The black particles formed a seven-fold spiral around Graham's body.
 They turned into dark flames and roared and swelled up.

 Instantly, a great deal of scarlet electric red lightning poured out of Graham's body.

 Mixed in with the scarlet light and scattered slightly are dark sparks of fire.

 The world-destroying , the world-destroying , is blasted into the root of Graham, its depths.

 It is a very good idea to have a good time with a good friend.

 Even so, the slightly scattered black fire sparks still fell on the attacking vast purple electric, .

 The magic circle of purple electricity covering me instantly burst into flames, turning into black ashes and collapsing in tatters.

 My vision turns crimson.
 It's a glow of lightning light that overflows like blood.

 A large amount of scarlet electric red lightning erupted in all directions as if to squeeze out the magic power that the root cause possesses, shooting through the walls, floor and ceiling of the Seiza room, causing debris to rain down in ragged pieces.

 Soon, the scarlet lightning disappeared as if it had exhausted its power.
 At the same time, the apocalyptic fire silently disappears.

 Graham's body goes limp as he is pierced by my right hand.

 The root cause has been destroyed.
 I can no longer feel any magical power.


 The body of a shell that doesn't even involve faint magical power moves.
 That hand certainly grabbed my arm.

"I am indestructible. I'm a lot like you, aren't I?

 A body that should not be moving is moving.

 Even after receiving a direct hit from the world-destroying , the source of the world-destroying ashlar cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa), the source has not been destroyed.

 No, to be precise, the source that should have been destroyed and disappeared, the empty source that should have no power, is somehow still there.

 Graham's body faded and eventually disappeared completely.

 As usual, his magic power is zero.
 No matter how hard I tried to look into my magic eye, I couldn't see any power.

 But as soon as I saw it, I jumped back in a big way.


 I can't feel my fingertips that I was thrusting into his belly.
 He was slightly slow to retreat, or about a millimeter was shaved off.

 <The fingertips that had concentrated on the Root Source Death Killing (Bevsud), the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd), and the Jiao Death Annihilation Brilliant Fire Burning Flame (Aviastan Ziara) were annihilated without any resistance.

 In the battle with Yggess, Graham's root source disappeared once.
 When he revived afterwards, he had easily annihilated the Red Blood Demon Spear.

 If I hadn't seen it, he might have taken my whole arm with him.

 I turn my magical eye to the spot where he was.

 The root cause is gone, and even the body is gone.
 But it is definitely there.

"There is nothing.

 Nothingness is there and active.

'You understand very well,'

 Out of nowhere, Graham's voice rang out.

 It didn't seem to be coming from anywhere in this place, but I was trapped in the illusion that it was coming from everywhere in this place.

'Yes, my root is emptiness, just as your root is perdition. The closer I get to annihilation, the more I exert my power and return to my original nothingness.

 Slightly, Graham's body came into view.

 <The one who had been turned into nothing by the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) had regained his true power.

 And because he had regained his true power, he was no longer nothing, and was about to return to his previous form?

 Eventually, the emptiness of the disappeared completely, and there stood Graham.

'It's strange that there is something that isn't there. But doesn't that sound a lot like you?

 He speaks in blubbery, flimsy language and asks.

'With you, born and fallen with destruction.'

 Keeping my gaze on him, I return the words in a tentative manner.


 Graham draws a magic circle with both hands.

'I think I've been outside the logic of the world for a long time. Like you, I've been targeted by the gods at times. Aganzon, the mad god, is one of them.

 A light gathers at his fingertips and the Selection Pearl appears.

"Summoning the Celestial Gate Selection Summons (Guara Nate Forteos).

 A magic circle is stacked on the selected alliance beads.
 A black and white light mixed with godliness and mischief draws letters, which are messily disrupted.

 At the center of it all, a young boy dressed in tsukihagi clothes appeared.
 He clutches a single quill pen in his hand.

'He's my servant now.

 Aganzon drew a magic circle with his quill pen.

 Just as his body seemed to be enveloped in light, the mad god turned into countless letters as his tugi-hachi clothes ripped apart.

 Magic letters.
 They were arranged in regular order and in rows, drawing a magic circle on either side of Graham.

 From the center, an eerie scythe hilt appeared.

''Ranzanshinren, Befenuguzdogma.

 Grabbing the hilt and piecing it together, he spun the scythe around to cut through space.

'You've turned Aganzon into a magic tool?

'There's another similarity here. It's very similar to how you turned Averniu, the God of Destruction, into the Demon King's Castle Delzogade. We're acting similarly, even if we don't measure it.

 Unlike me, who took away the order of destruction, though, you seem to have left the order of Aganzon behind.

'You're outside the reason of the world, too. So much so that the gods have called you a nonconformist.

What about it?

 Graham looked happier than ever.
 It was as if he had found someone to talk to for the first time.

'Where do you think we came from?'

I'm not going to argue philosophy with you.

 I stared at the Falsification God Scythe with my demon eyes dyed in annihilation purple.

'No, this isn't a philosophy. This is a story about the world, about order, about magic. We're outside the logic of this world. Only we are. How could you be outside of that framework, out of this world's order?

 Likewise, using the power of Cerith Voldigord, he glares back at me with his demonic eyes tinted with annihilation purple.

