299-Gadisiola's hatred

 --Hey, big brother. I think we're on the move.

 As the Demon King's Choir's song reverberates through Galadenagua, I hear a voice calling out to me.
 I shifted my vision to Arcana's magic eye.

 I'm inside the Demon Wall Tower.
 Ray is next to me.

 The forbidden soldiers were surrounding the two of them.

 Their eyes were somehow strangely insinuated.
 Although I cannot know the subtleties of their emotions like Misha does, I still know this, as much as I hate it.

 It's a scornful gaze directed at the object of their hatred.

'What a god!'

 One of the forbidden soldiers asked that clerically.
 He seemed to be suppressing his emotions.

'I am Arcana, the god with no name,'

 The woman who asked looked irritated at the answer.

'Are you making fun of me?'

Son of the Dragon. It is not a lie. Sometimes God forsakes a name. If you want to know the name of the past, I will tell you. I am GennuDunub, the god of disobedience, the god who did not put down his name.

You're kidding me.

 His voice sounded low and mingled with anger.

'You wise little god. Did you think that by mentioning the name of the treacherous god, we would worship you? It may be said by others that Gadiçiora believes in a god that does not put to sleep, but the content of that belief is not what you think it is. To us, gods and non-pasteurized gods are no different.

 The forbidden soldier stared at Arcana with cold eyes.

''What do you mean by that?''

"If you are indeed a god of treachery, you could not be ignorant of this. For this lesson that neither God nor a god he does not treat will save mankind, was brought to Gadeisiola by Gennu Denub, the other god of treachery and deceit.

 The forbidden soldier spat out sharply, "Never believe in God.

'Never believe in God, for that is the pain we have each carved in this body, and our contrary faith in you. We, the people of Gadeisiola, stand above God and rule over it.

'I understand your teachings, son of the dragon. But it is true that I was an apostate god, and that I have now renounced that name. I do not mean to deceive you.

 In a serene voice, Arcana says

'There are many different gods. It would be both right and wrong to say that God does not save people. But I swear that I am a God of order who gives men salvation. This body is a form of order that gives salvation to men.

 The forbidding soldier thrust his spear at the tip of Arcana's nose.

'If God is going to give you salvation, why didn't you save it?'

 The woman, in a fit of rage, asks, "I prayed.

I prayed. I begged God, and I gave it all up! But after everything you threw away, my baby didn't make it. Why was he born with a short life expectancy? Why can't the one who was even called God save one life?

 Sadly, Arcana looked back at the woman.
 Anyone could see that she would be trapped in the tragedy of her past.

 She had prayed to God, asked for a miracle, and it hadn't come true.
 On earth and under the ground, it's a common occurrence.

'Was it such a great hope to just live a human life span? Eventually, the priest said. I didn't have enough faith, I didn't pray enough. This is a ridiculous story!

 Both hands holding the spear trembled in anger.

The teachings of Zioldar, the teachings of the Agaha, they are all a sham. God does not save anything. It doesn't matter how much you pray or what you offer. Then be honest from the beginning. There is no God!

 Underground is a world of faith.
 Therefore, when God betrays you, your anger is also great.

'O son of the dragon! There is no lie in the words, "I will give you salvation, son of the dragon. But this body is not omniscient and omnipotent. There are lives and hearts that cannot be saved. It is not that your prayers were not enough. Nor did your faith not extend to it. I'm not asking you to forgive me. It's just that God's power wasn't enough.

 Biting his back teeth with a grimace, the forbidden soldier put his hand into the air.

''Don't........screw you........''

 A mixture of hatred and anger, muttering.

''Screw you!

 The spear that was thrust out as if it had lost its mind, but it did not pierce Arcana.
 The tip of the spear had been cut off.

'I know you wanted to save the child, though.

 Ray says.
 Before Arcana could be pierced, he slashed through the spear of the forbidden soldier at Evans Mana.

'If you've realised that gods aren't special, then you've realised that the god race isn't much different from you.

"Shut up. Now God says that? After all that you've declared that God is order and that he is the hand of the Almighty Glittering, the ruler of everything, you think he's just like us when it's inconvenient?

'That god isn't me or her. I don't know much about your situation, but I don't want you to blame us for things that have nothing to do with us.

 The forbidden soldier glared at Ray.
 Maybe those words sounded to her like a mere evasion of responsibility.

''........All gods are the same. It's all about order and reason, and they don't even try to consider a single human feeling!

 What she's saying is not entirely wrong.
 Surely such a god is abundant in this world.

 To the point of disgust.

'I don't deny that many gods lack a heart. But it would be wrong to declare them all to be so. In fact, many of you believe in God, down here in the depths of the earth, and you don't believe in Him.

f*ck you!

 Drawing a new spear from the magic circle, the forbidden soldier thrust it at Ray again.
 He cut it off with ease.

