296-Magic wall covering the country

 The sword emperor's palace shook loudly as the thunderclap rang out again.

''Nafta prophesies. The infiltrated Purple Electric Demon will come in contact with Ahide, who is trapped in the underground prison after one minute and twelve seconds, and will create a path for him to be taken away by .

That one is superimposed. After Cerys escapes the palace, me and the dragon knights will track him down and enter Gadiçiora.

 Diedrich said calmly.
 I guess that means we're right on schedule.

'Ready to go.'

 Out of the corner of his eye, Nate called out to the Dragon Knights as such.
 Sylvia was waiting next to him as if nothing had happened as well.

 <While taking a decent hit from the , has she already healed her wounds? It's possible that it was a limited world, but that's a tremendous amount of recovery power.

 If it wasn't for the drinking contest, the battle with Rey and the others wouldn't have been decided yet.

"Demon King!

 Diedrich said.

'If you swear not to end the selective judges, then we will head to Gadeisiola together.

Hmm. What if I don't swear?

I'm afraid I can't join your hands with you. We may be at peace with each other without resentment, but we'll be going in the wrong direction. Depending on the future, we may end up fighting each other.

You know what happens when you make me your enemy.

 Diedrich nodded.

We, the Agach, will challenge the Demon King fair and square and will be defeated. This is a prophecy that cannot be changed. That's why we will fight to the last man for the pride of a knight. Let's take this sword to defend our country and open up the future.

 Everyone in the line of dragon knights looked at the king with a hungry expression.

''But if it's possible, we'd like to drink with him again.

 You're ready for this.
 This is a man with a country on his back. Words have never moved him.


 I tell them.

"If you stand in my way, I will not spare you. My demon king's army will meet the Sword Emperor of Agaha at his feet and crush any troops that stand in his way with all their might.

 If the time comes, I will meet the spirit of these knights head on.
 That oath is hereby shown.

'But if we return safely to each other, I will now lead you to my country. I will serve you the drink of Dillhade.

 Diedrich laughed cheerfully.

'I like that one.'

 Did he really see that future in his eyes?
 It's impossible to guess from his expression.

 A moment later, a thunderous roar of thunder rang out again.
 The Sword Emperor's Palace shook violently and then stopped.

 <A thought transmission resounded.

''Reporting! The attackers snatched Ahide and fled. We have not been able to confirm their appearance, but based on the magic used, we assume they are the Knights of the Phantom Name. The number is unknown. They have already left the Sword Emperor Royal Palace and are heading in the direction of Gadeisiola.''

 When Diedrich looked at Nate, he nodded and called out to his men.

''The Dragon Knights are going out. The enemy is the Knights of the Phantom Name, and our goal is Gadaishiola. The goal is not to fight. Avoid engagement as much as possible.''


 As the dragon cries rang out, white dragons descended from the vaulted ceiling.
 All the knights straddled the dragons and flew away to chase after the Knights of the Phantom Name.

'Nafta embodies the wings of Kandakizolte. Prophet Diedrich, bless you with the future.

 The < Future World Crystal> Kandakuizolte that she held in her hand distorted languidly and turned into a crystal dragon. Nafta and Diedrich stepped onto the crystal dragon.

''So long, Demon King. I hope you're not coming.''

 Diedrich said and took off.

 After I saw them off, I turned my attention to my men.

'Let's go to Gadeisiola,'

Early? Don't you have to think for a minute?

 Sasha sounds surprised.

'If you think about it, you'll only delay that much.

'Yes, but Diedrich can see the future, so what he's saying isn't so wrong, is it? What do we do? What if the future isn't as good as Diedrich saw it?

'If you listen to Diedrich, it's only the future as he sees it. I wish there was an ending in it that everyone would agree with, but that's not the case. If we don't act, we won't start.

 'Hmmm,' said Sasha thoughtfully.

'Arcana. Prepare a dragon for the eight of us.'


 Arcana held out her hand and snow and moonlight flowers softly flooded from her palm.

'The snow fell and became wings.

 The Snow Moonflower flew in the air and it took the form of a large snow dragon with eight riders.

''Ride on, Demon King Choir. You may come with me to Gadeisiola.''

'What...? Yes, ma'am. Okay, sir!

 Even though Eren had a surprised expression on his face, he agreed.
 The girls of the Demon King's Choir each looked at each other and rode on the back of the snow dragon.

''The others can wait in this country. I don't think there's much of a threat, but it's not Dillhade for some reason. Take heart and survive.

 Instantly, the students of the Demon King Academy turned pale in their expressions.


''I mean, you said you might be fighting with the Dragon Knights...''

What is it, then? We're marooned in a country that could become hostile territory?

Hey, isn't that some kind of hostage thing?

Couldn't you at least let Dr. Shin stay behind or...?

 I say to the students who express their anxiety.

'What, the eldmaids will be coming sooner or later. Besides, have you forgotten that there's someone among you who could lightly tame a dragon man or a dragon in battle?

 The students looked at each other as if they had just figured it out.

'I see. Come to think of it, there was Anosh, wasn't there?

Yeah, he'd probably get a shot off for a dragon.

He's using a vanishing spell and forgot all about it.

'You mean if you're about to be attacked, you're going to be attacked by an invisible Anosh. That's good.

 The students patted their chests, relieved.

'Anosh, it's best if they don't know you're here as much as possible. If the others can make it through with deadly force, then stay out of sight and keep your hands to yourself.

 I said to the void.

 Now, as long as Anosu doesn't mess with it, the students will think it's something they can get through by themselves.

 As long as you think you can manage it, you can manage it unexpectedly.

''It's a demon...''

