372-Devil's face

 Thud, my heart beat.

 The root of destruction was beating.
 As if propelled by it, my heart began to tremble violently.

 The root source, which had taken in emptiness, was rampaging inside his body, strong and powerful, showing its true value.
 It would not allow anything to perish, even if it was nothing.

 The depths of this body are filled with a ruin that far exceeds Graham's emptiness.

 But his roots are at least strong enough to withstand the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa).

 In order to bring it to an end, a destruction that is more than just the destruction of the world is raging in the depths of the root source.

 If it leaks to the outside world, it will inflict a fatal wound on the world.

 So this is what it means to be at war with yourself.
 It would be so much easier if I were a little stronger than he is.

 Or I wouldn't have had to destroy him.

 Or maybe I didn't have to destroy it.

 Or maybe you should have used the magic of the Gigerica to change its roots into something harmless instead of bringing it back to nothing, like he did.

 If they had done so, the world would not have been exposed to such a crisis.
 We would have had an easier victory.


 But still...

 My mind refused to accept it.

 It refused to give him anything.

 That I was not even close to him, that I was not even close to him, and that I would let him perish alone, with his heart in limbo.

 Yes, I thought.


 At my back, a voice called out to me.

 Two girls appeared in the Holy Room.
 Misha and Sasha.

 They come running towards us.

Stop right there.

 They didn't turn around and stopped curiously as they spoke up.

''........It's not over yet.......?''

 Sasha asks as she warns the area.

'No, I'm not. I'm on the way.'

So how did you...?

 Sasha sounded concerned.

 Misha looked at me as well.

'I was a little overwhelmed.

 Over my back, I said.

"You talk about peace," he said, "but in this case, you're not going to fit in. I don't know what to make of you.

 For a moment, Sasha is at a loss for a reply.

'Well I'll just wait here until things calm down then.

 Perhaps out of concern for me, Sasha spun around and turned her back to me.

 But Misha didn't care and walked towards me.

'Misha? Hey, you don't want to go, do you?

 In a hurry, Sasha grabs Misha's hand.

'It's okay,'

 Misha said nonchalantly.

'Anos is the same as always.'

 Sleekly, Misha slipped through Sasha's hands and reached me.

'You have a kind face,'

But I didn't see it.


 Gently, she nodded.

 So you don't need to see it to know.
 That's more than just having a good evil eye.

"If you're lying, take responsibility.

 I turned around and Misha, who was nearby, smiled at me.


 She says.

'The usual face. Sweet.'


 Curtly Misha nodded.

'I thought you already looked like the Great Demon King. 'Don't scare me,'

 Despite the small talk, Sasha seems somewhat relieved.

'I'm sorry to worry you,'

 She puts her hand on Sasha's head and says as if she was upset.

''Shh...I wasn't worried...I said...don't scare me...''

I'm sorry about that.

 Then, turning over, Sasha said maddeningly.

''Well it's not that I'm not worried about you, but...''

 I turned around and drew a magic circle on the spot where Graham had disappeared.
 I connected it to his storage magic circle, pried it open, and took out a blue glowing star from it.

 It's the Genesis Aerial.

''........There's still something from 2,000 years ago in this, right?


'What's left of Anos's father in Erial up to the fifth eye, so what's in it for me?

Well. Maybe it's hope, maybe it's despair.

 Not a good memory, since it's over and Militia has left it behind.

'Anyway, we'll have to see it to get started, won't we? I'm curious and...'

 With a snap, Misha blinks twice and looks up at me.
 She turned her demon eyes on me, staring through my mind.


 Misha said.


 Sasha muttered and looked like she'd put it away.

'I'm concerned about everyone in Eiltheve.

Hmm. Well, I'm gonna go check it out first. We've got some work to do.

 When I looked towards the entrance, the Dark Lord who should have been there was already gone.
 He must have left after witnessing my victory.

 <I emerge in  As I fly towards the canopy, I see the castle shining faintly and slowly being restored.

 Entering through the hole in the canopy we vacated when we came, we headed back to the vertical hole in Ebertheve.


 When I called out to her, she turned around with a blank expression on her face.

'Don't worry about it, I can handle it.

