369-The horrifying world

 The school of the gods, Averast Anzeta--

 Me and Graham face each other in the Holy Seat Room, where the falling light has disappeared.

 The magical power that rises from both of us covers half of the circular chamber with each other.

 As if claiming their own territory, black and purple particles gently intersected, collided, and sparked violently.

 The aftermath shook Aebelast Anzeta so violently that it raged as if it were about to blow away the depths of the earth.

'I've been waiting for you for a long time,'

 Graham draws a spherical magic circle with the purple lightning and holds the blade of the Universal Thunderbolt near his left shoulder.

"We understand each other. Let's--

 Purple electricity swirled around the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords, and its blade stretched out in a lurch.
 Graham cleaved the sword barrel, which had turned into electricity, into a horizontal flash.

''-- Let's talk about the pile up, shall we?

 Purple lightning flashes.

 I wrapped the Four Realms Wall of Fame in my left hand and applied the Demon Black Thunder Emperor to it.

 The aurora of black lightning-covered darkness catches Shiden's sword flash.

 A straight line of scars was marked on the wall behind him, jizz jizz jizz, emitting an eerie sound and causing a violent explosion.

 The wall crumbled down with a rattle.

'If you want to talk, you'll have to stand in front of me yourself from the beginning.

 A magical circle of 100 gates unfolds in front of him.
 From there, one after another, a jet-black sun appears.

''Don't just hide behind my father's name and neck.

  was shot out all at once.
 With a tail of black light, that jet black sun struck Graham hard.

"Would you be as interested in me as you are now if I had just appeared in front of you from the start?

 Shaking off my left hand, I let the diffuse like a wall, and Graham counteracts the .

 Parts of the shattered walls and floor roll up like dust and cover my vision.
 From within it, the guy who emerged from the face lowered himself and charged straight at me.

'Destroy my mother,'

 He half-avoided the universal thunderbolt sword that was swung down.

'My father shall be destroyed.'

 He saw off the blade wielded by the side cleaver and took a half-step back.
 Just millimeters in front of the tip of his nose, the blade of the Shi-den passed by.

''Because you took its head and disgraced its dignity, you can't help but take out your bare emotions on me in that way.

 Just as a follow-up, a stabber clad in purple lightning strikes this body.

 Once again, the four walls of the wall (Benno Yevhen) is superimposed on the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd), and the blade is received with the left hand.

 The sound of Jirasd Jirasd Jirasd, the sound of Zidane and Black Thunder raging against each other, reverberated in the room.

''Ugly hatred.''

Do you really want to be hated?

 At the same time as we moved, he and I pointed our fingertips at each other's bodies.

"Jilasd, the Black Thunder Emperor.


 Purple and black lightning collide, and a thunderclap roars in the Holy Seat Room.
 Black and purple lightning bolts ran in layers, and debris fell from the ceiling in pieces.

 Their lightning strikes burned each other, but they were only grazed.

'What's the difference?'

 Graham asks, "If I was looking for hatred and ugliness, for example, what would be the difference between you and me looking for love and kindness?

If I'm looking for hatred and ugliness, for example, what's the difference between me and you who are looking for love and kindness?

Nonsense. A parable at this point in time.

 Stepping inside the sword's pause, I neutralized the Universal Thunder Sword and dyed my hands into the Root Source Death Killing (Bevsud).

 With the black death knuckles pointed at me from both sides, Graham easily threw away the lightning sword and dyed his arms in Bevsed.

 Graham controls my protruding fingertips, and I control Graham's fingertips.
 As a result of our mutual restraint, he and I team up with four hands.

 The aftermath of the furious force of our pressing together caused a mishap and a crack to appear on the floor.

'I like love and tenderness, too. It's always pregnant with a beautiful despair. It's fragile and crumbling, a hotbed of ugliness and hatred.'

'If you really think that's worthy of a favor, you're a rotten man in the head.

 Graham's knee snaps slightly.
 I use all my strength to hold the combined black
 The particles of magic power that rise up widen the cracks in the floor even more.

'It's because it's fragile that it protects you. It is because it is fragile that it protects you. It is because it is crumbly that it is precious above all else.

