371-Out of reason

 Head-on, I stepped into Graham's space.
 In a light-hearted tone, he says.

"Good idea. Try it," he said, "and you'll be one step closer to me. If you do, you'll be one step closer to understanding me. Maybe you'll come to understand me better.

 In response to me sluggishly lowering the Ridiculous Sword, Graham held the Falsification God Scythe right beside me.

''Everything you say is far from comprehensible.

 The Scythe of Silence flashed in a horizontal line, and a dark-colored long sword intercepted it.

 The blade and blade collide, and the Rampaging God Scythe shatters.
 At the same time, the demon king's blood overflows from my root.

 Corroding the fragments of the divine scythe that scattered around me, the blade still bit into my root source in a disorderly fashion, causing countless wounds.

''Did you think that the Rational Destruction Sword could destroy even disorder?''

 As he spun the scythe, the shattered blade was repaired as if it had been tampered with.
 Instantly, his root source was slashed open and scarlet electric red lightning scattered around him.

''Did you think a disorderly blade would be able to tamper with the Rational Destruction Sword?''

 While being gouged out of the root cause by the Falsification God Scythe, he took a further step.
 Venuzdnoa and Befenugzdogma flashed at the same time.

 I catch the hilt of the scythe with my left arm and he grabs the blade of the long sword with his left hand.
 Both of us stare at each other with our demon eyes dyed in keshi-murasaki and contain the power of the gods.

''Don't you summon Arcana?

We don't know if he's coming.

 <The Divine Seat Heavenly Gate Selection Summoning (Guara Nate Forteos) can also transfer from the ground to the depths of the earth.

 It will be able to cross over the wards that have been put up, but I don't know what will happen against the disorder of the tampering god's scythe.

"How long can you hold down the Falsified God Scythe with your magical eye?

It's a--

 The floor under his feet was torn in half, as if slashed by a thick blade.

''--This way's the dialogue.''

 The Ridiculous Sword cuts off Graham's finger.

''Don't get too stylish with your borrowed magical eye.

 The blade of Venuzdnoa bites into the base of the right arm holding the Falsification God Scythe.
 Graham's expression, which was always carrying an ample amount of time, was slightly twisted in pain.

''It's up to you to use it, even if it's borrowed.

 Graham placed his left hand, which had lost his fingers, directly on my abdomen.

''The Thunderbolt Hard Axe (Galvedur).

 The purple lightning that overflows from the magic circle of the sphere runs through Graham's left arm, turning it into a huge battle axe of offense and defense.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

"The wave body cover manifestation (Veneziara).


 While being pierced through the abdomen, he swung Venuzdnoa down as it was and cut off his right shoulder.
 With the Falsification God Scythe in his hand, his right arm flies through the air.

 Graham retreats back.
 I kicked the ground and grabbed his clothes with my left hand.

''I won't miss.''


 I pierce the purple lightning flooding in front of me with my Venusdnoa and pierce his heart as it is, stabbing and destroying the root cause.

 Even the scarlet electric red lightning doesn't overflow, and his life is stopped.

''Did you think you couldn't destroy him just because he's in limbo?

 The root of him who is nothing will not perish.
 But all reason makes no sense in the presence of the reason-perishing sword.

 Indeed, that root has perished.
 Nor does it mean that he who remains in nothingness is still alive, as I said earlier.

'Do you think that just because you destroyed it, it is eternal?

 The voice that resounded was from behind me.
 There is no figure in sight, only the Befenugzdogma, the divine scythe of falsification, has emerged.

 As if some one there is lifting it up.

 It's different from the emptiness I saw earlier.
 The magic he used after the --.


 At that moment, Graham, who became a possibility, used the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) again to keep himself as a possibility.

 And so another possibility that wasn't destroyed by me is standing there.

'That's right,'

 <In the Devil's Eye of Doom, before the guy from the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) could be erased, a blade of silence flashed out in disorder.

 The wall is cut off, the floor is slashed, and my entire body is chopped up.

 The moment the layers of solid Veneziara were destroyed by my magical eye, Graham's body, which was being pierced by the ritual sword, was cut in two.

It's the Venezhdnoa, the sword of reason that bears the power of the God of Destruction Averniu. It seems that even with its unreasonable power, it can't destroy my emptiness forever.

 The upper half of the guy who had escaped Venuzdnoa's blade disappeared in a haze and turned into nothingness.

 There is nothing.
 You can't feel even the slightest amount of magic, but he is there for sure.

The order of this world is that what is destroyed is reduced to nothingness. You can't get rid of them. That effect will not work until the object is destroyed, is it?

 Only a voice echoes from the emptiness around me.

