Come on, Venuzdnoa.

 In response to my call, the countless black particles that rise up, all of them concentrated at my feet.
 What appears is a shadow in the shape of a sword. There is no object projecting it, only the shadow.
 I hold up my hand, and the sword of the shadow slowly floats up into the air.

 I pick up the hilt.
 At that moment, the shadow flipped and a dark-colored long sword appeared there.

'You said it was fate, Ivis.

 Lowering my dark-colored long sword, I said.

'Ego la Raviaz's powerful body, which bears the power of Ego la Raviaz, is the ruler of time, eternal and unchanging, immortal.'

 Ibis pours all of his magic power into the silvery white world.
 In the space where everything stops, I take a leisurely step.

"I have gained the power of God......... God Deale.........

 The overuse of magic power has caused the consciousness of Ego La Lavias to emerge on the surface.

'I am the providence of the world. I, who have gained the power of Providence, am immortal........

 No, it's a mixture of the two, isn't it?
 <Perhaps as a result of the fusion with the Time God's Scythe, Ivis' consciousness and Ego La Lavias' consciousness are beginning to assimilate.

''Time no lei ha-erarenu. God's definite meta-fate is absolute.
"Therefore, no fate shall prevail.

 Ivis's right arm transformed into a giant scythe.
 An uncommon amount of magical power poured out of it with great vigor.

"Miracles are happening in Koranu. This is God's work.
Therefore, these two dwarf demons with only fifteen years to live can't possibly get any benefit from it.

 Eugo La Ravias and Ivis open their mouths at the same time.

'Fate? Providence? Miracles? Kukku, ha ha ha ha.

 From the pit of my stomach, I burst out laughing.

'Who are you speaking in front of? Mind your place, gents.

 I take a step forward.

'I'm going to destroy this fate, Sasha said.

 One step and I step out again.

'Twice a miracle, Misha said.

 I took a further step forward.

'The words that my men uttered with their souls and healthily, I won't be the one to stay silent in the face of ridicule.

 I walked leisurely toward Ivis, who was holding a scythe.

'Foolish Cana,'
"You still think you're the Demon King, you stupid founder. No one will believe you! Alone, lonely, rotting away!

 The scythe swings down on me.
 I leisurely took the blow that ripped time and tore space apart with my bare hands.

'What is a demon king? Power? A title? Power? The position?

All of them.

No, not any of that. It's just that I am what I am. Whoever argues with my people, whether it's fate or providence, I'll destroy them all. That's the Demon King.

 Quickly, I hold up my dark-colored long sword.
 With my eyes fixed on this scene, I say to my two subordinates who have stopped time.

If you don't believe me, that's fine. "If you don't believe me, that's fine, but Sasha," I say. If you want to, I'm going to destroy your fate. Misha," he said. If you say you've had a miracle, I'll make it real.

 I don't care if you believe me or not. I don't care what you think.

Don't wish, don't pray, just walk behind me. "Don't hope, don't pray, just walk behind me and I'll destroy every unreasonable thing that stands in front of you from now on.

 I declare that on a high note.
 Then, a voice rang out.


 Sasha's mouth moves slightly in the world where time has been stopped.
 Her is working.
 She is pouring all of her magical power into it, desperately resisting the time that has been stopped.
 That power extends to Misha as well.


 There are no more words.
 But their hearts flowed in through the Realm of Thought (Ryknos).

 --I wanted to change my fate...

 The warmth of Sasha's unshakable will is in my head.
 Countless thoughts poured into my mind and entered my heart.

 --I wanted to save my sister.
 --I thought I'd lived long enough. I tried to believe it.
 --I'm not going to be able to get to the bottom of it, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been in love with you.

 --I didn't know love like I used to.
 --I didn't want to die without kissing her.
 --But I didn't have a choice. We were running out of time.

 --And then I met you.
 --Someone who would look me straight in the eye, and not use anti-magic.
 --Someone who had the same eyes as mine.

