106-Oath 2000 years ago

 The vast forest that straddles the Dirheid and Azation, the Torra Forest.

 To the east of the border, on the Azation side, is the Gailladite Demon King's Defeat Army.
 Among them are ten thousand Zecia, girls who have replicated the root cause.

 All of these girls cover their faces with armor and wear the Holy Sword of Light, Enhale, as they prepare for the assault of the Dilheid army.

 Meanwhile, on the west side of the border, the advance team of the Dirheid army, the Imperialist Demons, were there. The regular army under their command, led by the Demon Emperor, made up each unit.

 A number of huge Demon King castles that seemed to tower in the forest had been created.
 The distance between the two armies is still far, and for now it's a standoff.

 However, this standoff will not last for long.
 If either side makes a move, the fires of warfare will spread in the blink of an eye.

 The two armies cannot be allowed to come into contact with each other.

 Ray is hiding in front of the border on the Dirheid side.
 That man would never let the advance party step on the border.

 The main body of Dirheid's army is stationed further west of where the advance team is setting up shop, on Eyan's Hill, where the main body of Dirheid's army is stationed. There are about twenty thousand of them. Perhaps the enemy Seven Demon Emperors are also here.

 I stare at the jet-black Demon King's Castle on Aiyan Hill.

''Let's go. ''You guys don't pay any attention to the small fry. Always act in groups of four and aim only at the Seven Demon Emperors.

"As you wish.

 I headed to the enemy's troops and walked straight to the enemy's troops, followed by Melhayes and the four old Seven Demon Emperors.

''Stop, who are you?

 We came from the Azation side and the demon soldiers held up their magic swords to us.

"Wait. Isn't that Melhäs-sama...?

Master Ivis, Master Gaius, and Master Idle...

So this means that all Seven Demon Emperors will be participating in this battle?

 The Demon Race soldiers brightened their expressions and put their swords away.
 It was sweet, even though they were on the battlefield.

 I grabbed the man at the front of the line and grabbed him by the face.

''Goooooooo.......what are you.......what are you doing?

Just because he's a familiar face doesn't mean he's one of us. Just because you know him, doesn't mean he's one of us.

 The man's entire body was covered with a magical barrier. Then he lifted it up as it was.

''Wha........haha, let go.......''

Yeah, I'll let you go now.

 He lightly lifted the man and headed to the spot where the soldiers of Dillhade's army were densely packed, and threw him down with great vigor.

 A magical barrier by the Dillhade army is being put up, but that man wrapped in my magical barrier pierced it like a shell and lightly blew up two hundred people with a Zugong.

I'm not going to be able to get it right.

How long ago did the Azation Army get here, you idiot?

That's not an Azation! That's a demon!

How dare you betray the tyrannical demon king? What kind of hand do you have? Unificationists?

''Yeah, well, the Seven Demon Emperors, Lord Melhayes and the others...''


 I stand in front of a man who looks like a floating commander.

"Did you say I betrayed you?

 With a grim look on his face, the commander held up his magic sword.
 My men are staring at me without a care in the world.

''No, it's not. This is the real Demon King's Army. You can tell Avos Dilhevia that the real one is here. You can tell Avos Dilhevia that the real one is here.

"Four men and no Demon King's Army? Charge! Crush them!

But, Master Melhayes, sir!

''Seven Demon Emperors wouldn't draw their bows to the Demon King of Tyranny! It's a fake, of course! Do it!

 Oh, dear. I don't know.

"You don't know, I'll tell you. Four men or one.

 He raises his foot and then steps on the ground as hard as he can.

'I'm the Demon King's Army.'

 The earth trembles with a thud, and the soldiers all shake their bodies violently. One by one, they fall to the spot in the face of an unprecedented earthquake that would not have struck Dillheid in the last two thousand years.

''Nah, gaaaah, what is this...!


The earth has broken apart...

Don't be scared. It's empty. Fly!

 The soldiers all fled into the sky in a single  However, they soon stalled and crashed to the ground, their bodies slamming into the ground.