'But the nothingness of nothingness after it perishes, the emptiness that doesn't even accompany reason, is the true nature of my roots.

 The Ridiculous Sword had indeed destroyed his emptiness.
 In other words, he returned to nothingness.

 But as long as he escapes from that blade, that nothingness will form him again?

If you continue to use the power of the Rational Destruction Sword, you can continue to destroy me. But that magic sword can't retain its shape permanently, can it? If this isn't your Demon Castle, even better.

 Venusdnoa has a time limit.

 His sword cannot destroy the truth of his emptiness forever.
 It's not a matter of time before he's ready.

 When you put the blade away, reason returns to its original form, and the remaining nothingness takes the form of Graham and begins to move again.

"Hmm. I've figured out most of what's going on here too. When the Falsification God Scythe cuts through the void, the blade of the disorder is wielded. I don't know what will happen, but one thing is clear.

 <The guy from the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) sliced through the body of the main body and the source of the root, causing it to escape the blade of the Ridiculous Sword.

 If that hadn't happened, he still wouldn't have escaped the crisis.
 It's hard to believe that he gambled on the fact that he would rise again sooner or later.

 In other words--

It means something good for you is going to happen.

'I don't know. And I can get hurt, too.

You can't use it when you need it most if you don't know what's going to happen. Yes, to cloud your judgment.

 Suddenly, I heard Graham laugh.

 The lower half of his body, which had been lying there split in half, also disappears, and a complete emptiness appears there.

 You can't see it, you can't smell it, you can't feel it.
 But there it is--.


 <The emptiness of emptiness (Nuerriane) gouged out my side.
 No blood even spurted out of the windhole from there.

'Let's assume you can destroy me.

 A voice echoed out of nowhere.
 The next thing I know, the blade of the Ransom God Scythe is being held at my throat.

''Still, I will not perish.''

 <The emptiness of the emptiness of the void (nuerlienne) disappeared, and the five bodies of Graham were behind me.

'So much more like me and I am like you. Have you ever thought that? Why do you think you're the only one?

 The falsified divine scythe splits my neck slightly, and blood trickles down lightly.

 This blade, which you can't know what will happen if you slice through the void, can also aim and lose your head if you slice directly through the target.

"No one can get to your place. Even though he is surrounded by many subordinates, the lonely Demon King always carries an emptiness with him.

 The moment you make the slightest movement, that divine scythe will cut off this head.

''I alone can understand your unreasonableness in destroying even reason lightly.

 I let out a small breath.
 Giving him a sideways glance of pity, I said.

'Do you miss being alone so much, Graham?'

'Will you destroy me so that I won't be lonely? That's sweet.

 Graham said lightly.

'That's your mistake. I wouldn't push myself to destroy something that won't be destroyed, I wouldn't push myself to do that. I don't need to destroy it, as long as I can get this head off, I can do what I want with you.

In the gingerbreadth?

Do you think you can stop them from doing the same thing?

 Are you confident, or are you hiding your trump card under the guise of
 Well, it's the same thing either way.

'Then you can have my head.

 I flip on the spot.

'Then feel free to--'

 The blade of the Rampant Falsification God Scythe raced with silence.

 Against the Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa, which had gained centrifugal force and was wielded vigorously, the Befenuguzdogma, the Befenuguzdogma, which spun around without decapitating the head, was slashed up from the lower level.

''--I'll take this one.''

 Fresh blood splattered and the fingertips of his right hand were slashed into that divine scythe, sending Venuzdnoa flying off.

''Give it to me.''

 With the spinning momentum, he grabbed his head with his left hand, which was stacked with , , and , and smashed it on the floor with a thud.

"Beheaded and decapitated extreme execution (Giginu Venunuz).

 I stomp on its head.

 Particles of magic power gathered and black restraints covered Graham's neck.
 A jet-black decapitation was revealed.

''I knew you made a mistake too.

 Drop your fingertips from top to bottom.


 The guillotine blade fell with a thud and decapitated him.

 Graham's - Cerys Voldigord's head rolled, and the freed man held up his falsification scythe.

'Did you want to free your father quickly? That's the only part that's not like me.

 I take a big leap back in the direction of the rolled out Ridiculous Sword.

"Falsified God's Scythe, the secret is one--

 Graham brandishes the divine scythe.


 The thrown Befenugzdogma spins like a wheel, and as it passes me, it flips Venuzdnoa off and slashes through it again and again.

 Each time it collides with the Rampant God Scythe, the dark-colored long sword spills its blade and is chipped away in tatters.
 A dull sound rang out and the Ridiculous Sword broke.

