105-Each feeling

 Soon, dawn will break.
 That would be the signal to start the war.

 I went to the stairs to check on everyone.
 Then I heard a faint voice talking.

 It was coming from the top floor. I went up the stairs.

"...I was just looking around Midhays today.

How did it go?

 Ray and Misa were talking in front of the half-magic sword.
 No one else seemed to be there.

''It's really kind of the same as usual, I couldn't believe that soon, the war will start...''

I guess that's about it.

 Ray said, his usual smile never faltering.

'I don't think we all feel it yet. I think they can't believe there's really going to be a war, and then the war spreads and they finally realize that they're in it.

 Misa's eyes stared vaguely at the half demon sword.

'By the time you realize it, though, it's probably too late for everything.

 Ray quietly clenched his fists.

'It seems that most of the Demon Emperors of Dirheid have gathered to Avos Dirhevia.

''I guess you can't just wait in your own castle when the Demon King of Tyranny has taken the lead. That's the way the demon race fights.

 The Demon Emperor who rules the country goes to the battlefield himself. If something goes wrong, the country could fall, but otherwise, the world of the demons will not be able to take a stand. Why would anyone follow a ruler who has been holed up in his castle in times of crisis?

 Even though there is peace now, some things have not changed.

'It's all right. As Anos would have said. I'm not going to kill anyone.

 Mass then rolled her eyes.


Your father could be in there, you know.


 Mass turns away, as if ashamed.

'I'm sorry,'


Because Mr. Ray, all by himself, has a huge army of Dirheid troops...

 He laughed, refreshingly, as if to blow away the gloom.

'I don't seem to be the least bit nervous about going to stop the war now.

Yeah, what is it...?

'I think I went through a war two thousand years ago. So I think my body knows my roots. That it's not as big of a deal as this.

 Ray says in his usual aloof, unchanged tone.

'I'll come back. I'll come back to you.

 Misa's gaze was quickly absorbed by Ray's eyes.
 Their bodies slowly moved closer together and she closed her eyes.

 Ray put his arms around Misa's neck.
 Then she takes the necklace shell in her hand.

'Miss Ray?'

Can I have it?

 Mass's face turns bright red.
 The necklace of a single shell is divided into two parts. And the necklace of a single shell that you gave to them is divided into two parts, and by wearing one of the two parts, it is meant to be a courtship. This is what I learned in my lessons at the College of the Brave.

'I'm sure it will be a good luck charm.'

 Curtly, she nodded.

 Ray put the necklace, divided in two, around his own neck.

'When was the last time you said that?'

 Ray said as he remembered.

'I can't wait for some day. He wants to save them now. If you can't think about helping even one more person who is suffering right now, you won't be able to risk your life, even if that day comes.

 Looking slightly embarrassed, Misa nodded.

'That's when I fell in love with you. You were just so, so dazzling.

 Ray laughs briskly.

'If I could just swing a sword every day, I'd be fine with that. But I was just letting a lot of things happen to me, and I wasn't kind or strong.

 Mass shook her head from side to side.

'You don't know yourself, Ray. You are the kindest, strongest person anyone has ever known. You've always been a natural, and you've always been able to separate yourself from everyone else.

Is that right?

........yes. That's why I'm........

 He looked down for a moment, and Mass bit his lip tightly.
 Then she looked up and said.

'That's why I love you so much, Ray.

 After rolling his eyes, just a little, Ray smiles.

'Thank you.'

 Hmm. You seem to be ready to go to war.
 I turn on my heel and walk down the stairs.

 Then Misha and Sasha come in from the other side.

I think they're on their way up. If you need me, you'll have to wait a while longer.

 Misha shook her head from side to side with a shake.

'I was looking for Anos.'

What's going on?

It's nothing, but...

 Saying that, Sasha squeezed her hand.
 It was trembling slightly.

''What, Sasha, are you trembling?''

Hey, this is different. It's not like that...

It's your first battle. So was I.

 As I said it, I walked down the stairs.
 Misha and Sasha followed behind me.

'Really? Did that happen in Anos?

Yeah. I was in a hurry. I was so excited to show them what they could see that they couldn't stop trembling. I was too ruthless in what I did, and I killed more enemies than I should have.

 Sasha stops in her tracks.
 When I turn around, she's looking at me with her white eyes.

'You know........who told you to play such a heroic tale.......'


I don't think so. It was my fault for consulting with the Demon King of Tyranny.


"What, Sasha, are you spooked? Hahaha.

Why are you laughing? War, we're going to war?

'How can this not be funny? What are you scared of? Another very prudent thing to do while keeping that much power inside.

 Sasha looks back at me in dismay.

'I've been working on you for a week in self-study. I'm the only one you've been dealing with, so you may not have understood. I'm not sure how many people are outnumbered, but the current version of you is not capable of falling behind the demons of this era.

 <He trained himself to draw out all of Sasha's magic power amplified by the Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess).

 <The current Sasha, who could control the , any other demon race would decide the winner with a single glance.

''And you're not alone. There's someone with equal power beside you.

 Sasha looked at Misha.
 She nodded.

'Don't worry. I won't let Sasha die.

 Sasha looked down in embarrassment.
 He thought he was the only one who was scared out of his mind.

'You can give me a hand,'

Well....wait a minute...

 He wrapped his palm around Sasha's trembling hand.

'Calm down,'


You think I'd let my men go to their deaths?

I don't think...

"If you don't trust yourself, trust me. You will not be cowed. You're not going to die. And when those morons arrive late to join our army, let them see what my men can do.

 Sasha nodded clearly.


 She let go of his hand and her shaking had stopped.

'Hmm. Your cheeks seem to be flushed, do you still have something to worry about?

This is nothing! I'm just a little excited.

I see. That's brave.

"...or I'm going to go wash my face...

 Sasha descended the stairs with great vigor.

'Thank you,'

 Misha said.

'There is no such thing as normalcy in war, though. But if you are consumed by fear, even the strongest of men will die in a heartbeat.

 I won't let you die.

You too, Misha.

 I take that little hand. His fingertips were trembling very slightly.


How could I not know?


Are you afraid?

I'm scared.

What are you afraid of?

 Misha thinks.
 Then she says.

"All of them.

 There is no one who isn't afraid of the battlefield.
 Killing the enemy, getting your allies killed, and everything else is terrifying.

 The one who can say he is afraid, without bravado, is strong.

I'm not going to tell you not to be afraid. I'm not going to tell you not to be afraid, but I'm going to tell you to overcome your fear. If your evil eye is always looking at the battlefield, no one will die.

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'I'll protect you.'

 Misha says.

'The peace that Anos kept, I will keep. So,

 The trembling in her fingertips stopped with a snap.

'Go and settle this two thousand years ago.

 I haven't even said anything.
 I'm used to seeing things.

Yeah, I'm on it. You're in charge.