100-Contraindication magic

So that's it for today's class.

 In the end, Eleonor didn't show up until after school.
 It was almost certain that something had happened.

 Eleonor, who was in the temple for the inter-school examinations, had said that he couldn't move of his own volition. If he is in the same state as he was then, he will not be able to show up here.

 Shall we go to see him from here?

'Um, Anos-sama. We were talking about going to the festival with everyone now...?

 Mass calls out to me.

"Hmm. I have a few things to do. Have a good time.


I don't think I'm going to be doing that today.

 Ray says.

'I'm a bit sleepy,'

Have you been staying up late?

I'm having trouble sleeping with my new pillow.


 Misa looks disappointed.
 Ray approached her and whispered.

'Let's take one nap and then we can meet up.


 I see.
 You want to be alone with him in the house, don't you?


No, no. Okay. Okay. So, here's the deal.

 While looking at them, the girls from the Fan Union said in a whisper.

''.........Lei-kun, they said they were sleepy......''

Yes. Didn't Ray-kun and Anos-sama share a room in the dormitory...?

Wait, wait, wait! What are you thinking?

I don't think so, but I'm thinking about that particular contact...

Don't say anything about special contact!

Well then, so then, I mean... today... mass... is...

What's this chunks of indirect sharing?

 I leave the main auditorium, leaving their conversation behind.
 I use my evil eye to search for Eleonor's magical power, but I can't find it.

 Is he erasing his magic power? Come to think of it, Misha was also unable to find Eleonor's location.

 However, Diego's magic power can capture it.
 If the heroic academy has done something to her, I don't believe the headmaster is ignorant of it.

 I'm going to be the one who has the most to lose, and I'm going to be the one who has the most to lose, and I'm going to be the one who has the most to lose.

 He quickly headed to the Holy Lake.
 Diego descended to the bottom of the water with magic. He thought he was going to the temple, but what he came to was an underwater cave on the other side of it.

 As he walked through the dimly lit cave, he found a small spring in the depths.
 Holy water is gushing forth.

 He used the magic of and jumped into the spring.
 I followed him and found that it was much deeper and more vast than it looked from the outside.

 Diego used his Flying (fresse) to swim through it and dive down to the bottom.
 After how far he had gone, the bottom finally came into view.

 There was a huge door. <It seemed to be enchanted with a locked ward (digit). Diego, who has been allowed to pass through, opened the door and went inside.

 As expected, if you open the door, even if you have disappeared from sight and magic, it will be detected.
 I waited for the guy in the back of the door to leave.


 After a while, I unlocked the  Inside is a stone building.
 The water from the fountain does not seem to be able to enter through the door due to magic.

 What on earth is going on here?
 I walk down the corridor.

 Then I found a place where the walls were crumbling.
 It's relatively new. It must have been broken in the last few days, judging from the fact that it hasn't been repaired.

 The further I went, the more obvious the areas of destruction inside became.
 The floors, ceilings and walls were shattered and severed, with several holes in them.

 Hmm. It's as if a battle had been fought here just recently.

Still no clue what happened here?

 There's an angry voice. It was Diego's.
 It was coming from a nearby door.

 I stand in front of it and listen.

'....or I know it's a man in a mask...'

That was reported this morning! He wants you to give me new information!

I'm sorry.

Isn't this the work of the Demon King's Academy?

''That's why I couldn't detect the bandit's magical power, and I couldn't even tell if it was a demon race or not...''

 A masked man with no sense of magic....
 That sounds like something I've heard before.

"And our plan is unknown to the Demon King Academy. The chances of them attacking our facility are slim. Perhaps it's the work of the Vilheer Empire to the west.

There's no reason for them to be doing this! We've been friends for over a thousand years!

Maybe they have a secret agent inside? He may have heard rumors about Our Lady.

 Diego shushed or silence fell.

'Our Lady's whereabouts haven't been detected, have they?

