102-Spiritual and divine swords

 Eleonor laughed.
 He smiled as he spilled tears.

'Thanks. But it's okay. I'm a magician who uses magic to fight demons. I'm a magician for fighting demons, and if used, I can't resist. This is how the root clone continues to be produced, and the born Zesia will invade Dillhade.

 If Zecia had an army of 10,000 men and used the magic of the Brave Men's Squad (Asra), it would be a tremendous force.
 On top of that, each and every one of them is a human bomb that can use the . To Dillheid, they were only a threat.

"You demons don't have to deal with human affairs. You don't have to let human affairs get in the way of your demons.

 Human affairs, eh?
 That may be half true.

"Eleonor. "Eleonor, this is the battle I left behind two thousand years ago. This is the battle I left behind 2,000 years ago. I will not drag men of this age of peace into this trivial war.

 If I had just destroyed Jelga then, none of this would have happened.

You and Zesia would have done the same.

 Diego is no better than a man trapped in the hatred of the Usk.

We just need to settle the score. "You can't bring back the dead Zetia, but you can live in peace with them here.

If you'd pretend that all this never happened, then I wouldn't have to be here in this time.

It can't be ignored.

 Eleanor and Zesia have already been born.

For two thousand years I have given you a hard time.

 Eleonor's body trembled.

 It would have been a life of pain, suffering and agony.
 And so I hope to disappear in the end.

 Enough of that kind of misery.

'That was my mistake. So, therefore, happiness to you for the next two thousand years.

 Eleonor's smile fades.

'I'm not saying it will make up for everything, but let me at least make amends.

"I'm human. Ummm, I'm not even human. It's magic...

What about it?

 Drops spill out of her eyes and run down her cheeks.
 The tears that dissolve into the water of the holy water sphere are also clearly visible to my demon eyes.

''........As long as the magic in the sanctuary (Ask) exists, humans will continue to resent the demon race......We have no choice but to fight until one of us is destroyed......''

Then we will destroy the magic in the Sanctuary.

 With a sad expression on his face, Eleonor shook his head.
 Then, he muttered in a weak voice.

If you say things like there's so much hope........you'll dream.......

I'm going to grant it. You have suffered for 2,000 years. Then you will have to fulfill your dreams, a lie.

 A man who has suffered so much that he dies without hope.
 If you think that's the way of the world, then I'm going to destroy them.

"You have endured to the end of your days. You have endured enough. Now I'm standing here in front of you.

''But ... but ...''

 Then a sound escaped from somewhere.
 A faint voice.

 A faint thought.


 It's from Zesia, who is about ten years old, right next to Eleonor, in the holy water ball.


 Eleonor's expression was one of surprise.
 Zesia, who had specialized her body in her fighting ability and was supposed to be unable to speak, was speaking.

''Help me........save my mom..... ............

 At those words, Eleonor couldn't hold back and let out a sob.
 Tears spilled out of her eyes without stopping.

''I'm sorry, Anos-kun.......I'm saying something unfair. But, please.

 As before, Eleonor pleads, as he did before.
 Far stronger than before, with a prayer.

'Help me. Help me, Zecia, help me here. We've had enough of fighting.

I promise. I won't tell you right now. But I'll get you out of there.


 Polopolo and Eleonor burst into tears.

''........Absolutely, I promise, I promise......''

"I swear on my name.

 The only way to free them is to break the hatred of the human demon race that has existed for two thousand years.

 <The only way to free them is to erase the source of the jelga that has become the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask) and return the Sanctuary (Ask) to its original magic.

 However, unlike Eleonor, the Sanctuary (Ask) is not a human-shaped magic. There is no clear form of the root of Jelga, it has already become the reason, order and concept of the world.

 Correcting it is no mean feat.
 It's a matter of changing the law that if you drop things, they will fall.

 It's like permanently exerting the effect of the Rational Destruction Sword.


 Eleonor let out a murmur.
 I had just felt a great disturbance of magic, too.

