297-Hemp Army Ban

 The inside of the Demon Wall Tower was dim and dismal.
 An unpleasant smell lingered in the damp room.

''Hmm, it's damp and smells funny.''

...needs to be cleaned....

 Eleonor and Zesia walk behind me, exchanging such an exchange.
 As I walked down the stairs, I could see the lights at the end of them.

'Hmm. There are some strange ones here.''

 There was still some distance to go, but I could see armed soldiers at the bottom of the stairs.
 They had dragon horns and tails, sharp claws, and held spears in their hands. All of them are women.

'Parts of their bodies look like dragons.

"Gadiçiora, the High Priestess's forbidden soldier.

 Arcana said.
 'So these are the soldiers who guard the borders?

A forbidden soldier is a soldier empowered by the forbidden book of Gadesiola with the power to fight the gods. It is said that they were born of dragons and awakened the inherent power of the dragon men.

So you've got a half-dragon shape.

'Yes. But that's just what they say in Geordal and Agaha.

 And unlike the rest of the country, they don't seem to be able to come and go as they please.

 When I descended the stairs, there was a large fixed magic circle set up there.
 The surrounding area is surrounded by a magical ward, with a number of forbidden soldiers guarding it.

 As I walked straight ahead, two of them crossed their spears and blocked me.

'Halt. What do you want with Gadeisiola?

"We're here to see the High King.

'Only the people of Gadeisiola are permitted to have an audience with Lord Vihlea. If you renounce your faith in God and swear to abide by the laws of Gadeisiola, I will examine your entry into our country.

 In a clerical tone, the forbidding soldier says.

'The magic circle at the back is the only way to Galadenagua, the capital of Gadeisiola. There is a magic circle on the way here, but no magic circle on the way back. Once in the country, there is no way out without becoming a forbidden soldier.

Hmm. How have you been living since you were told you've been grounded?

Those who have entered the country will go to the High King's Castle within three days, and there they will hear the details of life in Gadeisiola. The High King, Lord Viafreya, will give you instructions on how to conduct yourself.

What happens if it's an accidental forgetting?

 Irritated, the forbidden soldier clicked his tongue.

'Don't ask me nonsense. If you have come to chill out, you will be punished under the laws of Gadiçiora. Don't let us bother you.

I'm just curious. Let's get you through immigration.

 The forbidden soldier stares at my face.

'Proceed first.'

 He turns around and calls out to Misha and the others.

'They said you can come through.'

 When I call out to them, they walk over to me.
 They kept a stern look on their faces and looked at the girls with their magical eyes.

 When Arcana passed by, the forbidden soldiers did not say anything in particular.
 With a nervous look on their faces, the last of the fan unions passed through the place and got on top of the magic circle.

 Sasha, who was next to her, patted her chest in relief.

''So? What's this immigration thing you're talking about?

It's already started.

 Part of the fixed magic circle we rode in was missing, and it was switched to a state where we couldn't use
"You're over here.

 The forbidden soldier grabbed Arcana's hand and took her to another location.

''All of you, open the storage magic circle. If you have the Alliance Pearl, bring it out.

Hmm. Why?

"Gadeisiola worships a god it does not worship. Lady Viafleya will decide on the treatment of the gods and summonses.

 So you're taking Arcana elsewhere.

 Do you realize that she is an apostate god?
 It could be that it's simply business as usual.

 It's also possible that people in the dark don't know what I'm talking about.
 It's easy to get through, but it's also important to know how the gods are treated in this country.

I only have one pearl in my possession. If you want to find out, do what you will.

 As I opened the storage magic circle, Misha and the others deployed their magic circle as well.
 The forbidden soldier turned his magic eye into it.

 The pact pearl I received at the church in Geordal is not in their storage magic circle because there is no need for it.
 Even if you look for it, you won't find anything.

 While the forbidden soldier was examining the inside of the magic circle, he sent a
''We're going to split into two. I'm going to have Arcana taken in and find out what they want. Let's see if they are after the god of disobedience, or if the gods will simply get the same treatment. If it's the former, then we might be able to find out something about Genudunub.

"Let's do what my brother says.

 Arcana replied.

'But how do we know for sure if the apostate god is our objective?'

 Sasha sends me a question.

'We just need another god, not a disobedient god. We'll know what they want by whether or not they take us to the same place.'

