298-Miracle song

 We were walking through Galadenagua, the capital city of Gadeisiola.

 There were no churches as in Geordal, no knights as in Agaha.
 There didn't seem to be any forbidden soldiers in the city, either.

 I had flown my magic eye to various places as if I were trying to figure out how people were living.

It's a good thing that they're so small," he said, "because they're the three biggest countries under the earth.

 Eleonor says in a leisurely tone.

''That's right. <If the territory of the country is surrounded by the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), that's the extent of what we can see, right?

 Sasha refers to the on the borderline.

The capital city is quite big, but what other cities do they have? <I don't think we'll be able to fit inside the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen).

 Kokoro, Misha nodded.

'I don't think there's another city.'

After all, aren't there that many people who believe in a god that isn't worshipped in the earth?

 As Sasha looks around the city, she wonders.

 It is extremely difficult to live in the depths of the earth without relying on God.
 Since you are going to disobey that way of life, only those with reasonable circumstances would come here.

But this is not a country born yesterday or today. "But this is not a country born yesterday or today. The population will grow in its own way.

 There seem to be more people coming and going there than in Agaha or Gadeisiola.

There seems to be no shortage of land. If we just let nature take its course, there's bound to be more cities.

 Nodding her head, Misha said.

'Can't you expand the
Well, there's Cerys, the Dark Lord Iggess, and Cailam the Spelling King. I'm sure the High King who governs this country has a certain amount of magical power. I'm sure they dare to keep the size of the building to a minimum.

 If we expand our territory unnecessarily, though, it will be that much more difficult to maintain the .

''I understand that expanding the territory isn't enough.

 Singh said to me, wary of his surroundings with a murderous gaze.

''Why can't the people of Gadeisiola leave this place except for the forbidden soldiers and phantom knights? <Although the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) is effective against the divine race, it's not an environment where the enemy will attack you the moment you step outside.

''With those forbidden soldiers and the Knights of the Phantom Name, they seem to have plenty of eyes on the nations.

 Misa said, and Eleonor sounded impressed.

'Ah, I see. Even the neighboring Agaha wasn't the kind of people who would suddenly attack the people of Gadeisiola, and they don't seem to mind going out for a bit.

So why can't I leave?

 Hmmm, Sasha twisted her head.

''I understand.........!

 Zecia said with a look of pride on her face.

'That's amazing, Zecia. A genius.'

 Eleonor complimented, and Zesia glared at him.

'I haven't ... said anything ... not like that ... no ...'

 Eleonor chuckles at a disgruntled Zesia.

''Alright, Zesia is clever. So what did the High King want to do?

"I wanted to ... lock you all in ...

You can't just lock me in...

 I guess I couldn't help but say it, or very unpopularly, Sasha spilled those words.

''........I wanted you to stay close.......!

I'm not lonely.

"....Zecia....is....lonely...! The High King is also.......lonely.......!

 Clenching both fists, Zesia appeals to Sasha.

''Yes, you may be right...''

One more thing I thought of...

 Zetia slid closer to Sasha.


This land is ... amazing ...

Well, what's the big deal?

Anyway....it's amazing...!

 Zesia is trying to push through with her momentum.

'Yeah, well.... So it's awesome, so how is it?

It's amazing.

I don't understand.

 Sasha looks troubled and puts her hand to her forehead.

'There's something unnatural about it, though, besides the fact that the people can't leave the country.


 Misha said as Sasha raised a question.

'We don't have any food shops,'

 I've been walking around this city for a while, and the streets of Gadeisiola are comparable to those of Geordal and Agaha.

 As far as the shops are concerned, there are enough commodities, such as daily necessities.
 But for some reason, the only thing missing is a store that sells food.

'Are we all self-sufficient or something?

 Eleonor holds up his index finger.

I doubt that food can grow so well in such an underground environment. Even if we were to successfully grow our own food in this city, we would still have to get what we need from the outside. Even if I think about it, it doesn't make sense that they don't let the people out.

 If the land is small and densely populated, it would be easier to get food out there.
 Or do you manage to do something with magic?

"If you don't want to expand your territory, even if you want to confine your people and increase their population, I doubt it. The more we increase, the more this city will soon become too small for us.

 And in a suspicious country that doesn't interact with the rest of the world in the first place, people would rarely come in from the outside.
 The more people who come and go freely, the more people will come to this place. If that happens, the number of people will increase.

Then there's that. Going to another country means you believe in God, so how about we don't let you leave the country?

 Eleonor lightly pointed at me with his index finger, and Zesia said vigorously.


Hey, Zecia! Payback!

 They flirted as if they were chasing each other.

'If only they would come back, it wouldn't matter if they left the country. Or maybe they think that once they leave here, the people won't come back of their own accord.

"That's like saying Gadiçiora is a stupid country...

 Sasha gives him a disgusted look.

Well, there may be some unexpected circumstances. Well, there may be some unexpected circumstances, and I hope it's not for a bad reason.

Oh, there's a big hole in there, isn't there?

 Ellen said.
 There's a big crater in the middle of the city, with a deep hole in the center of it.

'Oh my God, it's so deep!

You can't see back there, can you?

Show me. Show me.

 Nono and Jessica and the others ran happily along, looking into the hole in the center of the crater.

'Hmm. Just like the prophecy.


 Misha asks.

