301-Overlord's purpose

 A tremor rain falls with great force on Galadenagua, the capital city of Gadeisiola.

 The rain, which has become permanent and indestructible, easily breaks through the magical barrier of exorcism that guards the city, the Benno Yevhen, and falls on homes and shops.


"Oh, that's unclean.


 The Demon King's Choir and the people of Gadesiola chorused the Demon King's Hymn No. 6, "Neighbors," and another round of hand-to-hand fist thrusts.

''Nobody knows...''


 In doing so, the rain of falling rocks is destroyed and dissipated.

''It's unclean there...''


 They struggled to learn its songs and learn its choreography in the midst of the trembling rain crisis.

 They were not familiar with the songs like the people of Geordar, nor did they have the physical discipline of the Agaha people.

 Their songs are poorly sung and their choreography is inexperienced.
 However, they are overflowing with the desire to protect their town and their neighbors.

"Don't go in there...

I'm not supposed to go in there. Oh, no, no, no, no.


 Another shivering rain shatters in the sky.

 Of course, I'm slashing and tearing with my revolving gilma to the tune, but to the people of Gadesiola, who don't know that, it will look as if the song has magic power and is destroying that big rock.

"'Teach me, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, all the things that are not in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the scriptures, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books, all the things that are in the books.

"'Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze! Ze Ze Ze Ze Ze Ze!

 They sang and thrust their fists out.

 I didn't have time to think about why singing would prevent the shivering rain, I just raised my voice to defend Galadenagua selflessly and single-mindedly.

"'Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo'

"Oh, God, I didn't know there was this world~~

''Oh, come on! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!''

 Then, as the last of the trembling rain popped off, the sound of the ground cracking that had been echoing from overhead gradually diminished.

 After a few seconds, it stopped.
 The trembling rain was over.

 As the postlude to "Neighbors" played, the breathless, robed man Diaz and the others stared at the canopy, half stunned.

 Eventually, when he realized that the shaking heavens would no longer occur, he said with a whimper.

''........I don't know what kind of magic it is, but we managed to.......?''

Yeah, and what a great song it is.

 When one of them said that, Diaz laughed.

'I thought so too. It's a song about us Gadeisiola people who open the forbidden gates that must not be opened, isn't it?

'Oh, gulp. Even if they say it's forbidden or unclean, I'm going to trust this hand alone to push forward. That's what we've done so far.

'It comes to my mind again that I'm going to teach you something that is not in God's teachings. God's teachings are not everything in this world. I really, really hate that you don't say that out loud, but instead just plainly say it as a matter of course.

The clincher is again. Oh, God. I didn't know this world existed. It's our paradise, the land of man without God, and you can feel the joy and gladness of getting there. And this sense of irony about God shows that people are not under God. It's wonderful to say the least.

What's the deal with the Demon King, by the way?

That's it, isn't it? It's our minds, isn't it? Don't believe in God. More importantly, I've appealed to you to love thy neighbor, our conscience. There's a hell of an irony in describing that heart as a demon king to God, again.

Hey, I was just thinking, why don't we make this our anthem?

But what can Lady Viaflair say about...


 Dias turned over to think about it.

'I'm sure Master Viafreya would have liked this song! Spread the word to everyone, practice and then let's hear it!

Praise God!

Me too!

 One after the other, they voiced their approval.
 The people of Gadeisiola could listen to "Neighborhood" with an open mind, because it was a song that paid off the trembling rain.

 And if it is apt, their song has the power to move the heart.
 It was the same in Geordal, and it was the same in Agaha.

 Come to think of it, it may be because of their ability to move my heart that I was drawn to this song.

'Hey, Anos!

 Diaz comes running up to me.

'I want this song to be the national anthem of Gadeisiola. Why don't you teach us more?

 Hmm. It's a little too good to be true.
 I didn't expect the national anthem, but that's okay.

Yeah. I'd love to.

 I look at Eren and the others.

'You heard it right. You can teach them to sing for a while now.

 The girls in the Fan Union nodded their heads in agreement with each other.

''Yes, Anos-sama!''

Well, can you get on with it? Where do I start?

 Diaz runs up to the girl from Fun Union.

 The people of Gadeisiola, gathered here to keep out the shivering rain, are gathered in a circle around us.

 I could see the children in the front row sitting down as if they were tired.

'Are you tired of the unfamiliar song and dance?'

 I called out to him and he gave a small shake of his head.

'....I'm hungry...'

 His voice spilled out with no effort.
 Turning back to Diaz, he said.

'I'm sorry. I'm sure Master Viaflea will be making time for you to eat in a few minutes.'


 The children responded in hushed tones and cowered.

'What's going on with the food in this country? By the looks of it, there's nothing in line at the store?

'Oh, Gadesiola is rationed. 'Yes, Gadeisiola is on rationing, and Master Vihlea distributes it personally. It's inconvenient, but it's still better than in other countries where people are fighting for what little food they have in the name of God.


"Are you from this country, Diaz?

'No, I joined a few years ago. I'm originally from Geordal. I'm from Ziolhayze.

 Georheise was a prosperous city. It is hard to believe that food is in short supply.
 In other words, my memory has been distorted.

 Is this due to the influence of the High Dragon's parasite?
 There's no way to get information about it since they can't go outside.