 Sasha was whispering.

'Let's go,'

 We jumped up in our flight and left the Sword Emperor's Palace through the vaulted ceiling.
 We continued to fly through the air and aimed first in the direction the dragon knights were headed.

''Arcana. Is this the direction of Gadeisiola?

''Slightly different. We think the Phantom Knights are taking a detour to escape.

 From Diedrich's prophecy, the Knights of the Phantom Name would eventually return to Gadeisiola, no matter how they escaped.

''Then head to Gadeisiola. We want to enter the country before Diedrich and the others.

I'll do what you say.

 Arcana leads the way and changes the direction of travel slightly.

''Hmmm, can't we just go to the middle, ?''

 Eleonor said.

'There are many dragon's nests in the vicinity of Gadaishiora. 'There are many dragon cries and the anti-magic of the is always on. It would be quicker to fly away.

 Arcana replied.

''No problem. We'll get there faster than the Phantom Knights and the Dragon Knights who are chasing each other.''

 Arcana is flying at the very last possible speed that the snow dragon can follow, but Misha is slightly behind.

''Misha? Are you okay?

 Sasha looks worried and retreats.


 She replied, but it was painful.
 It was probably because she had overworked the last night.

 Her magic power is low, and fatigue is accumulating in her body and in her roots.

''Oh, that's right. This dragon can ride at least one more person, can't it?

 Ellen said, and Jessica nodded.

'Yes, that's right. If you pack it in, you can ride Misha-chan. You know, she's so small.

Let's pack it in, then. Pack it in, pack it in.

 The Demon King's Choir squeezed together and formed into a single mass.
 Seeing this, Sasha said in a dumbfounded manner.

I appreciate your concern, but it's not as good as it could be.

 I stepped back and took Misha's hand.

'I'll take her.'

 I take Misha's hand and I walk back to the front of the line.

''I'm ... sorry ...''

What do you mean? Misha makes me feel so light. This is no trouble at all.

 Misha says, just a little embarrassed.


But what's the point?

 Ray cuts in cryptically, as if he had been thinking about it until then.

'I can understand kidnapping the Pope of Geordal, though. I wonder what Gadeisiola is going to do with him after kidnapping Ahide.'

"You wanted to take the king's dragon sacrifice?

 Misha opened her mouth to say so, and Sasha continued.

'Does that mean you don't want Agaha to give birth to a new baby dragon?

The baby dragon is strong.

''Hmmm, it certainly wouldn't be good for us to fight a war if we had more people like Sylvia and Nate...''

 As we talked about this, we flew through the subterranean skies for a while.
 A dragon's cry rang out and a thick black fog blocked my view.

 This fog is probably the anti-magic that suppresses the effects of
 If I push forward through the faint fog, I eventually see an enormous wall of magical power in front of me.
 Pointing at it, Arcana says.

''That is the border of Gadeisiola. It is the wall of magic that blocks people and repels the power of the gods.

...Is that...?

 Sasha rolls her eyes in surprise.
 Misha said.

 A jet-black aurora divides the border.
 It must be the , which is especially effective against the divine race.

The Demon Wall of Gadaishiola once covered the canopy. For a long time, it separated the earth's depths from the ground.

"...you built the wall, didn't you? Two thousand years ago?

 Ray asks.

"Hmm. There's no doubt about it. I've been pouring my magic power into it and maintaining it. I'm sure there's a small amount of my magic left in the wall of the four walls of Benno Yevgeny.

 I've been very much perverted, though.
 I wouldn't be entirely sure of that unless I'd used my own magic.

"Did the wall that covered the canopy somehow turn into the borders of Gadeisiola?

'Yes. After a thousand years or so, the walls of the canopy now became a bulwark over Gadeisiola.

 The Knights of Illusion were originally the magicians of Dirheid.

 Even Melhayes used to store the Four Realms Wall. That man, who calls himself my father, could have given the magic power and used the raised walls a thousand years after the magic disappeared.

"You're going in with all your strength?

 Mass asks.

'That's all well and good, but there's no need to raise a red flag. What do I need to do to get in the right way?

 Arcana turned her gaze to the ground.
 <In front of the wall surrounded by the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), a high tower could be seen.

''This is the Demon Wall Tower that controls the border. It is said that if you renounce your faith in the gods and swear to obey the laws of Gadeisiola, you can enter the country.

What's it about?

I don't know. Some of them went in, but none of them came out.

"...hmmm, I wouldn't want to go there if I could...

 When Eleonor said, Zesia clenched her fist with all her strength.

''Zesia also........I don't want to go if possible......!

 Gadiçiora had little to do with other countries.

"You can't start by going there. You'll never know unless you go there and do everything in your power to get out.

 Saying that, I descend with Misha to the Demon Wall Tower.
 Everyone comes down after us.

I thought, we don't particularly believe in a god, so that's fine. But what about Arcana?

 When Misa expressed her doubts, Eleonor followed suit and said

Oh, yeah. Arcana, you're a god just the way you are.

How does it feel to be an unshrinking god?

 Misha nodded his head, and Arcana said.

'I am the God of Disobedience. But I have no memory. Would it be safe for me to abandon my name?'

Don't worry about it.

 At my words, Sasha gave me a dubious look.

'Don't worry about it,' she said, 'but what are we going to do? We have no idea what's going on in that tower, do we? I don't know if Arcana is an apostate god or if they'll even acknowledge me, and even if they do, I don't know how they'll treat me.

"I'll tell you what,


 I laughed and gave him an answer.

'You'll know it when you talk.'

I have a bad feeling about this.

 When we landed on the roof of the Demon Wall Tower, the door in front of us opened and we went in.