103-Declaration of war

 After Avos Dilhevia and the Seven Demon Emperors had left, the soldiers of Gailladite were busy helping the wounded and reporting on the situation.

 In addition to Diego's plan, if the tyrannical demon king seized the Spiritual God and Man Sword, he would not be able to get away with it.
 I decided to go and check out the quarters.

 On the way, I glanced at the city of Gailladite, but it was somewhat noisy compared to normal times. I saw soldiers running around.

 When we arrived at our destination, there was a lot of commotion around.
 The soldiers of Geiradite are surrounding the third dormitory of the heroic academy.

 They must have been set up in the quarters beforehand. A magical ward using holy water has been set up. There are about three hundred soldiers on guard to prevent even a single ant from getting through.

 Even after what happened with Avos Dilhevia, they are moving too quickly.
 It's as if they were preparing for it beforehand. Even if the holy sword is not taken away, this is what he was planning to do as he went along.

''What is this imitation!

 Menou is crowding the soldier who seems to be in charge.
 They are separated by a ward.

"I can guarantee your safety as long as you stay quiet.

You've got to be kidding me. I mean, it's insane to lock up a student who comes for an exchange program. This isn't just Delzogade's problem.

 The soldier doesn't answer, just turns his guarded gaze to Menou.
 They are Gailladite soldiers. They follow orders, not details.

Whose orders?

I'm afraid I can't answer that question.

 The soldier tries to move away from the scene.

'Don't wait!'

 Menou reached out, but the magical wards prevented her from doing so. With a buzzing sound, the wards burned her fingers.

'Don't worry. If any outgoing students return, I will take responsibility for letting them in.

 The soldier says in a genuine tone of voice.
 Good grief, that's a lot of stuff.

Can you let me through?

 When I called out to the soldiers, they changed their blood color.

''Well, we've found one student from the Demon King Academy! This is the subject of a special report, Anos Voldigord! I repeat, Anos Voldigord has been spotted in front of the Third Quarters! Search parties, we need backup, now!

 The soldiers all retreated inside the wards to keep an eye out for me.

 Hmm. The soldiers in the temple didn't seem to know my face, but not this one.

"We won't fight your puppets without being intimidated.

Be on your guard! Everyone stay inside the wards and be ready. That's right, you can go in here--

 I stepped inside the warding.
 The holy magic tries to burn me, but the anti-magic blocked it and I entered leisurely.


We've made it past the warding system!

 The soldier raises his voice as if astonished.

''..........To not even bother with the magical wards that used that much holy water, you're even more of a monster than I reported......! How does the top brass tell you to hold that guy down....

Don't whine. Whether you can or can't, we're just trying to do our jobs right!

There's your answer!

 I walked straight to Menou, while the soldiers exchanged some kind of comedic conversation.
 Like a receding wave, the soldiers quickly cleared the path in front of me.

"...Anos-kun........do you have any idea what this is all about?

 Menou asks me.

"Yes. 'It's up to you whether you believe me or not.'

 Just then, Liebest came out of his quarters.

'Come inside, Menou-sensei,' he said. Please come inside. It's Dean Diego on the magic broadcast...

 Menou and I looked at each other.
 I nodded and we walked into the quarters.

 In the large hall set up for the large number of people to relax in, there was a large image crystal for magic broadcasting. Diego's image was reflected there. The place seemed to be the throne of Archlan Isca.

''To the people of Azation, I tell you. I am Diego Canon Ijayshika, the head of Arclan Isca, the Academy of Heroes. Today, all magical broadcasts throughout Azation have been cancelled and this is the only time I am speaking to you. I had no choice but to tell everyone living here in Azation.

 There was a moment's pause, and then Diego said in a stern tone.

'The deepest darkness has come.'

 His expression was serious, reminiscent of a warrior on his way to his death.

''The legendary holy sword that was secretly dedicated to the Academy for the Brave, the Spirit God's Human Sword Evans Mana has been taken away. The legendary Sacred Sword of Evans Mana, the Spirit God and Human Sword, which was secretly dedicated to the Heroic Academy, has been taken away. The seven demon emperors of Dirhade, Old Medwin Gasa, Zoro Angert and Eldora Zaia. And after two thousand years, the deepest darkness resurrected in his land - at the hands of a tyrannical demon king!

 The great hall buzzed.
 They were complaining about the broadcast, especially the imperialists.

''Two thousand years ago, our ancestor, the legendary heroic canon, fought against the vile demon race and defeated them. For a long time, the demons trapped behind the wall did not come to attack us after the wall disappeared. I thought that they were remorseful of their own mistakes. Then I decided to forget my past grudge and give the demon tribe forgiveness. And I reached out to them to give them relief in the name of academy exchange. It was a message that we should help each other and live together in the future.

 Diego gave a frustrated look.
 He clenched his fists tightly and swung them down with vigor.

''And they betrayed it with their despicable means! Our guardian god, the spirit god who has been guarding this land unseen until now, has taken away the sword. I don't need to tell you what this means! The demons intend to invade this Azation! Otherwise, there's no need to steal the Spirit God Man Sword!

 Diego shouted high and mighty as if to say that justice is mine.

