368-The love disciple succeeded his teacher

 A mournful silence enveloped the throne room.

 As if to break it, there was a zabang and a splash.
 One arm of Graham's emerged wetly from the pool of blood and grabbed Dhiid Atem.

'It's no use scrambling now,'

 Under siege by the four blood gates, Graham was pierced through to the source and sunk into the Blood Gate.

 As long as they were trapped in the middle of the operation, it was impossible for them to escape.

"...that day, you regretted your mistake, didn't you?

 A thought transmission (leaks) echoes from Graham, who is sinking into the depths of the dimension.

I was ashamed of my inexperience in not being able to see into my master's heart. That regret caused me to turn my back on my master's will, which showed me the way to live as the Dark Lord Iges. Like him, I turned you into a ghost.''

 He grabbed the hilt of his spear and managed to keep it from sinking, but it's only a matter of time.

"So that's the end of the wanderings.

"Don't you see? Why didn't he tell you to be a ghost? I understood his feelings at the end of the day, and you deserved it.'

 Covering Graham's words, a moaning voice sounded in the area.

'Oh ... uh ... ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ...'

 A via flare.
 Light gathers in the magic circle drawn on its belly.

 Thump, thump, thump, thump in the womb.
 A tremendous amount of magic was about to awaken inside her.


 Murmuring deliriously, Viaflair placed her thin fingertips on her abdomen.

 Without changing his expression, the Dark Lord said.

'I don't know what kind of monster you plan to give birth to, but I won't live to see it.

'I don't know. If I wait until she destroys me, there's nothing to stop her from giving birth to that thing. The fetus will have a body shortly. If you want to abort it, it's now.'

It's not important. They should have buried you after you were born.

 Sure, it's reasonable.
 Whoever you are, you need to lightly rock him like a newborn baby.

"Do you think you could do that?

 Zuzu, Graham sank into the pool of blood and his hand was about to be released from the spear.

 Meanwhile, the root source, about to be born in the womb of Viaflare, was slowly beginning to emit a strong and violent magical power.

 The Dark Lord didn't respond to the shaking and turned his ship's eyes to Graham.
 No matter how he came out, he would have dealt with it with his magic spear.

 It's a good thing that you're able to get your hands off the hilt of the spear and then, as if it had reached its limit, let go completely.

 His arm sank into a pool of blood.
 Indeed, it looked as if the source had disappeared.

 A moment later--

 Yeges produced another dhid-atem from the pool of blood and thrust it at Via Flare.

 The tip of the red-blooded demon spear that transcends dimensions pierces through Via Flare's stomach.

...This girl...!

"The Red-Blooded Demon Lance, the first secret of its kind...

 The spear of Yggess drills a hole in the child in Viaflea's womb.


 The root source that was about to be born was swallowed by the rift in the dimension and flew far away.

 The veil of light that had fallen on the Holy Seating Room was gone, and the seating equipment that had been installed became particles of magical power that dissipated.

'Even if it is a squid monster, no fetus lives outside of its mother's womb.

No, no............................

 Viaflare rolls her eyes in dismay.

''No........me and Boldinos.......''

 Shaking her head from side to side, she was violently distraught.


 With that exclamation, Graham's hand, which should have sunk in, grabbed Yeejus's leg.

 The Dark Lord's gaze turned grim.
 The root that had been extinguished is, somehow, there again.

 He peeks out of the pool of blood, and Graham smiles good-naturedly.

'You see, you couldn't leave her behind.

 Ygess felt uncomfortable with Dhiid Atem and pulled it out.
 The tip of the spear had disappeared neatly.


 In an attempt to keep him from crawling up, the Dark Lord stabs Graham in the chest again with another red-blooded demonic spear.
 He puts his magic power into it, making every muscle in his body leap, and pushes it in, trying to sink it to the edge of the dimension again.

 With a bang, lightning blood flows out of his roots.
 The scarlet electric red lightning ran through the Red Blood Demon Spear and burned Yeejus' body.