 Of course, it's possible that they could be taken together.

''If Eldmead-sensei is here, we can take out a guard god, but what about another god?''

"Ray will do it for me.

 He smiled and said, with a smile on his face.

'All right.'

 One of the forbidden soldiers stands in front of me.

''I've checked the stowed magic circle. Give me the bead of alliance that you have.

 I closed the storage magic circle and handed the ring of the pact to the forbidden soldiers.

 However, it's an elaborate fake made with
 The real one is the pearl of choice.
 <I used Reiner and Nazira to hide it.

 For now, I just want to walk through this door as quietly as possible.

All right. "And...

 The forbidden soldier turned his gaze to Ray.

'You're a god too, aren't you?'

 Ray uses the Nars magic to disguise his roots as those of a god.

 As expected, it's quite reckless to pretend to be a god, but with Ray's root source magic, only a person with a great magical eye would be able to see it.

''I'll have you come over here.''

 The forbidden soldiers took Ray and Arcana to the same place.
 Ray looked at me for a moment in a natural gesture and smiled as if it worked.

'So? Do you need anything else?

Immigration over. Use the fixed magic circle to make your transition. As I just explained to you, you must be at the High King's Castle within three days. After that, you'll hear more about how to behave yourself there... no...

 The forbidden soldier was about to undo the magician's technique when another forbidden soldier ran there.
 He was doing something with his ear.

 Looking around, I saw that he was surrounded by other Forbidden Soldiers.

Wait a moment. There's still a lot of work to be done.

Hmm. I heard you just finished. What's going on?

You don't have to answer. Stay put.

 You don't have the slightest idea where you're going.

It's kind of weird, isn't it?

Hmm, that's not so weird. I'm in big trouble.

 Sasha whispered, and Eleonor responded in a whisper.

'What? I didn't do anything wrong. Just keep your head up and we'll get through.'

''I'm ... good at ... strutting my stuff...''

 Zecia walks to the forbidden soldier, her chest heaving.
 Let me pass, and I put a lot of effort into my eyes, but she lightly chased me away with her hand and she came back with her shoulders slumped.

''........No.......it was.......''

'Hmmm, not really. Zecia did her best. You almost got away with it.

 Eleonor raised his index finger and turned to me.

'Hey, Mr. Anos,'

''Ah. If I had been a little more imposing, even the High King's head would have happily been offered to me.

''I'm not talking about a demon king's step...''

 Sasha is half-amused, and then she rushes in like that.

 Just then, the magic circle at a distance glowed and five soldiers shifted in.
 Wearing full-body armor reminiscent of a dragon, they were the Phantom Knights of Gadaishiora, the group I saw in the underground ruins of Regalondror.

''What is it that you want us to confirm?''

 One of the phantom knights called out to them.
 The forbidden soldier walked up to them and said.

''Those over there are the people who wanted to enter today. He looks like a man named Anos Voldigord, whom Master Ceris told me not to let pass. Check him out.


 The five phantom knights walk over here.

''........It looks like we have no choice but to do it......?

 Misa says.

'I don't want to stir things up too much this time. Let's talk about it first.

 She made a pouting expression.

''Okay but what do you want to do?''

I'll show you how sincere I am.

 In the meantime, five of the Knights of the Illusionary Name came near me.
 They silently turned their demon eyes to me and looked into the abyss.

''There's no doubt about it.

 One of the knights nodded.
 Then he put up a magical barrier and an anti-magic wall to block us out.

"Stay alert. This man is Anos Voldigord!

You've got the wrong guy.

 The magic of the phantom knight wavered.
 Although his face could not be seen due to his full body armor, he looked doubtful.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

"What a foolish thing to do. You can't be stupid, Anos. You can't tell the root of your problem by looking at it differently?

 As if in a huff, all five of the phantom knights put their hands around their necks.

 They took an alert stance and easily slipped through their anti-magic and magical barriers, and the was being placed there.


 <With the addition of Reiner and Nazira, only the person wearing the collar will be able to tell.

"Hmm. It's the Demon King Anos, isn't it? I've heard of it too. He was cruel and inhumane, tyrannical and tyrannical to the extent that he made those who opposed him experience hell to the extent that even death would be considered kind to them. Do you think a man like that would show up in such a remote place?