 After a moment's thought, Misha says.

'It's better to get it sorted out first.'

 I suppose he's talking about my father.

'You can't know what will happen if you wait for something like that.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head from side to side.

'It's peaceful now,'

 I held my tongue at those words.
 Indeed, Misha might be right.

''Well that's true.


So, let's just take it easy and stay in peace.

 He mouthed that and looked at Sasha.
 For some reason, she had an unflattering expression on her face.

''What, what...?''


But he's not like Misha and he's so dense. I don't care about Anos at all.

 She says in a depressed manner.

'I don't know and...'

 Hmm. So that's what you've been depressed about.
 You're a hard man to blame.


 I'll show her the Sousei aryal.

"Keep it.

 Sasha received the blue, shining star that she threw off with a startled look.
 Curiously, she asks with her gaze.

'I don't understand what you're asking for when you've sorted it out. If you think it's good for you, give it to me again.'

Me? Um ... you mean when you think Anos has calmed down?

You're in charge.

 Then Sasha smiled happily.


 As we continued to fly towards the ground for a while, I saw Eleonor and Zesia waving to us in the middle of the vertical hole.

''It's another great victory for our Demon King's army!

 When Eleonor stretched his chest, Zesia did the same, and in the same way, he stretched his chest.

''........Through Zesia's success.......the enemy nation was destroyed......! 

 Sasha looked at them with a dumbfounded expression.

'You're impossibly nouty........'

I hope you did well, Anos, in particular.

 For some reason, Eleonor clings to my back and squeezes my head.


 But I never thought the time would come when I'd let them do so much good behind me, even though I'm under their command.
 This is a big, very big peace.

"...Zesia.......how hard did you try.......?

 Zecia appeals with expectant eyes.
 She holds up a single finger in the air.

'Of course, you did your best.

 Then, Zesia's eyes sparkled and she held her index finger above her head.

 Then a snow and moon flower fluttered down.

 A silvery white light was emitted, and then it changed into the form of Arcana.

''Big brother.''

 She flies over to me.

'The selection judges may have finished.

"Has the God Consensus died?

Maybe so.

 The root of Elrolarielom, the god of harmony, was in the middle of his incarnation in the womb of Viaflea.
 It had been pierced by the spear of Yggeth, separated from its mother's womb, and sent far away to a dimension.

 It is no wonder that the God of Harmony has been destroyed and his order, the Selection Judgment, is over.

It's good that it's over, but that doesn't mean that nothing will happen.

 <Thanks to the Mother Embryo Reincarnation (Gigerica) and the Mad God, things had changed quite a bit from the original selection judges.

''Let's observe the situation for a while.

You're in charge.

 That's when I felt the magic that had been covering Etiiltheve all along disappear.
 Misha says.

''The disappeared.

 I suppose so.
 We have passed through the bowels of the earth.

We'll meet up with Emilia and the others.

 After saying that, he used .
 My vision turned completely white, and in the next moment, the ancient graveyard set up in the vertical hole appeared in front of me.

 The students of the Demon King's Academy who had defeated the altered body of Bomilas looked exhausted as expected and were resting here.

 The main body of Bomilas was also defeated, and they all had somewhat relieved expressions, as if Ray and the others had told them that the battle of Eiltheve had been settled.

 If you look around, you can see Emilia a little further away.

 She glances at the Fun Union girls, tries to open her mouth, but then hovers around, unable to say anything, as if she's afraid to say anything.

 But she finally decided to make up her mind and walked towards Eren and the others.

'Ah! That's right, preeminent Emilia!

Yes, sir.

 Emilia is startled when Ellen suddenly looks back at her.

'Huh? What's wrong?

No, no... what is it?

 With a start, Emilia urged Eren to speak first.

''Well, actually, we're going to Gaillardite next time.

On official business.

 Nono followed.

'....Official business? Oh, the Demon Choir?

Okay. So I thought I'd like to go to Miss Emilia's house. Hey.

Yeah. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to stay the night.

But you can't have eight men.

It'll be okay if you pack it in.

You're the dean, so I feel like you have a big house.

 The girls of the Fun Union surrounded Emilia while squealing and frolicking.
 While Emilia responded with a smile, she looked badly punished for a moment and turned over slightly.