 However, he still didn't let go of the spear, and as it was, the Dark Lord thrusts the spear down directly below him.

''Don't hesitate. Sink it.''

You're late.

 A purple lightning ran through the air and Dhiid Atem was cut off.
 Graham was carrying the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon in his left hand.


 Without a moment's pause, he stabbed Yeejus' leg with the Universal Lightning Sword, and Graham escaped from the pool of blood with a splash.

 As it is, with a flash of the Ten Thousand Thunder Sword, the running purple lightning scars on the four blood gates.

 As if to spread the wounds, the lightning spread all at once and exploded.
 The gates collapsed with a rattle, and the pool of blood disappeared.

''You should have looked more closely to see if I was properly destroyed first.

 Graham said.

'You're right, destroying it after it was born was the right thing to do. But you couldn't do it, even though you knew it would. I knew it was coming.

 When he raised his hand, the crucifix crucified to the via flare moved with a gurgle and fell from the mezzanine floor.

 With a thud, it stabbed into the space between Graham and the Dark Lord.
 The stake slipped out of his limbs, and the freed Viaflare fell forward.

''I'm sorry ... sorry ... Boldinos ... I ...''

 She turned around and gave him a somber look.

'It's okay, it's not.'

 Graham said, and Vihlea smiled, relieved.

'It's just the way it's supposed to be. You were brought in to create an opening for him. 'Thank you,'

"...if it helped Boldinos....

 Viaflair tried to get up, but he couldn't muster the strength and fell again.
 She put her hands on the floor and tried to raise herself up, but her body wouldn't move.

 Even if she tried to use magic, she couldn't manipulate the magic as if it were a magic power.


'You knew that, most (Jeff). There was no point in saving her anymore. Her body, which has been the mother of
 Graham threw words at the Dark Lord as if he hadn't taken up with Viaflare.


 Puzzled, the High King looked at Graham's face.
 He has a good-natured expression on his face, as usual.

 Viaflair somehow raised his body and ran to Graham.

''Red blood demon spear, the secret depth is one--''

 Yggess thrusts out his spear.

 Viaphlea gingerly braced herself against that demonic spear that was attacking her.
 However, without difficulty, Graham's Universal Lightning Sword flicked it away.

''........Ah, thank you......''

You're welcome.

 Fresh blood seeped into Viaflea's body.
 Graham had pierced Viaflea with the Universal Lightning Sword.

''.........What do you mean.......?''

'You're going to die, Viaflair. Maybe you're going to die. Anyway, I guess this is goodbye.


 With an expression of disbelief, Viaflair looked at him.

''........this is not true.......because Boldinus would never do such a thing to me......''

Of course.

 Even though the magic sword was stabbed into her chest, her expression brightened with a flash.


I'm not Bordinos, you know.

 The High King was stunned, as if he didn't understand what was being said.

''Boldinos........? What are you talking about....

'Boldinos, the first High King, was one of my pawns. He was just as gullible as you are. He listened to me on many occasions. I killed him in the end. I lied to you that I was reincarnated as a substitute and pretended to be him.


"If you think of me as Boldinos, it's more convenient. <Your body was the perfect fit for the transference of the mother-in-law, Gigerica.

 Rolling her eyes, Viaflair looked at him.

'You were in love with love, weren't you? You weren't looking at the other guy. You tried so hard to put Boldinos back together after he changed, but he didn't change, he was a different person.

 Graham says, as if it were obvious.

'You didn't even notice that. The love you had for me, if that love was real, you would have noticed that I wasn't Boldinos, wouldn't you?

...because...it's not...

'If you thought there was no way to know, that's the extent of your love for me, Viafrere.

You're full of shit when you're trying to pull something like that off.

 Yeejus pointed his magic spear at Graham.
 The just now must have been an attempt to save her.

I don't like to hear it. I just wanted to see true love. That's good. I was a fake, so I had nothing to lose.

'No no no no no no!

