'Hmm. That's the first time I've ever gotten one of these without breaking it.

 <Pick up the Scythe of the God of Time.
 A true magic tool chooses its owner. I don't know how I got along with this scythe, so I was always forcing myself to use it to defeat Ego La Lavias and then destroying it.
 I held up my hand and drew a magic circle. The Scythe of the Time God is sucked into it. I sent it to the treasure house. It might be useful for something.

 I'll send my magic eye to the place of Ibis's demise.
 I knew it. I knew it, something was wrong with the flow of magic.

"Revived by Ingal.

 As soon as the magic is chanted, a magic circle is drawn. The body of a skeleton was revived along with the light. It was Ivis Necron.
 If the root source is destroyed, even can't revive it. If you ask why Aivis came back to life, there's only one answer. The Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa destroyed the two root causes. The two roots that were turning against me. One from the demon race and the other from Eugo La Ravias.
 But there was another source. Before he fused with Eugo La Ravias, he had already fused with Aivis.

'Awake, my blood-brother,'

 When I gave it magic power, a light floated in the skull's eyes.
 It stared at me blankly and said, ".......I have long since forgotten.......

I have long since forgotten about my master.... I have long forgotten about my Lord.... I still cannot remember. But my roots are in awe. When I saw how you fought, I finally realized....

 He sat up, and then Ibis knelt to me.

'Forgive me. My beloved Witch King, My Lord Anos Voldigord.

 Apparently, this is the real Ibis Necron.

What happened?

I don't understand.... My memory has been erased.... But it was probably two thousand years ago. After Anos-sama's reincarnation, I was probably killed by someone. And my roots were fused together and taken over...

 So it's just a guess, right?
 Well, my memory has been wiped clean. That's the way it is.

I'm going to have to ask you, "Did you talk to me in the classroom during the Great Magic Exercise?

 Aivis nodded.
 'So, by killing Ivis and merging with its root, someone has been playing one of the Seven Demon Emperors, Ivis Necron, all along,' he said.

 He knew I was the founder. He knows I'm the master, and he wants to kill me.
 <The levite and the evi are only effective on their targets.
 The one I was trying to read during the Grand Magic Session was Ibis's memories. But since they were gone, it's no wonder I couldn't read them.
 It's impossible to read the past of someone who has been assimilated with Ivis without knowing its origin.

'I see. It was on purpose that he showed me the basic formula for the unfinished fusion magic.

 There is a limit to how long the fusion can take. Or if you make them believe it's extremely short, they won't suspect the possibility that the source of Ivis is fusing with someone else.

''Did the other Seven Demon Emperors also have their memories erased like you?''

Perhaps. Or perhaps someone has erased it.

 Betrayal. That's not impossible.
 Well, there's no point in speculating about it.

 I touch my fingertips to Ibis's forehead.

"It's a good memory. You know, you'll get it. But it's only a short time between your birth and my reincarnation.

 <A thought transmission was sent to Ibis.

"Your orders, sir.

'Whoever was fusing with you was probably from the hand of Avos Dilhevia. That is, if Avos Dilhevia really exists, but in any case, I'm sure there's someone out there who knows I'm the founder and is hostile to me.

 If he had kept the demon race that had fused with Ivis alive, he would have gotten some information, but, well, it was no use now. With the power of Eugo La Raviers, I couldn't afford to be a bad handful. Besides, Sasha and Misha were my top priority this time.

"Avos Dilhevia will be watching me. Mythical demons are a nuisance. Kill them and they reincarnate. If you lurked in the Demon King's castle, he'd turn you into a rust of reasoned sword, but he's not stupid.

 Ivis listens to my words with his head hanging down.

'I'll play along with his intentions. I'm going to enjoy my time at the Academy, just like I always have. If he's planning something, he'll make a move sooner or later. But if he knows I'm on to him, he'll be on his tail. If that happens, the next one could be tens of thousands of years later.

 Demons have a long life span. They are the ones who are so elaborate. No matter how much time passes, they will wait for the right opportunity.

"Listen to me. "Listen, you died in here. Well, maybe Avos Dilhevia will let her guard down.

 In other words, Ibis will be able to find out what the other side is aiming for behind the scenes while letting them think he's dead.

