291-A gentle line of sight touching the abyss

 Below them was the Sword Emperor of Agaha and the Future God.
 After talking in the garden for a while, the two left into the castle.

''Hmm. You're a strong man. What is that man's hope?

 Misha blinked and turned to me with a snap.

'Want to know?'

Oh. Do you understand?

Maybe a little bit.

 With Misha's evil eye, I'm sure you can guess what was on Diedrich's mind.

"But I mustn't listen to it.

 Huffing, Misha smiles.

'Because Nafta will know.'

I don't need to know. Well, I guess we'll have to hear it from Diedrich, anyway. The future of hope.

 From the conversation between Diedrich and Nafta, it seems that the future god can only see the future as reflected in her flesh and demon eyes, and cannot look into her thoughts and mind.

 Is that, or is that a hint that we can reach the future of hope?

 However, no matter how much you change your mind, if you don't act, the future will not change.
 And if we act, it will be in Nafta's divine eye.

Shall we go?

Do you sober up?

I'm fine.

 Misha said with a slightly upbeat look on her face.

'Let's go then,'

 We left the balcony.
 We continued down the corridor for a while and Misha stopped in front of one of the rooms.

'My room,'

Speaking of which, what happened to Sasha?

 Misha pointed to the next room.

'Good night in your room.'

'Hmm. From the way you were at the drinking party, it's unlikely you'll be up until morning.

Sounds like fun.

 Misha opens the door and goes inside.
 I followed.

'So?' I'll give you time to do what you promised, but what are you going to do?

 Misha nodded her head.

'Don't you get it?'

So I'm listening.


 Still, Misha looks into my eyes.
 I can't read them. And then Misha giggled.

 Then she took my hand.

"Come here.

 She pulls my hand and leads me to the bed.

'Go to bed,'

 What's he going to do?
 Well, that's a promise. I'll do what you want.

 I lay on my back on the bed.

Is that all right?

 Kokoro, Misha nods.
 Bringing her face to mine, she says.

'Let me see all of Anos.'

 Hmm. Oh, I see. What a wonderful time to show you all of me.
 No, no. I did not expect that.

 I didn't think you'd like that.

See what I mean?

 Misha asks, looking a little uneasy.

'I can guess. But you don't have to do that.'


 Misha said in an unusually strong tone.

'It's your reward. 'Let me see,'

'It can't be helped. It's an odd one to want these things as a reward.

 As I say it, I release most of the anti-magic on my body.
 Misha gets up on the bed and sits upright a bit.

 She gently grabbed my head with both hands and placed it on her own lap.
 As it is, she peeks into every inch of my body with her magic eye.

'Anos is tired.'

What, no big deal. With me in my anti-magic state, you're the only one who will notice it.

 I didn't have much time to rest after I came to the depths of the earth.
 Day after day, he entered the dream world with the power of Arcana, fought against the Future God Nafta, and shed the blood of the Demon King.

 <The wear and tear of the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ashcannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) was no ordinary thing.
 To top it all off, you're fighting a trace god.

 The Spirit God and Human Sword is the holy sword used to destroy me. Its secret ingredient, the Heavenly Fang Blade Cutoff, is incomparable to the original Ray's, but it is powerful enough to hurt this root.

 On top of that, he dared to receive the from the Extreme Hell Realm Annihilation Cinderblocker> with his own body.
 Even though it was to get closer to the depths of his power, it had nearly destroyed him once. He was never able to ignore the wound at the source.

 In that state, I conquered the Seven Steps of Nirvana (Gili Eliam Naviem) and finished up by summoning the Demon King's Castle (Derzogade).

 As expected of me, I can't say I'm not exhausted.

"Show me more depth.

What do you see in that?

Trust me.

 Misha looks at me with sincere eyes.
 It would be fatal to expose the state of my body and its roots.

 I'm sure you're not going to be able to find a way to make it look good.

"You can't hide it from Misha anyway.