"Take, don't fly................!

What the hell, the magic field is in disarray............................

What the hell, what the hell is going on here?

 I stepped out loosely and said.

'Did you think the earthquake wouldn't affect the sky?

 Every time I walk, the magic power transmitted to the earth causes a massive earthquake. The tremors shake the atmosphere and disrupt the magic field in the sky.

''Remember. This is what the demon king's march is all about.

 Straight ahead, I walk towards the Demon King's Castle built on the hills of Eyan.
 With that alone, the soldiers in a radius of several kilometers from me kneel on the ground and bang their heads against the earth.

 It's as if they are prostrating themselves in front of me.
 The large army of demons is falling in the blink of an eye.

 That's when.
 I could see three shadows flying out of the Demon King's Castle.

 Judging from the amount of magic power they had, they were probably the Seven Demon Emperors.

''Hmm. You're here. Melghese.

I'll take care of it.

 Melhayes and the other four emerged in
'Misha, how are you doing over there?'

 <I can hear her voice through the thought communication (leaks).


 <She shares her vision through the magic lines of the Demon King's Army (Guys).

 In front of her eyes, the desert was spreading out.
 A group of demons are approaching to join the Dirheid army, but one by one they are being swallowed by the quicksand created by Misha's Ibis.

 There is nowhere to hide, even if you want to use your magic, as the desert is a vast expanse of sand. It seems that Sasha's magical eye of doom makes it impossible to formulate a magic formula.

 <The Magic Eye of Doom consumes a lot of magic power. Although the current Sasha can't maintain it for a long time, she dexterously exerts its magical eye on only a portion of the magic formulae that are deployed.

 If part of the magic formula is destroyed, it is difficult to repair only that part, and the magic circle will naturally fall apart. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 Even so, they are still several tens of thousands of soldiers. If they are outnumbered, they will be forced to retreat gradually.
 How long they can hold out will depend on the strength and fighting style of these two men.

"Sasha, Sasha. Sasha, in the quicksand. Magic formula confirmed. <Ibis.

You're going to create a roadblock to avoid the Maleficent Eye. That's not going to happen.

 Sasha points the Magical Eye of Doom in the direction Misha pointed and destroys the magic formula. No matter what obstacles there are, as long as you can see the magic power, it will work, but it's difficult to look into the abyss while activating the Magic Eye of Ruin. From the beginning, Sasha is not that good at seeing magic power.

 However, Misha compensates for that and eliminates the blind spots.
 The demons whose chain of command is unclear seem to be unable to grasp the battle situation, and most of them are confused.

 They are caught in the traps of the "Ibis" that Misha has created one after another, and seem unable to move forward as they would like.

"Hmm. So this is it.

 When I looked at my own vision, I saw the prostrate demon tribe soldiers around me, rattling and shaking, their heads hanging down.
 There were still some demon clans still standing on their own, but their feet were cowering.

 If this wasn't a war, there would have been a good amount of people capable of standing up to them. But for the past two thousand years, Dirhade had been at peace. If you saw your allies falling in a flurry in your first real battle, it's understandable that you would be scared out of your wits.

 Maybe someone stronger than me has fallen helplessly. If you think so, your body won't move.

 If you are consumed by fear, no matter how strong you are, you will die quickly. What I told Misha was happening right now was happening right in front of his eyes.
 If it wasn't for the Seven Demon Emperors being held down by Melhayes and the others, this wouldn't have happened.

 As if to show myself, I slowly flew in my
''How long do you plan to stay indoors? Come out, Avos Dilhevia.

 He drew a magic circle and filled it with magic power.
 The moment the jet-black sun emerged from the magic circle, there was a sound and the door to the castle opened.

 I peer into the depths of the castle. A divine light breaks through my anti-magic and pierces my body.
 There is no doubt that the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana is there.

''Hm. So you want me to come in.

 Without hesitation, I walked to the entrance of the Demon King's Castle.


 I got a leaks from Misa.

"What's up?