''See, that sentiment is your defeat--''

 Blood floods the air.

 As I moved forward again to pass the thrown Befenugzdogma, I was thrusting my sword into Graham's chest.

 It was Gaudgemon, the Universal Lightning Sword, which he had let go of.

'How do you feel about being defeated by sentimentality, Graham?

 I emit purple electricity from my fingertips and draw a spherical magic circle at the same time as I draw the nine spherical magic circles in
 The moment I cut off Cerise Voldigord's head, the owner of the Sword of All Thunder disappeared and is now mine with the magic sword in my hand.

 No matter how much magic I have, I cannot wrestle the sword away from a man who has the power of Cerys Voldigord.

 Hence, I cut off his head first.


 The Universal Lightning Sword was pushed in and pierced into the spherical magic circle.
 At the same time, the nine possible blades pierced through the nine spherical magic circles.

 An ear-splitting thunderclap and an overflow of purple electricity that could collapse the Holy Seat Room.
 The heavens roared, the earth shook, and the debris around them was obliterated just by the release of magic power.

 Jijiji, the purple electricity that ran to the ground, builds a ward on this place.

 Gulping my full strength, I lifted Graham's body with my skewer.
 I hold up the actual and possible ten thousand lightning swords to the heavens.

 From a total of ten blades, thread-thin purple electricity ran to the heavens.

 The aim was not the root of him.
 How to destroy emptiness, I had seen the answer to that question in the past.

 He must have known, the method.


 Father, now is the time...

"The Ten Deadly Violet Blades.

 A vast amount of purple light fell from the canopy, aiming at the ten swords.
 Like a pillar connecting the heavens and the earth, it turned into a single huge swing of a sword.

 A sound like tearing apart the depths of the earth roared far and wide, and annihilation thundered out there.
 In the blink of an eye, the Aebelast Anzeta is half destroyed and light floods out.

 The world turns purple.

 Seconds later, Graham's body turned to ash without a trace.
 If you stare into the demon's eyes and look in front of you, it's the source of him.

 A ball of faint light.
 I stare at it, which has not yet turned into nothingness, with the Demon Eye of Ruin, and prevent it from being revived (Ingal).

 <With the fingertips of Bevsed, I grabbed the source of the root.

My disembodied root source eventually approaches emptiness. It's just more of the same.

 <A thought transmission echoes.

"If you hadn't taken number one (Jeff) hostage, my father would have defeated you.

"He didn't have the means to destroy me.

No. I've been able to lead your roots, which are approaching emptiness, to perdition.

 His laughter rings in my ears.

'Heh. 'How did you do that?'

 Blood poured out of my chest.
 Grabbing the source of Graham, I pierced my own chest with Bevsed.

"This is the answer.

 My root source and Graham's root superimposed on each other, sending me into the abyss.

''........Oh, I see. So that's what I see. You've thought it through........ Indeed, he might have done that........''

 Graham says as if he sensed my intentions.

If you take the source of emptiness into your body, the source of emptiness will be reduced to nothingness by virtue of emptiness," he said. If that is the source of the Voldigord's downfall, then maybe even my emptiness will continue to perish. At that time, he was trying to make a counterattack on me.

 He said as if he could see right through it.

'It's beautiful, Anos, to take over your late father's life and try to destroy it for the sake of the world. Yes, it could also be considered a threat. But--'

 The Falsification God Scythe emerges.
 When I looked into my evil eye, I saw Graham, the Veneziara, standing there.

Did you think that if you lost Cerise Vordigord's head, you couldn't use the Veneziara?

 He must have exercised his magic just before he was about to turn his body to ashes.

Your source and my source are now opposed and rivaled by annihilation and emptiness. My source brings you closer to emptiness and your source brings me destruction. As you wish, we will continue to perish forever and return to nothingness.

 The Graham of possibilities walks in.
 With the Falsification God Scythe in his hand.

'Now, what happens when you add to that the power to disturb your destruction?

 <Graham of the Wave Body Covered Manifestation (Veneziara) held Befenugzdokma right beside him.

'I'm sorry to hear that. You and I are very much alike. If you're to blame for your loss, it's that you were born after me. Now--

 The blade of silence slashed the void in disorder.

''-- For the first time in my life, I'm defeated. I'm going to cure your loneliness, Anos.

 Graham laughed triumphantly.
 I dreamed that the balance of the roots of destruction and emptiness, the raging roots of rivalry, would tilt at once, and the guy with the potential turned his magic eye on me.

 The next moment--

 Nothing happened.

'Well ...............' ...?

 I take a quiet step.

'Are you coming at me like that? You missed it before, but now--

 Graham's expression of possibility was tinted with surprise.