 She has the magic eye to see clearly.
 Someday, even if I'm in a perfect state, she may be able to look into the abyss of the source.

 Besides, the more you look into the abyss, the more your evil eye gets refined.
 Then showing her my roots will also help her grow.

''Is this good?''

 It disarmed most of the anti-magic covering the depths of the root cause and exposed it in front of Misha.

'The rest should be easy to see with your magical eye.

 She blinked with a snap and then dropped her gaze to my abyss.

''.........poor thing.......''

 Misha pats my head gently.

'Roots, messed up.

"Conquering the Aegil Groene Angdrolais is more than just a painstaking task.

 After all, I've taken the world-destroying magic in stride.

I've been forced to use my magic to keep it together.

 Hmm. That's nice of you to figure that out.

"Until you get used to your new root form. This is not something we can do anything about right away.

 Misha gives her a look of pain.
 It's not like she's in pain herself.

''Two thousand years ago, this is what it would have been like. It's rare to be able to fight in perfect condition.''

I can shape it up a bit.

 A magic circle floats in Misha's eyes. <The Magic Eye of Creation.
 A pseudo-delzogade is being constructed in the sky above this royal palace.

"It could be done, but I wouldn't advise against it.


''At any moment, annihilation oozes from my roots and is about to destroy the world. <The Devil's Eye of Creation will be able to use its power to adjust the root cause in the desired direction, but that will be a heavy burden on you. It's nothing, it's like taking my fatigue on your shoulders.

 I say to Misha, who is staring at me.

''It's demon king fatigue. Any normal person would die from it.''

 Misha gently reached out and touched my cheek.

'It's okay,'

 Gently, she whispers.

"Let me have a little bit of that on my back.

 Your eyes are soft and wicked, but they hold an unwavering resolve.
 If I tell you, you're not likely to listen.

"Can I touch something deep?

Do what you will.

 Misha's peers into my depths.

 Her gaze, filled with magic power, gently caresses the deepest part of me, as if the feel of her fingertips on my cheek reaches to the root of my being.

 Little by little, little by little, my fatigue eases, and the messy, distorted root of my body is being reshaped.

'Arcana was an apostate god,'

 <Misha says as she heals me with her magical eye of creation.

"Me and Sasha are what...?

I don't know.

 <Celis called it the Devil's Eye of Annihilation.
 Arcana had seen it too.

 How do these matters connect?
 Or is it all just a lie?

 We are clueless at this point.

But you are my best friend and colleague. As long as you know that, you needn't be afraid, no matter what you did in the past.

 Misha smiles softly.
 As if those words were what she wanted to hear.

'Anos is kind.'

 The girl who whispers this is the girl who whispers that, in the blink of an eye, her magic power is being drained away.

 She's looking directly into the abyss of my power of destruction, the source of my power of destruction.
 That alone would have been painful, but she's trying to lead you to what you should be.

'That's about right. I'm feeling much better.

 As I try to sit up, Misha gently holds my head in her little hands.

'No. Be quiet.

 Again, my head is on her lap and she smiles.
 Then she said.

'It's your reward.'

"Pain is my reward? It's an odd one.

 She shook her head from side to side with a shake of her head. 

'Because there's not much I can do to help Anos.

'I bow to your loyalty, but I'm not weak enough to let my men shoulder the pain.

It doesn't hurt.

 Misha tells her, whispering in her ear.

'Because I'm touching the deepest part of Anos.

 Hmm. I don't understand.

"Doesn't sound like a good reason, does it?

 After a quick blink, she replied in a small voice.

'Just me.'

''Well, I've never let others like the source so much as I have,''

 The only way to do that is with a magical eye like Misha's and a wizard of creative magic.

You can't get rid of it.

 Misha smiles.
 Like she cares about me, like she's trying to pretend there's no such thing as pain.

'I'll take everyone's demon king,'

 She said happily.

'I feel like I have it all to myself.'

 Just now, she adds.
 After all, Misha had been stroking me gently until the morning came.