 Not in this building. It's from outside, but not too far away.
 It's from Lake Seimei.

''A temple, I think.........''

 I use my magic eye to intercept the leaks that are flying around the building.

''.......what was that?

"Ta-da, attack! We're under attack! There's a bandit in the temple!

''Oh, that's, uh... that's the Seven Demon Emperors! The Seven Demon Emperors have appeared! Medwin Garza, Zoro Angert, and Eldra Zaia are confirmed! I need back up now!

d*mn! I didn't think it was really the work of the demon tribe.... I thought they were after the Madonna, but they're trying to destroy the God and Man Sword...!

 You're the Seven Demon Emperors here.

...What's the matter with you...?

It's going to be a little awkward. I'll go check it out.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, watch out, huh?


 <Using the magic of , he tries to transfer into the temple.
 However, after connecting the spaces, the magic circle was destroyed.

 Perhaps due to the influence of the Seven Demon Emperors' invasion, the power of the Spirit God and Human Sword was stronger than before, and the power to dispel the demons had increased.
 Once again, I used the to transition out of the temple.


 Several soldiers were being flung out of the temple.

 Immediately, I went inside.
 The door at the back of the temple was completely open.

 A divine light covered the area and filled the room with a pure white glow.
 A number of soldiers were lying on the ground.

 I went to the depths of the temple.

 What I saw was a single holy sword stuck into a pedestal.
 It was the Spiritual God and Human Sword Evans Mana, which emitted a divine radiance and tremendous magical power.

 Beside it, there were four demons.

 One was a man with two horns.
 One was a man with huge bat wings.
 One was a man with a red magic eye.

 And in the center of the man was a man wearing a mask.

 The man in the mask reaches for the hilt of the Spirit God Human Sword.

''Bah, you fool. If you guys touch the holy sword that only the brave canon can control, you won't get away with it!

 One of the soldiers who were surrounding the demons in the room said.

 But regardless, the masked man grabbed Evans Mana.
 And then he pulled it out with the utmost ease.


 The soldiers were so astonished that they didn't seem to be able to utter a word right away.


It's ridiculous.... For 2,000 years ... the holy sword that no one has been able to pull out for two thousand years has been recognized by the demon race as its owner...! That's not possible!

 The masked man ignores the frightened soldiers and turns his gaze to the most dangerous opponent in this place.
 That gleam in his eye catches me straight in the eye.

''Hm. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of it.

 If you look closely, the masks are a little different from those at the Magic Sword Tournament.
 However, it looks like we can't see through the magic power the same way.

''With the Seven Demon Emperors in tow, you no longer have any excuse. Speak your name.

 The masked man raised his Spirit God Man Sword and said.

''I am Avos Dilhevia, the tyrannical demon king who destroys everything. A tyrannical demon king who destroys everything.

 The Spirit God and Human Sword Evans Mana emitted a dazzling light.

''What are you trying to do with your false name, false demon king?

 I deployed six magicians in front of me and unleashed the Gio-Glaze.


 As Avos Dilhevia swung down her Evans Mana, divine flashes of light became countless sword blasts that spread out around the area.

 The six rounds of the Gio-Glaze were easily sliced through, and the light sword blasts continued to strike me.

 I used anti-magic and doomsday magic to dampen the power of the attack, and sent it away behind me.
 The severed pillar of the pillar collapses without a sound, and the temple begins to collapse with a rattle.

 Hmm. Not only did you pull it out, but you've mastered the Spirit God and Man Sword.
 Have you told the holy sword that looks into your heart and chooses its owner with all your strength?


Listen up, mortals. I won the war 2,000 years ago.

 Evansmana covered Avos Dilhevia and the Seven Demon Emperors with his light.

''Perish, you foolish mortals! "Perish, you foolish demons who do not recognize me. I will remake the world. Let the darkness and chaos engulf the world of righteous demons.

 When the light popped and then swiftly disappeared, Avos Dilhevia was nowhere to be found.