Forbidden magic, eh?
 You've got the general idea.

So you're saying you're a humanoid spell?

 When he said that, Eleonor rolled his eyes in surprise.

''Well that's amazing, Anos-kun. I can see it now.''

I've thought of a theory for turning people into magic. I've even put together a magic formula just for fun.

...Did it work?

 Eleonor asks in a fearful manner.

'I didn't try it.'


'Think about it for a minute. It's crazy.

 She smiles, as if relieved.

'Yes. Really, yeah...'

 When he turned over and spilled the words, Eleonor looked up.

'But two thousand years ago, there was a man who did that madness. Do you know, Anos? General of the army to defeat Maj. Gen. Geiradite.

 It's an old title.
 Although his power was inferior to canon, his persistence in overthrowing the demon race was unfathomable.

''You must be Jelga.

 Eleonor nodded.

'General Jelga held a strong grudge against the demon race. Even after the tyrannical demon king died and the world was separated by a wall, that didn't change. One day the wall would disappear. One day, the Demon King of Tyranny will be reincarnated. So he prepared for that time. Believing that his own battle would not end until the tyrannical Demon King was completely destroyed, he created the heroic academy to pass on his grudge against the Demon King to his children and grandchildren.

It's just plain stupid, isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah, I know. I agree. And there were other people who felt the same way as you did, Anos.

 You don't need to ask who that is.

'The brave canon.'

'Yes. The canon opposed the establishment of the Academy of Heroes to the very end. The tyrannical Demon King wanted peace, he continued to plead. It was a war and the demon king was only fighting to protect the demon race. That position was no different from their own. But even with the words of a hero, there weren't many people who could believe them...''

 That's understandable.
 I killed countless people in that war.

 If such persuasion is acceptable, there was no need to divide the world into four parts from the beginning.

I'm not going to be able to tell the difference between the two. As expected, I thought that was a lie too. It is said that Kanon was kind to the demons, so he wanted to give the tyrannical demon king, who was reborn, a chance to change his mind.

 So you thought the canon that defeated the Demon King of Tyranny had the last mercy and lied to him.

 Eleanor was born after the tyrannical demon king's name had already been rewritten as Avos Dilhevia. It's not unreasonable to think so.

'But when I met Anos-kun and found out that he was the Demon King of Tyranny, I knew that the canon wasn't lying.


 Giggle, Eleonor chuckles.

"Because you don't seem to kill people for no reason. <It's the same with the Root Light Annihilation Bombing (Gavuel). If you didn't stop the magic time, Anos, we would all be dead.

That was an accident.

Well, I'll put it that way.

 As she said this, she held up her index finger.

''So, in the end, General Jelga's opinion had more supporters than mine, so it was decided that the Brave Academy would be established.

What's up with the canon?

"...He seems to have decided to give up and trust the humans and the demons of the afterlife. In this era of peace, demons will not attack humans, and the humans are not stupid enough to start a war against the demons who do nothing.

 To say it was sweet is an understatement.
 But it's that manly decision.

 If one of us doesn't take a bow, there will be no hate.
 That's what he wanted to believe.

'But you see, even General Jelga knew that as well as I did. Hatred fades away. Anger will fade away one day. No matter how much we try to establish the College of the Brave, no matter how much we try to tell the story, if there are no more people who fought in the Great War, one day humans will forget their hatred for the demon race.

 People do not live that long.
 In a few hundred years, if not a thousand years, hatred and even the fact that we made war will be gone from people's minds. No matter how much we try to write it down in the history books.

General Jelga feared it.

Is that why you've turned your roots into the magic of the Sanctuary?

 Eleonor rolled his eyes.
 Then he chuckles.

You know everything........

You know, when I used the magic of the Sanctuary, I heard a voice that sounded strangely familiar.

 I couldn't remember it right away, as it didn't sound like a fleshly voice, but it must have been Gerga's.

'Two thousand years ago, the gods were in the Great War. It's not in the realm of human power, such as turning the source of the root into magic, but with the power of holy water and the power of the gods aligned, we'll be able to handle it.

 The magic formula I used in the Sanctuary (Ask) is 2,000 years old. It's the same magic, but with a different result.

 In other words, the order of the world has been rewritten by the gods.

'Yes, Anos, you're right. General Jelga laid down his own life and entrusted his thoughts, his resentment and hatred, and his desire for revenge against the demon race to the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask). The textbook of the Academy for the Brave states that if you use the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask), you can hear the voice of the canon. If you follow that voice, you will become a hero.

 That's why the students of the heroic academy think that voice is canon.

''The more you use the magic of the
 I knew the man resented it more than most people.
 But still, peace was on the horizon.

 A man's life is short. I knew it wasn't until I took a life.

 Perhaps this is the result of my arrogance.
 I should have destroyed that man two thousand years ago.

You can't just sit back and watch this happen, can you?

 Eleonor nodded.