The kids can't stand it, so I'd at least give them a full meal, but food is scarce everywhere right now. Still, we can share our food equally. We're like a family.

 Diaz pats the child there on the head.
 <You can't get bored with just locking them up in the four walls of the world, and you're also reducing your energy to go outside.

 If so, why not turn them into puppets?
 The king of this country is a tasteless imitation. The king of this country.

"Haha, High Priestess...!

 A buzzing voice escaped from one of the circles surrounding us.

''It's Lady Viaflair........''

Master Viaflair is here!

 The human wall was split in half and the people of Gadeisiola were smiling overflowingly.
 Ahead of their gazes was a woman walking slowly toward them.

 She wore a gleaming dress and armor, and like the forbidden soldiers, she had the horns and tail of a dragon.
 Her long hair was reminiscent of a dragon's mane.

'Would you like to dine, Lady Viaflair?'

We've been waiting for you.

"I am deeply grateful to be able to share food with our family today.

 Quickly, Viaflea raises her hand as if to control the words of the people of Gadeisiola.
 She walked straight over and stood in front of me.

'I am the Nonconformist Anos Voldigord. I am Viaphlea Whips Gadeisiola, High King of Gadeisiola. Chosen by the God of Selection and the title of Predator.

 As expected, if you cause so much commotion in the city, you'll know who you are.

'I would like to talk to you alone, if you don't mind.

 What was the point of leaving you two alone, anyway?

I don't mind, but isn't it time to eat? I don't want to interrupt you. I shall have to wait.

 As I said this, the people looked at Vihlea.
 The children looked at her with covetous eyes.

'Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get our food yet. We're going to be late for dinner today.'

 The adults around them hurriedly hid the disappointed looks on the children's faces.


I'll have to talk to you first.

 Smiling, Viaflair held out her hand to me.

'Shall we go?'

 Take my hand, I guess that means.

 Sasha glares at her warily.
 I put my arm on her head and pull her away from the spot a little.

'Hey, hey, what's that, Anosk? This is no time for joking around...

Don't get all worked up. They've come all the way over here. I suppose it would be rude not to discuss it.

 Turning over, Sasha says.

'Yes, but I don't know what they're up to.

You think you can get rid of me just because you're up to something?

I don't think so.

Then you should have no problem. You can keep up with the singing and cooking. And cook.


 When she looked into my eyes, Sasha nodded her head as if she had guessed.

'Singh, we'll leave this place in your care. Use your discretion.

"As you wish.

 He responded shortly.

'Speaking of which, I brought you a hand-me-down.

 I say to Viaflare and I draw a huge magic circle there.

'Really? What is it?

What a load of crap.

 When he put his magic power into it, a large amount of food appeared there, along with light.
 An overflowing pile of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.


Look at this. I've never seen so many food!

 The children scream.
 <The children shouted out, "Lowe's!

 The conversion of magic into food is not only a flattering process, but the magic formula is extremely difficult to understand.
 I'm not sure if I'll ever have to learn this magic or if I'll ever have a chance to use it, but two thousand years ago, there were times when food was inevitably hard to come by.

''.........Anos-san......What is this.......?''

Eat what you want. When there's not enough, I'll give you more.

 With that said, I walked over to Viaflair.

"You don't mind, do you?

Yeah, no problem. Everyone, thank you very much.

 The people of Gadeisiola's people lit up at Viaflair's words.
 As if to say that they couldn't eat until permission was given.

'What's wrong?


 I take the hand she once again holds out to me.

 <The magic circle of the is drawn and my vision is dyed completely white.
 The place I've shifted to is a large room.

 The floor and walls are all black on one side, and the high ceiling is a vault.
 And sticking in the center of the room was a huge large sword with a dragon design on it.

 It looked familiar.
 It was also just a moment ago.

''This is the High King's Castle, the Pillar Room. That's the Heavenly Pillar Bracelets Velevim.

Hmm. Same as the one in the Agaha royal palace.

 As I recall, Diedrich said that there are several of them under the ground.

'Is it any wonder that the Celestial Pillar of the Sword is here on Gadesiola too?

Well. Well, we don't know much about the earth. Is there a reason for that?

'It's not a big deal. It's just that this country is still here because it used to be called Agaha.

 The High King Viaflea looks up at the celestial pillar-sword Verevim in a daze, not particularly looking at it.

''Right now, on the borders of Gadeisiola, there's a battle between the Phantom Knights of Gadeisiola and the Dragon Knights of Agaha.

I know.

'Their spirit is considerable. But no matter how much the Dragon Knights, and even the Sword Emperor of Agaha and the Future God, they are no match for your father, Cerys Voldigord.

 Maybe so.
 However, neither Celis nor Diedrich have seen the depths of their power.

'But I see a future for Diedrich. If there's even the slightest chance of victory, he's going to get there.

 Lowering her gaze, she turned to me.

'I want to zero in on that chance of winning. For the sake of this country.

 For this country? I don't think so.

I know what you want.

 She said invitingly.

'That would not be contrary to the purpose of Gadesiola. 'Anos Voldigord. Won't you form an alliance with us? I'm not going to say that about all matters.

 With hatred hidden behind her eyes, High King Viaflare gracefully held out her hand.

''For now, we have a common goal, the end of the Selective Judgment.