 Twist both hands as hard as you can, and with a gulp, Graham gets down on his knees in place.

'Can't a twisted fool understand?


 His knees are broken and his arms are shoved in, but he still has a nervous expression on his face.

'But have you ever thought of this? She said love and kindness just happened to be what a lot of people wanted.

 Looking at me with his magical eyes, Graham says

'Somewhere that wasn't here, maybe there was a world where hatred and ugliness were both precious and beautiful.

 I squeezed his hands together and crushed them, pushing Graham's body into the floor as hard as I could.
 His feet are caved in and the floor splits.

 <I thrust my Bevsed hand into its neck.

 He spits blood from his mouth, but Graham still speaks.

'Anos. What would you think if you went into that world?

 I try to cut his head off, but he grabs my arm with his crushed hand.

'It's an ugly, stupid, desolate world. It can't be any worse than it was two thousand years ago, can it? Everything in the world seems twisted to you. And I wonder if it will begin to seek love and kindness and destroy everything else?

 Boring stuff.

'You think you're the one for this world?

 He chuckled.

'The world looks warped, my dear. The peace you're trying to make is inexplicably horrible in a world that's increasingly devoted to love and kindness.

 Jeez, purple electricity gushed out.

 His right hand, raised to the heavens, clutched the spherical magic circle of possibility created by the .

''It's as if this is a false world and everything is deceiving me.

 What my demon eyes captured was the overwhelming power of destruction.
 The condensed purple electricity concentrated in Graham's hands, raging through the lightning light.

'Is my eyes distorted or is the world going crazy?

 A magic circle of purple light is building up around us.

'Which one do you think it is?'

 Out of pure interest, Graham asked.

'Not the face of one who doubts his own eyes, is it?

 He smiles.


'At the end of the day, you don't matter either way. Whether or not the world is crazy or not, others will still get hurt. You say that you don't care about that at all.

 With his neck pierced, he lifted his body and thrust his other hand into its belly.

 When I gouge out the source, red lightning floods my arm like blood and clings to my arm.

"I don't mean to lay out some grandiose agenda for you. The peace I seek, you are the obstacle. You trample the dignity of your mother and father, you try to bring chaos to the world, you play with other people's hearts like a toy.

 At my words, Graham's lips lifted up at the corners of his lips in satisfaction.

'Therefore destroy.'

Go ahead.

 The magicians drawn in Graham's purple light were ten.
 They joined hands with each other to form a huge magic circle.

You will always have the world as a shield. My doomsday magic will always reach you first.

 The magician's magic circle of purple lightning is thundering.
 A huge amount of purple lightning poured out, and the lightning of destruction gushed out from all directions, shooting at me.

 <I'm not going to be able to see even the magical eye of destruction, and even the four walls of the walled world can easily be turned to ash.

"It's a smoldering, purple lightning and fire electric field.

 That purple lightning, which calls for the end of the world, is going to destroy me.

 Hence, I have only one action to take.


 Without preventing the Purple Electric of Doom, he put his magic power into his fingertips and gouged deep into Graham's roots.

 The black fingertips are clad in more black lightning, turning into a sharp blade.

 While being burned by the purple lightning, I pushed my hand into the source of Graham's roots.
 The red scarlet lightning overflows with vigor as if to repel, blocking the entry of the black lightning-clad .

 I'm almost there--

"Brilliant flames of burning death.

 The heat rays gathered from the earlier release of the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Gio Glaze) and furthermore, the Jiao Die Annihilation Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara) was applied to his right hand.

 Amidst the red lightning and the raging purple lightning, I focus on the Root Source Death (Bevsud), the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasud), and the Jiao Death Burning Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara) at a single point on my fingertips, closing in on the abyss of his root source.

 Deeper and deeper, all the way to the bottom of it...

 Pushing away the scarlet red lightning, my fingers reached there.


...I don't know.

 A moment...

 Deep in Graham's roots, he drew a multiple magic circle.
 It protruded from his body and turned into a turret.

"Egil Groene Angdroa.

 As the purple light of doom swells, the fire of the apocalypse is unleashed