'The canon was adamantly opposed to General Jelga turning to magic. Even though they were few in number, the canon has some supporters. Perhaps it could lead to a nasty situation, thought Patriarch Gerga.

So you killed him.

''Yeah.... There were a lot of people who wanted their children and grandchildren to live without these feelings. With those people, the number of people who agreed with the canon slowly but surely increased. But they ended up being on the side of General Jelga. They killed the canon through the cracks and made sure he couldn't be revived. Because no matter how many canons have seven roots, no matter how many canons have seven roots, if there is no way to revive them, they can't be revived.

 That's a funny story.

"This is a man I couldn't kill. I don't think a single human could get him, no matter how many times I tried to get him.

Well as far as I can tell, there was actually a way to bring him back to life in canon. But he didn't come back. I think he got tired of being human.

 It's not surprising that he felt that way.
 A man who kept on fighting and sacrificing himself for the sake of humans was betrayed and killed by them.

 The man who was able to stand up to the demon king as many times as he could, but after being shot in the back by an ally, he lost the strength to stand up, as expected.

'The brave canon who tried to save humans, the hero he was, is no more. He never appeared on the stage of history after that. He didn't want to get involved in the Academy of Heroes or the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask). Perhaps he didn't even reincarnate and quietly disappeared. If not, I'm sure he wouldn't want to fight as a brave man again.

 So you said, "The canon I knew is gone.

When were you born?

 For a moment, Eleonor has a distressed look on his face.

'........The root of General Jelga became two magic. One is the Sanctuary (Ask). The other is my, the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor).

 If they were magicalized so soon after that war, they would know that the Demon King of Tyranny was Anos Voldigord.

'You mean it took him a long time to magickalize?

"I'm a failure. <I'm not sure if the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask) has taken all the hatred and hatred from me, and even though I'm a humanoid magic, I've lost my hatred for the demon race. In reality, I was supposed to take on the persona of General Jelga and continue teaching at the Academy for the Brave. That's why they wiped my memory and remade me over and over again.

 I see.
 So all of Jelga's schemes didn't go as planned?

After 300 years, the brave men of that era have finally decided that it's impossible to remake me right. "After three hundred years, the brave men of that era have finally decided that it's impossible to remake me correctly. You're not the only one who can do it.

 Eleonor looks at the countless holy water spheres floating around him, and at Zesia within them.

". I'm the magic to create the root cause clone.

 Hmm, I see.

''So Zesia here and Diego are all born with a magical duplicate of their roots?

 Neither of them had been revived after destroying the root cause, but had indeed perished.
 It's just that they were indistinguishably different people.

 Strictly speaking, it's hard to think of them as completely identical.
 There may be some subtle differences that even my magical eyes can't detect.

 However, it's not an exaggeration to say that they are identical when it comes to the power they have at their source.

''I chose the most suitable root source from among the brave men at that time and further improved on it. Zesia is a root clone that specializes in fighting ability, while it has lost its emotions and language. Diego is a root clone that specializes in education. <He is compatible with the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask) and is most easily inspired by the voice of Jelga.

 So Zecia is good as a soldier and Diego is good as an educator to instill hatred in the brave men of that era.

'I've been watching these girls live a life of futility for a long time. I'm magic, so even if her body dies, I'll reincarnate right away. And I will continue to give birth to them as the Eleonor. Just to die, to hate, to give birth to an empty life.

 Eleonor stared into my eyes.

''As long as the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) exists in this world, Zesia, Diego, and the Academy of Heroes can't be happy. So, Anos-kun, please.

 She says with an earnest heart.

Kill me, kill me, the Eleonor. <The Eleonor is the source of the Eleonor, the source of the general manager. I'm sure that Anos, who is capable of destroying the source, will be able to eliminate me.

 I see.

Well, I suppose it's possible. I'm just curious about one thing.


 I ask her, who is smiling and smiling even at times like this.

'I don't think your happiness is accounted for in your wishes, do you?

 Eleonor pouted.
 Then he let out a small laugh, just a little.

'....Hey, Anos-kun...'

 Eleonor sadly lowers his eyes.

I couldn't even protect them. I couldn't protect any of the children I brought into the world. I couldn't make any of them happy...

 A tear appeared in her eyes.

'Over and over again ... for a thousand, five hundred years ... I've just been killing ...'

 A clear drop ran down her cheek.
 But mixed with the water of the holy water ball, even those tears disappeared somewhere.

''I don't want to give birth to magic that only breeds hatred and misery... I don't want to give birth to those children who are just unhappy anymore... and...''

 She says in a mournful voice that seems to squeeze out.
 As if to punish herself.

".........I, who caused nothing but unhappiness, can't be happy......

Hmm. Hmm. Very good.

 Dimly, she looks at me.
 I say, holding out my hands as I point to Zesia and the others floating in the countless holy water balls.

''So, you mean, we can bring everyone here together and make them happy?