300-Captive god

"....You gods apparently like to get on our nerves....

 Like a whip to a prostrate body, the forbidden soldier wields his magic power.
 The same goes for those around them. They pull out new spears and use them for support as they glare at Ray and Arcana.

 Their gaze was tainted with hatred for God.

''I've long since squeezed out my courage.

 Slowly, the woman rose to her feet.

'You have taken it from us. The order of the world, this world, has hunted down, trampled on, and murdered our children and loved ones for no good reason. I would have jumped into the fires of hell to save her! You people are the ones who left them to die with a cool face, thinking it was the order of the world!

 As inspired by the woman's words, magic overflows from the others as well.

'You've knocked yourself into the pit of despair, and now you have the courage to do it! Some gods show you hell, some gods save you. Well, this guy is a total self-made man. There's no reason for me to play your games. If God is going to bring salvation to people, why didn't you create a proper world in the first place?

 Ray didn't answer, he just listened to the forbidden soldier's words in silence.

''I'm tired of hearing your words that only grate on my ears and the preaching of the congregation!

 It was a suicide mission.
 Even if I stab them, I will kill them. With that spirit, the girls kicked the ground in unison--


 Their voices rang out sharply and the girls stopped moving with a snap.

 The ones who appeared were two soldiers dressed in dark green full body armor.

 They are the Phantom Knights. <Looking at the fact that they don't have the
 As they stepped forward, the forbidden soldiers retreated to make way for them.

'Driven by a personal grudge, have you forgotten our longing? What is the use of stabbing a dwarf god here?

 At the words of the phantom knight, the forbidden soldiers had a punishing look on their faces.

''Buying that hatred, the High King has selected you to be his forbidden soldiers. But don't think that Master Viaflare will tolerate you so many times.''

''I'm ... sorry ...''

No more excuses. Get back to work.

 He looked as if he wanted to say something back, but the forbidden soldier left.

'Get in there.

 After being told that by the phantom knight, Ray and Arcana looked around.
 Then, they quietly climbed onto the fixed magic circle.

''Where are you taking me?''

The High King's Castle.

 As one of the phantom knights packed up his magic power, they transitioned from the place.

 What was reflected in their vision was a prison.
 Purple flames drew a magic circle on the surrounding walls, ceiling, and floor, and the magic of the was being activated.

 It is probably a cage to confine the gods.
 Arcana's expression turned grim.

''It's not working.''

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to find out.

 It seems that they can't see through his is not there as if it were not there is suspicious.

I am the God of Courage. I'm a god of courage and there are no chains in this world that bind courage. That's the order.

 The phantom knight frowned.
 Ray smiled briskly.

''I heard that the High King Viaflare will decide the treatment of the gods, but if that's true, then I'll wait here quietly for a while. There's something I need to know.''

...Are you really God?

 "If I'm not a god, what else do you see?" the guy said doubtfully.

"If I'm not God, then what else do you look like?

 The phantom knight looks down at the holy sword held by Ray.

''The Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana. This is the holy sword that the heroic canon wielded on earth two thousand years ago.

 The Phantom Knight is a two thousand year old demon race. It's only natural that you know about it.

''You know a lot. You know a lot about it. Yes, it's the holy sword that Raygrans, the God of Courage, blessed and gave to him. He died and came back to me.

 As expected, since he was playing the tyrannical demon king, lying is imposing.
 If it weren't for the fact that it was so decisive, he wouldn't be so hard to spot.


 The phantom knight took Ray's hand.
 He was taken to the wall to be taken away from Arcana.

'Let's find out. If you are a god, then Master Viaflair will decide on your treatment. If you are not, then I will take your life here.

 The phantom knight reaches for Ray's neck.
 It instantly turned black and the magic power rose rapidly.

''Avoid. On the body of that demon child, the High Dragon lurks.''

 Arcana speaks up.

''What, don't worry. The High Dragon sips blood and can tell if you are a god or not. You will be able to see that if you are a god, you will not be destroyed, even if you are eaten. But if you're not, you'll just die.

 The phantom knight's hand turned from black to purple.
 Its claws extended sharply and were thrust at Ray's throat.

 I'm not going to duck, but behind me is a wall.
 I'm not going to be able to hide my true identity if I'm being eaten by the High Dragon.

 Ray exhales and stops for a moment.


 A flash of Evanescence Mana was flashed, and the arm of the Phantom Knight fell off in a blur.
 From the wound, a purple dragon head emerged and bared its fangs.

''After all, you are not a god, are you?

I don't want you to get it all wrong and destroy it.

That's a stupid thing to say. If you resist, you're bound to be suspect!

 The head of the dragon that was lurking in his body crawled out of his arms with a slime and attacked Ray as if he was about to be eaten.

 He slashed it down with his Spiritual God and Human Sword, cutting it down in one swipe.
 However, the High Dragon, which was divided into two parts, crumpled into two different shapes and then transformed into two dragon heads.

''To all units--''

 While continuing to let the High Dragon out of his arms, the Genie Knight sends .
 Not to let that happen, Ray kicked the ground.

''The Spirit God Human Sword--Secret Depths is One.''

 The light that gathered on Evans Mana turned into countless sword blasts, slashing the two dragon heads and the phantom knights before they could swing down.


