a prophecy. It is the king's duty to protect his people from threats, from fear, from war, from menace. You won't be able to protect your people with any other display of bravery than in battle.

 It's not unreasonable.
 But it won't save some things.

In the Agaha's prophecy, it's the end of the world. What are you going to do when that future, which you believe is hope and you've pushed forward, is hopeless?

Overthrow the prophecy. Just as my friend Ray just did just now.

The future was only won in one part per hundred thousand. You have challenged the prophecy, but you have not overturned it. A future that Nafta's pseudo-god's eye could not see, though Nate and Sylvia's pseudo-god's eye could see clearly.

'My power is within the realm of prophecy, you said so, Diedrich, but is it really?'

 I confronted him and continued.

'In this limited world, what Nafta has created is a virtual prophecy. Nate and Sylvia were prepared as virtual prophets, and Ray and Misa were prepared as virtual nonconformists who did not fit into the confines of that prophecy.

 Nafta and Diedrich are listening to my words, with serious expressions on their faces.
 This is despite the fact that they have seen the future once and heard this explanation.

'The path that Nate and Sylvia couldn't see is the future in a hundred thousand. With Nafta's words they knew that Misa and Ray had a chance to win, but they couldn't fully see the path to it. What if it wasn't for Nafta's words? They would have prophesied that there was no future where Mass and Ray would win.

 Diedrich does not refute it, as if to show that it is correct.

'If we take Nate and Sylvia as prophets, then surely Misa and Ray have overturned that prophecy. In other words, there was a blind spot in Nafta's pseudo-god's eye. Of course, the future god Nafta's divine eye could see that blind spot. But if we assume that there is a being that can see the future better than Nafta, then the same thing should happen as now.

 What Mass and Ray have done is only a matter of degree.
 In other words, it proves that prophecy can be overturned.

That's assuming your assumptions are correct.

"Nafta tells the truth. My body is the order of the future. No one can see the future better than Nafta, and his divine eye will see the future in all its fullness.

 In Nafta's words, Diedrich continues.

'I have no reason to believe that Nafta has a blind spot. I don't think the future is necessarily reversible for you either. If the Demon King could do everything, he wouldn't have lost his memory.

I mean, that's the rationale, Diedrich.

 I'll just tell you what's obvious, I'll just tell you what's obvious.

"Even I can lose my memory. Then it's only natural that the future God should have an invisible future. There is no such thing as a perfect being.

 Diedrich was silent for a while with a heavy expression on his face.

''........If Nafta's God's Eye (Meh) dwelt on you, it would have been good......''

 That was the moment I muttered.
 The sound of an explosion pierced my ears.

 A thunderous thunderclap rang out and the localized world shook violently.
 Immediately, a echoed in the room.

"Enemy attack...! Enemy attack. Someone has broken into the palace!

You're here...

 Diedrich said with a grim expression, and Nafta held up his hand and drew a magic circle.

 The cityscape made of crystal turned into a sandstorm as the wind swept us away, and we returned to where we were. The limited world had been lifted.

 As the Sword Emperor's Royal Palace trembled violently, Diedrich said.

''The attackers are the Gadeisiola Phantom Knights, the Purple Electric Demon Ceris.