99-What appeared

 The next day--
 In front of the main auditorium of the Brave Academy Alkran Iska.

 When I opened the door, I heard a voice talking from inside.

''Yeah, I heard Jelga canon is off today. Well, Xecia is the usual.''

The guys at the Academy of Demons got to him pretty bad. In Laos, I heard that he had to be hospitalized in a magic clinic because he couldn't get rid of the poison.

Heine says it's even worse. They say that because she has holy marks all over her body, her recovery magic is ineffective. They say she's using holy water so she won't die, but if it were, she would have been better off dead.

I thought you said Ledriano was safe.

Yeah, but the guy I went to check on him, he's pretty sure it's his mind. He's been stuck in his room and hasn't come out.

I'm worried...

Yeah. I didn't think the demons were all that bad...


 The students of the brave academy all turned around to look at me at once.
 The students who had gathered in front of me as if to block my front, quickly disperse to the left and right to clear the way. They all appear to be scared out of their minds.

 I walked through the empty path and walked to the Demon King Academy side seat.

''Somebody somewhere must have gone too far, right?''

 Sasha says.
 Misha nodded her head next to me.

'Hmm. 'You say that?'

 Misha nodded his head in agreement.
 Sasha had an expression on her face like she had been hit in a sore spot.

''........Hahaha, you guys were amazing. Before I knew it, the competitive examinations were over before I could do anything.

 After Eleonor left, Gergakanon quickly surrendered.
 Perhaps she had told him to do so.

'But I'm glad you're not hurt.

 Ray says to Mass with a smile.
 She blushed and mouthed the word 'yes'.

'Speaking of which,'

 He takes a seat and says to Ray.

'You seem to have mastered the unique sword.

'I don't know. I feel like I can still draw strength from it.

 It's like a man to aim higher than that.

What do you remember?

Is this about a previous life? As usual, I don't remember anything about it.

''Hmm. Since you even used the Holy Sword, I thought you remembered it.

 Normally, the holy sword cannot be used against the demon race. However, if they have magical power that exceeds the power of the holy sword, they can be brought to their knees by force like I did, but Ray during the rivalry test made the holy sword recognize him as its owner in the right way.

 I don't know if that was possible with Shin Reglia, who was renowned as the strongest swordsman of the demon race two thousand years ago, when he was as good as Ray is now. He had said it was a new era and that he would start a new sword again. If that's the case, then maybe that's what he did.

 Either way, he's a terrifying man.

'Are you acquainted with Anos-sama in your past life, Ray-san?

That's a new one. It's no wonder you can use a magic sword like an idiot. Could it be that all demons from 2,000 years ago were monsters like you guys?

 Misa and Sasha give me a curious look.

'Well, we don't know yet. So, it doesn't really matter.


 Sasha looks disapproving as she realizes she doesn't want to tell us.

"...what's the matter with you guys, sneaking around and making up secrets...

''Haha... well, if you don't want to say it, Anos-sama, it can't be helped...''

 Misa said that, but she looked a little uneasy.
 Ray laughed at her.

'I'm not going to change.'


No matter what I remember, I'll always be me.

Oh....I see........

Am I right?

"...no....well.... ...I'm glad...

 He said in a voice that sounded like a mosquito buzzing, and Mass turned over in embarrassment.
 Looking at it sideways, Sasha says with a sigh.

'Already. Since the other day, don't make out in the classroom too much, right?

Oh, no, no, it's not that kind of... Oh, what? I didn't do that, did I...?

 Misa was flustered, but Ray said with a smile, as if unfazed.

'If you're jealous, maybe you should be too. With my demon king.


 Sasha glanced at me and then glared at Ray with a snap.

'Hey, Rayk, get out of the front! I'll talk to you once.

 Sasha stands up.

'Class is about to start, though?'

No problem. I'll be done in a minute.

Yeah. It'll be fun to play with you.

 Having said that, Ray also stood up.
 Ray smiled coolly at Sasha, who was glaring at him.

'Are we fighting?'

 Misha pops up between them and says.

''It's not like this is a fight...''

It's just a bit of a test of strength, right?

'Yes, that's right. We've gone through hellish self-study, or rather self-study hell, but those small fry brave men are too weak. It's boring if you don't get a little more serious.

I'm sure you'll be able to show me the true power of the Unique Sword when I'm dealing with you.

'Oh, that, I was wondering, what the hell is going on with that magic sword? Didn't you use holy magic?

Simply put, you can do it if you want to.

'What? Explain to me a little more seriously.

 Hmmm, Misha laughed.
 They looked at her.

'Good friends.'

 Sasha rolls her eyes as if she is puzzled.

'It sounds like your sister is the lone winner.


 As if drained of their venom, they took their seats again.
 Just then, the bell for the start of class rang.

 A few moments later, Menou came into the main auditorium.
 Shortly thereafter, a teacher came in and walked up to the podium with Menou.

 Misha rolled her eyes and looked at it.

''Yesterday was a heated rivalry exam. I'm sure the students of the Brave Academy, the Demon King Academy and both schools must have found their own challenges. Let's continue to work together in the future. Now, let's start today's academy exchange.

 Diego Canon Ijeysika.
 He was indeed there, the one who should have destroyed the root.

 No wonder Misha was surprised.
 He was not a different person, resembling only his appearance.

 He has exactly the same magical wavelength, the same root source of magic as Diego, who I certainly destroyed with my own hands.

 The brave canon had seven root sources. So even if it destroyed six of them, it could be regenerated as long as one remained.

 But Diego's root source is one.
 Or, now that it's divided into seven, will it still be able to regenerate if only one root source remains?

 Even if that were the case, I don't think the source of his roots is canon.
 Even if he used a magic spell to transform the root cause into seven, he would not be able to bear the pain of having his root cause destroyed again and again.

 Even if he were to come back to life, it's hard to imagine that he could have a decent mind.

Yeah, I know. A few announcements before class. Jelga canon, all of you were absent today due to fatigue from yesterday's competition examinations. I'll let you know when we'll be back in action.

 All of them?

Do you have one?

 I raised my hand and Diego looked at me.

'What's up?'

 It's certainly the same root. But what? Something is wrong.
 It's the same source, yet you react as if you were a different person.

 After what you did to me yesterday, you show no sign of that.
 If it was an act, it would be great, but I don't think so.

"It seems that Eleonor was unharmed in yesterday's rivalry test, what is going on?

 I asked Diego, and he answered immediately.

'She's tired too. It looks like she's been using too much recovery magic on Jelga canon. It's not that serious, but she won't be able to get into her head when she goes to class. She's going to take care of something important and rest.

 It's true that it's not an ordinary thing to stop the Root Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavell).
 But I had an appointment to meet with you after school today. I don't think he'd rest on the level of fatigue.

Now let's get to work. Today we will discuss sacred magic tools. You may not even remember the name of the Academy...

 Oh dear, it's quite difficult, it seems that things are more troublesome than I imagined at the Brave Academy.