'Yes. The masked man got a lot of rage out of me, but I don't think he was able to find him.

 There was another moment of silence.
 Eventually, Diego said, as if he had come up with a good idea.

Okay. Well, then, I'll tell you what. You will help us frame this attack as the work of demons.

''Would you like me to capture one student from the Demon King Academy?

It doesn't matter what way you do it, as long as it shows the people that we have justice. "It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as it shows the people that we are just. Make it a cause to invade Dirheid.

So, finally?

The time has come for us to fulfill our ambition.

'Ha! Yes, sir!

I'll leave the covert operations to you. Find them and flush them out. I don't care how much trouble you have to take.


 It's stupid.

 You want to go to war by fabricating a false flag of fire?
 Why are you so dissatisfied with the peace we've finally achieved?

 I could kill them right now, but I just destroyed the source just yesterday.
 The sooner we stop their plan, the better.

 I don't know what the Holy Mother is, but it must be someone important to the Academy of Heroes.
 From what we've seen so far, it might be Eleonor.

 I'm sure the masked man couldn't find him, he must have a hidden room somewhere.

 Even if you use your magic eye, there is no place where you can find a magical device.
 In the first place, then they would have been intuited.

 That means there should be a hidden room without magic power, just like the underground dungeon in the Demon King's Castle.

 I turned back once and came to the passage with the destroyed walls.

 I lightly raise my foot and step on the floor with a thump.
 Immediately afterwards, the building is shaken by the tremor of my footsteps with a thud.

"Ta-attack! All units, man your positions!

 A group of soldiers sprang up and came out of the straw.
 However, when they noticed that the bandits were nowhere to be seen, they all had a quizzical look on their faces.

''........Is it an earthquake.......?''

''.........this shouldn't happen often in Lake Shengming.......but is it due to the dried up water......?

 The soldiers exchanged such conversations.
 In the meantime, I used my magic eye to search for their magic power and understand the placement of the entire squad.

 Hmm, that's it.
 I walked down the corridor to my destination.

 After a while, when the soldiers disappeared, I headed for a nondescript wall.
 I put my fingertips on it and pushed.

 Then the wall slowly opens. It's a hidden door that doesn't use magic.

 It is human nature to protect what should be protected in an emergency, no matter how much information is kept from being leaked. The answer to this question can be found by comparing the layout of the soldiers with the unnatural shaking of the building.

 In the back of the door, I walked straight through a dimly lit passage.
 There were also several traps that didn't use magic, but they were easy to detect.

 Soon, I saw a faint blue light in front of me.
 It was a vast space.

 There are thousands, no, over ten thousand holy water balls floating in the air, and a naked girl is in the middle of them.

 Zesia Canon Ijeyshika.
 Without a doubt, she was the first in the pecking order that fought in the intercollegiate examination.

 Over ten thousand girls, all with exactly the same root source.

 And in the center of the room, inside the large holy water sphere, was Eleonor.

 Just like when I saw her in the temple yesterday, she glowed as if she was radiating magical power from her entire body, her outline blurred.
 A number of magic letters floated up and drifted around her body as she wore it.

 She could see her magic power flowing into another holy water sphere.


 I deactivated the and called out his name.


 She looked at me, surprised, but happy.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't go. I didn't expect this either.

What? School is in session. No problem.

 Then Eleonor smiles.

'I knew you would come.

 She says, holding up a finger.
 Then she looks at me with a soft expression.

"I know I'm in this part of the world, but would you mind if I asked you to do me a favor?

Say it.

Anos, I want you to destroy the source.

Hmm. Whose is it?

 She said in an unenthusiastic tone.


 Eleonor smiles with a smile that is untrue.
 As if to say that it is a sincere wish.

'I've been waiting for a long time. I've been waiting for someone to free me and Zecia from this never-ending hell. Anos, I am.

 And so she confesses.

'It's a forbidden magic that no man should create.