104-Eve of decisive battle

 Deep underground in an underwater cave. I transferred to a hidden room set up in a military facility.
 In the center of the room is Eleonor floating in a holy water sphere.

Wow. Welcome, Anos.

 Eleonor chuckled as he welcomed my visit.

'It got a bit messy,'

'I know. I know that Azéon declared war on Dillheid, didn't he?

 I nod.

'My impostor, Avos Dilhevia, has appeared in Dirheid. It seems that he intends to intercept the forces that will defeat the Geiradite demon king.

...Yeah, I see.

Avos Dilhevia has been raised and is on her way to the border with Azéon.

How fast can they come together?

No, we can't get them together. But Avos Dilhevia has taken the lead. He has shown that he is ready to fight alone. The world is at peace, but they're not the only goofballs who would let the Founders go it alone. To him, demons will gather from all over the country.

 The movement of the army that had been preparing for a long time to defeat the Gailladite Demon King was naturally fast. The brave men and women gathered from all over the world have been absorbed into the army and are heading towards the border with Dillhade.

 It's just as it should be.

''Right now, I can still get you guys out of here.

 This time when the Brave Academy is turning its attention to the Demon King of Tyranny would be an opportunity to reverse the situation.

''........It's going to be a war, right?''


That's why we can't just run away.

 Eleonor says, as if it were obvious.
 I knew it would be so.

 Diego's declaration of war on Dirheid was based on his calculation of Zecia, a force that Eleonor could create endlessly. Without them, the army to defeat the Gailladite Demon King would be overrun by Dirheid's army without any means.

I have to protect the people of Gaillardite. I have to protect everyone in Gaillardite. "I have to protect everyone in Geiradite, and everyone in Jelgakanon.

 Eleonor chuckled.

'You're all a bit silly, though. But hey, it's really my fault. I can't let you die.

 Although it is far from being an incarnation approximately, her roots are still Gerga's. Is that a sin?

''It's a difficult thing, being a brave man.

 You're forced into an unreasonable role, and yet you still try to fight for what you're supposed to protect.
 Two thousand years ago, was it the same for canon?

Anos you and I are enemies now, aren't we?

 She laughs sadly.
 Then she quietly opened her mouth.

I don't think I lied about what you told me, or what you promised me.

 'So,' she said.

'I'm going to beat you. Dillhade or Azation, whichever one wins, I won't hold a grudge.

 You want me to get rid of the source and all its parts.
 Once she's gone, perhaps it will be settled.

 If both armies are exhausted, or if the vortex doesn't spread any further, perhaps it won't.


'Let me tell you something, Eleonor. There is no victory for either Dillhade or Azation.

 Eleonor looks at me curiously.

Does this mean that there are no winners in war?

No, it's me who will win. I'll stop this stupid war.

 Two thousand years ago, I wanted peace, and now I've found it.
 Everyone is laughing. Humans and demons alike will never be tormented by the fear of not knowing what tomorrow holds.

 You can't let them deprive you of this invaluable time.

No matter how much Anos-kun...

'What? It's not like we're going to do much. It's just a matter of lightly kicking out the Dirheid army, stopping Avos Dirhevia, and stroking the defeating army of the Geiradite Demon King.

 Before the two armies collide, they are neutralized.
 After that, let's loosely consider. A way to remove the hatred from the humans to the demons.

'Some things can only be protected if you are on Azation's side. If you are going to go into battle, Eleonor. Do not kill anyone until your last moment. Friend and foe alike. You will protect what you want to protect to the best of your ability.

 He tells her, who still has an expression of skepticism on her face.

'In return, I'll keep you happy.

 Eleonor stares straight at me.
 I met her gaze squarely and proudly.

 Eventually, she nodded as if she had made up her mind.

''I understand. I will trust you, Anos. I promise.

 I turn on my heel.

"Mr. Anos.

 Eleonor calls out at my back.

'I think I've figured out why Kanon trusted the Demon King.

 With only his face to her.


 And then he speaks.
 I used the
 The place I moved to is Dillhade.
 It's the Union Tower of the Anos Fan Union in the Demon King's Academy Delzogade.