 --It's funny how cheap it is to have just that.
 --But it's okay.
 --You said simply that you were going to destroy our destiny.
 --You gave me more courage in that moment than anything else.

 --I'm sure I'll be able to give you my first and last kiss, and I'll have nothing to regret now.
 --But, but what if....

 -- if it comes true, I'd like to see the rest of this love story -- if it comes true.

 Quietly, a voice echoes in my mind.

 --Fifteen years will be my life.

 Misha's calm heart was struck by the enveloping tenderness of her heart.
 Her determination and small wishes overflowed.

 --There is nothing to fear.
 --It's just a matter of time before you're ready to go.
 --But still, somehow, I wanted to have memories.

 --I'd like to have friends.
 --No one speaks to me. They don't call me by name. I don't exist.
 --And then Anos came to me.

 --"Misha," he called me.
 --My heart would heat up every time he called me over and over again, as if I were alive. I felt as if I was alive.
 --I'm so happy and warm that I almost forget I'm not there.

 --I'm so happy and warm, I almost forgot I was gone. A miracle has happened in my life.
 -- but --
 --If there's just one more miracle to be performed...

 --I'd like to get a present for my birthday.

"...help me...

 Misha says.
 The girl who should have been ready to disappear, clearly.

'Help me, Anos. I'm here.

 Tears spilled from Sasha's eyes as she heard this.
 She shouted as if to appeal.

''Hey. Please. Help me, Anosk. This is not the fate of either one of us to live alone........this is not the fate of either one of us.......!

 I gripped my sword, encouraged by their voices.

It's useless. I am eternal and immortal. This is the order of the world.

Hmm. Then you should try it.

 I effortlessly dispelled the scythe and took another step into the bosom of Aivis.
 A jet-black magic rose from the blade, and it was shaped as if it were a giant sword.

"This Venuzdnoa.

 The many layers of anti-magic, breaking through all of it, the dark-colored long sword sliced through Aivis with ease.

''It's useless........''
This body, the master of time is Providence itself no matter what it does...

 With a blur, Ivis' right arm dropped.
 A startled voice leaked out.

.........providence is broken.......

What's up? It's like being immortal. The order of the world is a very fragile thing.

 He wields a dark-colored long sword, this time dropping Ivis' left arm.
 It was cut off so easily that no matter how much time was rewound, it would never return to normal.

''Ridiculous...! Why? Even if you stop time, you can still cut. Even if you turn back time, you can't heal it?

 He swung the dark-colored sword again. Both of Ivis' legs were severed.

''........Stupid........Stupid! What's with that sword? I've never heard of an Ancestor having a magic sword!

Of course. It's not often I get a chance to pull a Venuzdnoa. Those who have seen it have disappeared without even a root left. How could it remain in the lore if there is no one to tell it?

 He thrusts the blade at Ivis' throat.

I'll teach you a lesson as a souvenir of the underworld. It's the sword of reason and death, the Venusdnoa. This is the sword of the founder, the one that destroys everything. I'm not sure if it's providence or fate, or a miracle, but it will only bow down and disappear in front of me.

 No matter how strong it is, how eternal, how infinite, Venusdnoa will destroy its reason. All reason makes no sense before this sword.


 Ivis jumped up in his flight and tried to run away, but I grabbed his face.

"Carve this into your skull with fear so that you can never pretend to forget again. I am Anos Voldigord.

 He thrusts the reasoning sword Venuzdnoa into his throat.
 Instantly, the source of the sword disappears.

''Oh, you...! You are... Ono, le...!

 It's only a scream of the end, he screams.
 Is it the voice of Ivis or Eugo La Raviaz?

'My ... my ... providence ... fits in the frame ... nu ...' ........person.......!

 Together with the bodies of Ivis and Eugo La Ravias, the two sources disappear.
 With a rattling sound, the only thing left on the spot was the Scythe of the Time God.