 Spitting up blood, Viaflair struggles to speak up.

'What's the difference?'

'I ... I ... bordinos ... made a promise to him ... that when I am reborn, I will do it again ...'

You broke that promise and made a complete stranger your lover. A moment ago, you were carrying my child in your body.

 Via Flare rakes up the last remaining magical power in his right hand.

'It's not a shame to take it out on you,'

 The Universal Lightning Sword was pushed into Via Flare.


 The magic power drains from her body.

 Tears spilling down her face, Viaflea squeezed out the words.
 Pulling out her magic sword and flipping her body around, Graham shoved her towards Yggess.

''You may speak now,''

 At the same time as Graham's words, the magic of flickered for a moment.
 The Dark Lord, who was holding his spear, quickly held her body in his arms.


 With tears in her eyes, Viaflair appeals for help.

"....It wasn't love.......I'm Boldinos.......?

"If you try to have the right thoughts, you will make a mistake. A man without a soul can't understand.

 The Dark Lord draws a magic circle on Via Flare's body.
 <It's the magic of reincarnation (silica).

I reincarnated Boldinus too. Now go and see for yourself.

 Via Flare's body turned to light and rose up in a swoosh.
 In that split second when the Dark Lord looked away from it with gentle eyes, a blade of purple light pierced his heart.


"I owed you a debt. In my Zekt, you couldn't tell Viaflar the truth.

 Graham whispered at close range as he thrust his ten thousand thunderclap sword into Yggeth.

'At least you hoped that she wouldn't have any more unwanted children. Knowing that you can't save anyone after all.


 Graham said lightly as he gutted the root of the problem.

'I knew you were the same. You are the beloved apprentice of Cerys Voldigord, who was unable to be ruthless at the end of his life. Even though he left you a will to prevent you from choosing the same path, you failed to keep your mentor's word.


 Yges' hand touched Graham's face.
 When the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords emitted purple electricity at the source, the dark lord's body trembled and his fingertips relaxed.

 A trace of Yeejus' blood is drawn on Graham's face.

''It's the ghost of a bastard who can't live in peace,''

 As he swept past Gaudgemon, Yeejus disappeared.
 Blood-red particles rose to the spot in a breeze, and soon he was gone.

 With an innocent look on his face, Graham turned his attention to me.

'Hey. I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

 I looked back at him in silence.

 It was as if everything was terribly still.

What, not so much.

 I step over the red line that Yggess drew and step out in front of him.

'Let me ask you one thing, was it Elrolarielom who was in Viaflair's belly?

Some say yes, some say no. <With the magic of Eques.

What do you want?

Just curious. Curiosity. What's out there in the deep end of the world?


 I kick his words away and stop myself.

"You trampled on a lot of people's feelings for a stupid thing.

'Oh? That's unusual. Are you mad at me? If so, I'm glad.

 A dark laugh rises from the pit of my stomach.


 This might be the first time in my life that I've felt this strange.

'Kukku, hahahahaha. 'Angry? What are you talking about, Graham? You think I'm mad at you?

 When I snap my fingers, the figure of Yeejus appears at the place where I was just a moment ago.
 <It's agglonemt. With it, I regenerate the source of my demise.

"My father, Cerys Voldigord, took away my memory.

 I tell him matter-of-factly.

"Let go of your hatred. Let go of your hatred, and go for peace. That's the only thing my father ever gave me.

 You must protect it.
 Never allow vengeance to blind you.

 That is why...

"I am grateful to you, Graham. This is the man you must destroy, and I cannot stop rejoicing from the bottom of my heart.

 Thrusting my right hand loosely forward, I turned the back of my hand and put my magic into it.
 Holding peace to my heart, I smiled.

 Just like always, naturally.

 But somehow, an unusual thought changes the shape of my face on its own.

'That's the thanks. I'm reminded of how peaceful this era is, with no vengeance...

 Now I'm laughing at you.

I'm going to have to teach you a lesson.