 There, Misha and Sasha were waiting for me.
 Ray, Misha, and the eight people of Fun Union.

 The Seven Demon Emperors, Melheis and Ivis, and Gaius and Idle.

''I've spoken to Eleonor.

 Everyone nodded with serious expressions.
 I've told them about Eleonor, Zesia, and the magic of the .

'This is the battle I left unfinished two thousand years ago.

 Both Avos Dilhevia and the Academy of Heroes brought this about because I didn't see it coming.

''You don't have to bother with them.

 With those words, Melheis and the other seven Demon Emperors kneeled down.

''My lord, the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord. How can we, the Seven Demon Emperors, overlook these insolent people who deceive you?

 Four of the Seven Demon Emperors bowed to me.

''I beg you to command them to your heart's content.

 A girl from the fan union continued to say, "We're going to fight, too.

''We're going to fight, too. I don't know if it's going to help you.

Because I don't want to go to war...

I'll do my best, sir.

 He turned his gaze to Mass. She nodded.

'Avos Dilhevia has appeared, and in the short time since, the half-breed demon race has been forced into an increasingly weak position.... Because if he's a fake demon king, then this is my fight as well.

I mean--

 Sasha said next.

I don't want you to say that now. You didn't ask me to join your crew," he said, "You think I'm going to stop just because I'm dealing with Dillhade and Azation? You think I'm going to stop just because you're dealing with Dirkheid and Azéon? Even if it's against the whole world, I will still fight you.

 Persistently Misha nods in agreement.

'Anos is right,'

Not necessarily.

'Even though I am wrong, it is Anos who has given me life, and my life is always with Anos. My life will always be with Anos.

 Finally, Ray says in an unenthusiastic tone.

'We're friends,'

 For that loyalty, for that friendship, I'm going to return the favor.

"I've been blessed with good men and good friends.

 I don't belong to either of the two armies, and I'm going to turn the two countries against each other.
 No matter how much I'm there, there are demons from the mythical era who have the Spiritual God Human Sword in their hands over there as well.
 It's reasonable to assume that even the Academy of Heroes has a trump card or two ready to play.

 You can't make a decision with a half-hearted resolution.

''Melhayes, Ivis, Gaius, and Idle, hold the enemy Seven Demon Emperors Old Medwin, Zoro, and Eldora.

 Beat the Dilheid Army first.

 Against a heroic academy that has grasped the strength of the majority, Avos Dilhevia is still an unknown quantity.
 Since we don't know what he might do, we'll be the first to take him down.

 Even though it's a battle between the Seven Demon Emperors, it's still four against three.
 As long as Melhayes is here, we can't afford to lose.

''Sasha and Misha, block the feet of the demon clans that are gathering from the west. It's a long way from the border before they meet up with the main force. On top of the disparate chains of command, we don't expect an attack here.

 Use Sasha's Eye of Doom to limit the enemy's magic on the open plains. Then, they will create obstacles, such as walls and cages, to block their path with the Creation Architecture (Ibis).

Misa and Fan Union will stay in the back. <"Misa and the Fan Union, stay behind and use the fusca to distract and gather information.

 Putting these girls on the front lines is dangerous.
 They'll be in the rear of the line.

What about me?

"You kick out the eastern troops heading for the border. Don't let them cross the border.

 We're dealing with the advance party of the Dilheid army, the Imperialist handlers who were the first to follow Avos Dilhevia.
 Even the current ray is pretty tough, but this man will get over the wall in battle.

''I'll ride directly into the headquarters at the rear of it.

"I have found that the largest demon king's castle in the hills of Eyan is being built. Avos Dilhevia is probably one of them.

 Ivis says.

'If I go on the rampage, he'll have to show himself.

 If he doesn't come out, we can go directly to the Demon King's Castle.
 After letting him swim so far, he made a bold move.

 You're not getting away with this.

That's an order. Don't die. "Don't die! Don't kill. I won't let anyone else die in this little battle.

 You never know what will happen on the battlefield.
 The battle is not decided by simple strength.

 I've seen people with great strength die without a clue.

 It's not a good idea to go easy on them.
 But they all nodded without hesitation in response to my selfishness.

"We'll see you here again for sure. All together.