We've lost our communication with Mr. Ray.

 I work my magic eye and check.

"Hmm. <It looks like the Demon King's Army (Guys) magic wire has been cut.

 Until just a few moments ago, we had been able to share Ray's vision.
 In that moment when I focused my attention on the depths of the door of the demon king's castle, something happened to Ray.

 However, that man is not good at magic.
 I don't think they'll be able to get beaten up so easily just because they can't connect the magic lines, though.

''Anos-sama, we've captured three of the Seven Demon Emperors.

 It's from Melhayes.
 That's odd. It's faster than I thought.

"What happened to the source of the enemy we were fusing?

But it looks like he's abandoned his body and is on the run, sir.

 He escaped?
 At this point in time, what reason do you have to abandon the body of the Seven Demon Emperors?

 Without it, we could not rebuild our troops, who were on their feet.

Anos-sama, our advance team is about to cross the border!

No sign of Ray-kun yet, sir.

 It's a thought transmission from Fun Union.

"We will take care of the border. "We will find Avos Dilhevia.

 Ivis says.
 I turn my gaze once more to the depths of the Demon King's Castle.

 I don't think Ray will be easily beaten.
 That man would be able to fight back in a heartbeat, even if he's pushed back a bit.

 The biggest threat in this war is Avos Dilhevia with the Spirit Godman Sword. And without a doubt, that sword is inside this Demon King's Castle. We can't let him out of our sight.

 In that case, it's best for the border to trust Ray and send Melhayes and the others towards him.


 I felt a stirring in my chest.
 I had a strange feeling of discomfort. 

 What did the enemy want?
 Why did the Seven Demon Emperors and the three old men abandon their bodies at this time?

 Why did Avos Dilhevia sit back and watch the soldiers she'd gone to the trouble of assembling lose their will to fight?

 Why did you personally open the door to the Demon King's Castle to let me know that the Spirit God and Human Sword is here?

 Why on earth would you--?

"...hmmm. I see. I see.

 I'm going to deploy the magic circle of .

"Melghese. Isolate the Sword of the God and Man in the Demon King's Castle in the Azeis. But if you think Avos Dilhevia will appear, run away from her. I'm sure he won't come out. It's probably a decoy.

 My vision went blank and I transitioned to the border of the Torah Forest.
 It was on the Azation side.

 There are no trees there, and it looks like a gaping hole in the forest, a vast grassland. If you pass behind me, you will soon be able to see where the army to defeat the Gaillardite Demon King will be laying down their position.

 I listen.
 Then I hear a voice.

"March on, my fellow countrymen. There is nothing to fear from humans. I won't let any of you die. I will not let you die alone. Follow me on my back!

 It's Avos Dilhevia.
 As if in response to his voice, I hear the yells of our advance party coming from all over the forest.

 Just as I suspected.

 Then we know what he wants and what he wants.
 We need to know what he's after and what he wants.

 I think I might have figured it all out.

 I stood there and waited.

 Before long, a man appears.
 A man in a mask, Avos Dilhevia.

 When he spotted me, he stopped in his tracks.
 Without uttering a word, Avos Dilhevia looks at me.

 A moment later, his magic swelled to a whole new level.

 Without a word, Avos Dilhevia attacked me.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 I landed a few meters behind where I was originally.

 Avos Dilhevia lowers her stance to give further chase.
 I say to the guy who was going to take the fight to him in one fell swoop.

'It's been two thousand years, brave canon.

 Avos Dilhevia's magic power shook for a moment as she expressed her surprise.

 Even with my magical eyes, I can't see the source of the man in front of me.
 I thought it was because of the mask. But no.

 The root magic is the specialty of the brave canon.
 I'm not even close to it. Even in the flesh, he was able to keep me from realizing the identity of its root.

''No, not really.''

 I opened my clenched fist.
 In the palm of my hand was a single shell necklace. It was a piece of it.

 It was the one Avos Dilhevia had worn during the earlier clash.

"Ray. Apparently you have already come to fulfill your vows.