''Isn't that strange by any stretch of the imagination?

 Graham flashed the Falsification God Scythe Befenugzdogma with a flash.

 The blade, which was imbued with the authority of a mad god, ripped open his arm in disorder and dripped blood.

'Oh? It's a no-no.

"Pondering Trivial Things.

 I kicked the ground and approached him again.
 He catches the fingertips of the Bevsud with the blade of his god's scythe as he thrusts it out.

Is that so? For example, don't you think? We're outside reason, which proves there's an outside world out there. There is a higher order at work there. Our roots just happened to flow in from the outside by mistake.

 The black right hand is clothed in the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) and grabbed it tightly, but the Falsification God Scythe didn't budge.

It's a good thing that you're able to find out what's going on. This world may be a confusing box garden created by someone else, and therefore it seeks hatred and ugliness.

 In a light voice, he said.

'I hear you don't mind messing up what's in here.

You need to get over your delusion.

 Furthermore, is layered on top of it and crushes the blade of Befenugzdokma with a giggle.

''I don't know if it's the boxyard or the outside world. I don't know if it's in a box or out there, but I can assure you of this. It's no one else's fault that your mind is rotten. You are rotten inside yourself.

Yeah, maybe. But I think you're probably like me.

 Reflecting the glittering light, countless pieces of shattered pieces danced around.
 The moment it fell to the floor - my entire body was slashed and blood poured out.

''Did you think that if you shattered the blade, you wouldn't be slashed apart?''

 As Graham spun the scythe around, its blade was restored to its original shape.

'Build up hatred and ugliness in your beautiful heart and I'm sure we'll understand each other.

 There was the blade of Befenugzdogma thrust into the back of my neck.


Is that right?

 I draw a magic circle in front of me.
 The Falsification God Scythe ran and cut off my head easily.

''Did you think you wouldn't die just from having your head blown off?''

 He grabbed me by the neck as I flew away and he smiled.
 My body is doomed by the order of the Falsified God Scythe.

 I try to draw a magic circle, but the magic doesn't work.

"Did you think you could use your Ingal to revive me even if I'm only at my roots?

 He turns his magical eye on the headless me.

"Everything is chaotic in front of the Falsification Goddess Scythe. Things that should happen, things that don't happen, happen.

 As if it's obvious, Graham says.
 Like he's responding to a word I haven't heard.

'I know. Still, you will not perish. The closer you come to perdition, the brighter its roots become. As I pass through emptiness and come back to something, you will overcome perdition.

 Spinning the scythe around, he let it go.

'So I won't destroy you.'

 The falsification god Scythe returns to the form of the frenzied god Aganzon, dressed in Tsugihagi's clothes.

'I will reincarnate you in
 On my neck, he drew the magic circle of  The same magic circle appears on Aganzon's belly, where the magic formula was already embedded.

 My body collapses and becomes a particle of black light that rises to the heavens.
 The head he held in his hand also turns into black light in the same way.

You'll have to stand by and watch what I'm going to do. "Stand by and watch what I'm going to do. The world you love is being painted with hatred and ugliness.

 With a kindly look on his face, he said.

'Whether it takes ten thousand years or twenty, I will get to know you, Anos. I will get to know you, Anos.

 The black light disappears completely, and so the magic of is activated.

 At that time--
 A shadow appeared on Graham's face.

 A shadow so large that it covered everything in this place.

 When he looked up above him, he could see the subterranean sky through the ceiling, which had been wind-capped by the fierce battle.

 But he couldn't see the canopy that was supposed to lie beyond.
 A huge castle was blocking the area directly above Averast Anzeta.


 At the same time as he muttered, something was ejected towards Aebelast Anzeta.
 Penetrating through several layers of floors and ceilings, it fell into the lowest level of the Holy Seated Room.


 The long sword that stabbed into Aganzon, the god of madness, was a long sword that shone with a dark color.

 It's the Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa.

 Venuzdnoa's shadow, projected on the floor, changes from the shape of a sword to a human form.
 The shadow became three-dimensional, stood up, and grabbed the Ridiculous Sword.

''Did you think that just because I reincarnated you would be reborn as an adult?''

 The shadow was reversed, and there was my unchanged form.
 The Ridiculous Sword destroyed and the disorder of the Disorder of the Falsified God Scythe.


 Aganzon said in a hollow voice and turned his divine eye on me.
 A moment later, he flashed his Ridiculous Sword, causing his divine body to dissipate.

''You said we look alike, Graham. You said I'm like you. That's why we can understand each other.

 He holds Venuzdnoa loosely at the lower level and glares at Graham.

'Isn't it about time you started to feel that way, too?'

I'm sorry, but there's a big difference between you and me. We're not even close enough to be alike.

Love and kindness?

 I snort and laugh at the words.

"You can't destroy me. <The fact that you used the Maternal Incarnation (Guijerica) is proof enough.

Yeah, I guess so. But...

 Graham draws a magic circle with both hands.

 The hilt of the scythe appeared from the left and right, and when they were joined together and rotated, Befenugzdokma, the God of Falsification's scythe, which should have been destroyed by the Ridiculous Sword, appeared again.

'You can't destroy me either. We are very much alike.


 I took a step toward him and I said.

"You will be destroyed.