 His legs, and the possibility of it, had taken a step backwards.

"........what did you........?

'You ask your body. Feared, that body of possibility.

Afraid? I'm for you? He looks so much like you?

 The Falsification God Scythe swings wide.

'That's not happening, Anos.'

 A blade of silence flashes.

 But nothing happens.


"Don't you understand. Wave the falsified scythe into the void, and something good will happen to you.

 I thrust the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords into place and held up my hand.
 I grabbed the shadow of the sword as it slowly reached out.

'Nothing will happen. That's what's most convenient for you right now.

 The shadow materialized and returned to the reasoned sword Venuzdnoa.
 The broken sword barrel had been regenerated.

''In other words, no matter what happens, it's all for naught.

How's that for--

 I take a step towards him, and he takes a step back.


 I stepped forward, and he stepped back, like he was scared.

You said that you and I are opposed and resentful of each other's roots in annihilation and emptiness. You said that we are eternally annihilated and will return to nothingness.

 With a lascivious smile, I said to him, "Look into the abyss.

"Take a good look into the abyss with that evil eye of possibility.

 I drew a magic circle over the wound in my chest, disarming any anti-magic and exposing the source.
 Graham turned his magic eye and stared at the abyss.

Do you understand? You're the only one who's going to die, Graham.

 In the demon's eyes of the guy of possibility, he would have seen his own emptiness that continues to perish unilaterally in the source of my destruction.

I'm not sure why.............Why? <The Emptiness of the Void (Nuerriane)...?

'It's certainly a dwarf emptiness, but it's nothing. My roots are destroying me from one side to the other.

'....that's not....that's impossible, Anos.

 The Falsification God Scythe slashes the void.

''You and I are so much alike.

 A blade of silence slices through the scene, over and over again, in disorder.

'We're not alone, finally. In this crazy world, we are, and we are the only ones who are normal.

 Again and again, it disrupts the order, and its scythe falsifies.

 But no matter how many times I wield it, no matter how many times I sever the void.

 Nothing happens in front of my eyes.

"....me and you........are like........

 I waved my Rational Sword at the guy who was screaming in equal parts despair.

''Surely there was some resemblance.

 Jumping back, Graham, the possibility, ducked and ducked his blade, but his limbs were slashed and flattened.

 The scythe rolled soundlessly and returned to the form of the mad god Aganzon.

''To the extent that a piece of my root source is all of your root source...''


 Aganzon is pierced by the Rational Destruction Sword and his existence disappears.

''.........you........ano, gahaha........!

 I stomped on the headless fellow's back as hard as I could and said.

'Your roots have long since been defeated in me. All that's left is you, this you of potential.

 I can see the color of despair in his evil eye as he stares at me.

Hmm. Not exactly. It's a good thing that I'm not trying to do anything about your emptiness, because it's more difficult for me to overcome my own demise. It's true that the power I can produce in this world is roughly the same as yours, but the total amount of my true strength is a different order of magnitude.

 His all-out effort is literally to unleash all of his root magic power.

 In contrast, my all-out effort is to control the barely remaining magic power from within it while suppressing and counteracting my own power with my own, so that the world is not destroyed.

 What you can put out on the surface isn't much different, but what's in it is vastly different.

'You were fighting me, but I was fighting me.

'You ... you ... you ... you didn't even ... look at me ...'

Yeah, don't be so negative. I've been watching you. You're right, I've always had the world at my back. I'll be very careful not to destroy it, because it's hard to swat down a fly while being very careful not to destroy it.

 With a lecherous smile, I continued.

'I don't know how many billions of annihilations it will take for your emptiness to disappear completely, but if it's only that much power, in the depths of your roots, it's enough change to keep you dripping.


 I heard him gasp.
 That flippantly talking man, wordless and silent.

 How much time had passed since then?
 He spilled his voice in a whisper.

"....The tyrannical demon king.........

 <The body of the guy from the disappears.

 In a trembling voice, Graham says

"...I'm a helpless, helpless little thing...

 In the depths of my roots, emptiness is covered by destruction.

'.........a lonely monster.......Anos.......

 The , which was layered and solid, became particles of light and ascended to the heavens.

 I put the Rikuzen Sword back into the shadows and looked up.

 I softly looked at the Many Thunder Sword.
 I felt as if I saw the faces of my father and mother reflected there, the faces of my father and mother that Sosei Erial had shown me.

''I won't even give you a chance.''

 Empty words spill out as I stare at my father's mementos.

 That emptiness deep in my roots will continue to suffer the blame of perdition until I return to true nothingness.

'All I can give you is the loneliness you hated.