 As I recall, he had said in Gadeisiola that the treatment of the gods would be decided by the High King Viafrea.
 This action was clearly nothing more than a personal grudge.

 Nevertheless, the surrounding forbidden soldiers do not even try to stop her.
 All of them look at the same way and only look at Ray and Arcana.

 So this is the same bad luck.

It's a good thing that you're not a human being. Identify yourself! What kind of god are you?

 When asked that, Ray replied with an obvious look.

''God of Courage, Ray Grands.

...God of Courage?

 He looks like he's never heard of it before.
 Of course, that's because he's the god of bullshit that Ray just thought of.

What you lack is courage. The courage to admit your mistakes. Your grief and your hatred are undeniable. But not all the gods have turned against you. Eradicating the gods won't bring your children back to life.

 At Ray's admonishing words, the forbidden soldier refuted head-on.

'You gods always speak only for your own reasons! God is a harm in his very existence. The order of fire burns people, and the order of the blade slays people. The order of life has taken the life of my child. And you trample even this pride of vengeance with an order called courage!

'You only see the bad side of things. If you can't make a fire, you'll freeze to death; if you can't cut it, you can't cook it. If you don't have the courage, you won't be able to move forward.

"You always say that. But don't underestimate it. We won't always be deceived by the word of God. The world revolves around order and not order. We can live without God! That's what Gadeisiola is for, that's what the High Dragon is for!

 The forbidden soldier put magic power into the spear.
 Instantly the tip of the spear burst into flames and the blade was covered in flames.

All the forbidden soldiers of our Gadeshiola are all betrayed by you gods. Some have been robbed of their lives by the Watchtower God of regeneration, some by the Gospel God, and some by the God of Brilliance. We have sworn an oath together. We shall have our revenge. Together, we will destroy the gods and restore true order and peace by our own hand to the depths of this earth!

 Flames blocked Rei's escape and the tip of the fire was thrust into his heart.


 A flash. When Ray swung the Spirit Godman Sword, the flames were drowned out by the sword pressure and the spear was flung off at the same time.

''I understand your hatred, though.''

 Holding the Evans mana to the forbidden soldier's throat, Ray looked at her.

'The world won't be at peace just because you've destroyed the gods.

What... what?

Do you have your revenge? Does the vengeance that has led you to turn your personal resentment against the species of the god race really end up destroying the gods?

 She stared back at Ray's calm gaze with hatred.

'I can't help but feel that twisted revenge will produce twisted results. As long as you guys are living with endless resentment and hatred, aren't you just creating new enemies again? That battle may not end until everything is destroyed and everything is gone.

What do you know about it?

Once I know how you feel, I can't right your wrong.

 Ray gave her a furious, eye-rolling look that couldn't be maintained.

'I remember. I remember your hatred, your resentment. I've seen so much of it over two thousand years ago that I can't stand it. You are now at a crossroads and you have a choice to make. Do you just want to continue to hold a grudge, or do you want peace?

 The sound of footsteps echoed roughly.
 The forbidden soldiers who had surrounded him to keep Ray and the others from escaping were pointing their hatred and spears at him.

''Is it okay? I think in Gadaisiola, we were told that the High King would decide the treatment of the gods, but won't he punish you guys for doing this?

Relax, loquacious god. It's not your concern. Go!

 The forbidden soldiers stabbed their spears into the floor.

 Purple flames ran on the ground and a magic circle was drawn at the feet of Ray and the others.

 A spark of fire rises from the magic circle.
 Instantly, Arcana's expression became distorted and she fell to one knee with a gakun.

''.........the wards that block the power of the gods.......''

That's right. <You gods can't even move as you wish in the midst of the Nuisines. This is the fruit of our wisdom that will strike down the divine order!

 The forbidden soldier who had been confronted with Evanescence Mana jumped back and reached for the spear that was flung away--


 Before she could grab her spear, she took a hit from Ray and crumpled to the ground.


 With her head on her back, she looked around.

 <All of the spears of the forbidden soldiers who had constructed the had been severed, and all of them were on their knees, their faces filled with anguish.

 They turned their astonished and bewildered gazes to Rey.

How did you come to be in the midst of the Nuijinus?

........How could a mere god of courage be able to move so freely and so quickly?

 With the spear severed, the magic circle of the disappeared, and the wards binding Arcana disappeared.

''Do you understand? No chain, even a chain that seals God, can bind the order of courage. Courage is there to be freed from all chains.

 Arcana's expression clouded slightly.

 His lines were a way to keep her from realizing that he wasn't a god, but still, Arcana wanted to say that Ray wasn't a god.

'The chains of hatred that bind you will be broken if you have the courage to do so. That's the order of this world. 'So,'

 To the forbidden soldier who prostrates himself on the ground, Ray says, playing the god of courage.

'If you really want peace, you must fight with courage, not hatred.'