 They gasp at my threatening words.
 If you're a demon race from two thousand years ago, you're well aware of the rumors about me.

 But only when they face me head-on and are intimidated by my magical power to the root of the rumor, they realize that there was no exaggeration in the rumor at all.

 Rather, most of us realized that the rumors were more tepid.

You must look into your evil eye and see the source of my existence. Are you sure you're not mistaken? Rather, if you're not mistaken, what would you guys be doing now?


Mmmm .........

 The magic of the Phantom Name Knights trembled with fear as they thought of every imaginable hell.

''The scene you guys just conjured up in your heads must be quite lukewarm.

 After a moment of silence, they called out to the forbidden soldiers watching in the distance.

''........This is not Anos Voldigord.......!

Are you sure?

 When the forbidden soldier asked, the phantom knight replied.

''Oh. It's the wrong person. Let me through.........

 After saying that, the magic barrier and anti-magic were lifted and the Phantom Name Knights left to escape.

''Ah, yes.''

 I raised my voice, and the phantom knight stopped in his tracks.

'Don't you think your dog needs a collar? If you take your eyes off him a little, he won't be as rough with it.

 Gulp, I heard them spit at me.
 I threatened them that if they told anyone else about me, they wouldn't know what would happen to them.

'Shit, don't talk shit,'

 With that, the Phantom Name Knights shifted again.

''You may go. But from now on, refrain from talking in front of us in private.

 The magic circle's magic formula was restored and the forbidden soldier returned to his position, as if letting his guard down.

 I smiled back at Sasha, who was looking at me as if I was dumbfounded.

'You see. My sincerity has paid off.'

I'm afraid we'll have to discuss this in greater depth.

 If you put magic power into a fixed magic circle, the magic was activated.
 For a moment, the field of vision went blank, and people came and went.

 The area is a city.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people in the area.


 Misha nods her head.

'I'm sure you do.'

It was surprisingly easy for you to enter the country. There doesn't seem to be much information about us other than the Phantom Knights.

 Misa said.

'They took Arcana and Ray, I wonder if they're okay?'

 Sasha has a worried look on her face.
 She turns her magic eye on Arcana and Ray's vision, which is connected by a magic line.

It's not like they're moving at the moment. I've been told to wait at the tower we were just talking about. We'll do what we have to do here.

 Sasha and the others' expressions tightened.

'In the meantime, we're going to save Gorloana and Ahide, right? I don't want to help you too much.

That's important, though. We'll have some time before Diedrich gets here. The problem is, if his prophecy is correct, there's a good chance Ricardo won't make it. To save him, Diedrich will have to do something he never thought possible.

'Well I can see that, but since Diedrich can see the future, how can he do the unexpected?'

 I said to a bewildered Sasha.

'That's what the Demon King's Choir is for.

...is that...?

First of all, we will spread the song of the earth to this Gadesiola.

Are you nuts?

 Sasha plunged in with a sharp tongue.

'Diedrich would have told you that the song of the Demon King's Choir would have an unexpectedly emotional effect on you. 'Diedrich said that the songs of the Demon King's Choir would shake you emotionally in unexpected ways. Maybe not enough to overturn the prophecy, but their song is shaking the future slightly.

"Does this lead to Nafta's blind spot?

 Misha asked.

Or, you know. It's worth a try. Either way, this time it doesn't have to be Nafta's blind spot, as long as we can get to that one in a hundred thousand future.

Well, you mean...?

 Sasha's head looks like it's hurting.

'The Demon King's Choir's song will sway the emotions of the people of Gadeisiola. It will be a wedge and the best form of saving Ricardo's life.

'I don't understand it, but... what are you going to do about it...? I don't see the connection between the song and helping Ricardo at all...

You can do anything you want.

 I said to Fan Union, who was listening in a daze.

'Can you do that?'

''Well I don't know if I can do anything that big, but...''

'Sing as you always have, and let the people of this country be stirred.

 Eren and the others looked at each other and nodded their heads.

I'll do my best. Right?

Yeah. It's the least we can do.

I'll do my best, sir.

 Then Eleonor quickly raised his hand.

The first thing you can do is to make sure that people listen to the song. It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends.

I've taken that into account. It's a nice day for it.

 I said to the girls, who gave me a questioning look.

I said, "This theme is a miracle. Let the godless nation be saved by song.