 In the blink of an eye, the knights fell apart.
 However, each piece of it changed its shape and turned into thirty high dragons.

''One of the eight god selectors captured two gods that the non-conformist Anos Voldigord had made a pact with--''

 Even now, the is still echoing.
 Which of the thirty is the main body? Or are they all real?

 Ray looks around as if he were lost.

'One of them--'

 Before he could finish saying that he wasn't a god - a red spear was pierced through all thirty-six High Dragons.

 The High Dragon's gaze was focused on the other Phantom Knight.
 That one, who was wearing a dark green full body armor, was holding out a crimson spear without an ear tip.

 It's the Red Blood Demon Spear Dhiid Atem.

''-- ''

 A hole was drilled into all thirty high dragons.
 The dragons were sucked into the hole and disappeared in a flash.

''Attention, all units. We have captured two gods. One of them is down, but there is no harm done.''

 The man once again flew a  When the full body armor disappeared in a huff, a one-eyed face with a large eye patch was revealed.

The way the demon king has always been forceful. I'm sure you're too brave or too reckless to go along with it.

 One of the four evil royalty was the Dark Lord Yeejus.
 He was beaten by Eldmaed, but apparently he was revived afterwards.

''........Why are you on our side?''

 Delivering the Spirit Godman Sword, Ray asks.

''It is merely until our objectives coincide. I can't let the treacherous god Genudunub do what that man wanted, not yet you.

What's that, Celis?

Let me warn you.

 Not answering Ray's question, Ygeth said.

''The High Dragon is a god-eating, order-eating dragon. The High King Viaflair was chosen as the Eight God Selector, the end of Galvadrion's career.

The High Dragon is a god, son of a demon.

 Arcana asks, and slowly walks over to Yegesu in , in the midst of the .

'Rightly so, it was a god. Now he is just a raging dragon that eats gods.

How did that happen?

 Ray asks.

'It was the High King. After going mad with love, hating the gods, hating the order, and hating the god-fearing faithful, the High King, Viaphraea, wanted a way to destroy the order of the world. It was that man, Cerys Voldigordo, who blew it into his head that the order of the tyrannical god Galvadrion should be twisted and turned into a god-eating abomination of a dragon.

 You've twisted the order and made God into something else.
 That's a lot of half-hearted magic.

"The dragon eats gods and devours people, and takes the source of the gods as its own. That dragon is a horde of many root causes. The more it eats, the more it increases in number, and whether it slays or burns, it will continue to multiply until all the root causes within it are destroyed.

 So the quickest way to do it is to blow it up to the other side of the dimension, just like Yeejus.
 But that won't be enough to destroy it, either.

''The High Dragon, which eats the divine source, is of a distorted order. The individual I just mentioned is not much of a threat because he hasn't eaten any gods, but a dragon that has eaten the Trace God and the Gospel God has a ridiculous amount of power. They are an abominable dragon that eats God with the power of God.

''Is it because the forbidden soldier has the appearance of half a dragon and can use magic to seal the gods because he's a parasite of the High Dragon?''

 Ray asked Yggess so.

'It would have been better if it was only forbidden soldiers. Most of the people of Gadeshiora are parasites of the High Dragon. When push comes to shove, they will all become puppets to do the bidding of their magician, the High King.

What does the High King want?

It is known. Viaphlea wants to be vindicated. He wants to destroy every last one of his followers, the gods who have mistreated those he loves.

 Ray gives a small sigh.

'It's insane, though.

'A foolish thing. A foolish one, but too wretched a woman. It's a pretty thing compared to the man who seduced her.

 Yggess stows Dhiid Atem in his magic circle and turns on his heel.

'The Knights of the Phantom Names and the Dragon Knights are still skirmishing, but the Ahide we've already taken away is in a prison one floor below us. If you want to save him, now would be a good time to do so with less security.

Why do you want to join the Order of the Phantom Menace?

I have a job to do. I have to pay back what I owe you 2,000 years ago. Tell the Demon King. It's your last chance to get out of my way.

 With that, Edgess walked away.
 However, he stopped in the middle.

''Brave canon.''

 Without looking back, the Dark Lord says

'Your brother and son are alive.

 Ray couldn't hide his surprise at those words.

'Kasim, but...?'

"Reincarnated as a dragonborn. He's in this castle now, but he's got good instincts. He'll find out about you soon enough.

 With that, Edgess walked away.

 Ray looked divine for a moment, but shook his head to regain his composure.
 Then he says to Arcana.

''Let's go. I was just curious to know what the High King would do with you, but it's better to save Ahide first.

"Snow falls and lights the ground.

 Snow and moon flowers danced around Arcana, and the light dampened the effect of the .

 Arcana turned her serene eyes to Ray.

''You must do what you must do.''

 He smiled apologetically.

'Now is not the time to dwell on the past. And Kasim will probably run away from me.

 Arcana shook her head slowly.

'I don't know the circumstances. But you must be suffering now as a brave canon. I want my body to be the order of salvation. He said, "I will take care of Ahide; I will take care of him. If your salvation as the Son of Man is there, then go.

 Ray turned over.
 After a moment's thought, he said.

'Thank you.'

 When they left that prison, Ray and Arcana split up.