''First, check out the Seven Demon Emperors.

"As you wish.

 Well, it's time to finish up. Let's finish up, shall we?


 When I used my magic, the space that had been tinted white quickly began to regain its color.
 <The hands of the
 The next thing he knew, Ivis had already disappeared.


 A murmur escapes from behind me.
 When I turn around, I see Sasha looking up at the ceiling.

''........this isn't moonlight. This is sunshine........

 She says, as if surprised.

'That space you create when Eugo La Ravias appears is isolated from the world's time. If you kill Eugo La Ravias, you can't go back to the time you were in, you know. But, well, we'll only arrive a few hours away at most.

Morning sun?

 Misha says.


"...I thought yesterday was the last day...

 I laugh.

'I told you nothing was impossible.'

 Misha looked puzzled for a moment.
 Then, she nodded firmly.


 Then Sasha jumped up from behind Misha and hugged her vigorously.

'Misha. Good.......... I'm really glad. You know, um.........

 Sasha says, with a bummed out look on her face.

'I'm sorry I said I hated you. I love you. I just wanted Misha to live.

Me too.

 Misha says, touching her sister's hand.

'I wanted Sasha to live.


 They held each other's hands happily and embraced each other as if they were happy to have this day.
 Misha gently pats Sasha's head as she bursts into tears.
 She sobs more and more, but Sasha still smiles happily.

 Hmm. It's a very smiling scene.
 While I'm absentmindedly watching the sisters, they nod together as if they've decided to, and turn to me.


 I can't help but laugh at Sasha's tepid attitude.

"Why are you laughing at me.........? Oh, no, I mean....

 Sasha gave a horrified expression.
 The origin magic that goes back in time was successful. That's why their past has been changed by my and they are living like this now.

 In other words, I believe that Anos Voldigord from two thousand years ago is the founder of the Demon King, and I succeeded in making him the origin.

'Sasha. Peace is not a bad thing.

 I say to her puzzled.

'A little disrespect won't cost you your life,' she says. I got bored with the rough world of fighting and reincarnated, but it's a good time to be here. I wanted to create a world like this.

 That's why I separated the world into four parts. I suppose my plan worked.
 Even if it was a small miscalculation.

"Don't be so cocky. What happened to the moment you kissed me?

What... wait... no... what are you...!

 Sasha's face turns bright red.
 Misha muttered next to her.


No, no! And, friends, it's a friend's kiss! I don't mean any harm...!

Okay. Oh, really? <I could hear your mind in the realm of thought, but the love affair continues.

'Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!

 My throat clears as I look at Sasha, who is screaming at the top of her lungs, trying to drown out my words.

'What are you laughing at, mongrel! I'm telling you, it was a joke! It could have killed me, so I just wanted to get it done close to home. That's all I'm saying! Got it?!

 I can't help but think it's funny that a girl would ask me to talk to her like that, like she's angry.
 Oh, it's still a good time.

"You call the first generation a mongrel?

'Primordial or not, you're a mongrel at heart in this day and age.

 I laughed again, enjoying the way he said it.

'Keep up the good work,'

I would if you hadn't told me.

 Pouting, Sasha turned away.

'Misha's as good as ever.

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'Anos is my friend.'


 <I looked at the magic clock and saw that it was 7:30 in the morning.

Let's get back. If we can get to the entrance before 9:00, we'll get full points.

 I point to the royal scepter in Sasha's hand.

''I'm stunned. You're worried about your exam scores after all that?''

'I've altered the past a few times, but unfortunately I've never gotten a perfect score on a dungeon exam.

 Sasha rolled her eyes. Then she giggles.

'Then let's get going.'

...a dead end...

 Misha points to it.

'Yeah, right.'

 I stomp a ton of feet.
 Then there's a thumping sound, and the topography of the room changes.
 After a minute or so, a path opens up in what had been a dead end area.

'Why don't you come over to my house after the exam?'

What's in it for you?

I'm sure she's got a feast waiting for you. And-

 I said with a laugh.

'It's your birthday, both of you.'

 Hearing this, Sasha smiles.

'I'll take you up on your invitation,'

 When she looked at Misha, she nodded dully.

'I'm going,'

 The three of us lined up and walked to the entrance of the underground dungeon.