'But don't worry! With the permission of King Gailladite, I hereby declare that the Gailladite Demon King's vanquishing army, which once defeated the Demon King, will once again be formed here in Gailladite! And, in order to bring justice to Dirhade, who took away the Spirit God and Human Sword, the pride of our ancestors, I declare war on the lowly bastards here today!

 The soldiers in the throne room shouted loudly in agreement.

'You all know this. There is an oral tradition that has been passed down in Azation for a long time. Eventually, the deepest darkness will engulf Azation again. But do not be afraid. Pray with hope. To our legendary hero. Then the return of his men will appear and clear the darkness with the light of hope.

 Diego says quietly, as if to slow things down.

''My name is Diego Canon Ijayshika. I am the descendant and reincarnation of the legendary heroic canon! The graduates of the College of the Brave, who are already in various parts of Azation, have been called back to this Gailladite. Tomorrow, the preparations for the expedition will be ready.

 I'm not sure how much magic they're using, but they're preparing too soon.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to be a good fit, but I'm sure most people don't care about that.

 I'm not sure I've ever seen it before.
 It's all you can do to worry about yourself.

Justice is on my side! Victory over the Geiradite Demon King's vanquishing army!

 Whoa! The soldiers shouted out.

'Heaven's judgment on the foolish demon race! Victory to our heroes!

 Whoa! The soldiers raised their voices again.

 The students of the Demon King Academy who were watching them muttered in a whisper.

''What are they saying, these guys........ Are they insane? Are we really going to war...?

Yeah, you're crazy...

 It's an understandable opinion.
 However, there are not a few of us who are frightened.

 After all, if it really is a war with Dillhade and Azation, we've been captured by the enemy.

 At that time, a thought transmission (leaks) arrived for me.

"Do you hear that?

 Misha's voice.

'Yeah. Did you hear the broadcast?

Hmm. Where is Anos?

'The third quarters. Soldiers are surrounding and holding the students. You'd better not come back here. I'm sure the soldiers outside are also trying to capture the students of the Demon King Academy. Be careful.

I'm fine.

 Well, it would be impossible for a human soldier to capture Misha.

Are the others with you?

Sasha is with us. Everyone else is on their own.

 I think we're going to a festival.

"The Thought Interference (Edoro) spell is being used and the Thought Communication (Leaks) is unstable. It's hard to communicate with Rey and the others.

 Ray is not good at magic. Misa's magic power is weak to begin with.
 With both of them in the state where the Thought Interference (Edoro) is being used, it will be difficult to send and receive the Thought Communication (Leaks).

Well, Ray and Misa will be together. "Well, I'm sure Rey and Misa are together. Find the Fan Union first.


 That's when I received another leaks.

"Call me if you need anything else.


 He finishes his . It's from Dirkheid.

"What's up, Melhayes?

We've got a problem.

 <Through the magic of the "thought communication" (leaks), a "remote clairvoyance" (rimneto) is sent to me. I projected it in front of me.

"I am Avos Dilhevia.

 That masked demon race was there.
 Beside them are the Seven Demon Emperors Old Medwin Gartha, Zoro Angart, and Eldra Zaia. The three of them are kneeling to show their allegiance to Avos Dilhevia.

'What do you mean?'

'It is being broadcast throughout Dirheid. Medwin, Zoro and Eldora have just announced that they have discovered the reincarnation of the tyrannical demon king.

 If this is said to the Seven Devils' grandfather, I can't help but believe him.

"Descendants! I've returned.

 Strongly, Avos Dilhevia speaks out.

"Two thousand years ago, I sacrificed myself to end the war and divided the world in four. That was my best bet for peace and my mercy for not destroying humanity.

 Medwin uses the magic of .
 What was projected on the screen was a magic broadcast that was broadcast in Azation just a few minutes ago.

 Diego's speech is transmitted throughout the entire Dillheid.
 Eventually, when it was over, the masked man said, "They will destroy me.

The masked man said, "They have passed down the Spirit God and Human Sword to destroy me until today. In this peaceful world, they have developed techniques to kill demons and have built up an army in the name of the Academy for Heroes. You have forgotten about fighting. You have forgotten your resentment towards humans. But for the past two thousand years, humans have not changed.

 The fact that it is plainly stated, yet with a certain weight.

"I was wrong. Whether a thousand or two thousand years have passed, human nature has not changed. They fear, discriminate and kill those who are different from them. They are ugly, stupid, and irredeemably ugly.

 Avos Dilhevia holds up her right hand.

"The time has come for us to settle the score for the mistakes of two thousand years ago. It is time to pay for the mistakes of two thousand years ago. Your lives are now yours to carry on.

 A divine light gathered in the right hand raised by the masked man.
 It turned into the Spirit God and Human Sword Evans Mana.

Their greatest weapon, the Evanescence Mana created to destroy me, is in my hand. There is nothing to fear. I leave everything to you, my child. Then preserve all life and fulfill all vows. Ride with me on the battlefield and destroy the foolish men!

 I could smell it.

 I smelled it once, a bloody one.
 The war was about to begin.

 Two thousand years ago, I thought I'd avoided the last war.