''........Um, everyone...''

 Emilia cut in with a serious look on her face.


 Ellen responds, a little surprised.

'I'm sorry,'

 Emilia lowered her head deeply.

''........What I did to you guys before will never be forgiven. The teacher was a terrible discriminator. I'm sorry........''

 The air changes and tension hangs in the air.
 Eren and the others didn't say anything.

 Emilia could only pull her lips into a tight knot and keep her head down.


 Hearing her voice, Emilia looked up.
 Prompted by the other members, Ellen stepped forward.

 She said with a serious expression.

''What was it about?''

You idiot. Eren, that thing, that thing. That thing.

........Oh, I see. That I was confiscated when I was working on the inside of Anos-sama's magical photo album in class!

That's entirely Eren's fault! You know, posting the Book of Stories in the corridors of the Demon King's Castle. It was ripped up.

It's Jessica's fault! You didn't take down the statue of Lord Anos in the Union Tower without permission!

It's no wonder she didn't look like him! What's more, if I wrote about Anos-sama in history class, wasn't it all about expelling him?

 The girls look at each other.

"'Oh, that's it!

 They all looked back in Emilia's direction with a flash.
 She has a completely different expression on her face.

''Well, um ... then what were we talking about?''

Well... during the magic sword tournament, when I was trying to kill you guys...

 Emilia said, and the girls were flabbergasted.

'Oh, when Anos-sama learned my name!

It's all thanks to Miss Emilia, isn't it?

Yeah, yeah. He even went so far as to push us to do what Master Anos did.

I felt like you had to be the one to make me hate you.

 Emilia was just stunned.

''Well I guess I'm not quite aware of it...''

 It's a little, or rather quite different.

Was it different?

I mean, you don't hold a grudge...?

I don't know if I resent it, but I'm grateful!

Because without it, I wouldn't have been able to sing so much of Lord Anos' song.

It's true. Thanks to Emilia-sensei. Thank you.

 The girls bow their heads in a bowing motion.

'No, no...'

 The unexpected answer left Emilia reeling.

'So, when you go to Gaillardite, will you let me stay with you?

Well I don't mind if you guys are okay with it, but...

 Yay, the girls shouted, happy.

 Emilia had a troubled expression on her face.

''........Really, you don't think anything of it.......?''

 Emilia asked Ellen again.


 Ellen ponders.

'There was a lot going on back then. But I think it was a long time ago. We had a hard time being a mixed race, but Emilia-sensei is a member of the royal family, so it's not anyone's fault that we had a hard time.

I guess it's my fault, after all.

Well, I forgive you.

'That easy? Even though he tried to kill you?

'Because if Emilia-sensei was really bad, she wouldn't be trying so hard to apologize like this right now.

 Emilia rolled her eyes.
 Eren laughed at her.

'Did you think I wouldn't forgive you easily just because you tried to kill me?

"'Ohhhhhh, that's not fair, Ellen!

 The girls from the Fun Union came in one after another, telling Emilia that they didn't think she would forgive them easily just because they tried to kill her.

 She giggled and then laughed happily as she was allowed to get tired of it.

''Already........what is that.......''

Don't you know, doctor? Love is stronger than hatred.

 Ellen said of such things.

'You're fine,'

 Ray says those words from behind me and stands next to me.


 In silence, we watched the girls jostling each other and Emilia.

 After a long period of silence, I suddenly opened my mouth.

'Where are your parents?'

 I didn't have to say when it was, but it got through to him.

'....he's dead.

 Ray doesn't say he was killed or to anyone else.

"I'm sorry,

 Just slightly, Ray shakes his head.

'He just fought and died.

 Shortly, he said.

'He was just like your father.'

 I know exactly how much meaning is put into that.

Thank you.

 For some reason, Emilia began to be taught by the Fun Union girls to imitate the Demon King.
 As she reluctantly performs her act with the pushy Eren and the others' hands, she has a look of humiliation on her face.

 But she also looks surprisingly happy.

 Ray and I continued to stare blankly at the peaceful scene.
 I felt as if I could feel his thoughts without saying anything or listening to anything.