'Yeah. 'This one just fell yesterday,'

 Diedrich told me the day and place where the shaking rain would occur.

 <Even though the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen) also covers the sky in the form of a dome, the rocks that fall are permanently immortalized by the power of the Almighty's sword.

 If it came down with great force, it would be impossible to prevent it.

''I'll use this.

 Sasha gives me a questioning look.

'Is this, um ... shaking rain?

 I nodded, and just as I was nodding, I was approached from behind.

"Hey, you guys over there!

 I turned around and saw the robed ones there.
 They are the people of Gadeisiola.

''You may not look it, but the place is off limits. If you have just entered the country, you must go to the High King's Castle as soon as possible.

 A man who looked like a leader said that.

'Hmm. Just in time. Are you guys checking out the shindigame?

 The man replied with a dubious look on his face.

'What about it?'

'You're in trouble because the wards in the sky suddenly can't keep out the shaking rain, aren't you? I thought I'd give you a hand with one.

 Showing slight surprise, the man in the robe said.

''........You think you know what's going on?

''To put it simply, it was the work of the treacherous god Genudunub. That canopy and the rain have become an indestructible mass that will never be destroyed. And before long, the Shaking Rain will fall on this city again.

How do you figure that's possible?

 An earth shaking that drowned out the man's words resounded from the heavens.

 It was the Shinten. <Turning his eyes to the other side of the wall, he saw that the canopy was shaking and gradually falling.

 As if a part of the canopy had been removed, a large rock protruded from it.
 There were thirteen of them in total.

''There's a lot of them this time around.

Predict the position of the rainfall and issue an evacuation notice! The demon wall of the exorcism can withstand a small amount of damage. In the meantime, we must take refuge in a safe place!

 The man shouts.
 But then one of the large rocks protrudes further from the canopy.

You can't do it! That's not going to make it in time!

And let me go anyway! We have to get as far away from the shindig rain as possible!

 I quickly raised my hand in spite of the people of Gadaishiola, who were in a hurry.
 Eren and the others see this and, as if they have figured out my intentions, draw a magic circle.

  is activated.
 The accompaniment played was the Demon King's Hymn No. 6, "Neighbor".

''Oh, hey! What the hell are you doing? This is not the time for that. Come on! Anyway, let's run away together!

If we run, your city will fall apart. Don't worry. That song of theirs will destroy the rain.

What are you talking--

 A violent gaga gaga gaga gaga sound rang out from the heavens and a huge trembling rain fell on this land.

 Instantly, I took out the Sword of the Almighty, Levine Girma.
 <I used the Veneziara and pointed my eyes to the sky with my magical eye.

 As the rain accelerated, it reached an unstoppable momentum and collided with the four walls of the sky.

 With a rumbling sound, the rain was plunged into the raised walls of the four walls.
 Although the momentum was slightly slowed down, the lower half of the wall had already penetrated that magical barrier.

 If that's the case, it's only a matter of time before it falls.


Oh, God, I didn't know there was this world~~

"'Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo!'

 The moment that singing voice rang out, the trembling rain disappeared without a trace in a flash.



The rain is gone...?

 <Using , the Revine Girma of Possibility slashed and dissipated the large rock that had turned into a permanent immortality.

 The men gasped in astonishment at the sight.

''.........What.......what was that.......?''

As you can see and hear. Their song has beaten away the shaking rain.

 With an expression of impossibility, they turned their gaze to the Demon King Choir.


"That trembling rain that easily penetrated the demon wall of the exorcism and pierced the very depths of the earth...?

You beat it out with a song... how is that possible...?

'....It can't be...it shouldn't be possible...but...but...

''As soon as I heard that song, the shaking rain disappeared right before my eyes, it's an undeniable fact...''

 Revein Gilma is a blade that is released without pulling out of its sheath.
 It is not even reflected in their eyes.

 The people of Gadaisiola stood there, stunned.

''What are you doing?''


 I raised my hands to the heavens to the man who looked puzzled.

'Behold. The trembling rain still lingers, and in due time it will descend upon the land. The strength of their song is not enough for them alone. Let the people of Gadesiola gather here and sing together!

But such a song is not for us...

"Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo, that's all you have to say. Now we'll turn it into a force to be reckoned with.

 Thinking for a moment, they say.

''Well that's about as good as it gets...''

Oh, yeah. We're going to have to...

 The men in the robe look at each other.

''But can we trust you?''

"This is not the time for that! We need to stop it from shaking and raining! We all have the same desire to protect the city.

'Sure ... well ... you're right ...'

 They nodded yes.

'Let's go get some people!

My name is Diaz. My name is Diaz Arondo. Tell me the song. Tell us that song! Let's work together and get through that trembling rain!

 Diaz holds out his hand to me.
 We shake hands and I say.

"Anos Voldigord. Nice to meet you.

 The canopy shook loudly and signs of shaking rain could be seen again.
 The Demon King's Choir shouted loudly and began to sing, "Don't open it...

 One by one, the people of Gadeisiola gathered in the square.
 The men of the robe explained to them, with a serious look on their faces, that they were going to sing to them and beat away the shaking rain.

 Soon, out of nowhere, a kuik, a practiced voice begins to leak out.
 It grows in number and gradually becomes a loud roar.

 Following Geordal and Agaha, the forbidden gates were now about to open here, as well.