I reached the entrance of the dungeon by nine o'clock in the morning and submitted the royal scepter to Emilia. I was told that they would keep it for a while to inspect it at the academy to see if it was genuine.
 In addition, two groups of classes are off all day today because they have dungeon exams scheduled until dawn. Wouldn't this be a good time to have a birthday party?
 <Using the magic of , we came to the blacksmith and appraiser, "Sun Wind".

 When we opened the door, Mother, who was inside, immediately turned to us.

"Welcome back, Anos!

 Mom came running up to me with more vigor than usual and hugged me tightly.
 I don't know why I was slightly in tears.

'I was so worried about you, mom, that you didn't come home until this time.

'I told you it might take until this morning.

'Yes, but yes. Anos is only a month old, and I was worried you'd be okay.

 Mom smiled and said again.

'Welcome back, Anos. Welcome back.

 Hmm. It's just because I didn't come home for a day that I'm this worried. I'm sure my mother knows the power of my magic to some extent, but no, she's just too busy.

"I'm home.

 As she said this, Mom said with a big smile on her face.

'Welcome back, Anos,'

 She hugs me again.


 Finally, Mom's gaze turned to Sasha.

 But for some reason, she was instantly flabbergasted. I'm sure you've noticed something.

You'll need to wait until today's morning.

 Mom said loudly, as if upset.

'It was a declaration to go home in the morning!

 What is it?

So I told you I might be home in the morning.

'I don't think that's what it means to be home in the morning,'

 Sasha blurts out.
 'What, does it mean something else in this day and age?

What does it mean other than coming home in the morning?

What does that mean? It's that thing, that... that's why...

 Sasha suddenly became sluggish.


 Sasha turns over and says, her face turning red.

 Hmm. I have no idea.
 Just as I was thinking about it, my mom came running up to Sasha with great energy.


What's going on?

 Mom squeezed Sasha in a hug.


So what? What the hell?

 Sasha flinched slightly at Mom's momentum. Stroking her head affectionately, Mom asked as if she'd made up her mind.

''Hey, are you okay? Did they treat you well?

 Sasha's face fell into nothingness.

''Well you know what? I'm going to tell you one thing so you don't misunderstand me, I didn't do anything to get you to be nice to me.

 Sasha corrected her with the utmost calmness.
 However, as soon as Mom heard it, her mouth opened wide as if she was even more shocked.

''Well what's wrong?''

No, no. No, it's okay, Sasha. I suppose that's different for everyone. Yeah, it's okay. It's okay.

 Mom was nodding yes, as if convinced by one person and telling herself that she was right.
 Unable to resist, Sasha questioned.

'So what is it? What do you mean by that?


Come on, just say it. What is it?

 Then Mom whispered into Sasha's ear, as if she had no choice.

You know, people have different tastes. I think it's good to know that you can't burn without being violated.

You're an idiot!

 Sasha turned bright red and screamed.
 Then she put a hand to her head in disgust and shook her head from side to side.

'So, you see, it's a misunderstanding. When I said I was going home in the morning, I didn't mean that. See, Misha's with me.

'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I mean the three of us going home in the morning... Ooohhhhhhhhhh!

 Mom's momentum doesn't stop today.

''Mi, Misha-chan, are you okay with that?''

 Misha nodded her head.

''Is that...?''

 Unlike Sasha, Misha doesn't seem to know better.

'Well, um, do you ever feel like you're better off without Sasha? Are you convinced, or...? I didn't........right?

 Fearfully, Mom asked, and Misha shook her head shakily.

'I want the three of you.'

 That's the moment. With a bang, the door to the workshop opened and my father appeared.
 The first thing that comes out of the door is my father.

Anos. Dad, you know, he used to be a pretty good little boy. They used to say that he climbed up the stairs so fast that he would fall down. Haha.

 I didn't ask, Dad.

But I was so jealous just to hear that you two were together the other day, and now you're going out at the same time?

 Dad puts his hand on my shoulder, even as he mumbles in an upset manner.

"This is some advice from my dad, who actually fell down the stairs, Anos.

 Dad said with a serious look on his face.

How did you do that?

 Where did the advice go?

'Hey, Misha. How can you, you know, how can you, you know, skip a few steps so quickly up the stairs to adulthood? What did Anos do to them?

 Father, what are you asking my son's classmates?

"....he's been kind to me...

You can be nice to anyone you want.

 My father opened his mouth as if he had realized something and said to me as if he had seen something terrible.

"Anos, are you really that much of a technician...?

 My dad misunderstands gentle, violently.

'That's why it's different. It's our birthday and Anos just invited us!

 Sasha pleaded desperately.
 Hearing this, Mom, who had been shocked, clenched her fists as if she had made up her mind.

Yes, that's right. It's not something that people can say when they say they want to.

 Apparently, the misunderstanding is still unresolved.

'Don't worry, your mother will always stand by Anosu-chan. I'll always support you in whatever you want to do, Anos-chan.

 Dad nodded his head in agreement with Mom's words.

'Right. If Anos wants to get laid, there's no way around it. If you want to get laid........

 For some reason, Dad looks chagrined.

'I'll be ready for the feast as soon as I decide. It's Sasha and Misha's birthday party. Then we'll have to bake a cake.

 As Mom was about to head into the kitchen to put up a fight, I suddenly remembered.

'Oh, yeah. Misha, I've got something for you.

 Misha looks at me intently.


Don't touch it.

 Misha does as she's told and puts out her left hand to me.

'I put it out,'

 Hmm. The only thing that might fit is your ring finger. Well, it doesn't matter where it goes in, does it?
 I'm going to put the on that finger.

 Misha brings the ring in front of me and looks at it in amazement.

Misha, happy birthday. How does it feel to be 15 years old?

 Misha looks at me with her usual blank expression.
 But then, fluttering, a drop of tears ran down her cheek.

 She said in a trembling voice.

'I was scared.'

 I knew it would be.
 I guess I've been putting up with it for a long time.

You don't have to be strong anymore.


 Nodding, tears trickle down from Misha's eyes again.
 Sasha smiles and hugs Misha's shoulder.

 And you know what?

'I know, Misha. I know that was scary. You did a good job.

 "I don't know why," my mother said.

"...you know...?

Yes, I was scared until he proposed to me. I was also scared before he proposed to me. No matter how much you believe in it, it's still scary until it becomes a reality. In Misha's case, there's Sasha, too.

 Misha rolls her eyes.

'But it's okay. Anos-chan will definitely do what she says she's going to do. I'm sure he'll make you both properly happy, Misha-chan and Sasha-chan.

 Both Sasha and I didn't know how to go about plugging the words, which were so out of line.



 Misha laughed.

'Are you two happy?'

Yes, I do. Okay?

 Misha thinks for a moment and laughs again.
 It was as if a flower had bloomed.


 It was the sincere smile of a girl who had been pushing her heart away.